Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.319, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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291 - 297 Enhancement of metal bioremediation by use of microbial surfactants
Singh P, Cameotra SS
298 - 303 RIP5 is a RIP-homologous inducer of cell death
Zha JK, Zhou QH, Xu LG, Chen DY, Li LX, Zhai ZH, Shu HB
304 - 311 beta-adrenergic stimulation induces interleukin-18 expression via beta 2-AR, P13K, Akt, IKK, and NF-kappa B
Chandrasekar B, Marelli-Berg FM, Tone M, Bysani S, Prabhu SD, Murray DR
312 - 320 Structural and conformational changes concomitant with the E1-E2 transition in H+K+-ATPase: a comparative protein modeling study
Bindu PH, Sastry GM, Murty US, Sastry GN
321 - 326 Paracrine effect of TGF-beta 1 on downregulation of gap junctional intercellular communication between human dermal fibroblasts
Stuhlmann D, Steinbrenner H, Wendlandt B, Mitic D, Sies H, Brenneisen P
327 - 333 The receptor and transporter for internalization of Clostridium botulinum type C progenitor toxin into HT-29 cells
Nishikawa A, Uotsu N, Arimitsu H, Lee JC, Miura Y, Fujinaga Y, Nakada H, Watanabe T, Ohyama T, Sakano Y, Oguma K
334 - 341 Controlled transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes by a novel transcription factor derived from Escherichia coli purine repressor
Yeon EH, Noh JY, Kim JM, Lee MY, Yoon S, Park SK, Choi KY, Kim KS
342 - 348 Cytoglobin expression is upregulated in all tissues upon hypoxia: an in vitro and in vivo study by quantitative real-time PCR
Fordel E, Geuens E, Dewilde S, Rottiers P, Carmeliet P, Grooten J, Moens L
349 - 357 Functional and physical interactions of Faf1p, a Saccharomyces cerevisiae nucleolar protein
Karkusiewicz W, Rempola B, Gromadka R, Grynberg M, Rytka J
358 - 368 The role of long-chain fatty-acid-CoA ligase 3 in vitamin D-3 and androgen control of prostate cancer LNCaP cell growth
Qiao SJ, Tuohimaa P
369 - 374 Extracellular proton sensing of the rat gustatory cyclic nucleotide-gated channel
Sugita M, Ohishi H, Iwasa Y, Hirono C, Shiba Y
375 - 380 Cellular localization of type I restriction-modification enzymes is family dependent
Holubova I, Vejsadova I, Firman K, Weiserovda M
381 - 385 A novel laccase with fair thermostability from the edible wild mushroom (Albatrella dispansus)
Wang HX, Ng TB
386 - 392 Cloning and expression of human UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A4 in bac-to-bac system
Qian MR, Chen SQ, Xin L, Zeng S
393 - 396 Actin monomer enhances supervillin-modulated androgen receptor transactivation
Ting HJ, Hu YC, Chang CS
397 - 404 Mechanism of triglyceride lowering in mice expressing human apolipoprotein A5
Fruchart-Najib J, Bauge E, Niculescu LS, Pham T, Thomas B, Rommens C, Majd Z, Brewer B, Pennacchio LA, Fruchart JC
405 - 409 KN-62, a selective inhibitor of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II, inhibits the lysozyme pre-mRNA splicing in myelomonocytic HD11 cells
Hubner K, Phi-van L
410 - 418 Post-transcriptional regulation of the cystic fibrosis gene in cardiac development and hypertrophy
Davies WL, Vandenberg JI, Sayeed RA, Trezise AEO
419 - 425 Exercise regulates Akt and glycogen synthase kinase-3 activities in human skeletal muscle
Sakamoto K, Arnolds DEW, Ekberg I, Thorell A, Goodyear LJ
426 - 432 pDNA bioparticles: comparative heterogeneity, surface, binding, and activity analyses
Medberry P, Dennis S, Van Hecke T, DeLong RK
433 - 438 Insights from modelling the 3D structure of the extracellular domain of alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Chou KC
439 - 447 Characterisation of a novel homodimeric N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase from Streptococcus gordonii
Harty DWS, Chen YJ, Simpson CL, Berg T, Cook SL, Mayo JA, Hunter N, Jacques NA
448 - 455 Identification of a structural site on acetylcholinesterase that promotes neurite outgrowth and binds laminin-1 and collagen IV
Johnson G, Moore SW
456 - 463 Dibasic amino acid residues at the carboxy-terminal end of kinase homology domain participate in the plasma membrane localization and function of phosphatidylinositol 5-kinase gamma
Arioka M, Nakashima S, Shibasaki Y, Kitamoto K
464 - 468 NIRF induces G1 arrest and associates with Cdk2
Li YY, Mori T, Hata H, Homma Y, Kochi H
469 - 478 A landscape for the dynamics of an immune response
Furukawa A, Furukawa K, Azuma T
479 - 485 The human taste receptor hTAS(2)R(14) responds to a variety of different bitter compounds
Behrens M, Brockhoff A, Kuhn C, Bufe B, Winnig M, Meyerhof W
486 - 492 Modifying the substrate specificity of penicillin G acylase to cephalosporin acylase by mutating active-site residues
Oh B, Kim K, Park J, Yoon J, Han D, Kim Y
493 - 500 Binding site analysis of full-length alpha(1a) adrenergic receptor using homology modeling and molecular docking
Pedretti A, Silva ME, Villa L, Vistoli G
501 - 505 Endothelial Chlamydia pneumoniae infection promotes oxidation of LDL
Dittrich R, Dragonas C, Mueller A, Maltaris T, Rupp J, Beckmann MW, Maass M
506 - 510 Accumulation of 8-nitroguanine in human gastric epithelium induced by Helicobacter pylori infection
Ma N, Adachi Y, Hiraku Y, Horiki N, Horiike S, Imoto I, Pinlaor S, Murata M, Semba R, Kawanishi S
511 - 517 Adipogenic differentiation by adipose-derived stem cells harvested from GFP transgenic mice - including relationship of sex differences
Ogawa R, Mizuno H, Watanabe A, Migita M, Hyakusoku H, Shimada T
518 - 524 Central and peripheral interactions between the agouti-related protein and leptin
Charbonneau C, Bai F, Richards BS, Argyropoulos G
525 - 530 Immunolocalization of TASK-3 (KCNK9) to a subset of cortical neurons in the rat CNS
Callahan R, Labunskiy DA, Logvinova A, Abdallah M, Liu C, Cotten JF, Yost CS
531 - 540 Role of auxiliary beta(1)-, beta(2)-, and beta(3)-subunits and their interaction with Na(v)1.8 voltage-gated sodium channel
Vijayaragavan K, Powell AJ, Kinghorn IJ, Chahine M
541 - 549 eIF4E binding protein 1 and H-Ras are novel substrates for the protein kinase activity of class-I phosphoinositide 3-kinase
Foukas LC, Shepherd PR
550 - 555 Sp1-decoy oligodeoxynucleotide inhibits high glucose-induced mesangial cell proliferation
Chae YM, Park KK, Magae J, Lee IS, Kim CH, Kim HC, Hong SH, Lee JG, Choi IJ, Kim HS, Min KS, Lee IK, Chang YC
556 - 561 The reaction of bisphenol A 3,4-quinone with DNA
Edmonds JS, Nomachi M, Terasaki M, Morita M, Skelton BW, White AH
562 - 568 Overexpression of LI-cadherin in gastric cancer is associated with lymph node metastasis
Ko S, Chu KM, Luk JM, Wong BW, Yuen ST, Leung SY, Wong J
569 - 575 Magnetically labeled insulin-secreting cells
Oca-Cossio J, Mao H, Khokhlova N, Kennedy CM, Kennedy JW, Stabler CL, Hao E, Sambanis A, Simpson NE, Constantinidis L
576 - 581 Effective neutrophil chemotaxis is strongly influenced by mean IL-8 concentration
Lin F, Nguyen CMC, Wang SJ, Saadi W, Gross SP, Jeon NL
582 - 589 Potent receptor-mediated cytotoxicity of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor-Pseudomonas exotoxin, a fusion protein against myeloid leukemia cells
Oshima Y, Tojo A, Fujimura A, Niho Y, Asano S
590 - 595 Phosphorylation of ICBP90 by protein kinase A enhances topoisomerase II alpha expression
Trotzier MA, Bronner C, Bathami K, Mathieu E, Abbady AQ, Jeanblanc M, Muller CD, Rochette-Egly C, Mousli M
596 - 602 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibits ATM kinase activity DNA damage response
Watanabe F, Fukazawa H, Masutani M, Suzuki H, Teraoka H, Mizutani S, Uehara Y
603 - 611 Neuregulin induces proliferation of neural progenitor cells via PLC/PKC pathway
Lai C, Feng LY
612 - 621 Conditional transformation of mouse pancreatic epithelial cells: an in vitro model for analysis of genetic events in pancreatocarcinogenesis
Koizumi M, Ito D, Fujimoto K, Toyoda E, Kami K, Mori T, Doi R, Whitehead R, Imamura M
622 - 628 Expression of a truncated secreted form of the mGluR3 subtype of metabotropic glutamate receptor
Yao Y, Koo JCP, Wells JW, Hampson DR
629 - 635 RhoA and Rac1 signals in fMLP-induced NF-kappa B activation in human blood monocytes
Chen LY, Ptasznik A, Pan ZK
636 - 642 Binding site of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase to an RNA promoter
Pelchat M, Perreault JP
643 - 648 Rho-kinase is involved in mouse blastocyst cavity formation
Kawagishi R, Tahara M, Sawada K, Ikebuchi Y, Morishige K, Sakata M, Tasaka K, Murata Y
649 - 654 Direct interaction of Smac with NADE promotes TRAIL-induced apoptosis
Yoon K, Jang HD, Lee SY
655 - 662 Role of N-glycan trimming in the folding and secretion of the pestivirus protein E-rns
Branza-Nichita N, Lazar C, Dwek RA, Zitzmann N
663 - 670 Different ways to regulate the PPAR alpha stability
Blanquart C, Mansouri R, Fruchart JC, Staels B, Glineur C
671 - 676 Cell-free protein synthesis using cell extract of Pseudomonas fluorescens and CspA promoter
Nakashima N, Tamura T
677 - 682 Identification of monohydroxy progesterones produced by CYP106A2 using comparative HPLC and electrospray ionisation collision-induced dissociation mass spectrometry
Lisurek M, Kang MJ, Hartmann RW, Bernhardt R
683 - 689 Pak regulates calpain-dependent degradation of E3b1
Chi S, Chang S, Park D
690 - 696 Breast cancer cell line MDA-MB 231 exerts a potent and direct anti-apoptotic effect on mature osteoclasts
Gallet M, Sevenet N, Dupont C, Brazier M, Kamel S
697 - 704 Infiltrating leukocytes confound the detection of E-cadherin promoter methylation in tumors
Lombaerts M, Middeldorp JW, van der Weide E, Philippo K, van Wezel T, Smit VTHBM, Cornelisse CJ, Cleton-Jansen AM
705 - 705 Purification, cloning, and expression of human plasma hyaluronidase (vol 236, pg 10, 1997)
Frost GI, Csoka AB, Wong T, Stern R