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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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675 - 681 Combination of adeno-associated virus and adenovirus vectors expressing bone morphogenetic protein-2 produces enhanced osteogenic activity in immunocompetent rats
Chen Y, Luk KDK, Cheung KMC, Lu WW, An XM, Ng SSM, Lin MC, Kung HF
682 - 688 A novel 13 residue acyclic peptide from the marine snail, Conus monile, targets potassium channels
Sudarslal S, Singaravadivelan G, Ramasamy P, Ananda K, Sarma SP, Sikdar SK, Krishnan KS, Balaram P
689 - 696 Expression and regulation of phospholipase D isoforms in sphingosine and phorbol ester-stimulated glioma C6 cells
Bobeszko M, Krzeminski P, Pomorski P, Dygas A, Baranska J
697 - 702 Isolation of a member of Acinetobacter species involved in atrazine degradation
Singh P, Suri CR, Cameotra SS
703 - 707 KIBRA is a novel substrate for protein kinase C xi
Buther K, Plaas C, Barnekow A, Kremerskothen J
708 - 716 Cytochrome P450-dependent toxicity of environmental polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons towards human macrophages
van Grevenynghe J, Sparfel L, Le Vee M, Gilot D, Drenou B, Fauchet R, Fardel O
717 - 721 Involvement of PKC and PKA in the inhibitory effect of leptin on intestinal galactose absorption
Barrenetxe J, Sainz N, Barber A, Lostao MP
722 - 728 Cysteine-106 of DJ-1 is the most sensitive cysteine residue to hydrogen peroxide-mediated oxidation in vivo in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Kinumi T, Kimata J, Taira T, Ariga H, Niki E
729 - 735 Single-nucleotide polymorphism g.1548G > A (E469K) in human ICAM-1 gene affects mRNA splicing pattern and TPA-induced apoptosis
Iwao M, Morisaki H, Morisaki T
736 - 743 LRP130, a single-stranded DNA/RNA-binding protein, localizes at the outer nuclear and endoplasmic reticulum membrane, and interacts with mRNA in vivo
Tsuchiya N, Fukuda H, Nakashima K, Nagao M, Sugimura T, Nakagama H
744 - 748 Trp132, Trp154, and Trp157 are essential for folding and activity of a cyt toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis
Promdonkoy B, Pathaichindachote W, Krittanai C, Audtho M, Chewawiwat N, Panyim S
749 - 760 Human E2F6 is alternatively spliced to generate multiple protein isoforms
Kherrouche Z, De Launoit Y, Monte D
761 - 767 1,8-anilinonaphthalene sulfonate binds to central cavity of human hemoglobin
Syakhovich VE, Parul DA, Ruta EY, Bushuk BA, Bokut SB
768 - 773 Abolished interaction of NUB1 with mutant AIPL1 involved in Leber congenital amaurosis
Kanaya K, Sohocki MM, Kamitani T
774 - 778 Genomic organization, expression, and subcellular localization of mouse mitochondrial seryl-tRNA synthetase
Gibbons WJ, Yan QF, Li RH, Li XM, Guan MX
779 - 786 MCM4 shares homology to a replication/DNA-binding domain in CTF and is contacted by pRb
Schmitz NMR, Leibundgut K, Hirt A
787 - 795 Calcium negatively modulates calmodulin interaction with IQGAP1
Li QW, Stuenkel EL
796 - 800 Transposon-independent increase of transcription by the Sleeping Beauty transposase
Masuda K, Yamamoto S, Endoh M, Kaneda Y
801 - 810 Regulation of the SM-20 prolyl hydroxylase gene in smooth muscle cells
Menzies K, Liu B, Kim WJH, Moschella MC, Taubman MB
811 - 816 Thrombin induces suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 expression in brain microglia via protein kinase C delta activation
Yang MS, Lee JY, Ji KA, Min KJ, Lee MA, Jou I, Joe EH
817 - 822 Selective inhibition of bleomycin-induced G2 cell cycle checkpoint by simaomicin alpha
Arai M, Sato H, Kobayashi H, Suganuma M, Kawabe T, Tomoda H, Omura S
823 - 830 Identification of putative voltage-dependent Ca2+-permeable channels involved in cryptogein-induced Ca2+ transients and defense responses in tobacco BY-2 cells
Kadota Y, Furuichi T, Ogasawara Y, Goh T, Higashi K, Muto S, Kuchitsu K
831 - 836 Adiponectin down-regulates acyl-coenzyme A : cholesterol acyltransferase-1 in cultured human monocyte-derived macrophages
Furukawa K, Hori M, Ouchi N, Kihara S, Funahashi T, Matsuzawa Y, Miyazaki A, Nakayama H, Horiuchi S
837 - 843 CEACAM6 as a novel target for indirect type 1 immunotoxin-based therapy in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Duxbury MS, Ito H, Ashley SW, Whang EE
844 - 850 Hyperglycosylation of fibronectin by TGF-beta 1-stimulated chondrocytes
Rees-Milton KJ, Terry D, Anastassiades TP
851 - 856 Resistance to imipenem, cefepime, and cefpirome associated with mutation in Omp36 osmoporin of Enterobacter aerogenes
Thiolas A, Bornet C, Davin-Regli A, Pages JM, Bollet C
857 - 864 Gene structure and alternative splicing of the mouse glycine transporter type-2
Ebihara S, Yamamoto T, Obata K, Yanagawa Y
865 - 872 Regulation of HSF1-responsive gene expression by N-terminal truncated form of p73 alpha
Tanaka Y, Kameoka M, Itaya A, Ota K, Yoshihara K
873 - 881 The impact of metal catalysis on protein tyrosine nitration by peroxynitrite
Daiber A, Bachschmid M, Beckman JS, Munzel T, Ullrich V
882 - 886 Antimitochondrial activity displayed by the antimicrobial peptide microcin J25
Chirou MVN, Minahk CJ, Morero RD
887 - 892 Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with aggressive periodontitis and severe chronic periodontitis in Japanese
Suzuki A, Ji G, Numabe Y, Muramatsu M, Gomi K, Kanazashi M, Ogata Y, Shimizu E, Shibukawa Y, Ito A, Ito T, Sugaya A, Arai T, Yamada S, Deguchi S, Kamoi K
893 - 901 Isolation and characterization of cells with neurogenic potential from adult skeletal muscle
Vourc'h P, Romero-Ramos M, Chivatakarn O, Young HE, Lucas PA, El-Kalay M, Chesselet MF
902 - 908 Overexpression of RFT induces G1-S arrest and apoptosis via p53/p21(Waf1) pathway in glioma cell
Kano H, Arakawa Y, Takahashi JA, Nozaki K, Kawabata Y, Takatsuka K, Kageyama R, Ueba T, Hashimoto N
909 - 916 Diapausing Colorado potato beetles are devoid of short neuropeptide F I and II
Huybrechts J, De Loof A, Schoofs L
917 - 924 Fate of 130 hemagglutinins from different influenza A viruses
Wu G, Yan SM
925 - 929 Modifiers of the jumonji mutation downregulate cyclin D1 expression and cardiac cell proliferation
Ohno T, Nakajima K, Kojima M, Toyoda M, Takeuchi T
930 - 938 Homology modeling of the structure of tobacco acetohydroxy acid synthase and examination of the active site by site-directed mutagenesis
Le DT, Yoon MY, Kim YT, Choi JD
939 - 944 Comparison of WNK4 and WNK1 kinase and inhibiting activities
Wang ZH, Yang CL, Ellison DH
945 - 949 Acute effects of combined burn and smoke inhalation injury on carboxyhemoglobin formation, tissue oxygenation, and cardiac performance
Westphal M, Morita N, Enkhbaatar P, Murakami K, Traber L, Traber DL
950 - 956 Inhibition of human P450 enzymes by nicotinic acid and nicotinamide
Gaudineau C, Auclair K
957 - 964 The'effective number of codons' revisited
Fuglsang A