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1 - 3 On the methodological weakness of'the effective number of codons': a reply to Marashi and Najafabadi
Fuglsang A
4 - 7 Correlation of codon bias measures with mRNA levels: analysis of transcriptome data from Escherichia coli
Goetz RM, Fuglsang A
8 - 17 High-level expression and characterization of two chitinases, ChiCH and ChiCW, of Bacillus cereus 28-9 in Escherichia coli
Huang CJ, Chen CY
18 - 22 Expression profiles of two human APH-1 genes and their roles in formation of presenilin complexes
Salto S, Araki W
23 - 28 Heat shock triggers MAPK activation and MKP-1 induction in Leydig testicular cells
Gorostizaga A, Brion L, Maloberti P, Maciel FC, Podesta EJ, Paz C
29 - 34 Molecular identification of a myosuppressin receptor from the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae
Scholler S, Belmont M, Cazzamali G, Hauser F, Williamson M, Grimmelikhuijzen CJP
35 - 42 Identification of proteins binding the native tubulin dimer
Gache V, Louwagie M, Garin J, Caudron N, Lafanechere L, Valiron O
43 - 48 Endotoxin elicits nitric oxide release in rat but prostacyclin synthesis in human and bovine vascular smooth muscle cells
Schildknecht S, Bachschmid M, Weber K, Maass D, Ullrich V
49 - 56 Quadruplex-duplex competition in the nuclease hypersensitive element of human c-myc promoter: C to T mutation in C-rich strand enhances duplex association
Halder K, Mathur V, Chugh D, Verma A, Chowdhury S
57 - 63 TNF-alpha as a potential mediator of cardiac dysfunction due to intracellular Ca2+-overload
Zhang M, Xu YJ, Saini HK, Turan B, Liu PP, Dhalla NS
64 - 69 Desmoglein genes are up-regulated in the pk mutant mouse
Luo JQ, Zhang L, Stenn K, Prouty S, Parimoo S
70 - 75 Reversible switching of immunoglobulin hypermutation machinery in a chicken B cell line
Kanayama N, Todo K, Reth M, Ohmori H
76 - 83 Involvement of DNase gamma in the resected double-strand DNA breaks in immunoglobulin genes
Okamoto M, Okamoto N, Yashiro H, Shiokawa D, Sunaga S, Yoshimori A, Tanuma S, Kitamura D
84 - 93 Alternative promotion of the mouse acyl-CoA synthetase 6 (mAcsl6) gene mediates the expression of multiple transcripts with 5'-end heterogeneity: genetic organization of mAcsl6 variants
Lee EJ, Kim HC, Cho YY, Byun SJ, Lim JM, Ryoo ZY
94 - 99 Distinct localization of lipid rafts and externalized phosphatidylserine at the surface of apoptotic cells
Ishii H, Mori T, Shiratsuchi A, Nakai Y, Shimada Y, Ohno-Washita Y, Nakanishi Y
100 - 105 SOCS3/CIS3 negative regulation of STAT3 in HGF-induced keratinocyte migration
Tokumaru S, Sayama K, Yamasaki K, Shirakata Y, Hanakawa Y, Yahata Y, Dai XJ, Tohyama M, Yang LJ, Yoshimura A, Hashimoto K
106 - 111 Reduced cGMP signaling activates NF-kappa B in hypertrophied hearts of mice lacking natriuretic peptide receptor-A
Vellaichamy E, Sommana NK, Pandey KN
112 - 116 Ectodomain shedding of human Nogo-66 receptor homologue-1 by zinc metalloproteinases
Walmsley AR, Mir AK, Frentzel S
117 - 123 Conformational changes of Loxosceles venom sphingomyelinases monitored by circular dichroism
de Andrade SA, Pedrosa MFF, de Andrade RMG, Oliva MLV, van den Berge CW, Tambourgi DV
124 - 129 Characterization of the mutant (A115V) tissue-nonspecific alkaline phosphatase gene from adult-type hypophosphatasia
Watanabe H, Takinami H, Goseki-Sone M, Orimo H, Hamatani R, Ishikawa I
130 - 135 Immune responses with DNA vaccines encoded different gene fragments of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus in BALB/c mice
Wang ZJ, Yuan ZH, Matsumoto M, Hengge UR, Chang YF
136 - 142 CaMKII activates ASK1 and NF-kappa B to induce cardiomyocyte hypertrophy
Kashiwase K, Higuchi Y, Hirotani S, Yamaguchi O, Hikoso S, Takeda T, Watanabe T, Taniike M, Nakai A, Tsujimoto I, Matsumura Y, Ueno H, Nishida K, Hori M, Otsua K
143 - 149 Identification of an evolutionary conserved SURF-6 domain in a family of nucleolar proteins extending from human to yeast
Polzikov M, Zatsepina O, Magoulas C
150 - 154 Biological activity of neurotrophins is dependent on recruitment of Rac1 to lipid rafts
Fujitani M, Honda A, Hata K, Yamagishi S, Tohyama M, Yamashita T
155 - 162 Promoter analysis in ES cell-derived neural cells
Xian HQ, Werth K, Gottlieb DI
163 - 173 Selenium-induced alterations in ionic currents of rat cardiomyocytes
Ayaz M, Ozdemir S, Yaras N, Vassort G, Turan B
174 - 182 Interaction analysis of chimeric metal-binding green fluorescent protein and artificial solid-supported lipid membrane by quartz crystal microbalance and atomic force microscopy
Prachayasittikul V, Ayudhyaa CIN, Hilterhaus L, Hinz A, Tantimongcolwat T, Galla HJ
183 - 191 Proteomic analysis revealed a novel synaptic proline-rich membrane protein (PRR7) associated with PSD-95 and NMDA receptor
Murata Y, Doi T, Taniguchi H, Fujiyoshi Y
192 - 200 Comparison of enzymatic properties between hPADI2 and hPADI4
Nakayama-Hamada M, Suzuki A, Kubota K, Takazawa T, Ohsaka M, Kawaida R, Ono M, Kasuya A, Furukawa H, Yamada R, Yamamoto K
201 - 207 ICOS costimulates invariant NKT cell activation
Kaneda H, Takeda K, Ota T, Kaduka Y, Akiba H, Ikarashi Y, Wakasugi H, Kronenberg M, Kinoshita K, Yagita H, Okumura K
208 - 211 Ritonavir does not inhibit calpain in vitro
Cuerrier D, Nie Z, Badley AD, Davies PL
212 - 217 Synergistic induction of hepatocyte growth factor in human skin fibroblasts by the inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1 and interferon-gamma
Takami Y, Motoki T, Yamamoto I, Gohda E
218 - 224 Modulation of monoamine transporter expression and function by repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
Ikeda T, Kurosawa M, Uchikawa C, Kitayama S, Nukina N
225 - 233 Small interfering RNA-induced suppression of ERM enhances sensitivity of human cancer cells to cisplatin
Chang IY, Kim MH, Kim HB, Lee DY, Kim SH, Kim HY, You HJ
234 - 241 Anatomically distinct activation of endothelin-3 and the L-arginine/nitric oxide pathway in the kidney with advanced aging
Lattmann T, Shaw S, Munter K, Vetter W, Barton M
242 - 251 Establishment of an immunoscreening system using recombinant VP1 protein for the isolation of a monoclonal antibody that blocks JC virus infection
Henmi C, Sawa H, Iwata H, Orba Y, Tanaka S, Nagashima K
252 - 260 Transcriptomic fingerprinting of bone marrow-derived hepatic beta(2)m(-)/Thy-1(+) stem cells
Wang C, Chelly MR, Chai NN, Tan YX, Hui T, Li HM, Farkas DL, Demetriou AA
261 - 267 Evaluation of the activity of HIV-1 integrase over-expressed in eukaryotic cells
Van Maele W, Van Eylen L, Pluymers W, Debyser Z
268 - 275 AIP1/WDR1 supports mitotic cell rounding
Fujibuchi T, Abe Y, Takeuchi T, Imai Y, Kamei Y, Murase R, Ueda N, Shigemoto K, Yamamoto H, Kito K
276 - 286 A novel rat genomic simple repeat DNA with RNA-homology shows triplex (H-DNA)-like structure and tissue-specific RNA expression
Dey I, Rath PC
287 - 293 Identification and distribution of endoplasmic reticulum iPLA(2)
Kinsey GR, Cummings BS, Beckett CS, Saavedra G, Zhang WL, McHowat J, Schnellmann RG
294 - 299 An RNA aptamer that binds to the beta-catenin interaction domain of TCF-1 protein
Lee SK, Park MW, Yang EG, Yu JH, Jeong SJ
300 - 305 Characterization of newly cloned variant of rat glycine receptor alpha 1 subunit
Inoue K, Ueno S, Yamada J, Fukuda A
306 - 310 Modulation of human dUTPase using small interfering RNA
Studebaker AW, Lafuse WP, Kloesel R, Williams MV
311 - 319 The high-affinity cAMP phosphodiesterase of Saccharomyces cereviside is the major determinant of cAMP levels in stationary phase: involvement of different branches of the Ras-cyclic AMP pathway in stress responses
Park JI, Grant CM, Dawes IW
320 - 327 Triptolide suppresses proinflammatory cytokine-induced matrix metalloproteinase and aggrecanase-1 gene expression in chondrocytes
Liacini A, Sylvester J, Zafarullah M
328 - 334 Shedding of membrane epithin is blocked without LDLRA4 and its protease activation site
Cho EG, Schwartz RH, Kim MG
335 - 341 Ca2+ ionophores trigger membrane remodeling without a need for store-operated Ca2+ entry
Galitzine M, Capiod T, Le Deist F, Meyer D, Freyssinet JM, Kerbiriou-Nabias D
342 - 348 In vitro evidence for the recognition of 8-oxoGTP by Ras, a small GTP-binding protein
Yoon SH, Hyun JW, Choi JH, Choi EY, Kim HJ, Lee SJ, Chung MH
349 - 355 Induction of iron regulatory protein 1 RNA-binding activity by nitric oxide is associated with a concomitant increase in the labile iron pool: implications for DNA damage
Lipinski P, Starzynski RR, Drapier JC, Bouton C, Bartlomiejczyk T, Sochanowicz B, Smuda E, Gajkowska A, Kruszewski M
356 - 360 MRNA but not plasmid DNA is efficiently transfected in murine J774A.1 macrophages
Van de Parre TJL, Martinet W, Schrijvers DM, Herman AG, De Meyer GRY
361 - 370 Peptide antibiotic and actin-binding protein as mixed-type inhibitors of Clostridium difficile CDT toxin activities
Angeles DC, Song KP
371 - 371 Characterization of an Escherichia coli elaC deletion mutant (vol 320, pg 1365, 2004)
Schilling O, Ruggeberg S, Vogel A, Rittner N, Weichert S, Schmidt S, Doig S, Franz T, Benes V, Andrews SC, Baum M, Meyer-Klaucke W
372 - 372 Conformational flexibility of avidin: the influence of biotin binding (vol 325, pg 922, 2004)
Celej MS, Montich GG, Fidelio GD