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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.319, No.4 Entire volume, number list
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1065 - 1071 Heme deficiency causes apoptosis but does not increase ROS generation in HeLa cells
Ye WZ, Zhang L
1072 - 1080 Intramolecular disulfide bonds are required for folding hydrolase B into a catalytically active conformation but not for maintaining it during catalysis
Song XL, Gragen S, Li YX, Ma YZ, Liu JR, Yang DF, Matoney L, Yan BF
1081 - 1087 Isolation and characterization of three novel Gla-containing Conus marrmoreus venom peptides, one with a novel cysteine pattern
Hansson K, Furie B, Furie BC, Stenflo J
1088 - 1095 Bacterial heat shock protein 60 may increase epithelial cell migration through activation of MAP kinases and inhibition of alpha 6 beta 4 integrin expression
Zhang LX, Koivisto L, Heino J, Uitto VJ
1096 - 1104 Delivery of ferric ion to mouse spermatozoa is mediated by lipocalin internalization
Elangovan N, Lee YC, Tzeng WF, Chu ST
1105 - 1109 The human Ski-interacting protein functionally substitutes for the yeast PRP45 gene
Figueroa JD, Hayman MJ
1110 - 1116 Cloning and heterologous expression of a novel insecticidal gene (tccC1) from Xenorhabdus nematophilus strain
Lee PJ, Ahn JY, Kim YH, Kim SW, Kim JY, Park JS, Lee J
1117 - 1123 Somatic DNA recombination yielding circular DNA and deletion of a genomic region in embryonic brain
Maeda T, Chijiiwa Y, Tsuji H, Sakoda S, Tani K, Suzuki T
1124 - 1131 Pyronaridine, a novel modulator of P-glycoprotein-mediated multidrug resistance in tumor cells in vitro and in vivo
Qi J, Wang SB, Liu GY, Peng H, Wang JH, Zhu ZP, Yang CZ
1132 - 1137 Regulation of apical surface fluid and protein secretion in human airway epithelial cell line Calu-3
Babu PBR, Chidekel A, Utidjian L, Shaffer TH
1138 - 1143 Role of Phe308 in the seventh transmembrane domain of the AT2 receptor in ligand binding and signaling
Pulakat L, Mandavia CH, Gavini N
1144 - 1151 Adenoviral delivery of human connexin37 induces endothelial cell death through apoptosis
Seul KH, Kang KY, Lee KS, Kim SH, Beyer EC
1152 - 1158 Hepatocyte growth factor attenuates cerebral ischemia-induced learning dysfunction
Date I, Takagi N, Takagi K, Kago T, Matsumoto K, Nakamura T, Takeo S
1159 - 1170 Insulin secretory defects and impaired islet architecture in pancreatic beta-cell-specific STAT3 knockout mice
Gorogawa S, Fujitani Y, Kaneto H, Hazama Y, Watada H, Miyamoto Y, Takeda K, Akira S, Magnuson MA, Yamasaki Y, Kajimoto Y, Hori M
1171 - 1180 Delta 12-prostaglandin J2 inhibits the ubiquitin hydrolase UCH-L1 and elicits ubiquitin-protein aggregation without proteasome inhibition
Li ZM, Melandri F, Berdo I, Jansen M, Hunter L, Wright S, Valbrun D, Figueiredo-Pereira ME
1181 - 1189 Initial characterization of an uromodulin-like 1 gene on human chromosome 21q22.3
Shibuya K, Nagamine K, Okui M, Ohsawa Y, Asakawa S, Minoshima S, Hase T, Kudoh J, Shimizu N
1190 - 1196 Direct involvement of hydrogen peroxide in curvature of wheat coleoptile in blue-light-treated and dark-grown coleoptiles
Chandrakuntal K, Kumar PG, Laloraya M, Laloraya MM
1197 - 1202 Establishment of Cre/LoxP recombination system in transgenic rats
Sato Y, Endo H, Ajiki T, Hakamata Y, Okada T, Murakami T, Kobayashi E
1203 - 1209 Aspartate(69) of the calcitonin-like receptor is required for its functional expression together with receptor-activity-modifying proteins 1 and -2
Ittner LM, Luessi F, Koller D, Born W, Fischer JA, Muff R
1210 - 1215 Cardiac disease due to random mitochondrial DNA mutations is prevented by cyclosporin A
Mott JL, Zhang D, Freeman JC, Mikolajczak P, Chang SW, Zassenhaus HP
1216 - 1221 Susceptibility to SARS coronavirus S protein-driven infection correlates with expression of angiotensin converting enzyme 2 and infection can be blocked by soluble receptor
Hofmann H, Geier M, Marzi A, Krumbiegel M, Peipp M, Fey GH, Gramberg T, Pohlmann S
1222 - 1227 Somatostatin regulates intracellular signaling in human carotid endothelial cells
Badway AC, West FM, Tente SM, Blake AD
1228 - 1234 Phosphorylation of p38 MAPK and its downstream targets in SARS coronavirus-infected cells
Mizutani T, Fukushi S, Saijo M, Kurane I, Morikawa S
1235 - 1240 The primary defect in glycogen synthase activity is not based on increased glycogen synthase kinase-3 alpha activity in diabetic myotubes
Gaster M, Brusgaard K, Handberg A, Hojlund K, Wojtaszewski JFP, Beck-Nielsen H
1241 - 1246 Local database and the search program for proteomic analysis of sperm proteins in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis
Hozumi A, Satouh Y, Ishibe D, Kaizu M, Konno A, Ushimaru Y, Toda T, Inaba K
1247 - 1252 Doppel-induced Purkinje cell death is stoichiometrically abrogated by prion protein
Yamaguchi N, Sakaguchi S, Shigematsu K, Okimura N, Katamine S
1253 - 1264 Ligand stimulation of CD155 alpha inhibits cell adhesion and enhances cell migration in fibroblasts
Oda T, Ohka S, Nomoto A
1265 - 1271 Inhibitory effects of tannin on human salivary alpha-amylase
Kandra L, Gyemant G, Zajacz A, Batta G
1272 - 1275 The two major imatinib resistance mutations E255K and T3151 enhance the activity of BCR/ABL fusion kinase
Yamamoto M, Kurosu T, Kakihana K, Mizuchi D, Miura O
1276 - 1280 A cleavable signal peptide is required for the full function of the polytopic inner membrane protein FliP of Escherichia coli
Pradel N, Ye CY, Wu LF
1281 - 1286 Association of G72/G30 with schizophrenia in the Chinese population
Wang XY, He G, Gu NF, Yang JD, Tang JX, Chen Q, Liu XM, Shen YF, Qian XQ, Lin W, Duan Y, Feng GY, He L
1287 - 1291 Null genotype of glutathione S-transferase M1 is associated with senile cataract susceptibility in non-smoker females
Saadat M, Farvardin-Jahromi M, Saadat H
1292 - 1298 Molecular cloning and characterization of a new peptide deformylase from human pathogenic bacterium Helicobacter pylori
Han C, Wang Q, Dong L, Sun HF, Peng SY, Chen J, Yang YM, Yue JM, Shen X, Jiang HL
1299 - 1306 A comparative study of the subcellular distribution of native and deglycosylated gelonin in rat liver and kidney
Colaco M, Misquith S, Bapat MM, Coninck SWD, Wattiaux R
1307 - 1313 Caenorhabditis elegans development requires mitochondrial function in the nervous system
Ndegwa S, Lemire BD
1314 - 1321 Asp49 phospholipase A(2)-elaidoylamide complex: a new mode of inhibition
Georgieva DN, Rypniewski W, Gabdoulkhakov A, Genov N, Betzel C
1322 - 1326 Homozygous CYP2B6 *6 (Q172H and K262R) correlates with high plasma efavirenz concentrations in HIV-1 patients treated with standard efavirenz-containing regimens
Tsuchiya K, Gatanaga H, Tachikawa N, Teruya K, Kikuchi Y, Yoshino M, Kuwahara T, Shirasaka T, Kimura S, Oka S
1327 - 1333 The carboxyl-terminal half region of ADAMTS-1 suppresses both tumorigenicity and experimental tumor metastatic potential
Kuno K, Bannai K, Hakozaki M, Matsushima K, Hirose K