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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.316, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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969 - 977 Oxygen sensing and oxidant/redox-related pathways
Haddad JJ
978 - 983 Escherichia coli mRNAs with strong Shine/Dalgarno sequences also contain 5' end sequences complementary to domain # 17 on the 16S ribosomal RNA
Golshani A, Krogan NJ, Xu J, Pacal M, Yang XC, Ivanov I, Providenti MA, Ganoza MC, Ivanova IG, AbouHaidar MG
984 - 990 Hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor is not a potent regulator of anabolic and catabolic gene expression in adult human articular chondrocytes
Bau B, McKenna LA, Soeder S, Fan ZY, Pecht A, Aigner T
991 - 996 High-level expression of a codon optimized recombinant dust mite allergen, Blo t 5, in Chinese hamster ovary cells
Lim LH, Li HY, Cheong N, Lee BW, Chua KY
997 - 1001 Integrin-linked kinase function is required for transforming growth factor beta-mediated epithelial to mesenchymal transition
Lee YI, Kwon YJ, Joo CK
1002 - 1008 Cisplatin resistance is associated with deregulation in protein kinase C-delta
Huang H, Mohanty S, Basu A
1009 - 1014 Effects of prostaglandin D-2 on helper T cell functions
Tanaka K, Hirai H, Takano S, Nakamura M, Nagata K
1015 - 1021 Antigenic activation of Th1 cells in the gastric mucosa enhances dysregulated apoptosis and turnover of the epithelial cells
Yamori M, Yoshida M, Watanabe T, Shirai Y, Iizuka T, Kita T, Wakatsuki Y
1022 - 1028 The IL-1 receptor accessory protein is essential for PI 3-kinase recruitment and activation
Reddy SAG, Lin YF, Huang HJ, Samanta AK, Liao WSL
1029 - 1036 An observation of non-superimposable stereogeometrical features in a non-chiral one-component beta-Ala model peptide
Bhadbhade MM, Kishore R
1037 - 1042 Molecular dynamics simulation of the C-terminal sterile alpha-motif domain of human p73 alpha: evidence of a dynamical relationship between helices 3 and 5
Falconi M, Melino G, Desideri A
1043 - 1049 Induction of endogenous glutathione by the chemoprotective agent, 3H-1,2-dithiole-3-thione, in human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells affords protection against peroxynitrite-induced cytotoxicity
Cao ZX, Hallur S, Qiu HZ, Peng XX, Li YB
1050 - 1058 Algorithm for selection of functional siRNA sequences
Amarzguioui M, Prydz H
1059 - 1064 Binding crevice for TT-232 in a homology model of type 1 somatostatin receptor
Simon A, Czajlik A, Perczel A, Keri G, Nyikos L, Emri Z, Kardos J
1065 - 1072 Curcumin blocks NF-kappa B and the motogenic response in Helicobacter pylori-infected epithelial cells
Foryst-Ludwig A, Neumann M, Schneider-Brachert W, Naumann M
1073 - 1080 Transgenic mice overexpressing cyclophilin A are resistant to cyclosporin A-induced nephrotoxicity via peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase activity
Hong F, Lee J, Piao YJ, Jae YK, Kim YJ, Oh C, Seo JS, Yun YS, Yang CW, Ha J, Kim SS
1081 - 1087 Aromatic N-hydroxyguanidines as new reduction cosubstrates for dopamine beta-hydroxylase
Slama P, Boucher JL, Reglier M
1088 - 1093 Effect of exogenous E2F-1 on the expression of common chromosome fragile site genes, FHIT and WWOX
Ishii H, Mimori K, Vecchione A, Sutheesophon K, Fujiwara T, Mori M, Furukawa Y
1094 - 1100 In vitro transdifferentiation of adult pancreatic acinar cells into insulin-expressing cells
Song KH, Ko SH, Ahn YB, Yoo SJ, Chin HM, Kaneto H, Yoon KH, Cha BY, Lee KW, Son HY
1101 - 1106 Structure-function studies of the Vitreoscilla hemoglobin D-region
Lee SY, Stark BC, Webster DA
1107 - 1115 Induction of cell death in activated hepatic stellate cells by targeted gene expression of the thymidine kinase/ganciclovir system
Janoschek N, van de Leur E, Gressner AM, Weiskirchen R
1116 - 1123 Human MCRS2, a cell-cycle-dependent protein, associates with LPTS/PinX1 and reduces the telomere length
Song H, Li YL, Chen GY, Xing Z, Zhao J, Yokoyama KK, Li TP, Zhao MJ
1124 - 1131 Tertiary structural changes associated with iron binding and release in hen serum transferrin: a crystallographic and spectroscopic study
Thakurta PG, Choudhury D, Dasgupta R, Dattagupta JK
1132 - 1137 Human hepatic cell uptake of resveratrol: involvement of both passive diffusion and carrier-mediated process
Lancon A, Delmas D, Osman H, Thenot JP, Jannin B, Latruffe N
1138 - 1142 Quinone analogues regulate mitochondrial substrate competitive oxidation
Briere JJ, Schlemmer D, Chretien D, Rustin P
1143 - 1149 Effect of glycine substitutions on alpha 5(IV) chain structure and structure-phenotype correlations in Alport syndrome
Wang YF, Ding J, Wang F, Bu DF
1150 - 1155 Denaturation of dsDNA by p53: fluorescence correlation spectroscopy study
Vukojevic V, Yakovleva T, Terenius L, Pramanik A, Bakalkin G
1156 - 1162 Expression and methylation status of 14-3-3 sigma gene can characterize the different histological features of ovarian cancer
Kaneuchi M, Sasaki M, Tanaka Y, Shiina H, Verma M, Ebina Y, Nomura E, Yamamoto R, Sakuragi N, Dahiya R
1163 - 1172 Truncated hemoglobin o of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: the oligomeric state change and the interaction with membrane components
Liu C, He Y, Chang ZY
1173 - 1177 Multidrug-resistant tumor cells with decreased malignancy: a role for integrin alpha v beta 3
Kozlova NI, Morozevich GE, Shtil AA, Berman AE
1178 - 1185 Arsenic trioxide uptake by human and rat aquaglyceroporins
Liu ZJ, Carbrey JM, Agre P, Rosen BP
1186 - 1190 Polymorphism in the second intron of dopamine receptor D4 gene in humans and apes
Shimada MK, Inoue-Murayama M, Ueda Y, Maejima M, Murayama Y, Takenaka O, Hayasaka I, Ito S
1191 - 1195 The arachidonate-dependent cytoprotective signaling evoked by peroxynitrite is a general response of the monocyte/macrophage lineage
Tommasini I, Guidarelli A, Cerioni L, Cantoni O
1196 - 1201 Exogenous insulin can reverse the effects of caloric restriction on mitochondria
Lambert AJ, Wang BH, Merry BJ
1202 - 1209 A bacterial expression system revisited for the recombinant production of cystine-rich plant lipid transfer proteins
Elmorjani K, Lurquin V, Lelion A, Rogniaux H, Marion D
1210 - 1216 Gene-nutrient and gene-gene interactions of controlled folate intake by Japanese women
Hiraoka M, Kato K, Saito Y, Yasuda K, Kagawa Y
1217 - 1221 Mapping protein matrix cavities in human cytoglobin through Xe atom binding
de Sanctis D, Dewilde S, Pesce A, Moens L, Ascenzi P, Hankeln T, Burmester T, Bolognesi M