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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.334, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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737 - 741 Leptin: A proliferative factor for breast cancer? Study on human ductal carcinoma
Caldefie-Chezet F, Damez M, de Latour M, Konska G, Mishellani F, Fusillier C, Guerry M, Penault-Llorca F, Guillot J, Vasson MP
742 - 746 Stimulation of the creatine transporter SLC6A8 by the protein kinases SGK1 and SGK3
Shojaiefard M, Christie DL, Lang F
747 - 753 Native and oxidized low-density lipoproteins stimulate endothelin-converting enzyme-1 expression in human endothelial cells
Niemann B, Rohrbach S, Catar RA, Muller G, Barton M, Morawietz H
754 - 763 A hexokinase with broad sugar specificity from a thermophilic bacterium
Bae J, Kim D, Choi Y, Koh S, Park JE, Kim JS, Moon SH, Park BH, Park M, Song HE, Hong SI, Lee DS
764 - 768 The transcription factor Stat3 is dispensable for pancreatic beta-cell development and function
Lee JY, Hennighausen L
769 - 778 Oleuropein, a non-toxic olive iridoid, is an anti-tumor agent and cytoskeleton disruptor
Hamdi HK, Castellon R
779 - 786 Dynamics of calcium fluxes in human platelets assessed in calcium-free medium
Juska A, Redondo PC, Rosado JA, Salido GM
787 - 795 Diabetic changes in the redox status of the microsomal protein folding machinery
Nardai G, Stadler K, Papp E, Korcsmaros T, Jakus J, Csermely P
796 - 802 Involvement of nitric oxide pathways in short term modulation of tyrosine hydroxylase activity by endothelins 1 and 3 in the rat anterior hypothalamus
Morgazo C, Perfume G, Legaz G, di Nunzio A, Hope SI, Bianciotti LG, Vatta MS
803 - 811 Exogenous AdoMet and its analogue sinefungin differentially influence DNA cleavage by R.EcoP151 - Usefulness in SAGE
Raghavendra NK, Rao DN
812 - 816 The anti-HIV-1 effect of scutellarin
Zhang GH, Wang Q, Chen JJ, Zhang XM, Tam SC, Zheng YT
817 - 823 Positive association of the human GABA-A-receptor beta 2 subunit gene haplotype with schizophrenia in the Chinese Han population
Liu JX, Shi YY, Tang W, Guo TW, Li DW, Yang YF, Zhao XZ, Wang HS, Li XW, Feng GY, Gu NF, Zhu SM, Liu HJ, Guo YL, Shi JG, Sang H, Yan LJ, He L
824 - 828 Kinetic investigation of a new inhibitor for human salivary alpha-amylase
Kandra L, Zajacz A, Remenyik J, Gyemant G
829 - 837 Dephosphorylation of the Rieske iron-sulfur protein after induction of the mitochondrial permeability transition
He LH, Lemasters JJ
838 - 844 Activation of delta-, kappa-, and mu-opioid receptors induces phosphorylation of tuberin in transfected HEK 293 cells and native cells
Wu EHT, Wong YH
845 - 852 SMRT has tissue-specific isoform profiles that include a form containing one CoRNR box
Short S, Malartre M, Sharpe C
853 - 860 Separation of bisdioxopiperazine- and vanadate resistance in topoisomerase II
Sorensen TK, Grauslund M, Jensen PB, Sehested M, Jensen LH
861 - 866 Mechanical stress-dependent transcriptional regulation of sarcolipin gene in the rodent atrium
Shimura M, Minamisawa S, Yokoyama U, Umemura S, Ishikawa Y
867 - 874 CAND1 enhances deneddylation of CUL1 by COP9 signalosome
Min KW, Kwon MJ, Park HS, Park Y, Yoon SK, Yoon JB
875 - 883 Up-regulated expression of low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatases in different human cancers
Malentacchi F, Marzocchini R, Gelmini S, Orlando C, Serio M, Ramponi G, Raugei G
884 - 890 KIAA0649, a 1A6/DRIM-interacting protein with the oncogenic potential
Yang L, Zhao J, Lu WQ, Li Y, Du XJ, Ning T, Lu GR, Ke Y
891 - 900 Functional characterization of the DNA mismatch binding protein MutS from Haemophilus influenzae
Joseph N, Duppatla V, Rao DN
901 - 906 A C-terminal truncated hepatitis C virus core protein variant assembles in vitro into virus-like particles in the absence of structured nucleic acids
Acosta-Rivero N, Rodriguez A, Mussachio A, Poutu J, Falcon V, Torres D, Aguilar JC, Linares M, Alonso M, Perez A, Menendez I, Morales-Grillo J, Marquez G, Duenas-Carrera S
907 - 910 Isolated mouse liver mitochondria are devoid of glucokinase
Bustamante E, Pediaditakis P, He LH, Lemasters JJ
911 - 916 Cloning and characterization of Munc18c(L), a novel murine Munc18c gene paralog
Schlaepfer IR, Pulawa LK, Eckel RH
917 - 923 FimH adhesin of Escherichia coli K1 type 1 fimbriae activates BV-2 microglia
Lee J, Shin S, Teng CH, Hong SJ, Kim KS
924 - 929 Regulation of adiponectin receptor 1 in human hepatocytes by agonists of nuclear receptors
Neumeier M, Weigert J, Schaffler A, Weiss T, Kirchner S, Laberer S, Scholmerich A, Buechler C
930 - 938 High lung PDE5: A strong basis for treating pulmonary hypertension with PDE5 inhibitors
Corbin JD, Beasley A, Blount MA, Francis SH
939 - 946 Mitochondrial targeting signals and mature peptides of 3-methylcrotonyl-CoA carboxylase
Stadler SC, Polanetz R, Meier S, Mayerhofer PU, Herrmann JM, Anslinger K, Roscher AA, Roschinger W, Holzinger A
947 - 953 EGCG inhibits activation of the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor in human colon cancer cells
Shimizu M, Deguchi A, Hara Y, Moriwaki H, Weinstein IB
954 - 959 Properties of normal and glycated human hemoglobin in presence and absence of antioxidant
Sengupta B, Swenson J
960 - 966 Limb chondrogenesis is compromised in the versican deficient hdf mouse
Williams DR, Presar AR, Richmond AT, Mjaatvedt CH, Hoffman S, Capehart AA
967 - 967 Interaction of shikimic acid with shikimate kinase (vol 325, pg 10, 2004)
968 - 968 An efficient system for small protein expression and refolding (vol 317, pg 401, 2004)
Cheng Y, Patel DJ
969 - 969 Downregulation of ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation in murine myotubes during hyperthermia by eicosapentaenoic acid (vol 332, pg 83, 2005)
Smith HJ, Khal J, Tisdale MJ
970 - 970 Common anti-apoptotic roles of parkin and alpha-synuclein in human dopaminergic cells (vol 332, pg 233, 2005)
Machida Y, Chiba T, Takayanagi A, Tanaka Y, Asanuma M, Ogawa N, Koyama A, Iwatsubo T, Ito S, Jansen PH, Shimizu N, Tanaka K, Mizuno Y, Hattori N