Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.335, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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637 - 642 Enhancement by growth factors of cardiac myocyte differentiation from embryonic stem cells: A promising foundation for cardiac regeneration
Singla DK, Sobel BE
643 - 650 Extensive variation in the 5'-UTR of dicer mRNAs influences translational efficiency
Singh S, Bevan SC, Patil K, Newton DC, Marsden PA
651 - 658 NMR structures of anti-HIV D-peptides derived from the N-terminus of viral chemokine vMIP-II
Mori M, Liu DX, Kumar S, Huang ZW
659 - 666 LuxS/autoinducer-2 quorum sensing molecule regulates transcriptional virulence gene expression in Clostridium difficile
Lee ASY, Song KP
667 - 675 Chromatin-related proteins in pluripotent mouse embryonic stem cells are downregulated after removal of leukemia inhibitory factor
Kurisaki A, Hamazaki TS, Okabayashi K, Iida T, Nishine T, Chonan R, Kido H, Tsunasawa S, Nishimura O, Asashima M, Sugino H
676 - 683 Knockdown of p53 by RNAi in ES cells facilitates RA-induced differentiation into muscle cells
He Z, Li JJ, Zhen CH, Feng LY, Ding XY
684 - 689 Sequential induction of prostaglandin E and D synthases in inflammation
Schuligoi R, Grill M, Heinemann A, Peskar BA, Amann R
690 - 699 Nitrophorin synthesis is modulated by protein kinase CK2
Mesquita RD, de Oliveira FMB, Shugar D, Fantappie MR, Silva-Neto MAC
700 - 704 Cardiopulmonary bypass reduces atrial Na+-K+-ATPase expression in children
Pavlovic M, Schaller A, Ammann RA, Sanz J, Pfammatter JP, Carrel T, Berdat P, Gallati S
705 - 711 The neuropeptide VIP potentiates IL-6 production induced by proinflammatory osteotropic cytokines in calvarial osteoblasts and the osteoblastic cell line MC3T3-El
Persson E, Lerner UH
712 - 722 Effect Of D-amino acids at ASP(23) and Ser(26) residues on the conformational preference of A beta(20-29) peptides
Shanmugam G, Polavarapu PL, Hallgas B, Majer Z
723 - 729 Dual effects of adenovirus-mediated thrombopoietin gene transfer on hepatic oval cell proliferation and platelet counts
Ichiba M, Shimomura T, Murai R, Hashiguchi K, Saeki T, Yoshida Y, Kanbe T, Tanabe N, Tsuchiya H, Miura N, Tajima F, Kurimasa A, Harnada H, Shiota G
730 - 733 Transfer of nitric oxide from nitrovasodilators to free thiols -Evidence of two distinct stages
Dasgupta TP, Aquart DV
734 - 738 Insulin-cell penetrating peptide hybrids with improved intestinal absorption efficiency
Liang JF, Yang VC
739 - 748 Cyclin D3 interacts with vitamin D receptor and regulates its transcription activity
Jian YZ, Yan J, Wang HZ, Chen C, Sun MY, Jiang JH, Lu JQ, Yang YZ, Gu JX
749 - 755 Single amino acid substitutions in the C-terminus of collagen II alter its affinity for collagen IX
Steplewski A, Brittingham R, Jimenez SA, Fertala A
756 - 761 Involvement of the collagen I-binding motif in the anti-angiogenic activity of pigment epithelium-derived factor
Hosomichi J, Yasui N, Koide T, Soma K, Morita I
762 - 770 Characterization of amino acid variation at strategic positions in parasite and human proteases for selective inhibition of falcipains in Plasmodium falciparum
Goh LL, Sim TS
771 - 776 Negative regulation of beta-catenin/Tcf signaling by naringenin in AGS gastric cancer cell
Lee JH, Park CH, Jung KC, Rhee HS, Yang CH
777 - 784 Expression of P-glycoprotein in L1210 cells is linked with rise in sensitivity to Ca2+
Sulova Z, Orlicky J, Fiala R, Dovinova I, Uhrik B, Seres M, Gibalova L, Breier A
785 - 792 Conformational change in full-length mouse prion: A site-directed spin-labeling study
Inanami O, Hashida S, Iizuka D, Horiuchi M, Hiraoka W, Shimoyama Y, Nakamura H, Inagaki F, Kuwabara M
793 - 798 Vascular endothelial growth factor receptors in osteoclast differentiation and function
Aldridge SE, Lennard TWJ, Williams JR, Birch MA
799 - 809 Inductive expression and characterization analysis of Paralichthys olivaceus pigment epithelium-derived factor in a virally infected cell line
Chen YD, Zhang YB, Zhu R, Zhang FT, Jiang J, Shi Y, Zhang QY, Chen SL, Gui JF
810 - 818 In vitro study of malaria parasite induced disruption of blood-brain barrier
Treeratanapiboon L, Psathaki K, Wegener J, Looareesuwan S, Galla HJ, Udomsangpetch R
819 - 825 Insulin-induced stimulation of JNK and the PI 3-kinase/mTOR pathway leads to phosphorylation of serine 318 of IRS-1 in C2C12 myotubes
Mussig K, Fiedler H, Staiger H, Weigert C, Lehmann R, Schleicher ED, Haring HU
826 - 831 Nucleophosmin/B23 regulates PCNA promoter through YY1
Weng JJ, Yung BYM
832 - 835 Glimepiride activates eNOS with a mechanism Akt but not caveolin-1 dependent
Salani B, Repetto S, Cordera R, Maggi D
836 - 842 Roles of mTOR and JNK in serine phosphorylation, translocation, and degradation of IRS-1
Hiratani K, Haruta T, Tani A, Kawahara J, Usui I, Kobayashi M
843 - 849 Expression of the fetal-oncogenic fibroblast growth factor-8/17/18 subfamily in human hematopoietic tumors
Nezu M, Tomonaga T, Sakai C, Ishii A, Itoga S, Nishimura M, Matsuo Y, Tagawa M, Nomura F
850 - 857 Anthrax edema factor potency depends on mode of cell entry
Hong J, Beeler J, Zhukovskaya NL, He WS, Tang WJ, Rosner MR
858 - 864 Functional cytoplasmic domains of the Mac-1 integrin receptor in phorbol ester-treated U937 cells
Hamada K, Utiyama H
865 - 873 Regulation of Bcl-3 through interaction with the Lck tyrosine kinase
Zhao YJ, Ramakrishnan A, Kim KE, Rabson AB
874 - 882 HIV protease inhibitor ritonavir increases endothelial monolayer permeability
Chen CY, Lu XH, Yan SY, Chai H, Yao QZ
883 - 890 At least two regions of the oncoprotein Tre2 are involved in its lack of GAP activity
Bizimungu C, Vandenbol M
891 - 899 A practical guide to mitochondrial DNA error prevention in clinical, forensic, and population genetics
Salas A, Carracedo A, Macaulay V, Richards M, Bandelt HR
900 - 905 Geldanamycin-induced degradation of Chk1 is mediated by proteasome
Nomura M, Nomura N, Yamashita J
906 - 919 Murine lipid phosphate phosphohydrolase-3 acts as a cell-associated integrin ligand
Humtsoe JO, Bowling RA, Feng S, Wary KK
920 - 924 Acetylcholine stimulates cyclic ADP-ribose formation via M1 muscarinic receptors in rat superior cervical ganglion
Zhang JS, Jin D, Higashida H
925 - 936 Global gene expression response to telomerase in bovine adrenocortical cells
Perrault SD, Hornsby PJ, Betts DH
937 - 942 Gastric inhibitory polypeptide modulates adiposity and fat oxidation under diminished insulin action
Zhou HY, Yamada Y, Tsukiyama K, Miyawaki K, Hosokawa M, Nagashima K, Toyoda K, Naitoh R, Mizunoya W, Fushiki T, Kadowaki T, Seino Y
943 - 948 Rapid synthesis of DNA-cysteine conjugates for expressed protein ligation
Lovrinovic M, Niemeyer CM
949 - 956 LTB4 stimulates growth of human pancreatic cancer cells via MAPK and PI-3 kinase pathways
Tong WG, Ding XZ, Talamonti MS, Bell RH, Adrian TE
957 - 964 MDR1 gene expression enhances long-term engraftibility of cultured bone marrow cells
Rentala S, Balla MMS, Khurana S, Mukhopadhyay A
965 - 972 Overexpression, purification, and pharmacological activity of a biosynthetically derived conopeptide
Kumar GS, Ramasamy P, Sikdar SK, Sarma SP
973 - 982 Functional analysis of TatA and TatB in Streptomyces lividans
De Keersmaeker S, Van Mellaert L, Lammertyn E, Vrancken K, Anne J, Geukens N