Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.321, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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267 - 268 Correspondence regarding MV Kim et al. "some properties of human small heat shock protein Hsp22 (H11 or HspB8)"
Gober MD, Depre C, Aurelian L
269 - 274 A hepatocellular carcinoma cell line producing mature hepatitis B viral particles
Fellig Y, Almogy G, Galun E, Ketzinel-Gilad M
275 - 279 Lineage-specific cell disruption in living mice by Cre-mediated expression of diphtheria toxin A chain
Matsumura H, Hasuwa H, Inoue N, Ikawa M, Okabe M
280 - 290 Construction of a novel human artificial chromosome vector for gene delivery
Katoh M, Ayabe F, Norikane S, Okada T, Masumoto H, Horike S, Shirayoshi Y, Oshimura M
291 - 297 TAP/NXF1, the primary mRNA export receptor, specifically interacts with a neuronal RNA-binding protein HuD
Saito K, Fujiwara T, Katahira J, Inoue K, Sakamoto H
298 - 305 Nitric oxide induces BNIP3 expression that causes cell death in macrophages
Yook YH, Kang KH, Maeng O, Kim TR, Lee HO, Kang KI, Kim YS, Paik SG, Lee H
306 - 312 The human Duffy antigen binds selected inflammatory but not homeostatic chemokines
Gardner L, Patterson AM, Ashton BA, Stone MA, Middleton J
313 - 319 Determination of sensitive positions to mutations in human p53 protein
Wu G, Yan SM
320 - 323 Promoter polymorphism in fibroblast growth factor 1 gene increases risk of definite Alzheimer's disease
Yamagata H, Chen Y, Akatsu H, Kamino K, Ito J, Yokoyama S, Yamamoto T, Kosaka K, Miki T, Kondo I
324 - 328 Zinc binding agonist effect on the recognition of the beta-amyloid (4-10) epitope by anti-beta-amyloid antibodies
Zirah S, Stefanescu R, Manea M, Tian XD, Cecal R, Kozin SA, Debey P, Rebuffat S, Przybylski M
329 - 336 A novel human dendritic cell-derived C1r-like serine protease analog inhibits complement-mediated cytotoxicity
Lin NS, Liu SX, Li N, Wu PP, An HZ, Yu YZ, Wan T, Cao XT
337 - 344 Synthetic curcumin analogs inhibit activator protein-1 transcription and tumor-induced angiogenesis
Hahm ER, Gho YS, Park S, Park C, Kim KW, Yang CH
345 - 349 Activators of PPAR gamma antagonize protection of cardiac myocytes by endothelin-1
Ehara N, Hasegawa K, Ono K, Kawamura T, Iwai-Kanai E, Morimoto T, Akao M, Adachi S, Kita T
350 - 354 Afadin- and alpha-actinin-binding protein ADIP directly binds beta'-COP, a subunit of the coatomer complex
Asada M, Irie K, Yamada A, Takai Y
355 - 363 Characterization of S mu bp-2 as a mouse mammary tumor virus promoter-binding protein
Uchiumi F, Komuro M, Mizuta R, Tanuma S
364 - 369 Gene silencing using a heat-inducible RNAi system in Arabidopsis
Masclaux F, Charpenteau M, Takahashi T, Pont-Lezica R, Galaud JP
370 - 378 "Teaching old drugs to kill new bugs": structure-based discovery of anti-SARS drugs
Rajnarayanan RV, Dakshanamurthy S, Pattabiraman N
379 - 385 Interference of 7,8-dihydroneopterin with peroxynitrite-mediated reactions
Oettl K, Greilberger J, Dikalov S, Reibnegger G
386 - 390 Senescence marker protein-30 regulates Akt activity and contributes to cell survival in Hep G2 cells
Matsuyama S, Kitamura T, Enomoto A, Fujita T, Ishigaini A, Handa S, Maruyama N, Zheng DM, Ikejima K, Takei Y, Sato N
391 - 396 Computational analysis of responsible dipeptides for optimum pH in G/11 xylanase
Liu LW, Li XQ, Li X, Shao WL
397 - 402 Trypanosoma cruzi: TcRAB7 protein is localized at the Golgi apparatus in epimastigotes
Araripe JR, Silva NLCE, Leal ST, de Souza W, Rondinelli E
403 - 412 Cytotoxicity of the novel anti-cancer drug rViscumin depends on HER-2 levels in SKOV-3 cells
Abuharbeid S, Apel J, Sander M, Fiedler B, Langer M, Zuzarte ML, Czubayko F, Aigner A
413 - 423 Antisense strategy against PDGF B-chain proves effective in preventing experimental liver fibrogenesis
Borkham-Kamphorst E, Stoll D, Gressner AM, Weiskirchen R
424 - 431 The in vivo tyrosine phosphorylation level of yeast immunophilin Fpr3 is influenced by the LMW-PTP Ltp1
Magherini F, Gamberi T, Paoli P, Marchetta M, Biagini M, Raugei G, Camici G, Ramponi G, Modesti A
432 - 440 Detection of the novel autoantibody (anti-UACA antibody) in patients with Graves' disease
Ohkura T, Taniguchi S, Yamada K, Nishio N, Okamura T, Yoshida A, Kamijou K, Fukata S, Kuma K, Inoue Y, Hisatome I, Senju S, Nishimura Y, Shigemasa C
441 - 447 Modulation of Janus kinase 2 by p53 in ovarian cancer cells
Reid T, Jin XH, Song H, Tang HJ, Reynolds RK, Lin J
448 - 454 MUC1 tyrosine phosphorylation activates the extracellular signal-regulated kinase
Wang HH, Lillehoj EP, Kim KC
455 - 461 Age-dependent methylation of ESR1 gene in prostate cancer
Li LC, Shiina H, Deguchi M, Zhao H, Okino ST, Kane CJ, Carroll PR, Igawa M, Dahiya R
462 - 467 Genistein induces Ca2+-mediated, calpain/caspase-12-dependent apoptosis in breast cancer cells
Sergeev IN
468 - 471 Distribution of a single nucleotide polymorphism on codon 211 of the androgen receptor gene and its correlation with human renal cell cancer in Japanese patients
Sasaki M, Nomoto M, Yonezawa S, Nakagawa M, Sakuragi N, Fujimoto S, Carroll PR, Dahiya R
472 - 478 Bacteriostatic properties of biomatrices against common orthopaedic pathogens
Carlson GA, Dragoo JL, Samimi B, Bruckner DA, Bernard GW, Hedrick M, Benhaim P
479 - 486 The cardioprotective effect of urocortin during ischaemia/reperfusion involves the prevention of mitochondrial damage
Lawrence KM, Townsend P, Davidson SM, Carroll CJ, Eaton S, Hubank M, Knight RA, Stephanou A, Latchman DS
487 - 494 The role of Xenopus frizzled-8 in pronephric development
Satow R, Chan TC, Asashima M
495 - 501 Nek2A specifies the centrosomal localization of Erk2
Lou Y, Xie W, Zhang DF, Yao JH, Luo ZF, Wang YZ, Shi YY, Yao XB
502 - 509 Zebrafish heparin-binding neurotrophic factor enhances neurite outgrowth during its development
Chang MH, Huang CJ, Hwang SPL, Lu IC, Lin CM, Kuo TF, Chou CM
510 - 513 Acute effect of corticosterone on N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated Ca2+ elevation in mouse hippocampal slices
Sato S, Osanai H, Monma T, Harada T, Hirano A, Saito M, Kawato S