Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.322, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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705 - 711 Detecting DNA-binding of proteins in vivo by UV-crosslinking and immunoprecipitation
Zhang LM, Zhang KQ, Prandl R, Schoffl F
712 - 717 Molecular identification and characterization of an alginate-binding protein on the cell surface of Sphingomonas sp A1
He JS, Nankai H, Hashimoto W, Murata K
718 - 726 Endotoxin unmasks the role of gap junctions in the liver
Correa PRAV, Guerra MT, Leite MF, Spray DC, Nathanson MH
727 - 733 Activation of NF-kappa B is involved in 6-hydroxydopamine - but not MPP+-induced dopaminergic neuronal cell death: its potential role as a survival determinant
Park SH, Choi WS, Yoon SY, Ahn YS, Oh YJ
734 - 739 Characterization of the Arabidopsis thaliana Arath;CDC25 dual-specificity tyrosine phosphatase
Landrieu I, Hassan S, Sauty M, Dewitte F, Wieruszeski JM, Inze D, De Veylder L, Lippens G
740 - 745 Water channel aquaporin-2 directly binds to actin
Noda Y, Horikawa S, Katayama Y, Sasaki S
746 - 750 Permeability of lipid membranes to dioxygen
Ivanov II, Fedorov GE, Gus'kova RA, Ivanov KI, Rubin AB
751 - 758 Action of solamargine on TNFs and cisplatin-resistant human lung cancer cells
Liang CH, Liu LF, Shiu LY, Huang YS, Chang LC, Kuo KW
759 - 765 Expression of metalloproteinases and inhibitors in the differentiation of P19CL6 cells into cardiac myocytes
Young DA, Gavrilov S, Pennington CJ, Nuttall RK, Edwards DR, Kitsis RN, Clark IM
766 - 771 The solubility and stability of recombinant proteins are increased by their fusion to NusA
De Marco V, Stier G, Blandin S, de Marco A
772 - 777 Treatment with leucine stimulates the production of hepatocyte growth factor in vivo
Tomiya T, Inoue Y, Yanase M, Arai M, Ikeda H, Tejima K, Nagashima K, Nishikawa T, Watanabe N, Omata M, Fujiwara K
778 - 786 Celastrol inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion in Crohn's disease biopsies
Pinna GF, Fiorucci M, Reimund JM, Taquet N, Arondel Y, Muller CD
787 - 793 A genome-wide and nonredundant mouse transcription factor database
Kanamori M, Konno H, Osato N, Kawai J, Hayashizaki Y, Suzuki H
794 - 802 Is mRNA and protein level of CD46 altered in measles virus vaccine strain S191-infected cells?
Hu CL, Qi YP, Zhang P, Liu X, Xu Q, Chen X
803 - 813 The 7472insC mtDNA mutation impairs 5' and 3' processing of tRNA(Ser(UCN))
Toompuu M, Levinger LL, Nadal A, Gomez J, Jacobs HT
814 - 819 Baculovirus-mediated expression and isolation of human ribosomal phosphoprotein P0 carrying a GST-tag in a functional state
Abo Y, Hagiya A, Naganuma T, Tohkairin Y, Shiomi K, Kajiura Z, Hachimori A, Uchiumi T, Nakagaki M
820 - 826 Determinants of apical loop-internal loop RNA-RNA interactions involving the HCVIRES
Gomes SD, Dausse E, Toulme JJ
827 - 835 cDNA microarray analysis of early gene expression profiles associated with hepatitis B virus X protein-mediated hepatocarcinogenesis
Ng RK, Lau CYL, Lee SMY, Tsui SKW, Fung KP, Waye MMY
836 - 841 Drug uptake and pharmacological modulation of drug sensitivity in leukemia by AQP9
Bhattacharjee H, Carbrey J, Rosen BP, Mukhopadhyay R
842 - 853 Hepatic stellate cells lack AP-1 responsiveness to electrophiles and phorbol 12-myristate-13-acetate
Reichard JF, Petersen DR
854 - 859 Targeting of Bacillus anthracis interaction factors for human macrophages using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis
Seo GM, Kim SJ, Kim JC, Nam DH, Yoon MY, Koo BS, Chai YG
860 - 866 Analysis of the type IV secretion system-dependent cell motility of Helicobacter pylori-infected epithelial cells
Al-Ghoul L, Wessler S, Hundertmark T, Kruger S, Fischer W, Wunder C, Haas R, Roessner A, Naumann M
867 - 872 Characterization of the synthetic compatible solute homoectoine as a potent PCR enhancer
Schnoor M, Voss P, Cullen P, Boking T, Galla HJ, Galinski EA, Lorkowski S
873 - 877 Nickel, lead, and cadmium induce differential cellular responses in sea urchin embryos by activating the synthesis of different HSP70s
Geraci F, Pinsino A, Turturici G, Savona R, Giudice G, Sconzo G
878 - 886 Adrenomedullin inhibits prostate cancer cell proliferation through a cAMP-independent autocrine mechanism
Abasolo L, Wang Z, Montuenga LM, Calvo A
887 - 892 Fgf18 is required for embryonic lung alveolar development
Usui H, Shibayama M, Ohbayashi N, Konishi M, Takada S, Itoh N
893 - 898 A role for hippocampal Rho-ROCK pathway in long-term spatial memory
Dash PK, Orsi SA, Moody M, Moore AN
899 - 904 Toxoplasma gondii-derived heat shock protein 70 stimulates the maturation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
Kang HK, Lee HY, Lee YN, Jo EJ, Kim JI, Aosai F, Yano A, Kwak JY, Bae YS
905 - 910 Catalytic mechanism of type 2 isopentenyl diphosphate : dimethylailyl diphosphate isomerase: verification of a redox role of the flavin cofactor in a reaction with no net redox change
Hemmi H, Ikeda Y, Yamashita S, Nakayama T, Nishino T
911 - 917 Microarray evaluation of EP4 receptor-mediated prostaglandin E-2 suppression of 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation
Sugimoto Y, Tsuboi H, Okuno Y, Tamba S, Tsuchiya S, Tsujimoto G, Ichikawa A
918 - 922 Neurospheres induced from bone marrow stromal cells are multipotent for differentiation into neuron, astrocyte, and oligodendrocyte phenotypes
Suzuki H, Taguchi T, Tanaka H, Kataoka H, Li ZL, Muramatsu K, Gondo T, Kawai S
923 - 929 Inhibition of mitochondrial respiration by the anticancer agent 2-methoxyestradiol
Hagen T, D'Amico G, Quintero M, Palacios-Callender M, Hollis V, Lam F, Moncada S
930 - 934 Restoration of protein synthesis in pancreatic cancer cells by trans-splicing ribozymes
Kastanos E, Hjiantoniou E, Phylactou LA
935 - 942 Tenasein-C deposition requires beta 3 integrin and Src
Yang YJ, Dang DM, Mogi S, Ramos DM
943 - 949 Pancreatic tumor cells influence the composition of the extracellular matrix
Koninger J, Giese T, di Mola FF, Wente MN, Esposito I, Bachem MG, Giese NA, Buchler MW, Friess H
950 - 956 Activation of alpha(M)beta(2)-mediated phagocytosis by HF3, a P-III class metalloproteinase isolated from the venom of Bothrops jararaca
Silva CA, Zuliani JP, Assakura MT, Mentele R, Camargo ACM, Teixeira CFP, Serrano SMT
957 - 965 ADRP is dissociated from lipid droplets by ARF1-dependent mechanism
Nakamura N, Akashi T, Taneda T, Kogo H, Kikuchi A, Fujimoto T
966 - 973 Relation between tRNase activity and the structure of colicin D according to X-ray crystallography
Yajima S, Nakanishi K, Takahashi K, Ogawa T, Hidaka M, Kezuka Y, Nonaka T, Ohsawa K, Masaki H
974 - 978 Acetylcholine esterase protects LDL against oxidation
Fuhrman B, Partoush A, Aviram M
979 - 984 Down-regulation of beta(2)-adrenergic receptor expression by exercise training increases IL-12 production by macrophages following LPS stimulation
Itoh CE, Kizaki T, Hitomi Y, Hanawa T, Kamiya S, Ookawara T, Suzuki K, Izawa T, Saitoh D, Haga S, Ohno H
985 - 992 TcRRMs and Tcp28 genes are intercalated and differentially expressed in Trypanosoma cruzi life cycle
Gomes GG, Urmenyi TP, Rondinelli E, Williams N, Silva R
993 - 997 Measurement of DNA helical change for the binding of cyclic AMP receptor protein to lac DNA
Gang J
998 - 1004 Proteins are polyisoprenylated in Arabidopsis thaliana
Gutkowska M, Bienkowski T, Hung VS, Wanke M, Hertel J, Danikiewicz W, Swiezewska E
1005 - 1011 A STAT3 dimer formed by inter-chain disulphide bridging during oxidative stress
Li L, Shaw PE
1012 - 1017 Expression of methionine aminopeptidase 2, N-myristoyltransferase, and N-myristoyltransferase inhibitor protein 71 in HT29
Selvakumar P, Lakshmikuttyamma A, Lawman Z, Bonham K, Dimmock JR, Sharma RK
1018 - 1023 Formation of radical cations in a model for the metabolism of aromatic hydrocarbons
Lehner AF, Horn J, Flesher JW
1024 - 1028 A novel TNF alpha antagonizing peptide-Fc fusion protein designed based on CDRs of TNF alpha neutralizing monoclonal antibody
Qin WS, Feng JN, Zhang W, Li Y, Shen BF
1029 - 1037 Thermal inactivation of protective antigen of Bacillus anthracis and its prevention by polyol osmolytes
Singh S, Singh A, Aziz MA, Waheed SM, Bhat R, Bhatnagar R
1038 - 1044 Whole genome analysis reveals a high incidence of non-optimal codons in secretory signal sequences of Escherichia coli
Power PM, Jones RA, Beacham IR, Bucholtz C, Jennings MP
1045 - 1051 OGT functions as a catalytic chaperone under heat stress response: a unique defense role of OGT in hyperthermia
Sohn KC, Lee KY, Park JE, Do SI
1052 - 1058 Chemokine CCL20 enhances the growth of HuH7 cells via phosphorylation of p44/42 MAPK in vitro
Fujii H, Itoh Y, Yamaguchi K, Yamauchi N, Harano Y, Nakajima T, Minami M, Okanoue T
1059 - 1065 Functional evidence for a supramolecular structure for the Streptomyces lividans potassium channel KcsA
Zakharian E, Reusch RN
1066 - 1072 Prostanoid EP4 receptor is involved in suppression of 3T3-L1 adipocyte differentiation
Tsuboi H, Sugimoto Y, Kainoh T, Ichikawa A
1073 - 1079 MGluRs regulate the expression of neuronal calcium sensor proteins NCS-1 and VILIP-1 and the immediate early gene arg3.1/arc in the hippocampus in vivo
Brackmann M, Zhao C, Kuhl D, Manahan-Vaughan D, Braunewell KH
1080 - 1085 Leptin and insulin down-regulate angiopoietin-like protein 3, a plasma triglyceride-increasing factor
Shimamura M, Matsuda M, Ando Y, Koishi R, Yasumo H, Furukawa H, Shimomura L
1086 - 1095 Leishmania donovani activates nuclear transcription factor-kappa B in macrophages through reactive oxygen intermediates
Singh VK, Balaraman S, Tewary P, Madhubala R
1096 - 1096 A role of activated Sonic hedgehog signaling for the cellular proliferation of oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line (vol 314, pg 313, 2004)
Nishimaki H, Kasai K, Kozaki KI, Takeo T, Ikeda H, Saga S, Nitta M, Itoh G