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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.325, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1115 - 1121 The tumor protein D52 family: many pieces, many puzzles
Boutros R, Fanayan S, Shehata M, Byrne JA
1122 - 1130 Effects of COX-2 inhibitors on ROS produced by Chlamydia pneumoniae-primed human promonocytic cells (THP-1)
Mouithys-Mickalad A, Deby-Dupont G, Dogne JM, de Leval X, Kohnen S, Navet R, Sluse F, Hoebeke M, Pirotte B, Lamy M
1131 - 1135 Tumor size-independence of telomere length indicates an aggressive feature of HCC
Nakajima T, Katagishi T, Moriguchi M, Sekoguchi S, Nishikawa T, Takashima H, Watanabe T, Kimura H, Minami M, Itoh Y, Keizo K, Okanoue T
1136 - 1144 Snail regulates p21(WAN/CIP1) expression in cooperation with E2A and twist
Takahashi E, Funato N, Higashihori N, Hata Y, Gridley T, Nakamura M
1145 - 1152 Cloning and characterization of a novel human zinc finger gene, hKid3, from a C2H2-ZNF enriched human embryonic cDNA library
Gao L, Sun C, Qiu HL, Liu H, Shao HJ, Wang J, Li WX
1153 - 1162 Enhanced TRAIL sensitivity by E1A expression in human cancer and normal cell lines: inhibition by adenovirus E1B19K and E3 proteins
Hu BL, Zhu HB, Qiu SB, Su Y, Ling WF, Xiao W, Qi YP
1163 - 1171 Targeted disruption of mouse ortholog of the human MYH9 responsible for macrothrombocytopenia with different organ involvement: hematological, nephrological, and otological studies of heterozygous KO mice
Matsushita T, Hayashi H, Kunishima S, Hayashi M, Ikejiri M, Takeshita K, Yuzawa Y, Adachi T, Hirashimi K, Sone M, Yamamoto K, Takagi A, Katsumi A, Kawai K, Nezu T, Takahashi M, Nakashima T, Naoe T, Kojima T, Saito H
1172 - 1179 Reconstitution of the basal calcium transport in resealed human red blood cell ghosts
Hudec R, Lakatos B, Orlicky J, Varecka L
1180 - 1186 The human pituitary nitroproteome: detection of nitrotyrosyl-proteins with two-dimensional Western blotting, and amino acid sequence determination with mass spectrometry
Zhan XQ, Desiderio DM
1187 - 1193 The chemokine and scavenger receptor CXCL16/SR-PSOX is expressed in human vascular smooth muscle cells and is induced by interferon gamma
Wagsater D, Olofsson PS, Norgren L, Stenberg B, Sirsjo A
1194 - 1200 Role of a new member of IGFBP superfamily, IGFBP-rP10, in proliferation and differentiation of osteoblastic cells
Shibata YU, Tsukazaki T, Hirata K, Xin C, Yamaguchi A
1201 - 1209 L2D7 diabody bound to the alpha 2 domain of HLA class I efficiently induces caspase-independent cell death against malignant and activated lymphoid cells
Kimura N, Kawai S, Kinoshita Y, Ishiguro T, Azuma Y, Ozaki S, Abe M, Sugimoto M, Hirata Y, Orita T, Okabe H, Matsumoto T, Tsuchiya M
1210 - 1214 Prediction of quaternary assembly of SARS coronavirus peplomer
Bernini A, Spiga O, Ciutti A, Chiellini S, Bracci L, Yan XY, Zheng BJ, Huang HD, He ML, Song HD, Hao P, Zhao GP, Niccolai N
1215 - 1222 Chrysin-induced apoptosis is mediated through caspase activation and Akt inactivation in U937 leukemia cells
Woo KJ, Jeong YJ, Park JW, Kwon TK
1223 - 1235 Selective brain responses to acute and chronic low-dose X-ray irradiation in males and females
Silasi G, Diaz-Heijtz R, Besplug J, Rodriguez-Juarez R, Titov V, Kolb B, Kovalchuk O
1236 - 1239 Rapid profiling of the infection of Bacillus anthracis on human macrophages using SELDI-TOF mass spectroscopy
Seo GM, Kim SJ, Chai YG
1240 - 1245 C6 glioma cells retrovirally engineered to express IL-18 and Fas exert FasL-dependent cytotoxicity against glioma formation
Zhang YH, Wang CC, Zhang YZ, Suna MZ
1246 - 1251 Regulation of procaspase-2 by glucocorticoid modulatory element-binding protein 1 through the interaction with caspase recruitment domain
Tsuruma K, Nakagawa T, Shirakura H, Hayashi N, Uehara T, Nomura Y
1252 - 1257 Correspondence analysis of amino acid usage within the family Bacillaceae
Naya H, Zavala A, Romero H, Rodriguez-Maseda H, Musto H
1258 - 1263 Rapid in vivo transport of proteins from digested allergen across pre-sensitized gut
Chambers SJ, Wickham MSJ, Regoli M, Bertelli E, Gunning PA, Nicoletti C
1264 - 1270 Glucocorticoids decrease the bioavailability of TGF-beta which leads to a reduced TGF-beta signaling in hepatic stellate cells
Bolkenius U, Hahn D, Gressner AM, Breitkopf K, Dooley S, Wickert L
1271 - 1278 Structural studies of metal-free metallothionein
Rigby KE, Stillman MJ
1279 - 1285 The FHA domain of aprataxin interacts with the C-terminal region of XRCC1
Date H, Igarashi S, Sano Y, Takahashi T, Takahashi T, Takano H, Tsuji S, Nishizawa M, Onodera O
1286 - 1291 Identification of chicken nebulin isoforms of the 31-residue motifs and non-muscle nebulin
Joo YM, Lee MA, Lee YM, Kim MS, Kim SY, Jeon EH, Choi JK, Kim WH, Lee HC, Min BI, Kang HS, Kim CR
1292 - 1297 A novel inhibitor that protects apoptotic DNA fragmentation catalyzed by DNase gamma
Sunaga S, Kobayashi T, Yoshimori A, Shiokawa D, Tanuma S
1298 - 1303 Cyclooxygenase inhibitors induce apoptosis in oral cavity cancer cells by increased expression of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory. drug-activated gene
Kim KS, Yoon JH, Kim JK, Baek SJ, Eling TE, Lee WJ, Ryu JH, Lee JG, Lee JH, Yoo JB
1304 - 1311 Characterization of a new human isoform of the enigma homolog family specifically expressed in skeletal muscle
Niederlander N, Fayein NA, Auffray C, Pomies P
1312 - 1317 Identification and functional analysis of consensus androgen response elements in human prostate cancer cells
Horie-Inoue K, Bono H, Okazaki Y, Inoue S
1318 - 1323 Molecular genetic characterization of the genomic ACTB-GLI fusion in pericytoma with t(7;12)
Dahlen A, Mertens F, Mandahl N, Panagopoulos L
1324 - 1329 Increased peptidylarginine deiminase type II in hypoxic astrocytes
Sambandam T, Belousova M, Accaviti-Loper MA, Blanquicett C, Guercello V, Raijmakers R, Nicholas AP
1330 - 1338 IXL, a new subunit of the mammalian Mediator complex, functions as a transcriptional suppressor
Wang YQ, Li YQ, Zeng WQ, Zhu CB, Xiao J, Yuan WZ, Wang Y, Cai ZY, Zhou JM, Liu MY, Wu XS
1339 - 1345 Molecular classification of scrapie strains in mice using gene expression profiling
Booth S, Bowman C, Baumgartner R, Dolenko B, Sorensen G, Robertson C, Coulthart M, Phillipson C, Somorjai R
1346 - 1352 Application of amplified RNA and evaination of cRNA targets for spotted-oligonucleotide microarray
Park JY, Kim SY, Lee JH, Song JW, Noh JH, Lee SH, Ark WN, Park WS, Yoo NJ, Lee Y, Nam SW
1353 - 1359 Effects of G-CSF on cardiac remodeling after acute myocardial infarction in swine
Iwanaga K, Takano H, Ohtsuka M, Hasegawa H, Zou YZ, Qin YJ, Odaka K, Hiroshima K, Tadokoro H, Komuro I
1360 - 1366 A downstream enhancer is essential for Xenopus FoxD5 transcription
Schon C, Koster M, Knochel W
1367 - 1375 Involvement of caspase-9 in execution of the maternal program of apoptosis in Xenopus late blastulae overexpressed with S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
Takayama E, Higo T, Kai M, Fukasawa M, Nakajima K, Hara H, Tadakuma T, Igarashi K, Yaoita Y, Shiokawa K
1376 - 1382 Effect of zeta-globin substitution on the O-2-transport properties of Hb S in vitro and in vivo
He ZN, Russell JE
1383 - 1392 ZNF322, a novel human C2H2 Kriippel-like zinc-finger protein, regulates transcriptional activation in MAPK signaling pathways
Li YQ, Wang YQ, Zhang CB, Yuan WZ, Wang J, Zhu CB, Chen L, Huang W, Zeng WQ, Wu XS, Liu MY
1393 - 1398 Multifaceted role of galectin-3 on human glioblastoma cell motility
Debray C, Vereecken P, Belot N, Teillard P, Brion JP, Pandolfo M, Pochet R
1399 - 1405 Cellular aging of mitochondrial DNA-depleted cells
Park SY, Choi B, Cheon H, Pak YK, Kulawiec M, Singh KK, Lee MS
1406 - 1411 Synthetic human prion protein octapeptide repeat binds to the proteinase K active site
Georgieva D, Rypniewski W, Echner H, Perbandt M, Koker M, Clos J, Redecke L, Bredehorst R, Voelter W, Genov N, Betzel C
1412 - 1417 Regulation of tyrosinase by tetrahydropteridines and H2O2
Wood JM, Chavan B, Hafeez D, Schallreuter KU
1418 - 1423 The unusual redox properties of flavocytochrome P450BM3 flavodoxin domain
Hanley SC, Ost TWB, Daff S
1424 - 1432 Mcs2 and a novel CAK subunit Pmh1 associate with Skp1 in fission yeast
Bamps S, Westerling T, Pihlak A, Tafforeau L, Vandenhaute J, Makela TP, Hermand D
1433 - 1437 DNA biosensors based on self-assembled carbon nanotubes
Wang SG, Wang RL, Sellin PJ, Zhang Q
1438 - 1442 Standardization and validation of an alkaline phosphatase-linked immunoassay to quantify a plant-derived antibody directed against the hepatitis B virus surface antigen
Lyva A, Hernandez N, Gonzalez T, Sanchez JC, Franco A, Delgado I, Montanez M, Valdes R
1443 - 1448 GPS: a novel group-based phosphorylation predicting and scoring method
Zhou FF, Xue Y, Chen GL, Yao XB
1449 - 1453 Plasma albumin cysteinylation is regulated by cystathionine beta-synthase
Bar-Or D, Curtis CG, Sullivan A, Rael LT, Thomas GW, Craun M, Bar-Oh R, Maclean KN, Kraus JP
1454 - 1458 The microcin J25 beta-hairpin region is important for antibiotic uptake but not for RNA polymerase and respiration inhibition
Bellomio A, Vincent PA, de Arcuri BF, Salomon RA, Morero RD, Farias RN
1459 - 1464 HIV LTR-dependent expression of Bax selectively induces apoptosis in Tat-positive cells
McCoubrie JE, Kendrick TS, Minchin RF
1465 - 1471 Prevention of complement-mediated immune hemolysis by a small molecule compound
Mqadmi A, Zheng XY, Song JM, Abramowitz S, Giclas P, Yazdanbakhsh K
1472 - 1480 Furosin, an ellagitannin, suppresses RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation and function through inhibition of MAP kinase activation and actin ring formation
Park EK, Kim MS, Lee SH, Kim KH, Park JY, Kim TH, Lee IS, Woo JT, Jung JC, Shin HI, Choi JY, Kim SY
1481 - 1486 Parmodel: a web server for automated comparative modeling of proteins
Uchoa HB, Jorge GE, Da Silveira NJF, Camera JC, Canduri F, De Azevedo WF
1487 - 1494 Lysophospholipase I identified as a ghrelin deacylation enzyme in rat stomach
Shanado Y, Kometani M, Uchiyama H, Koizumi S, Teno N
1495 - 1502 Drosophila melanogaster CYP6A8, an insect P450 that catalyzes lauric acid (omega-1)-hydroxylation
Helvig C, Tijet N, Feyereisen R, Walker FA, Restifo LL
1503 - 1508 Clinical evaluation and sequence analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome of three Chinese patients with hearing impairment associated with the 12S rRNA T1095C mutation
Zhao LD, Young WY, Li R, Wang QJ, Qian YP, Guan MX
1509 - 1516 Dynamic interaction of p220(NPAT) and CBP/p300 promotes S-phase entry
Wang A, Ikura T, Eto K, Ota MS
1517 - 1523 A fluorescence-based rapid screening assay for cytotoxic compounds
Montoya J, Varela-Ramirez A, Estrada A, Martinez LE, Garza K, Aguilera RJ