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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.333, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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289 - 291 Angiogenesis inhibitors: From laboratory to clinical application -Introduction
Nakamura T, Matsumoto K
292 - 298 Tumstatin, the NC1 domain of alpha 3 chain of type IV collagen, is an endogenous inhibitor of pathological angiogenesis and suppresses tumor growth
Hamano Y, Kalluri R
299 - 307 Chondromodulin-I and tenomodulin: A new class of tissue-specific angiogenesis inhibitors found in hypovascular connective tissues
Shukunami C, Oshima Y, Hiraki Y
308 - 315 Angioarrestin: A unique angiopoietin-related protein with anti-angiogenic properties
Dhanabal M, Jeffers M, LaRochelle WJ, Lichenstein HS
316 - 327 Mechanisms and significance of bifunctional NK4 in cancer treatment
Matsumoto K, Nakamura T
328 - 335 Bevacizumab (Avastin), a humanized anti-VEGF monoclonal antibody for cancer therapy
Ferrara N, Hillan KJ, Novotny W
336 - 343 Unknotting the roles of Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL in cell death
Kim R
344 - 352 A novel six-transmembrane protein hhole functions as a suppressor in MAPK signaling pathways
Zhou JM, Li YQ, Liang P, Yuan WH, Ye XG, Zhu CB, Wang YQ, Li G, Wu XS, Liu MY
353 - 358 Lysophosphatidylserine stimulates leukemic cells but not normal leukocytes
Park KS, Lee HY, Kim MK, Shin EH, Bae YS
359 - 366 Crystal structure of heterotetrameric sarcosine oxidase from Corynebacterium sp U-96
Ida K, Moriguchi T, Suzuki H
367 - 373 The glycosphingolipid receptor for Vibrio trachuri in the red sea bream intestine is a GM4 ganglioside which contains 2-hydroxy fatty acids
Chisada S, Horibata Y, Hama Y, Inagaki M, Furuya N, Okino N, Ito M
374 - 382 Biophysical properties of menthol-activated cold receptor TRPM8 channels
Hui KY, Guo YB, Feng ZP
383 - 389 The evolution of a genetic locus encoding small serine proteinase inhibitors
Clauss A, Lilja H, Lundwall A
390 - 395 Calmodulin interaction with peptides from G-protein coupled receptors measured with S-Tag labeling
Zhang Y, Wang DX, Sadee W
396 - 403 Nucleophosmin/B23-binding peptide inhibits tumor growth and up-regulates transcriptional activity of p53
Chan HJ, Weng JJ, Yung BYM
404 - 410 alpha-Lipoic acid supplementation inhibits oxidative damage, accelerating chronic wound healing in patients undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Alleva R, Nasole E, Di Donato F, Borghi B, Neuzil J, Tomasetti M
411 - 417 Identification of the human DEAD-box protein p68 as a substrate of Tlk1
Kodym R, Henockl C, Furweger C
418 - 426 Anti-citrullinated collagen type I antibody is a target of autoimmunity in rheumatoid arthritis
Suzuki A, Yamada R, Ohtake-Yamanaka M, Okazaki Y, Sawada T, Yamamoto K
427 - 431 Chk2 regulates transcription-independent p53-mediated apoptosis in response to DNA damage
Chen C, Shimizu S, Tsujimoto Y, Motoyama N
432 - 437 The yeast multicopper oxidase Fet3p and the iron permease Ftr1p physically interact
di Patti MCB, Miele R, Schinina ME, Barra D
438 - 442 Epstein-Barr virus immediate-early proteins BZLF1 and BRLF1 I alter mitochondrial morphology during lytic replication
LaJeunesse DR, Brooks K, Adamson AL
443 - 447 Prokaryotic expression of bone sialoprotein and identification of casein kinase II phosphorylation sites
Saad FA, Salih E, Wunderlich L, Fluckiger R, Glimcher MJ
448 - 454 Cell-autonomous PrP-Doppel interaction regulates apoptosis in PrP gene-deficient neuronal cells
Sakudo A, Lee DC, Nakamura I, Taniuchi Y, Saeki K, Matsumoto Y, Itohara S, Ikuta K, Onodera T
455 - 462 The PPAR-gamma activator, Rosiglitazone, inhibits actin polymerisation in monocytes: Involvement of Akt and intracellular calcium
Singh N, Webb R, Adams R, Evans SA, Al-Mosawi A, Evans M, Roberts AW, Thomas AW
463 - 469 Tandem repeat L-rhamnose-binding lectin from the skin mucus of ponyfish, Leiognathus nuchalis
Okamoto M, Tsutsui S, Tasumi S, Suetake H, Kikuchi K, Suzuki Y
470 - 475 IL-20, an anti-angiogenic cytokine that inhibits COX-2 expression
Heuze-Vourc'h N, Liu M, Dalwadi H, Baratelli FE, Zhu L, Goodglick L, Pold M, Sharma S, Ramirez RD, Shay JW, Minna JD, Strieter RM, Dubinett SM
476 - 482 In vitro differentiation characteristics of cultured human mononuclear cells - implications for endothelial progenitor cell-biology
Walenta K, Friedrich EB, Sehnert F, Werner N, Nickenig G
483 - 487 Diverse NO reduction by Halomonas halodenitrificans nitric oxide reductase
Sakurai T, Nakashima S, Kataoka K, Seo D, Sakurai N
488 - 495 Thrombophilia in mice expressing a tissue factor variant lacking its transmembrane and cytosolic domain
Melis E, Moons L, Arnout J, Hoylaerts MF, Collen D, Carmeliet P, Dewerchin M
496 - 501 PKA-mediated protein phosphorylation protects ezrin from calpain I cleavage
Wang HM, Guo Z, Wu F, Long F, Cao XW, Liu BY, Zhu ZG, Yao XB
502 - 507 Irsogladine maleate influences the response of gap junctional intercellular communication and IL-8 of human gingival epithelial cells following periodontopathogenic bacterial challenge
Uchida Y, Shiba H, Komatsuzawa H, Hirono C, Ashikaga A, Fujita T, Kawaguchi H, Sugai M, Shiba Y, Kurihara H
508 - 516 The rapid onset of elasticity during the assembly of the bacterial cell-division protein FtsZ
Esue O, Tseng Y, Wirtz D
517 - 523 A prothrombin activator (Lopap) modulating inflammation, coagulation and cell survival mechanisms
Fritzen M, Flores MPA, Reis CV, Chudzinski-Tavassi AM
524 - 530 New "Birtoxin analogs" from Androctonus australis venom
Martin-Eauclaire MF, Ceard B, Bosmans F, Rosso JP, Tytgat J, Bougis PE
531 - 539 Shigella effector IpaH9.8 binds to a splicing factor U2AF(35) to modulate host immune responses
Okuda J, Toyotome T, Kataoka N, Ohno M, Abe H, Shimura Y, Seyedarabi A, Pickersgill R, Sasakawa C
540 - 543 Chemokine receptor CCR7 is expressed in muscle fibers in juvenile dermatomyositis
Minetti C, Gattorno M, Repetto S, Gregorio A, Pedemonte M, Assereto S, Zara F, Bruno C, Martini A
544 - 549 Neuroprotection by iron chelator against proteasome inhibitor-induced nigral degeneration
Zhang X, Xie WJ, Qu S, Pan TH, Wang XT, Le WD
550 - 554 Structural comparison of yeast snoRNP and spliceosomal protein Snu13p with its homologs
Oruganti SV, Zhang YM, Li H
555 - 561 beta-Microseminoprotein binds CRISP-3 in human seminal plasma
Udby L, Lundwall A, Johnsen AH, Fernlund P, Valtonen-Andre C, Blom AM, Lilja H, Borregaard N, Kieldsen L, Bjartell A
562 - 567 Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 is involved not only in apoptosis but also in non-apoptotic cardiomyocyte death
Watanabe T, Otsu K, Takeda T, Yamaguchi O, Hikoso S, Kashiwase K, Higuchi Y, Taniike M, Nakai A, Matsumura Y, Nishida K, Ichijo H, Hori M
568 - 582 Antagonist and agonist binding models of the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor
Soderhall JA, Polymeropoulos EE, Paulini K, Gunther E, Kuhne R
583 - 589 Exogenous administration of octanoic acid accelerates octanoylated ghrelin production in the proventriculus of neonatal chicks
Yamato M, Sakata I, Wada R, Kaiya H, Sakai T
590 - 595 Application of ES cells for generation of respiration-deficient mice carrying mtDNA with a large-scale deletion
Ishikawa K, Kasahara A, Watanabe N, Nakada K, Sato A, Suda Y, Aizawa S, Hayashi JI
596 - 602 Post-transcriptional regulation of macrophage ABCA1, an early response gene to IFN-gamma
Leon MLA, Evans GF, Farmen MW, Zuckerman SH
603 - 608 Monoclonal side population progenitors isolated from human fetal pancreas
Zhang L, Hu J, Hong TP, Liu YN, Wu YH, Li LS
609 - 621 Tissue engineering strategies for cartilage generation - Micromass and three dimensional cultures using human chondrocytes and a continuous cell line
Tare RS, Howard D, Pound JC, Roach HI, Oreffo ROC
622 - 627 Linking tricyclic antidepressants to ionotropic glutamate receptors
Stoll L, Gentile L
628 - 635 Epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate disrupts stress fibers and the contractile ring by reducing myosin regulatory. Light chain phosphorylation mediated through the target molecule 67 kDa laminin receptor
Umeda D, Tachibana H, Yamada K
636 - 643 Midkine, a newly discovered regulator of the renin-angiotensin pathway in mouse aorta: Significance of the pleiotrophin/midkine developmental gene family in angiotensin II signaling
Ezquerra L, Herradon G, Nguyen T, Silos-Santiago I, Deuel TF
644 - 649 Generation of skeletal muscle from transplanted embryonic stem cells in dystrophic mice
Bhagavati S, Xu WM
650 - 659 Analysis of functional domains of rat mitochondrial Fis1, the mitochondrial fission-stimulating protein
Jofuku A, Ishihara N, Mihara K