Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.334, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 8 Electron capture dissociation mass spectrometry in characterization of post-translational modifications
Bakhtiar R, Guan ZQ
9 - 15 Promoter-, cell-, and ligand-specific transactivation responses of the VDRB1 isoform
Esteban LM, Fong C, Amr D, Cock TA, Allison SJ, Flanagan JL, Liddle C, Eisman JA, Gardiner EM
16 - 22 Human Yip1A specifies the localization of Yif1 to the Golgi apparatus
Jin CJ, Zhang Y, Zhu HL, Ahmed K, Fu CH, Yao XB
23 - 29 Candidates for tumor-specific alternative splicing
Okumura M, Kondo S, Ogata M, Kanemoto S, Murakami T, Yanagida K, Saito A, Imaizumi K
30 - 37 Thiazolidinediones inhibit TNF alpha induction of PAI-1 independent of PPAR gamma activation
Liu HB, Hu YS, Medcalf RL, Simpson RW, Dear AE
38 - 42 EGF receptor-ligand interaction generates extracellular hydrogen peroxide that inhibits EGFR-associated protein tyrosine phosphatases
DeYulia GJ, Carcamo JM
43 - 50 Plastid DNA polymerases from higher plants, Arabidopsis thaliana
Mori Y, Kimura S, Saotome A, Kasai N, Sakaguchi N, Uchiyama Y, Ishibashi T, Yamamoto T, Chiku H, Sakaguchi K
51 - 60 AP12-MALT1 fusion protein induces transcriptional activation of the API2 gene through NF-kappa B binding elements: Evidence for a positive feed-back loop pathway resulting in unremitting NF-kappa B activation
Hosokawa Y, Suzuki H, Nakagawa M, Lee TH, Seto M
61 - 68 Expression of the C-terminal domain of novel human SR-A1 protein: Interaction with the CTD domain of RNA polymerase II
Katsarou ME, Papakyriakou A, Katsaros N, Scorilas A
69 - 78 Regulatory mechanisms underlying pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide (PBAN)-induced internalization of the Bombyx mori PBAN receptor
Hull JJ, Ohnishi A, Matsumoto S
79 - 85 Susceptibility of human and rat neural cell lines to infection by SARS-coronavirus
Yamashita M, Yamate M, Li GM, Ikuta K
86 - 95 Gene expression profiling of the preclinical scrapie-infected hippocampus
Brown AR, Rebus S, McKimmie CS, Robertson K, Williams A, Fazakerley JK
96 - 101 A new hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated channel from sea urchin sperm flagella
Galindo BE, Neill AT, Vacquier VD
102 - 107 Silencing of yellow head virus replication in penaeid shrimp cells by dsRNA
Tirasophon W, Roshorm Y, Panyim S
108 - 116 MN-cadherin and its novel variant are transiently expressed in chick embryo spinal cord
Shirabe K, Kimura Y, Matsuo N, Fukushima M, Tanaka H
117 - 127 Long-term RNA interference from optimized siRNA expression constructs in adult mice
Wooddell CI, Van Hout CV, Reppen T, Lewis DL, Herweijer H
128 - 133 The Rab-interacting lysosomal protein, a Rab7 and Rab34 effector, is capable of self-interaction
Colucci AMR, Campana MC, Bellopede M, Bucci C
134 - 139 Constitutive activity of human angiotensin II type-1 receptors by G(q) overexpression
Scragg JL, Warburton P, Ball SG, Balmforth AJ
140 - 144 Minimal sodium channel pore consisting of S5-P-S6 segments preserves intracellular pharmacology
Pincin C, Ferrera L, Moran O
145 - 149 F-actin has a very high calorimetric unfolding enthalpy
Gicquaud CR, Aubin PH, Heppell B, St-Gelais F
150 - 156 Polarized localization of vitamin C transporters, SVCT1 and SVCT2, in epithelial cells
Boyer JC, Campbell CE, Sigurdson WJ, Kuo SM
157 - 161 Rational design of an EGF-IL18 fusion protein: Implication for developing tumor therapeutics
Lu HX, Peng Y, Meng ZF, Jin LQ, Lu YS, Guan MX
162 - 169 Identification of a novel gene, HCR2, in aorta of hypercoagulable rats using suppression subtractive hybridization
Zhao YH, Bai H, Liu BW, Shen T, Fang DZ, Liu Y
170 - 175 In vivo photosystem I reduction in thermophilic and mesophilic cyanobacteria: The thermal resistance of the process is limited by factors other than the unfolding of the partners
Duran RV, Hervas S, De la Rosa MA, Navarro JA
176 - 182 PPAR gamma agonists diminish serum VEGF elevation in diet-induced insulin resistant SD rats and ZDF rats
Yang BC, Lin PY, Carrick KM, McNulty JA, Clifton LG, Winegar DA, Strum JC, Stimpson SA, Pahel GL
183 - 192 How actin crosslinking and bundling proteins cooperate to generate an enhanced cell mechanical response
Tseng Y, Kole TP, Lee JSH, Fedorov E, Alino SC, Schafer BW, Wirtz D
193 - 198 Vascular endothelial growth factor impairs the functional ability of dendritic cells through Id pathways
Laxmanan S, Robertson SW, Wang EF, Lau JS, Briscoe DM, Mukhopadhyay D
199 - 206 A novel function of transcription factor alpha-Pal/NRF-1: Increasing neurite outgrowth
Chang WT, Chen H, Chiou RJ, Chen CY, Huang AM
207 - 212 Rebamipide inhibits gastric cancer growth by targeting survivin and Aurora-B
Tarnawski A, Pai R, Chiou SK, Chai J, Chu EC
213 - 217 Boosting classifier for predicting protein domain structural class
Feng KY, Cai YD, Chou KC
218 - 222 Erythropoietin attenuated high glucose-induced apoptosis in cultured human aortic endothelial cells
Sekiguchi N, Inoguchi T, Kobayashi K, Sonoda N, Nawata H
223 - 230 Inhibition of melanoma cell proliferation by resveratrol is correlated with upregulation of quinone reductase 2 and p53
Hsieh TC, Wang ZR, Hamby CV, Wu JM
231 - 238 TEM-8 and tubule formation in endothelial cells, its potential role of its vW/TM domains
Rmali KA, Puntis MCA, Jiang WG
239 - 244 Expression of the multifunctional Y-box protein, YB-1, in myofibroblasts of the infarcted rat heart
Kamalov G, Varma BR, Lu L, Sun Y, Weber KT, Guntaka RV
245 - 253 Protection from oxidative stress by methionine sulfoxide reductases in RPE cells
Sreekumar PG, Karman R, Yaung J, Spee CK, Ryan SJ, Hinton DR
254 - 262 Elevated expression of TARC (CCL17) and MDC (CCL22) in models of cigarette smoke-induced pulmonary inflammation
Ritter M, Goggel R, Chaudhary N, Wiedenmann A, Jung B, Weith A, Seither P
263 - 268 Identification of cell surface marker candidates on SV-T2 cells using DNA microarray on DLC-coated glass
Tuoya, Hirayama K, Nagaoka T, Yu DW, Fukuda T, Tada H, Yamada H, Seno M
269 - 275 Determination of the dissociation constants for recombinant c-Myc, Max, and DNA complexes: The inhibitory effect of linoleic acid on the DNA-binding step
Jung KC, Rhee HS, Park CH, Yang CH
276 - 287 Withanolides, a new class of natural cholinesterase inhibitors with calcium antagonistic properties
Choudhary MI, Nawaz SA, Zaheer-ul-Haq, Lodhi MA, Ghayur MN, Jalil S, Riaz N, Yousuf S, Malik A, Gilani AH, Atta-ur-Rahman
288 - 292 Using optimized evidence-theoretic K-nearest neighbor classifier and pseudo-amino acid composition to predict membrane protein types
Shen HB, Chou KC