Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.322, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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355 - 363 On the antioxidant mechanisms of Bcl-2: a retrospective of NF-kappa B signaling and oxidative stress
Haddad JJ
364 - 372 Activation of Ca2+-independent membrane-damaging activity in Lys49-phospholipase A(2) promoted by amphiphilic molecules
Bortoleto-Bugs RK, Neto AA, Ward RJ
373 - 379 Estrogen modulation of endothelium-derived relaxing factors by human endothelial cells
Rahimian R, Chan L, Goel A, Poburko D, van Breemen C
380 - 386 Loss of function mechanism in aprataxin-related early-onset ataxia
Hirano M, Furiya Y, Kariya S, Nishiwaki T, Ueno S
387 - 394 Structural and functional analysis of the Josephin domain of the polyglutamine protein ataxin-3
Chow MKM, Mackay JP, Whisstock JC, Scanlon MJ, Bottomley SP
395 - 402 Extracellular calcium induces COX-2 in osteoblasts via a PKA pathway
Choudhary S, Kumar A, Kale RK, Raisz LG, Pilbeam CC
403 - 410 Altered expression profiles of microRNAs during TPA-induced differentiation of HL-60 cells
Kasashima K, Nakamura Y, Kozu T
411 - 419 Reactivation of DnaA by DNA sequence-specific nucleotide exchange in vitro
Fujimitsu K, Katayama T
420 - 427 Purification and characterization of a PMA-stimulated kinase and identification of PMA-induced phosphorylation of a polypeptide that is dephosphorylated by low temperature in Brassica juncea
Deswal R, Chowdhary GK, Sopory SK
428 - 433 Identification of gene polymorphism in lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase and its association with carotid atherosclerosis in Japanese hypertensive patients
Miwa Y, Takiuchi S, Kamide K, Yoshii M, Horio T, Tanaka C, Banno M, Miyata T, Sasaguri T, Kawano Y
434 - 439 The P2X(7) ATP receptor modulates renal cyst development in vitro
Hillman KA, Woolf AS, Johnson TM, Wade A, Unwin RJ, Winyard PJD
440 - 446 Neuregulin-1 is neuroprotective and attenuates inflammatory responses induced by ischemic stroke
Xu ZF, Jiang J, Ford G, Ford BD
447 - 451 Curcumin does not stimulate cAMP-mediated chloride transport in cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells
Dragomir A, Bjorstad J, Hjelte L, Roomans GM
452 - 457 Photosensitization with protoporphyrin IX inhibits attachment of cancer cells to a substratum
Uzdensky AB, Juzeniene A, Kolpakova E, Hjortland GO, Juzenas P, Moan J
458 - 464 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma ligands, 15-deoxy-Delta 12,14-prostagiandin J2, and ciglitazone, induce growth inhibition and cell cycle arrest in hepatic oval cells
Cheng JD, Nakamura H, Imanishi H, Liu WD, Morisaki T, Sugiyama T, Hada T
465 - 469 Identification of methylated sequences in genornic DNA of adult Drosophila melanogaster
Salzberg A, Fisher O, Siman-Tov R, Ankri S
470 - 476 Over-representation of exonic splicing enhancers in human intronless genes suggests multiple functions in mRNA processing
Pozzoli U, Riva L, Menozzi G, Cagliani R, Comi GP, Bresolin N, Giorda R, Sironi M
477 - 482 Phosphorylation of teleost phosducins and its effect on the affinity to G-protein beta gamma subunits
Kobayashi Y, Hisatomi O, Tokunaga F
483 - 489 Role of the membrane fusion protein in the assembly of resistance-nodulation-cell division multidrug efflux pump in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Mokhonov VV, Mokhonova EI, Akama H, Nakae T
490 - 496 Processing of crayfish hemocyanin subunits into phenoloxidase
Lee SY, Lee BL, Soderhall K
497 - 507 URB expression in human bone marrow stromal cells and during mouse development
Liu Y, Monticone M, Tonachini L, Mastrogiacomo M, Marigo V, Cancedda R, Castagnola P
508 - 513 Sexually dimorphic expression of a teleost homologue of Mullerian inhibiting substance during gonadal sex differentiation in Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus
Yoshinaga N, Shiraishi E, Yamamoto T, Iguchi T, Abe S, Kitano T
514 - 519 The glycine analogue, aminomethanesulfonic acid, inhibits LPS-induced production of TNF-alpha in isolated rat Kupffer cells and exerts hepatoprotective effects in mice
Ishizaki-Koizumi S, Sonaka I, Takei Y, Ikejima K, Sato N
520 - 525 Disulfiram is a potent modulator of multidrug transporter Cdr1p of Candida albicans
Shukla S, Sauna ZE, Prasad R, Ambudkar SV
526 - 534 Direct regulation of the Nrarp gene promoter by the notch signaling pathway
Pirot P, van Grunsven LA, Marine JC, Huylebroeck D, Bellefroid EJ
535 - 541 Insulin potentiates EGFR activation and signaling in fibroblasts
Chong MP, Barritt GJ, Crouch MF
542 - 550 Protein kinase CK2 in postsynaptic densities: phosphorylation of PSD-95/SAP90 and NMDA receptor regulation
Soto D, Pancetti F, Marengo JJ, Sandoval M, Sandoval R, Orrego F, Wyneken U
551 - 556 Retinoids repress Ah receptor CYP1A1 induction pathway through the SMRT corepressor
Fallone F, Villard PH, Seree E, Rimet O, Nguyen QB, Bourgarel-Rey W, Fouchier F, Barra Y, Durand A, Lacarelle B
557 - 564 Potentiated caspase-3 in Ras-transformed 10TI/2 cells
Song P, Wei JX, Plummer H, Wang HCR
565 - 569 Guanine nucleotides stabilize the binding of Bacillus subtilis Obg to ribosomes
Zhang SY, Haldenwang WG
570 - 576 The physiological unfolded protein response in the thyroid epithelial cells
Sargsyan E, Baryshev M, Mkrtchian S
577 - 584 Calnexin regulates mammalian Kv1 channel trafficking
Manganas LN, Trimmer JS
585 - 592 Signal peptide of eosinophil cationic protein is toxic to cells lacking signal peptide peptidase
Wu CM, Chang MDT
593 - 600 Non-coding RNA directed DNA demethylation of Sphk1 CpG island
Imamura T, Yamamoto S, Ohgane J, Hattori N, Tanaka S, Shiota K
601 - 608 Characterization of BHC80 in BRAF-HDAC complex, involved in neuron-specific gene repression
Iwase S, Januma A, Miyamoto K, Shono N, Honda A, Yanagisawa J, Baba T
609 - 613 Susceptibility to cell death induced by blockade of MAPK pathway in human colorectal cancer cells carrying Ras mutations is dependent on p53 status
Wang Z, Li YQ, Liu ET, Yu Q
614 - 622 Tat-dependent repression of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 long terminal repeat promoter activity by fusion of cellular transcription factors
Zhao CY, Chen YL, Park J, Kim JB, Tang H
623 - 630 TEL/AML1 shows dominant-negative effects over TEL as well as AML1
Gunji H, Waga K, Nakamura F, Maki K, Sasaki K, Nakamura Y, Mitani K
631 - 636 Coexposure to benzo[a]pyrene plus UVA induced DNA double strand breaks: visualization of Ku assembly in the nucleus having DNA lesions
Toyooka T, Ibuki Y, Koike M, Ohashi N, Takahashi S, Goto R
637 - 643 Interleukin-10 in combination with M-CSF and IL-4 contributes to development of the rare population of CD14(+)CD16(++) cells derived from human monocytes
Li GL, Hangoc G, Broxmeyer HE
644 - 651 Androgens regulate the binding of endogenous HuR to the AU-rich 3' UTRs of HIF-1 alpha and EGF mRNA
Sheflin LG, Zou AP, Spaulding SW
652 - 658 Critical intra-linker interactions of HCN1-encoded pacemaker channels revealed by interchange of S3-S4 determinants
Tsang SY, Lesso H, Li RA
659 - 664 GP2/THP gene family of self-binding, GPI-anchored proteins forms a cluster at chromosome 7F1 region in mouse genome
Kobayashi K, Yanagihara K, Ishiguro K, Fukuoka S
665 - 671 Dictyostelium calcium-binding protein 4a interacts with nucleomorphin, a BRCT-domain protein that regulates nuclear number
Myre MA, O'Day DH
672 - 677 HIV-1 integration sites are flanked by potential MARs that alone can act as promoters
Kulkarni A, Pavithra L, Rampalli S, Mogare D, Babu K, Shiekh G, Ghosh S, Chattopadhyay S
678 - 683 Membrane topography of HLA I, HLA II, and ICAM-1 is affected by IFN-gamma in lipid rafts of uveal melanomas
Bene L, Bodnar A, Damjanovich S, Vamosi G, Bacso Z, Aradi E, Berta A, Damjanovich J
684 - 692 Bi-directional cell contact-dependent regulation of gene expression between endothelial cells and osteoblasts in a three-dimensional spheroidal coculture model
Stahl A, Wenger A, Weber H, Stark GB, Augustin HG, Finkenzeller G
693 - 699 In silico study of action potential and QT interval shortening due to loss of inactivation of the cardiac rapid delayed rectifier potassium current
Zhang HG, Hancox JC
700 - 704 Direct demonstration of involvement of the adaptor protein ShcA in the regulation of Ca2+-induced platelet aggregation
Higashi T, Yoshioka A, Shirakawa R, Tabuchi A, Nishioka H, Kita T, Horiuchi H