Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.329, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 H-1 NMR analysis as a diagnostic probe for human saliva
Grootveld M, Silwood CJL
6 - 10 Suppression of the alpha-isoform of class II phosphoinositide 3-kinase gene expression leads to apoptotic cell death
Kang S, Song H, Kang J, Kang H, Lee D, Lee Y, Park D
11 - 17 Transcriptional profiling of human herpesvirus type B (HHV-6B) in an adult T cell leukemia cell line as in vitro model for persistent infection
Ohyashiki JH, Takaku T, Ojima T, Abe K, Yamamoto K, Zhang Y, Ohyashiki K
18 - 24 Leptin induces hypertrophy via p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in rat vascular smooth muscle cells
Shin HJ, Oh J, Kang SM, Lee JH, Shin MJ, Hwang KC, Jang Y, Chung JH
25 - 31 Human adipose stromal cells expanded in human serum promote engraftment of human peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cells in NOD/SCID mice
Kim SJ, Cho HH, Kim YJ, Seo SY, Kim HN, Lee JB, Kim JH, Chung JS, Jung JS
32 - 39 Identification of novel Nox4 splice variants with impact on ROS levels in A549 cells
Goyal P, Weissmann N, Rose F, Grimminger F, Schafers HJ, Seeger W, Hanze J
40 - 45 3',5'-Cyclic diguanylic acid (c-di-GMP) inhibits basal and growth factor-stimulated human colon cancer cell proliferation
Karaolis DKR, Cheng KR, Lipsky M, Elnabawi A, Catalano J, Hyodo M, Hayakawa Y, Raufman JP
46 - 50 Selective cytotoxicity of ascochlorin in ER-negative human breast cancer cell lines
Sakaguchi K, Nakajima H, Mizuta N, Furukawa C, Ozawa S, Ando K, Chang YC, Yamagishi H, Magae J
51 - 57 Quantitative mRNA expression profiling of heat-shock protein families in rainbow trout cells
Ojima N, Yamashita M, Watabe S
58 - 63 Cigarette smoke extract induces endothelial cell injury via JNK pathway
Hoshino S, Yoshida M, Inoue K, Yano Y, Yanagita M, Mawatari H, Yamane H, Kijima T, Kumagai T, Osaki T, Tachiba I, Kawase I
64 - 70 Changes in adsorption and permeability of mitoxantrone on plasma membrane of BCRP/MXR resistant cells
Breuzard G, Piot O, Angiboust JF, Manfait M, Candeil L, Del Rio M, Millot JM
71 - 77 Lysophosphatidylcholine induces tPA gene expression through CRE-dependent mechanism
Sheikh AM, Ochi H, Masuda J
78 - 86 n-Alkane and clofibrate, a peroxisome proliferator, activate transcription of ALK2 gene encoding cytochrome P450alk2 through distinct cis-acting promoter elements in Candida maltosa
Kogure T, Takagi M, Ohta A
87 - 94 Protection of inactivated influenza virus vaccine against lethal influenza virus infection in diabetic mice
Zhu Q, Chang HY, Chen Y, Fang F, Xue CY, Zhang FH, Qiu MZ, Wang HZ, Wang B, Chen Z
95 - 99 Inhibition of NF-kappa B stabilizes gadd45 alpha mRNA
Zheng X, Zhang YD, Chen YQ, Castranova V, Shi XL, Chen F
100 - 104 GGC and StuI polymorphism on the androgen receptor gene in endometrial cancer patients
Sasaki M, Karube A, Karube Y, Watari M, Sakuragi N, Fujimoto S, Dahiya R
105 - 110 Effect of matrix metalloproteinase inhibition on adipose tissue development
Demeulemeester D, Collen D, Lijnen HR
111 - 116 Purification and properties of a low molecular weight 1,4-beta-D-glucan glucohydrolase having one active site for carboxymethyl cellulose and xylan from an alkalothermophilic Thermomonospora sp
Jagtap S, Rao M
117 - 124 Synaptic proteins and SNARE complexes are localized in lipid rafts from rat brain synaptosomes
Gil C, Soler-Jover A, Blasi J, Aguilera J
125 - 131 Anti-inflammatory roles of retinoic acid in rat brain astrocytes: Suppression of interferon-gamma-induced JAK/STAT phosphorylation
Choi WH, Ji KA, Jeon SB, Yang MS, Kim H, Min K, Shong M, Jou I, Joe EH
132 - 139 CD83 is a dimer: Comparative analysis of monomeric and dimeric isoforms
Lechmann M, Kotzor N, Zinser E, Prechtel AT, Sticht H, Steinkasserer A
140 - 146 Isolation of CHO-K1 clones defective in cAMP-dependent proteolysis, as determined by the stability of exogenously expressed GATA-6
Maeda M, Ishida A, Ni L, Kobayashi A
147 - 151 Selenocysteine tRNA identification in the model organisms Dictyostelium discoideum and Tetrahymena thermophila
Shrimali RK, Lobanov AV, Xu XM, Rao M, Carlson BA, Mahadeo DC, Parent CA, Gladyshev VN, Hatfield DL
152 - 160 Solution structure of humanin, a peptide against Alzheimer's disease-related neurotoxicity
Benaki D, Zikos C, Evangelou A, Livaniou E, Vlassi M, Mikros E, Pelecanou M
161 - 167 Regulation of yeast glycogen phosphorylase by the cyclin-dependent protein kinase Pho85p
Wilson WA, Wang Z, Roach PJ
168 - 176 Engineering and characterization of a divalent single-chain Fv angiotensin II fusion construct of the monoclonal antibody CC49
Wittel UA, Jain M, Goel A, Baranowska-Kortylewicz J, Kurizaki T, Chauhan SC, Agrawal DK, Colcher D, Batra SK
177 - 181 Glucocorticoid suppresses the canonical Wnt signal in cultured human osteoblasts
Ohnaka K, Tanabe M, Kawate H, Nawata H, Takayanagi R
182 - 187 Stimulation of hepatocyte survival and suppression of CCl4-induced liver injury by the adenovirally introduced C/EBP beta gene
Isoda K, Koide H, Kojima M, Arita E, Ikkaku M, Higashiyama S, Tashiro F, Yamato E, Miyazaki JI, Kawase M, Yagi K
188 - 196 Involvement of specific proteins (Sp1/Sp3) and nuclear factor Y in basal transcription of the distal promoter of the rat pyruvate carboxylase gene in beta-cells
Sunyakumthorn P, Boonsaen T, Boonsaeng V, Wallace JC, Jitrapakdee S
197 - 204 Multiple functions of the vacuolar sorting protein Ccz1p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Hoffman-Sommer M, Migdalski A, Rytka J, Kucharczyk R
205 - 210 Association of the ABCA1 gene polymorphisms with type 2 DM in a Japanese population
Daimon M, Kido T, Baba M, Oizumi T, Jimbu Y, Kameda W, Yamaguchi H, Ohnuma H, Tominaga M, Muramatsu M, Kato T
211 - 218 Phosphorylation-dependent binding of 14-3-3 to Par3 beta, a human Par3-related cell polarity protein
Izaki T, Kamakura S, Kohjima M, Sumimoto H
219 - 223 Synthesis of universal unmethylated control DNA by nested whole genome amplification with phi 29 DNA polymerase
Umetani N, de Maat MFG, Mori T, Takeuchi H, Hoon DSB
224 - 229 Inflammatory cytokines activate p38 MAPK to induce osteoprotegerin synthesis by MG-63 cells
Pantouli E, Boehm MM, Koka S
230 - 236 Resistance to influenza A virus infection by antigen-conjugated CpG oligonucleotides, a novel antigen-specific immunomodulator
Hayashi M, Satou E, Ueki R, Yano M, Miyano-Kurosaki N, Fujii M, Takaku H
237 - 245 Plasminogen/plasmin regulates c-fos and egr-1 expression via the MEWERK pathway
De Sousa LP, Brasil BSAF, Silva BM, Freitas MHA, Nogueira SV, Ferreira PCB, Kroon EG, Bonjardim CA
246 - 255 Analysis of self-association of West Nile virus capsid protein and the crucial role played by Trp 69 in homodimerization
Bhuvanakantham R, Ng ML
256 - 265 Quantitative measurement of changes in adhesion force involving focal adhesion kinase during cell attachment, spread, and migration
Wu CC, Su HW, Lee CC, Tang MJ, Su FC
266 - 274 Phorbol ester phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate promotes anchorage-independent growth and survival of melanomas through MEK-independent activation of ERK1/2
Jorgensen K, Skrede M, Cruciani W, Mikalsen SO, Slipicevic A, Florenes VA
275 - 280 Glucose-induced serum- and glucocorticoid-regulated kinase activation in oncofetal fibronectin expression
Khan ZA, Barbin YP, Farhangkhoee H, Beier N, Scholz W, Chakrabarti S
281 - 287 Successful expression of a functional yeast G-protein-coupled receptor (Ste2) in mammalian cells
Yin DZ, Gavi S, Shumay E, Duell K, Konopka JB, Malbon CC, Wang HY
288 - 295 Development of new inbred transgenic strains of rats with LacZ or GFP
Inoue H, Ohsawa I, Murakami T, Kimura A, Hakamata Y, Sato Y, Kaneko T, Takahashi M, Okada T, Ozawa K, Francis J, Leone P, Kobayashi E
296 - 304 Increase of smooth muscle cell migration and of intimal hyperplasia in mice lacking the alpha/beta hydrolase domain containing 2 gene
Miyata K, Oike Y, Hoshii T, Maekawa H, Ogawa H, Suda T, Araki K, Yamamura K
305 - 311 Integrin alpha 8 beta 1-fibronectin interactions promote cell survival via PI3 kinase pathway
Farias E, Lu M, Li XW, Schnapp LM
312 - 317 Screening of LPS-specific peptides from a phage display library using epoxy beads
Kim YG, Lee CS, Chung WJ, Kim E, Shin DS, Rhim JH, Lee YS, Kim BG, Chung JH
318 - 323 Selective expression of a splice variant of decay-accelerating factor in c-erbB-2-positive mammary carcinoma cells showing increased transendothelial invasiveness
Brandt B, Mikesch JH, Simon R, Rotger A, Kemming D, Schier K, Sauter G, Burger H
324 - 330 Transcription regulation of the vegf gene by the BMP/Smad pathway in the angioblast of zebrafish embryos
He C, Chen XZ
331 - 336 N-glycosylation is necessary for enzymatic activity of a beetle (Apriona germari) cellulase
Wei YD, Lee SJ, Lee KS, Gui ZZ, Yoon HJ, Kim I, Je YH, Guo XJ, Sohn HD, Jin BR
337 - 344 Hepatic progenitor cell resistance to TGF-beta 1's proliferative and apoptotic effects
Clark JB, Rice L, Sadiq T, Brittain E, Song LJ, Wang J, Gerber DA
345 - 355 Preferential binding of platelets to monocytes over neutrophils under flow
Ahn KC, Jun AJ, Pawar P, Jadhav S, Napier S, McCarty OJT, Konstantopoulos K
356 - 361 Analysis of eluted peptides from type 1 diabetes-susceptible HLA class II molecules identified novel islet protein, heparin/heparan sulfate-interacting protein
Nakanishi K, Komatsu Y, Kogawa N, Matsushita H
362 - 369 Charge effects modulate actin assembly by classic myelin basic protein isoforms
Hill CMD, Harauz G
370 - 380 Differential gene alteration among hepatoma cell lines demonstrated by cDNA microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization
Kawaguchi K, Honda M, Yamashita T, Shirota Y, Kaneko S
381 - 385 Mechanical stretch inhibits myoblast-to-adipocyte differentiation through Wnt signaling
Akimoto T, Ushida T, Miyaki S, Akaogi H, Tsuchlya K, Yan Z, Williams RS, Tateishi T
386 - 390 Bile acids promote glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion through TGR5 in a murine enteroendocrine cell line STC-1
Katsuma S, Hirasawa A, Tsujimoto G
391 - 396 Regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase expression by the farnesoid X receptor
Savkur RS, Bramlett KS, Michael LF, Burris TP
397 - 405 Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) interferes with insulin signaling through the p55 TNF receptor death domain
Csehi SB, Mathieu S, Seifert U, Lange A, Zweyer M, Wernig A, Adam D
406 - 415 Role of a Ca2+-ATPase induced by ABA and IAA in the generation of specific Ca2+ signals
Navarro-Avino JP, Bennett AB
416 - 416 Quantum dot-antibody and aptamer conjugates shift fluorescence upon binding bacteria (vol 325, pg 739, 2004)
Dwarakanath S, Bruno JG, Shastry A, Phillips T, John AA, Kumar A, Stephenson LD
417 - 417 Lysophosphatidyleholine enhances glucose-dependent insulin secretion via an orphan G-protein-coupled receptor (vol 326, pg 744, 2005)
Soga T, Ohishi T, Matsui T, Saito T, Matsumoto M, Takasaki J, Matsumoto SI, Kamohara M, Hiyama H, Yoshida S, Momose K, Ueda Y, Matsushime H, Kobori M, Furuichi K
418 - 418 Selenium-induced alterations in ionic currents of rat cardiomyocytes (vol 327, pg 163, 2005)
Ayaz M, Ozdemir S, Yaras N, Vassort G, Turan B