Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.317, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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965 - 971 Site-directed PEGylation of trichosanthin retained its anti-HIV activity with reduced potency in vitro
Wang JH, Tam SC, Huang H, Ouyang DY, Wang YY, Zheng YT
972 - 979 Role of E2F and ERK1/2 in ST1571-mediated smooth muscle cell growth arrest and cyclin A transcriptional repression
Sanz-Gonzalez SM, Castro C, Perez P, Andres V
980 - 987 The operation of the alternative electron-leak pathways mediated by cytochrome c in mitochondria
Zhao YG, Xu HX
988 - 991 CLN3P, the Batten disease protein, localizes to membrane lipid rafts (detergent-resistant membranes)
Rakheja D, Narayan SB, Pastor JV, Bennett MJ
992 - 999 Enhancement of immune responses by DNA vaccination through targeted gene delivery using mannosylated cationic liposome formulations following intravenous administration in mice
Hattori Y, Kawakami S, Suzuki S, Yamashita F, Hashida M
1000 - 1005 Engagement of beta 2 integrins recruits 14-3-3 proteins to c-Cbl in human neutrophils
Melander F, Andersson T, Dib K
1006 - 1016 Structural and functional analysis dismutase from the fungal of glycosylated Cu/Zn-superoxide Humicola lutea 103
Dolashka-Angelova P, Stevanovic S, Dolashki A, Angelova M, Serkedjieva J, Krumova E, Pashova S, Zacharieva S, Voelter W
1017 - 1022 Self-association of the hepatitis B virus X protein in the yeast two-hybrid system
Reddi HV, Kumar V
1023 - 1029 Cell culture propagation and biochemical analysis of the Ljungan virus prototype strain
Johansson ES, Ekstrom JO, Shafren DR, Frisk G, Hyypia T, Edman K, Lindberg AM
1030 - 1036 The nucleocapsid protein of the SARS coronavirus is capable of self-association through a C-terminal 209 amino acid interaction domain
Surjit M, Liu BP, Kumar P, Chow VTK, Lal SK
1037 - 1044 Stable siRNA-mediated silencing of ATM alters the transcriptional profile of HeLa cells
Chen SJ, Wang G, Makrigiorgos GM, Price BD
1045 - 1051 Evidence of impaired adipogenesis in insulin resistance
Yang XL, Jansson PA, Nagaev I, Jack MM, Carvalho E, Sunnerhagen KS, Cam MC, Cushman SW, Smith U
1052 - 1060 The instantly released Drosophila immune proteome is infection-specific
Vierstraete E, Verleyen P, Sas F, Van den Bergh G, De Loof A, Arckens L, Schoofs L
1061 - 1066 Actin - an inhibitor of eukaryotic elongation factor activities
Bektas M, Guncer B, Guven C, Nurten R, Bermek E
1067 - 1074 Design, synthesis, and SAR studies of some 5-aliphatic oximino esters of thiophene as potential anti-inflammatory leads: comparative biological activity profile of aliphatic oximes vs aromatic oximes
Pillai AD, Rathod PD, Franklin PX, Padh H, Vasu KK, Sudarsanam V
1075 - 1079 ANGPTL3 is increased in both insulin-deficient and -resistant diabetic states
Inukai K, Nakashima Y, Watanabe M, Kurihara S, Awata T, Katagiri H, Oka Y, Katayama S
1080 - 1088 The chemical inducibility of mouse cardiac antioxidants and phase 2 enzymes in vivo
Cao ZX, Li YB
1089 - 1095 Identification of antigenic epitopes recognized by Mac-2 binding protein-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes for use in cancer immunotherapy
Ozaki Y, Kontani K, Teramoto K, Fujita T, Tezuka N, Sawai S, Watanabe H, Fujino S, Asai T, Ohkubo I
1096 - 1102 Activation of mouse RAG-2 promoter by Myc-associated zinc finger protein
Wu CX, Zhao WP, Kishi H, Dokan J, Jin ZX, Wei XC, Yokoyama KK, Muraguchi A
1103 - 1107 Gene expression profile of human mesenchymal stem cells during osteogenesis in three-dimensional thermoreversible gelation polymer
Hishikawa K, Miura S, Marumo T, Yoshioka H, Mori Y, Takato T, Fujita T
1108 - 1113 Down-regulation of apoptosis-inducing factor protein by RNA interference inhibits UVA-induced cell death
Yuan CQ, Li YN, Zhang XF
1114 - 1120 Prostaglandin F-2 alpha amplifies tumor necrosis factor-alpha promoter activity by the FPB prostanoid receptor
Fujino H, Regan JW
1121 - 1127 A preliminary investigation of the Nostoc punctiforme proteome
Hunsucker SW, Klage K, Slaughter SM, Potts M, Helm RF
1128 - 1137 Functional analysis of a dominant-negative Delta ETS TEL/ETV6 isoform
Sasaki A, Nakamura Y, Maki K, Waga K, Nakamura F, Arai H, Imai Y, Hirai H, Mitani K
1138 - 1143 The fission yeast ptr1(+) gene involved in nuclear mRNA export encodes a putative ubiquitin ligase
Andoh T, Azad AK, Shigematsu A, Ohshima Y, Tani T
1144 - 1148 In vivo transgene expression using an adenoviral tetracycline-regulated system with neuron-specific enolase promoter
Bhattacharjee AK, Ueyama T, Kondoh T, Hayashi S, Abouelfetouh A, Sakai N, Saito N, Kohmura E
1149 - 1154 Induction of cytokines by heat shock proteins and endotoxin in murine macrophages
Gao BC, Tsan MF
1155 - 1158 A novel anti-oxidant and anti-cancer strategy: a peptoid anti-inflammatory drug conjugate with SOD mimic activity
Bailey MA, Ingram MJ, Naughton DP
1159 - 1164 Stimulation of differentiation in sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter 2 overexpressing MC3T3-E1 osteoblasts
Wu XM, Itoh N, Taniguchi T, Hirano J, Nakanishi T, Tanaka K
1165 - 1170 Proteolytic inactivation of the bovine spongiform encephalopathy agent
McLeod AH, Murdoch H, Dickinson J, Dennis MJ, Hall GA, Buswell CM, Carr J, Taylor DM, Sutton JM, Raven NDH
1171 - 1182 Growth factor regulation of human growth plate chondrocyte proliferation in vitro
Olney RC, Wang JW, Sylvester JE, Mougey EB
1183 - 1188 Isolation and characterization of the bacteriophage WO from Wolbachia, an arthropod endosymbiont
Fujii Y, Kubo T, Ishikawa H, Sasaki T
1189 - 1194 Overexpression of isocitrate lyase is an important strategy in the survival of Pseudomonas fluorescens exposed to aluminum
Hamel R, Appanna VD, Viswanatha T, Puiseux-Dao S
1195 - 1199 DISC1 localizes to the centrosome by binding to kendrin
Miyoshi K, Asanuma M, Miyazaki I, Diaz-Corrales FJ, Katayama T, Tohyama M, Ogawa N
1200 - 1206 Disruption of the toxic conformation of the expanded polyglutamine stretch leads to suppression of aggregate formation and cytotoxicity
Popiel HA, Nagai Y, Onodera O, Inui T, Fujikake N, Urade Y, Strittmatter WJ, Burke JR, Ichikawa A, Toda T
1207 - 1214 Cloning and expression of mitochondrial and protoflagellar creatine kinases from a marine sponge: implications for the origin of intracellular energy transport systems
Sona S, Suzuki T, Ellington WR
1215 - 1220 In vivo study of an aberrant dystrophin exon inclusion in X-linked dilated cardiomyopathy
Cohen N, Rimessi P, Gualandi F, Ferlini A, Muntoni F
1221 - 1225 Tensile forces attenuate estrogen-stimulated collagen synthesis in the ACL
Lee CY, Smith CL, Zhang XL, Hsu HC, Wang DY, Luo ZP