Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.326, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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699 - 702 Transcription factors, pancreatic development, and beta-cell maintenance
Cerf ME, Muller CJF, Du Toit DF, Louw J, Wolfe-Coote SA
703 - 710 Retinoic acid decreases nitric oxide production in endothelial cells: a role of phosphorylation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase at Ser(1179)
Cho DH, Choi YJ, Jo SA, Nam JH, Jung SC, Jo I
711 - 717 Three-dimensional structure prediction of bovine AP lyase, BAPI: prediction of interaction with DNA and alterations as a result of Arg176 -> Ala, Asp282 -> Ala, and His308 -> Asn mutations
Khurshid R, Salim A, Abbasi A
718 - 723 Identification of diadenosine-triphosphate in mature bovine lenses
Szwergold BS, Lal S
724 - 728 No inhibition of IL-27 signaling by soluble gp130
Scheller J, Schuster B, Holscher C, Yoshimoto T, Rose-John S
729 - 734 Functional characterization and genomic organization of the human Na+-sulfate cotransporter hNaS2 gene (SLC13A4)
Markovich D, Regeer RR, Kunzelmann K, Dawson PA
735 - 743 cGMP-dependent phosphorylation and degradation of myristoylated alanine-rich C-kinase substrate
Matsubara T, Okumura N, Okumura A, Nagai K
744 - 751 Lysophosphatidylcholine enhances glucose-dependent insulin secretion via an orphan G-protein-coupled receptor
Soga T, Ohishi T, Matsui T, Saito T, Matsumoto M, Takasaki J, Matsumoto S, Kamohara M, Hiyama H, Yoshida S, Momose K, Ueda Y, Matsushime H, Kobori M, Furuichi K
752 - 758 Amiloride potentiates TRAIL-induced tumor cell apoptosis by intracellular acidification-dependent Akt inactivation
Cho YL, Lee KS, Lee SJ, Namkoong S, Kim YM, Lee H, Ha KS, Han JA, Kwon YG, Kim YM
759 - 765 Importance of melanin-concentrating hormone receptor for the acute effects of ghrelin
Bjursell M, Egecioglu E, Gerdin AK, Svensson L, Oscarsson J, Morgan D, Snaith M, Tornell J, Bohlooly-Y M
766 - 776 Crystal structure of a biologically functional form of PriB from Escherichia coli reveals a potential single-stranded DNA-binding site
Shioi S, Ose T, Maenaka K, Shiroishi M, Abe Y, Kohda D, Katayama T, Ueda T
777 - 781 Cytokine induction by a bacterial DNA-specific modified base
Tsuchiya H, Matsuda T, Harashima H, Kamiya H
782 - 787 Augmentation of T-H-1 type response by immunoactive AT oligonucleotide from lactic acid bacteria via Toll-like receptor 9 signaling
Shimosato T, Kitazawa H, Katoh S, Tohno M, Iliev ID, Nagasawa C, Kimura T, Kawai Y, Saito T
788 - 793 SMHS1 is involved in oxidative/glycolytic-energy metabolism balance of muscle fibers
Pisani DF, Leclerc L, Jarretou G, Marini JF, Dechesne CA
794 - 798 Hydrogen sulphide: a novel inhibitor of hypochlorous acid-mediated oxidative damage in the brain?
Whiteman M, Cheung NS, Zhu YZ, Chu SH, Siau JL, Wong BS, Armstrong JS, Moore PK
799 - 804 pH difference across the outer mitochondrial membrane measured with a green fluorescent protein mutant
Porcelli AM, Ghelli A, Zanna C, Pinton P, Rizzuto R, Rugolo M
805 - 810 Rad51C-deficient CL-V4B cells exhibit normal levels of mitomycin C-induced SCEs but reduced levels of UVC-induced SCEs
Wojcik A, Stoilov L, Szumiel I, Legerski R, Obe G
811 - 816 Histone acetylation regulates both transcription initiation and elongation of hsp22 gene in Drosophila
Zhao YM, Lu J, Sun H, Chen X, Huang WF, Tao D, Huang BQ
817 - 824 Improved secretory production of glucoamylase in Pichia pastoris by combination of genetic manipulations
Liu SH, Chou WI, Sheu CC, Chang MDT
825 - 835 Down-regulation of MHC class I expression in human neuronal stem cells using viral stealth mechanism
Lee EM, Kim JY, Cho BR, Chung WK, Yoon BW, Kim SU, Lee BC, Hwang WS, Moon SY, Lee JS, Ahn C
836 - 843 The Wilms' tumor gene WT1 is a common marker of progenitor cells in fetal liver
Kanato K, Hosen N, Yanagihara M, Nakagata N, Shirakata T, Nakazawa T, Nishida S, Tsuboi A, Kawakami M, Masuda T, Oka Y, Oji Y, IJpenberg A, Hastie ND, Sugiyama H
844 - 850 An Arabidopsis homolog of RAPTOR/KOG1 is essential for early embryo development
Deprost D, Truong HN, Robaglia C, Meyer C
851 - 858 Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids enhance hepatic AMP-activated protein kinase activity in rats
Suchankova G, Tekle M, Saha AK, Ruderman NB, Clarke SD, Gettys TW
859 - 865 Novel interactions of large P3 moiety and small P4 moiety in the binding of the peptide mimetic factor VIIa inhibitor
Kadono S, Sakamoto A, Kikuchi Y, Oh-Eda M, Yabuta N, Yoshihashi K, Kitazawa T, Suzuki T, Koga T, Hattori K, Shiraishi T, Haramura M, Kodama H, Ono Y, Esaki T, Sato H, Watanabe Y, Itoh S, Ohta M, Kozono T
866 - 872 Air-liquid interface promotes invasive growth of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma with or without hypoxia
Toda S, Yamada S, Aoki S, Inokuchi A, Sugihara H
873 - 879 RhoA inactivation is crucial to manganese-induced astrocyte stellation
Chen CJ, Liao SL, Huang YS, Chiang AN
880 - 886 Functional characterization and molecular modeling of methylcatechol 2,3-dioxygenase from o-xylene-degrading Rhodococcus sp strain DK17
Kim D, Chae JC, Jang JY, Zystra GJ, Kim YM, Kang BS, Kim E
887 - 893 A novel potassium channel encoded by Ectocarpus siliculosus virus
Chen J, Cassar SC, Zhang D, Gopalakrishnan M
894 - 900 Direct protein-protein interaction between PLC gamma 1 and the bradykinin B2 receptor - Importance of growth conditions
Duchene J, Chauhan SD, Lopez F, Pecher C, Esteve JP, Girolami JP, Bascands JL, Schanstra JP
901 - 904 Identification of novel tick salivary gland proteins for vaccine development
Xu Y, Bruno JF, Luft BJ
905 - 908 Ribavirin and interferon-beta synergistically inhibit SARS-associated coronavirus replication in animal and human cell lines
Morgenstern B, Michaelis M, Baer PC, Doerr HW, Cinatl J
909 - 916 Naringenin-type flavonoids show different estrogenic effects in mammalian and teleost test systems
Zierau O, Hamann J, Tischer S, Schwab P, Metz P, Vollmer G, Gutzeit HO, Scholz S