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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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969 - 970 Correlations between genomic GC levels and optimal growth temperatures: some comments
Basak S, Mandal S, Ghosh TC
971 - 978 Angiotensin II induces focal adhesion kinase/paxillin phosphorylation and cell migration in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Montiel M, de la Blanca EP, Jimenez E
979 - 984 Simultaneous intra- and extracellular superoxide monitoring using an integrated optical and electrochemical sensor system
Chang SC, Rodrigues NP, Zurgil N, Henderson JR, Bedioui F, McNell CJ, Deutsch M
985 - 992 TNF-alpha induces interieukin-8 and endothelin-1 expression in human endothelial cells with different redox pathways
Zha R, Chen XL, Yao QH, Chen CY
993 - 998 Monitoring of unfolding and refolding in fungal phytase (phyA) by dynamic light scattering
Ullah AHJ, Sethumadhavan K, Mullaney EJ
999 - 1005 A diabody that dissociates to monomer forms at low concentration: effects on binding activity and tumor targeting
Huang B, Foote LJ, Lankford TK, Davern SM, McKeown CK, Kennel SJ
1006 - 1010 The binding properties of the human receptor for the cellular uptake of vitamin B-12
Quadros EV, Nakayama Y, Sequeira JM
1011 - 1015 Novel natriuretic peptides from the venom of the inland taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus): isolation, chemical and biological characterisation
Fry BG, Wickramaratana JC, Lemme S, Beuve A, Garbers D, Hodgson WC, Alewood P
1016 - 1023 Quinone-induced Cdc25A inhibition causes ERK-dependent connexin phosphorylation
Melchheier I, von Montfort C, Stuhlmann D, Sies H, Klotz LO
1024 - 1027 Hepatic processing determines dual activity of alpha-tocopheryl succinate: a novel paradigm for a shift in biological activity due to pro-vitamin-to-vitamin conversion
Neuzil J, Massa H
1028 - 1035 Nuclear DNA but not mtDNA controls tumor phenotypes in mouse cells
Akimoto M, Niikura M, Ichikawa M, Yonekawa H, Nakada K, Honma Y, Hayashi JI
1036 - 1041 Role of cholesterol in ligand binding and G-protein coupling of serotonin(1A) receptors solubilized from bovine hippocampus
Chattopadhyay A, Jafurulla M, Kalipatnapu S, Pucadyil TJ, Harikumar KG
1042 - 1046 Expression of lysyl oxidase isoforms in MC3T3-El osteoblastic cells
Atsawasuwan P, Mochida Y, Parisuthiman D, Yamauchi M
1047 - 1051 I-Butanol interferes with phospholipase D1 and protein kinase C alpha association and inhibits phospholipase D1 basal activity
Hu TH, Exton JH
1052 - 1057 Biosynthesis of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids varies between polymorphic CYP2C enzymes
Lundblad MS, Stark K, Eliasson E, Oliw E, Rane A
1058 - 1065 Induction of thioredoxin reductase as an adaptive response to acrolein in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Park YS, Misonou Y, Fujiwara N, Takahashi M, Miyarnoto Y, Koh YH, Suzuki K, Taniguchi N
1066 - 1071 Critical role of heme oxygenase-1 in Foxp3-mediated immune suppression
Choi BM, Pae HO, Jeong YR, Kim YM, Chung HT
1072 - 1082 The monomeric orphan nuclear receptor Schistosoma mansoni Ftz-F1 dimerizes specifically and functionally with the schistosome RXR homologue, SmRXR1
Bertin B, Caby S, Oger F, Sasorith S, Wurtz JM, Pierce RJ
1083 - 1087 Amlodipine ameliorates myocardial hypertrophy by inhibiting EGFR phosphorylation
Liao YL, Asakura M, Takashima S, Kato H, Asano Y, Shintani Y, Minamino T, Tomoike H, Hori M, Kitakaze M
1088 - 1093 AAV mediated expression of anti-sense neuropeptide Y cRNA in the arcuate nucleus of rats results in decreased weight gain and food intake
Gardiner JV, Kong WM, Ward H, Murphy KG, Dhillo WS, Bloom SR
1094 - 1099 Recombinant viral capsids as an efficient vehicle of oligonucleotide delivery into cells
Cooper A, Shaul Y
1100 - 1104 Structural evaluation of conformational transition state responsible for self-assembly of tau microtubule-binding domain
Minoura K, Mizushima F, Tokimasa M, Hiraoka S, Tomoo K, Sumida M, Taniguchi T, Ishida T
1105 - 1113 PKC epsilon-PKD1 signaling complex at Z-discs plays a pivotal role in the cardiac hypertrophy induced by G-protein coupling receptor agonists
Iwata M, Maturana A, Hoshijima M, Tatematsu K, Okajima T, Vandenheede JR, Van Lint J, Tanizawa K, Kuroda S
1114 - 1123 Hypoxia/aglycemia alters expression of occludin and actin in brain endothelial cells
Brown RC, Davis TP
1124 - 1130 Functional roles of the bone morphogenetic protein system in thyrotropin signaling in porcine thyroid cells
Suziki J, Otsuka F, Takeda M, Inagaki K, Miyoshi T, Mimura Y, Ogura T, Doihara H, Makino H
1131 - 1142 Pore-to-gate coupling of HCN channels revealed by a pore variant that contributes to gating but not permeation
Azene EM, Sang DP, Tsang SY, Li RA
1143 - 1154 Lipid rafts are required for efficient signal transduction by CD1d
Park YK, Lee JW, Ko YG, Hong S, Park SH
1155 - 1162 The kringle domain of tissue-type plasminogen activator inhibits in vivo tumor growth
Shim BS, Kang BH, Hong YK, Kim HK, Lee IH, Lee SY, Lee YJ, Lee SK, Joe YA
1163 - 1169 Enhanced expressions of arachidonic acid-sensitive tandem-pore domain potassium channels in rat experimental acute cerebral ischemia
Li ZB, Zhang HX, Li LL, Wang XL
1170 - 1178 Enhanced expression of PDX-1 and Ngn3 by exendin-4 during beta cell regeneration in STZ-treated mice
Kodama S, Toyonaga T, Kondo T, Matsumoto K, Tsuruzoe K, Kawashima J, Goto H, Kume K, Kume S, Sakakida M, Araki E
1179 - 1187 The ESC-E(Z) complex participates in the hedgehog signaling pathway
Shindo N, Sakai A, Arai D, Matsuoka O, Yamasaki Y, Higashinakagawa T