Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.330, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1015 - 1018 Towards a resolution on the inherent methodological weakness of the "effective number of codons used by a gene"
Banerjee T, Gupta SK, Ghosh TC
1019 - 1026 Novel approach for over-expression, characterization, and isotopic enrichment of a homogeneous species of acyl carrier protein from Plasmodium falciparum
Sharma SK, Modak R, Sharma S, Sharma AK, Sarma SP, Surolia A, Surolia N
1027 - 1033 Bm-TFF2, a trefoil factor protein with platelet activation activity from frog Bombina maxima skin secretions
Zhang J, Zhang Y, Wan SG, Wei SS, Lee WH, Zhang Y
1034 - 1040 TNF-alpha promotes doxorubicin-induced cell apoptosis and anti-cancer effect through downregulation of p21 in p53-deficient tumor cells
Cao W, Chi WH, Wang J, Tang JJ, Lu YJ
1041 - 1047 Identification of a multiprotein "motor" complex binding to water channel aquaporin-2
Noda Y, Saburo HC, Katayama Y, Sasaki S
1048 - 1054 Molecular components and toxicity of the venom of the solitary wasp, Anoplius samariensis
Hisada M, Satake H, Masuda K, Aoyama M, Murata K, Shinada T, Iwashita T, Ohfune Y, Nakajima T
1055 - 1061 The association of small heat shock protein Hsp16.3 with the plasma membrane of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Dissociation of oligomers is a prerequisite
Zhang H, Fu XM, Jiao WW, Zhang XF, Liu C, Chang ZY
1062 - 1067 Finding of endocannabinoids in human eye tissues: implications for glaucoma
Chen J, Matias I, Dinh T, Lu T, Venezia S, Nieves A, Woodward DF, Di Marzo V
1068 - 1072 Identification and characterization of a novel human APH-1b splice variant lacking exon 4
Saito S, Takahashi-Sasaki N, Araki W
1073 - 1079 5-Amino-imidazole carboxamide riboside acutely potentiates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from mouse pancreatic islets by K-ATP channel-dependent and -independent pathways
Wang CZ, Wang Y, Di A, Magnuson MA, Ye HG, Roe MW, Nelson DJ, Bell GI, Philipson LH
1080 - 1086 Tumor necrosis factor-beta induces differentiation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells into osteoclasts through the induction of p21((WAF1/Cip1))
Kwak HB, Jin HM, Ha HN, Kang MJ, Lee SB, Kim HH, Lee ZH
1087 - 1094 Trap RACK1 with Ras to mobilize Src signaling at syndecan-2/p120-GAP upon transformation with oncogenic ras
Huang JW, Chen CL, Chuang NN
1095 - 1102 Selenoprotein W as molecular target of methylmercury in human neuronal cells is down-regulated by GSH depletion
Kim YJ, Chai YG, Ryu JC
1103 - 1109 Neuronal differentiation of NTE-deficient embryonic stem cells
Li ZY, Szurek PF, Jiang CT, Pao A, Bundy B, Le WD, Bradley A, Yu YE
1110 - 1115 Balanced GABAergic and glutamatergic synapse development in hippocampal neurons
Zhao X, Shoji S, Lau P
1116 - 1126 Solution structure of BmP08, a novel short-chain scorpion toxin from Buthus martensi Karsch
Chen X, Li YM, Tong XT, Zhang NX, Wu G, Zhang Q, Wu HM
1127 - 1131 NELIN, a new F-actin associated protein, stimulates HeLa cell migration and adhesion
Wang W, Zhang WL, Han Y, Chen JZ, Wang YB, Zhang Z, Hui RT
1132 - 1137 Specific disruption of smooth muscle caldesmon expression in mice
Guo HQ, Wang CLA
1138 - 1145 Genetic basis of phenotypic plasticity for predator-induced morphological defenses in anuran tadpole, Rana pirica, using cDNA subtraction and microarray analysis
Mori T, Hiraka I, Kurata Y, Kawachi H, Kishida O, Nishimura K
1146 - 1152 Identification of MrgX2 as a human G-protein-coupled receptor for proadrenomedullin N-terminal peptides
Kamohara M, Matsuo A, Takasaki J, Kohda M, Matsumoto M, Matsumoto S, Soga T, Hiyama H, Kobori M, Katou M
1153 - 1161 In vitro differentiation of human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells'into hepatocyte-like cells
Hong SH, Gang EJ, Jeong JA, Ahn CY, Hwang SH, Yang IH, Park HK, Han H, Kim H
1162 - 1167 Allele effects in MHC-peptide interactions: A theoretical analysis of HLA-DR beta 1*0101-HA and HLA-DR beta 1*0401-HA complexes
Cardenas C, Ortiz M, Balbin A, Villaveces JL, Patarroyo ME
1168 - 1175 Synthesis of novel siRNAs having thymidine dimers consisting of a carbamate or a urea linkage at their 3' overhang regions and their ability to suppress human RNase L protein expression
Ueno Y, Naito T, Kawada K, Shibata A, Kim HS, Wataya Y, Kitade Y
1176 - 1181 Elevation of Hook1 in a disease model of Batten disease does not affect a novel interaction between Ankyrin G and Hook1
Weimer JM, Chattopadhyay S, Custer AW, Pearce DA
1182 - 1193 Molecular insight into the effects of hypothyroidism on the developing cerebellum
Dong HY, Wade M, Williams A, Lee A, Douglas GR, Yauk C
1194 - 1198 Differential impact of low temperature on fatty acid unsaturation and lipoxygenase activity in figleaf gourd and cucumber roots
Lee SH, Ahn SJ, Im YJ, Cho K, Chung GC, Cho BH, Han O
1199 - 1204 Escherichia coli outer membrane protein A adheres to human brain microvascular endothelial cells
Shin S, Lu GS, Cal M, Kim KS
1205 - 1212 Homomeric and heteromeric interactions of the extracellular domains of death receptors and death decoy receptors
Lee HW, Lee SH, Lee HW, Ryu YW, Kwon MH, Kim YS
1213 - 1216 A stable Fe-III-Fe-IV replacement of tyrosyl radical in a class I ribonucleotide reductase
Voevodskaya N, Lendzian F, Graslund A
1217 - 1223 Suppression of hepatitis A virus genome translation and replication by siRNAs targeting the internal ribosonial entry site
Kanda T, Zhang B, Kusov Y, Yokosuka O, Gauss-Muller V
1224 - 1229 Brain PP2A is modified by thiol-disulfide exchange and intermolecular disulfide formation
Foley TD, Kintner ME
1230 - 1236 Transiently truncated and differentially regulated expression of midkine during mouse embryogenesis
Chen Q, Yuan YY, Lin SB, Chang YD, Zhuo XM, Wei W, Tao P, Ruan LJ, Li QF, Li ZX
1237 - 1246 Competitive inhibition of the dengue virus NS3 serine protease by synthetic peptides representing polyprotein cleavage sites
Chanprapaph S, Saparpakorn P, Sangma C, Niyomrattanakit P, Hannongbua S, Angsuthanasombat C, Katzenmeier G
1247 - 1253 Alternative splicing of the human Kank gene produces two types of Kank protein
Wang Y, Onishi Y, Kakinuma N, Roy BC, Aoyagi T, Kiyama R
1254 - 1261 Binding affinity difference induced by the stereochemistry of the sulfoxide bridge of the cyclic peptide inhibitors of Grb2-SH2 domain: NMR studies for the structural origin
Shi YH, Song YL, Lin DH, Tan JZ, Roller PP, Li Q, Long YQ, Song GQ
1262 - 1267 Functional dissection of HCMV US11 in mediating the degradation of MHC class I molecules
Lee SO, Hwang SJ, Park J, Park B, Jin BS, Lee S, Kim E, Cho SL, Kim Y, Cho K, Shin J, Alin K
1268 - 1274 Antiangiogenic activity of 4-0-methylgallic acid from Canavalia gladiata, a dietary legume
Jeon KS, Na HJ, Kim YM, Kwon HJ
1275 - 1284 Macrophage colony-stimulating factor expression in retrovirally transduced cells is dependent upon both the adherence status of the target cells and its 5' flanking untranslated region
Zhang JG, Dan QH, Fong TC, Williams CC, Avina MD, Tarbiyat-Boldaji M, Khalaghizadeh S, Irwin M, Nguyen A, Zhuang JL, Hoa N, Wepsic HT, Jadus MR
1285 - 1289 Stimulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors protects motor neurons
Nakamizo T, Kawamata J, Yamashita H, Kanki R, Kihara T, Sawada H, Akaike A, Shimohama S
1290 - 1298 ADP-ribosyl cyclase couples to cyclic AMP signaling in the cardiomyocytes
Xie GH, Rah SY, Kim SJ, Nam TS, Ha KC, Chae SW, Im MJ, Kim UH
1299 - 1305 In vitro trans-differentiation of rat mesenchymal cells into insulin-producing cells by rat pancreatic extract
Choi KS, Shin JS, Lee JJ, Kim YS, Kim SB, Kim CW
1306 - 1313 Suppression of tumor cell invasiveness by hydrolyzable tannins (plant polyphenols) via the inhibition of matrix metalloproteinase-2/-9 activity
Tanimura S, Kadomoto R, Tanaka T, Zhang YJ, Kouno I, Kohno M
1314 - 1318 PKC alpha is involved in phorbol ester TPA-mediated stabilization of p14(ARF)
Inoue R, Shiraishi T
1319 - 1319 Identification of the LIM kinase-1 as a ceramide-regulated gene in renal mesangial cells (vol 298, pg 408, 2002)
Shabahang S, Liu YH, Huwiler A, Pfeilschifter J
1320 - 1320 The role of apolipoprotein E in the elimination of liposomes from blood by hepatocytes in the mouse (vol 328, pg 57, 2005)
Yan XD, Kuipers F, Havekes LM, Havinga R, Dontje B, Poelstra K, Scherphof GL, Kamps JAAM