Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.324, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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971 - 972 A technical consideration concerning the removal of oocyte vitelline membranes for patch clamp recording
Wang MH
973 - 980 ZAK re-programs atrial natriuretic factor expression and induces hypertrophic growth in H9c2 cardiomyoblast cells
Huang CY, Chueh PJ, Tseng CT, Liu KY, Tsai HY, Kuo WW, Chou MY, Yang JJ
981 - 985 Ammodytoxin, a neurotoxic secreted phospholipase A(2), can act in the cytosol of the nerve cell
Petrovic U, Sribar J, Paris A, Rupnik M, Krzan M, Vardjan N, Gubensek F, Zorec R, Krizaj I
986 - 992 IGF-1 phosphorylates AMPK-alpha subunit in ATM-dependent and LKB1-independent manner
Suzuki A, Kusakai G, Kishimoto A, Shimojo Y, Ogura T, Lavin MF, Esumi H
993 - 998 Organization of functional domains in the docking protein p130Cas
Nasertorabi F, Garcia-Guzman M, Briknarova K, Larsen E, Havert ML, Vuori K, Ely KR
999 - 1003 A single nucleotide polymorphism in the matrix metalloproteinase-2 promoter is associated with colorectal cancer
Xu E, Lai MD, Lv B, Xing XM, Huang Q, Xia XP
1004 - 1010 Recycling of the dense-core vesicle membrane protein phogrin in Min6 beta-cells
Vo YP, Hutton JC, Angleson JK
1011 - 1017 SNT-2 interacts with ERK2 and negatively regulates ERK2 signaling in response to EGF stimulation
Huang L, Gotoh N, Zhang SL, Shibuya M, Yamamoto T, Tsuchida N
1018 - 1023 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitors reveal a unique mechanism of enhancing insulin secretion in 832/13 rat insulinoma cells
Collier JJ, White SM, Dick GM, Scott DK
1024 - 1033 Molecular cloning of Rab5 (ApRab5) in Aiptasia pulchella and its retention in phagosomes harboring live zooxanthellae
Chen MC, Cheng YM, Hong MC, Fang LS
1034 - 1040 A cloned prokaryotic Cd2+ P-type ATPase increases yeast sensitivity to Cd2+
Wu CC, Bal N, Perard J, Lowe J, Boscheron C, Mintz E, Catty P
1041 - 1047 Pleiotrophin is an important regulator of the renin-angiotensin system in mouse aorta
Herradon G, Ezquerra L, Nguyen T, Vogt TF, Bronson R, Silos-Santiago I, Deuel TF
1048 - 1052 An alpha-subunit loop structure is required for GM2 activator protein binding by beta-hexosaminidase A
Zarghooni M, Bukovac S, Tropak M, Callahan J, Mahuran D
1053 - 1058 WGEF is a novel RhoGEF expressed in intestine, liver, heart, and kidney
Wang YH, Suzuki H, Yokoo T, Tada-Iida K, Kihara R, Miura M, Watanabe K, Sone H, Shimano H, Toyoshima H, Yamada N
1059 - 1064 Oxidation of phosphatidylserine: a mechanism for plasma membrane phospholipid scrambling during apoptosis?
Tyurina YY, Tyurin VA, Zhao Q, Djukic M, Quinn PJ, Pitt BR, Kagan VE
1065 - 1068 In Pseudomonas aeruginosa ethidium bromide does not induce its own degradation or the assembly of pumps involved in its efflux
Babayan A, Nikaido H
1069 - 1080 Similarity in cyst wall protein (CWP) trafficking between encysting Giardia duodenalis trophozoites and CWP-expressing human embryonic kidney-293 cells
Abdul-Wahid A, Faubert GM
1081 - 1086 Protein crystal growth on board Shenzhou 3: a concerted effort improves crystal diffraction quality and facilitates structure determination
Han Y, Cang HX, Zhou JX, Wang YP, Bi RC, Colelesage J, Delbaere LTJ, Nahoum V, Shi R, Zhou M, Zhu DW, Lin SX
1087 - 1094 Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae lipoprotein P6 induces MUC5AC mucin transcription via TLR2-TAK1-dependent p38 MAPK-AP1 and IKK beta-I kappa B alpha-NF-kappa B signaling pathways
Chen R, Lim JH, Jono H, Gu XX, Kim YS, Basbaum CB, Murphy TF, Li JD
1095 - 1100 Steric effects of isoleucine 107 on heme reorientation reaction in human myoglobin
Ishikawa H, Takahashi S, Ishimori K, Morishima I
1101 - 1107 The herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid induces the generation of free-radicals and associated oxidative stress responses in yeast
Teixeira MC, Telo JP, Duarte NF, Sa-Correia I
1108 - 1115 Equine papillomavirus type 1: complete nucleotide sequence and characterization of recombinant virus-like particles composed of the EcPV-1 L1 major capsid protein
Ghim SJ, Rector A, Delius H, Sundberg JP, Jenson AB, Van Ranst M
1116 - 1123 Members of the histone deacetylase superfamily differ in substrate specificity towards small synthetic substrates
Riester D, Wegener D, Hildmann C, Schwienhorst A
1124 - 1129 Assembly of alpha-hemolysin on A431 cells leads to clustering of Caveolin-1
Vijayvargia R, Kaur S, Sangha N, Sahasrabuddhe AA, Surolia I, Shouche Y, Krishnasastry MV
1130 - 1136 Functional form of Caveolin-1 is necessary for the assembly of alpha-hemolysin
Vijayvargia R, Suresh CG, Krishnasastry MV
1137 - 1142 Cellular and subcellular localization of the inhibitory glycine receptor in hippocampal neurons
Brackmann M, Zhao CJ, Schmieden V, Braunewell KH
1143 - 1149 EGF signalling amplification induced by dynamic clustering of EGFR
Ichinose J, Murata M, Yanagida T, Sako Y
1150 - 1150 Kinetics of novel competitive inhibitors of urease enzymes by a focused library of oxadiazoles/thiadiazoles and triazoles (vol 319, pg 1053, 2004)
Amtul Z, Rasheed M, Choudhary MI, Supino R, Khan KM, Atta-ur-Rahman
1151 - 1151 Cloning and expression of mitochondrial and protofiagellar creatine kinases from a marine sponge: implications for the origin of intracellular energy transport systems (vol 317, pg 1207, 2004)
Sona S, Suzuki T, Ellington WR
1152 - 1153 Potent and selective inhibition of SARS coronavirus replication by aurintricarboxylic acid (vol 320, pg 1199, 2004)
Adonov A, Traykova-Adonova M, Cao JX, Cutts T, Grudesky E, Deschambaul Y, Berry J, Drebot M, Li XG, He R