Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 4 Modeling directed ligand passage toward enzyme active site by a'double cellular automata' model
Marashi SA, Behrouzi R
5 - 13 A novel human KRAB-containing zinc-finger gene ZNF446 inhibits transcriptional activities of SRE and AP-1
Liu F, Zhu CB, Xiao J, Wang YQ, Tang WX, Yuan WZ, Zhao YL, Li YQ, Xiang ZM, Wu XS, Liu MY
14 - 20 Cloning and characterization of the chromosomal replication origin region of Amycolatopsis mediterranei U32
Tian YQ, Hao P, Zhao GP, Qin ZJ
21 - 27 Resveratrol and curcumin reduce the respiratory burst of Chlamydia-primed THP-1 cells
Deby-Dupont G, Mouithys-Mickalad A, Serteyn D, Lamy M, Deby C
28 - 34 Demonstration of differential quantitative requirements for NSF among multiple vesicle fusion pathways of GLUT4 using a dominant-negative ATPase-deficient NSF
Chen XL, Matsumoto H, Hinck CS, Al-Hasani H, St-Denis JF, Whiteheart SW, Cushman SW
35 - 41 Modulation of cholinephosphotransferase activity in breast cancer cell lines by Ro5-4864, a peripheral benzodiazepine receptor agonist
Akech J, Roy SS, Das SK
42 - 50 Death receptors, Fas and TRAIL receptors, are involved in human osteoclast apoptosis
Roux S, Lambert-Comeau P, Saint-Pierre C, Lepine M, Sawan B, Parent JL
51 - 57 Apoptosis-linked gene-2 connects the Raf-1 and ASK1 signalings
Chen CM, Sytkowski AJ
58 - 63 Transfer of an expression YAC into goat fetal fibroblasts by cell fusion for mammary gland bioreactor
Zhang XF, Wu GX, Chen JQ, Zhang AM, Liu SG, Jiao BH, Cheng GX
64 - 69 The effect of U1 snRNA binding free energy on the selection of 5' splice sites
Bi JN, Xia HY, Li F, Zhang XG, Li YD
70 - 78 Timing of mutation in hemagglutinins from influenza A virus by means of unpredictable portion of amino-acid pair and fast Fourier transform
Wu GA, Yan SM
79 - 87 Adiponectin activates c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase and inhibits signal transducer and activator of transcription 3
Miyazaki T, Bub JD, Uzuki M, Iwamoto Y
88 - 94 Adenosine in the venoms from viperinae snakes of the genus Bitis: Identification and quantitation using LC/MS and CE/MS
Graham RLJ, McClean S, O'Kane EJ, Theakston D, Shaw C
95 - 100 Nitric oxide induces prion protein via MEK and p38 MAPK signaling
Wang VC, Chuang TC, Hsu YD, Chou WY, Kao MC
101 - 109 Structural analysis of catechin derivatives as mammalian DNA polymerase inhibitors
Mizushina Y, Saito A, Tanaka A, Nakajima N, Kuriyama I, Takemura M, Takeuchi T, Sugawara F, Yoshida H
110 - 115 Erk phosphorylates threonine 42 residue of ribosomal protein S3
Kim HD, Lee JY, Kim J
116 - 121 Neural differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells isolated from GFP transgenic mice
Fujimura J, Ogawa R, Mizuno H, Fukunaga Y, Suzuki H
122 - 130 Low "penetrance" of phylogenetic knowledge in mitochondrial disease studies
Bandelt HJ, Achilli A, Kong QP, Salas A, Lutz-Bonengel S, Sun C, Zhang YP, Torroni A, Yao YG
131 - 137 beta 4GalT-II is a key regulator of glycosylation of the proteins involved in neuronal development
Sasaki N, Manya H, Okubo R, Kobayashi K, Ishida H, Toda T, Endo T, Nishihara S
138 - 141 Replicative aging of the yeast does not require DNA replication
Zadrag R, Bartosz G, Bilinski T
142 - 149 Mechanosensitivity of human osteosarcoma cells and phospholipase C beta 2 expression
Hoberg M, Gratz HH, Noll M, Jones DB
150 - 155 Cadmium induces a novel metallothionein and phytochelatin 2 in an aquatic fungus
Jaeckel P, Krauss G, Menge S, Schierhorn A, Rucknagel P, Krauss GJ
156 - 166 Xylosyltransferase I acceptor properties of fibroblast growth factor and its fragment bFGF (1-24)
Kuhn J, Schnolzer M, Schon S, Muller S, Prante C, Gotting C, Kleesiek K
167 - 173 An artificial six-zinc finger peptide with polyarginine linker: Selective binding to the discontinuous DNA sequences
Imanishi M, Yan W, Morisaki T, Sugiura Y
174 - 179 Nontransformed cells can normalize gap junctional communication with transformed cells
Valiunas V, Bechberger JF, Naus CCG, Brink PR, Goldberg GS
180 - 185 Effects of Gash and hydrogen peroxide in Axl ubiquitination and downregulation
Valverde P
186 - 193 A human SARS-CoV neutralizing antibody against epitope on S2 protein
Duan JZ, Yan XY, Guo XM, Cao WC, Han W, Qi C, Feng J, Yang DL, Gao GX, Jin G
194 - 199 Screening of drugs by FRET analysis identifies inhibitors of SARS-CoV 3CL protease
Liu YC, Huang V, Chao TC, Hsiao CD, Lin A, Chang MF, Chow LP
200 - 205 Proteasome inhibitors abrogate osteoclast differentiation and osteoclast function
Zavrski I, Krebbel H, Wildemann B, Heider U, Kaiser M, Possinger K, Sezer O
206 - 215 ZNF649, a novel Kruppel type zinc-finger protein, functions as a transcriptional suppressor
Yang H, Yuan WZ, Wang Y, Zhu CB, Liu BS, Wang YQ, Yang D, Li YQ, Wang CD, Wu XS, Liu MY
216 - 222 Phenotypic instability of Saos-2 cells in long-term culture
Hausser HJ, Brenner RE
223 - 229 Cleavage of carcinoembryonic antigen induces metastatic potential in colorectal carcinoma
Yamamoto Y, Hirakawa E, Mori S, Hamada Y, Kawaguchi N, Matsuura N
230 - 240 Identification of 18 new transcribed retrotransposons in Schistosoma mansoni
DeMarco R, Machado AA, Bisson AW, Verjovski-Almeida S
241 - 246 Ultraviolet B exposure activates Stat3 signaling via phosphorylation at tyrosine(705) in skin of SKH1 hairless mouse: A target for the management of skin cancer?
Ahsan H, Aziz MH, Ahmad N
247 - 252 Knee joint immobility induces Mcl-1 gene expression in articular chondrocytes
Trudel G, Uhthoff H, Laneuville O
253 - 263 A novel inflammation-induced ubiquitin E3 ligase in alveolar type II cells
Hu Y, Nguyen TT, Bui KC, deMello DE, Smith JB
264 - 272 Olfactory-like receptor cDNAs are present in human lingual cDNA libraries
Durzynski L, Gaudin JC, Myga M, Szydlowski J, Gozdzicka-Jozefiak A, Haertle T
273 - 282 Hepatocyte growth factor is constitutively produced by donor-derived bone marrow cells and promotes regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells
Izumida Y, Aoki T, Yasuda D, Koizumi T, Suganuma C, Saito K, Murai N, Shimizu Y, Hayashi K, Odaira M, Kusano T, Kushima M, Kusano M
283 - 286 Crystal structure of trypsin-turkey egg white inhibitor complex (vol 313, pg 8, 2004)
Ibrahim BS, Pattabhi V
287 - 287 Comparative analysis of human intronless proteins (vol 331, pg 512, 2005)
Agarwal SM, Gupta J