Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.330, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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629 - 632 On the origin of genomic adaptation at high temperature for prokaryotic organisms
Basak S, Ghosh TC
633 - 640 Tissue distribution and engraftment of human mesenchymal stem cells immortalized by human telomerase reverse transcriptase gene
Bentzon JF, Stenderup K, Hansen FD, Schroder HD, Abdallah BM, Jensen TG, Kassem M
641 - 644 An effective alternate cloning strategy for unstable mouse genomic sequences
Lan MS, Muguira M
645 - 652 ATP-driven copper transport across the intestinal brush border membrane
Knopfel M, Smith C, Solioz M
653 - 657 Transgenic rats overexpressing the human MrgX3 gene show cataracts and an abnormal skin phenotype
Kaisho Y, Watanabe T, Nakata M, Yano T, Yasuhara Y, Shimakawa K, Mori I, Sakura Y, Terao Y, Matsui H, Taketomi S
658 - 664 Basic calcium phosphate crystal-induced Egr-1 expression stimulates mitogenesis in human fibroblasts
Zeng XR, Sun YB, Wenger L, Cheung HS
665 - 672 Conversion of proteins from a non-polarized to an apical secretory pattern in MDCK cells
Vogel LK, Larsen JE, Hansen M, Truffer R
673 - 684 Enhanced v-Src-induced oncogenic transformation in the absence of focal adhesion kinase is mediated by phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase
Moissoglu K, Sachdev S, Gelman IH
685 - 689 MAP kinase protects G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 from proteasomal degradation
Theilade J, Hansen JL, Haunso S, Sheikh SP
690 - 694 Nuclear translocation of phospholipase C-zeta, an egg-activating factor, during early embryonic development
Sone Y, Ito M, Shirakawa H, Shikano T, Takeuchi H, Kinoshita K, Miyazaki S
695 - 700 Binding of AP-2 adaptor complex to brain membrane is regulated by phosphorylation of proteins
Alberdi A, Sartor T, Sosa MA
701 - 705 Functional characterization of the human solute carrier, SLC41A2
Goytain A, Quamme GA
706 - 713 Calcineurin and heat shock protein 72 in functionally overloaded rat plantaris muscle
Oishi Y, Ogata T, Ohira Y, Taniguchi K, Roy RR
714 - 721 mu-Calpain is functionally required for alpha-processing of Alzheimer's beta-amyloid precursor protein
Chen M, Fernandez HL
722 - 730 D-type cyclins and G1 progression during liver development in the rat
Boylan JM, Gruppuso PA
731 - 736 Urinary 8-epi-PGF(2 alpha), and its endogenous beta-oxidation products (2,3-dinor and 2,3-dinor-5,6-dihydro) as biomarkers of total body oxidative stress
Nourooz-Zadeh J, Cooper MB, Ziegler D, Betteridge DJ
737 - 745 Up-regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 expression by TSG-6 protein in macrophage cell line
Mindrescu C, Le JM, Wisniewski HG, Vilcek J
746 - 754 Requirement of the coiled-coil domain of PML-RAR alpha oncoprotein for localization, sumoylation, and inhibition of monocyte differentiation
Kim YE, Kim DY, Lee JM, Kim ST, Han TH, Ahn JH
755 - 759 Cationic lipids enhance siRNA-mediated interferon response in mice
Ma Z, Li J, He FT, Wilson A, Pitt B, Li S
760 - 767 Impact of PTEN on the expression of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) and IGF-binding proteins in human gastric adenocarcinoma cells
Yi HK, Kim SY, Hwang PH, Kim CY, Yang DH, Oh Y, Lee DY
768 - 775 Highly efficient transduction of repopulating bone marrow cells using rapidly concentrated polymer-complexed retrovirus
McMillin DW, Landazuri N, Gangadharan B, Hewes B, Archer DR, Spencer HT, Le Doux JM
776 - 783 Cloning and characterization of the hsp70 multigene family from silver sea bream: Modulated gene expression between warm and cold temperature acclimation
Deane EE, Woo NYS
784 - 790 Chemical nature of implant-derived titanium(IV) ions in synovial fluid
Silwood CJL, Grootveld M
791 - 796 Effect of insulin nitration by peroxynitrite on its biological activity
Chi Q, Wang TL, Huang KX
797 - 804 Deubiquitinating enzyme USP36 contains the PEST motif and is polyubiquitinated
Kim YS, Kim YK, Kim YS, Seong M, Choi JK, Baek KH
805 - 812 The role of the AUUUUA hexamer for the posttranscriptional regulation of the AT1 receptor mRNA stability
Berger A, Stierkorb E, Nickenig G
813 - 820 Characterization of O-mannosyltransferase family in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Tanaka N, Fujita Y, Suzuki S, Morishita M, Giga-Hama Y, Shimoda C, Takegawa K
821 - 831 Urocortin 2 induces tyrosine hydroxylase phosphorylation in PC12 cells
Nemoto T, Mano-Otagiri A, Shibasaki T
832 - 838 Identification of a novel aquaporin, AQP12, expressed in pancreatic acinar cells
Itoh T, Rai T, Kuwahara M, Ko SBH, Uchida S, Sasaki S, Ishibashi K
839 - 843 Direct measurement of oxygen consumption rate on the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans by using an optical technique
Suda H, Shouyama T, Yasuda K, Ishii N
844 - 849 The inhibitor protein of the F1F0-ATP synthase is associated to the external surface of endothelial cells
Cortes-Hernandez P, Dominguez-Ramirez L, Estrada-Bernal A, Montes-Sanchez DG, Zentella-Dehesa A, de Gomez-Puyou MT, Gomez-Puyou A, Garcia JJ
850 - 856 The anti-cell death FNK protein protects cells from death induced by freezing and thawing
Sudo K, Asoh S, Ohsawa I, Ozaki D, Yamagata K, Ito H, Ohta S
857 - 864 Axonal isoforms of myosin-I
Lund LM, Machado VA, McQuarrie IG
865 - 870 The interaction between tBid and cardiolipin or monolysocardiolipin
Liu JH, Durrant D, Yang HS, He YW, Whitby FG, Myszka DG, Lee RM
871 - 879 Mizoribine inhibits hepatitis C virus RNA replication: Effect of combination with interferon-alpha
Naka K, Ikeda M, Abe KI, Dansako H, Kato N
880 - 886 Extracellular signal-dependent nuclear import of STAT3 is mediated by various importin alpha s
Ushijima R, Sakaguchi N, Kano A, Maruyama A, Miyamoto Y, Sekimoto T, Yoneda Y, Ogino K, Tachibana T
887 - 890 Overexpression of Arabidopsis ACK1 alters leaf morphology and retards growth and development
Han W, Rhee HI, Cho JW, Ku MSB, Song PS, Wang MH
891 - 897 Vitamin D fails to prevent serum starvation- or staurosporine-induced apoptosis in human and rat osteosarcoma-derived cell lines
Witasp E, Gustafsson AC, Cotgreave I, Lind M, Fadeel B
898 - 906 Pathway-oriented profiling of lipid mediators in macrophages
Kita Y, Takahashi T, Uozumi N, Nallan L, Gelb MH, Shimizu T
907 - 913 Multiple mutagenesis of P450 isoflavonoid synthase reveals a key active-site residue
Sawada Y, Ayabe SI
914 - 920 A new pair for inter- and intra-molecular FRET measurement
Yang XF, Xu PY, Xu T
921 - 927 Antimicrobial activity studies on a trypsin-chymotrypsin protease inhibitor obtained from potato
Kim JY, Park SC, Kim MH, Lim HT, Park Y, Hahm KS
928 - 933 Hypergravity induces expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in the heart vessels
Oshima M, Oshima H, Taketo MM
934 - 942 Noggin and bFGF cooperate to maintain the pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells in the absence of feeder layers
Wang GW, Zhang H, Zhao Y, Li H, Cai J, Wang PG, Meng S, Feng JB, Miao CL, Ding MX, Li DS, Deng HK
943 - 949 Identification of new alternative splice events in the TCIRG1 gene in different human tissues
Smirnova AS, Morgun A, Shulzhenko N, Silva IDCG, Gerbase-DeLima M
950 - 957 Gene structure, multiple alternative splicing, and expression in gonads of zebrafish Dmrt1
Guo YQ, Cheng HH, Huang X, Gao S, Yu HS, Zhou RJ
958 - 966 Optimized transfection of mRNA transcribed from a d(A/T)(100) tail-containing vector
Elango N, Elango S, Shivshankar P, Katz MS
967 - 974 Molecular characterization of two G protein-coupled receptor splice variants as FLP2 receptors in Caenorhabditis elegans
Mertens I, Meeusen T, Janssen T, Nachman R, Schoofs L
975 - 981 Therapeutic effect of gene-therapy in combination with local X-irradiation in a mouse malignant melanoma model
Jin GH, Jin SZ, Liu Y, Xu RM, Yang JZ, Pan XN, Liu SZ
982 - 988 Sublethal irradiation promotes invasiveness of neuroblastoma cells
Schweigerer L, Rave-Frank M, Schmidberger H, Hecht M
989 - 998 Serum amyloid A stimulates matrix-metalloproteinase-9 upregulation via formyl peptide receptor like-1-mediated signaling in human monocytic cells
Lee HY, Kim MK, Park KS, Bae YH, Yun J, Park JI, Kwak JY, Bae YS
999 - 1004 Elevated expression of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V in first trimester human placenta
Tomiie M, Isaka S, Miyoshi E, Taniguchi N, Kimura T, Ogita K, Tsutsui T, Shimoya K, Nakagawa T, Kondo A, Koyama M, Murata Y
1005 - 1013 APS, an adaptor molecule containing PH and SH2 domains, has a negative regulatory role in B cell proliferation
Iseki M, Kubo-Akashi C, Kwon SM, Yamaguchi A, Takatsu K, Takaki S
1014 - 1014 Resistance to influenza A virus infection by antigen-conjugated CpG oligonucleotides, a novel antigen-specific immunomodulator (vol, 329, pg 230, 2005)
Hayashi M, Satou E, Ueki R, Yano M, Miyano-Kurosaki N, Fujii M, Takaku H