Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.316, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Adult human retinal pigment epithelial cells capable of differentiating into neurons
Amemiya K, Haruta M, Takahashi M, Kosaka M, Eguchi G
6 - 11 Golgi fragmentation during Fas-mediated apoptosis is associated with the rapid loss of GM130
Walker A, Ward C, Sheldrake TA, Dransfield I, Rossi AG, Pryde JG, Haslett C
12 - 17 CD43 has a functional NLS, interacts with beta-catenin, and affects gene expression
Andersson CX, Fernandez-Rodriguez J, Laos S, Sikut R, Sikut A, Baeckstrom D, Hansson GC
18 - 23 Enhanced apoptosis by a novel gene, Bak-like, that lacks the BH3 domain
Kim JK, Kim KS, Ahn JY, Kim NK, Chung HM, Yun HJ, Cha KY
24 - 32 The soluble glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor causes cell cycle arrest and apoptosis, in murine macrophages
Shin HH, Kim SJ, Lee HS, Choi HS
33 - 38 The X-ray structure of a snake venom Gln48 phospholipase A(2) at 1.9 angstrom resolution reveals anion-binding sites
Georgieva DN, Perbandt M, Rypniewski W, Hristov K, Genov N, Betzel C
39 - 47 Association of CPI-17 with protein kinase C and casein kinase I
Zemlickova E, Johannes FJ, Aitken A, Dubois T
48 - 51 Superoxide and hydrogen peroxide suppression by metal ions and their EDTA complexes
Fisher AEO, Maxwell SC, Naughton DP
52 - 58 Transcriptional regulation of human angiopoietin-2 by transcription factor Ets-1
Hasegawa Y, Abe M, Yamazaki T, Niizeki O, Shiiba K, Sasaki I, Sato Y
59 - 64 Polyphenol (-)-epigallocatechin gallate inhibits apoptosis induced by irradiation in humian HaCaT keratinocytes
Kondo H, Park SH, Watanabe K, Yamamoto Y, Akashi M
65 - 70 Purification, identification, and characterization of elastase on erythrocyte membrane as factor IX-activating enzyme
Iwata H, Kaibara M, Dohmae N, Takio K, Himeno R, Kawakami S
71 - 77 Involvement of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in gemcitabine-induced apoptosis in human pancreatic cancer cells
Habiro A, Tanno S, Koizumi K, Izawa T, Nakano Y, Osanai M, Mizukami Y, Okumura T, Kohgo Y
78 - 84 Significant accumulations of cathepsin B and prolylendopeptidase in inflammatory focus of delayed-type hypersensitivity induced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in mice
Kakegawa H, Matano Y, Inubushi T, Katunuma N
85 - 92 Flt3 mutation activates p21(WAF1/CIP1) gene expression through the action of STAT5
Takahashi S, Harigae H, Kaku M, Sasaki T, Licht JD
93 - 99 Caspase 3 activation is controlled by a sequence located in the N-terminus of its large subunit
Pelletier M, Cartron PF, Delaval F, Meflah K, Vallette FM, Oliver L
100 - 106 BMP-2 modulates the proliferation and differentiation of normal and cancerous gastric cells
Wen XZ, Miyake S, Akiyama Y, Yuasa Y
107 - 113 pH-profile crystal structure studies of C-terminal despentapeptide nitrite reductase from Achromobacter cycloclastes
Li HT, Wang C, Chang TN, Chang WC, Liu MY, Le Gall J, Gui LL, Zhang JP, An XM, Chang WR
114 - 122 Ramipril treatment suppresses islet fibrosis in Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima fatty rats
Ko SH, Kwon HS, Kim SR, Moon SD, Ahn YB, Song KH, Son HS, Cha BY, Lee KW, Son HY, Kang SK, Park CG, Lee IK, Yoon KH
123 - 128 Oxidative DNA damage induced by nitrotyrosine, a biomarker of inflammation
Murata M, Kawanishi S
129 - 138 Survey on the PABC recognition motif PAM2
Albrecht M, Lengauer T
139 - 148 WWP1-dependent ubiquitination and degradation of the lung Kruppel-like factor, KLF2
Zhang XL, Srinivasan SV, Lingrel JB
149 - 157 Anthocyanin enhances adipocytokine secretion and adipocyte-specific gene expression in isolated rat adipocytes
Tsuda T, Ueno Y, Aoki H, Koda T, Horio F, Takahashi N, Kawada T, Osawa T
158 - 164 Transcriptional regulation of human oxysterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase by sterol response element binding protein
Norlin M, Chiang JYL
165 - 169 Urinary adiponectin excretion is increased in patients with overt diabetic nephropathy
Koshimura J, Fujita H, Narita T, Shimotomai T, Hosoba M, Yoshioka N, Kakei M, Fujishima H, Ito S
170 - 176 Homocysteine modulates the proteolytic potential of human vascular endothelial cells
Chaussalet M, Lamy E, Foucault-Bertaud A, Genovesio C, Sabatier F, Dignat-George F, Charpiot P
177 - 181 Expression of human pyruvate carboxylase in insect cells using the baculovirus system
Petchampai N, Boonsaeng V, Wallace JC, Jitrapakdee S
182 - 188 NF-kappa B binds to a polymorphic repressor element in the MMP-3 promoter
Borghaei RC, Rawlings PL, Javadi M, Woloshin J
189 - 194 AKAP79 increases the functional expression of skeletal muscle Ca2+ channels in Xenopus oocytes
Plata C, Escamilla J, Carrillo E, Galindo JM, Gamba G, Garcia MC, Sanchez JA
195 - 202 Stoichiometric interactions between cyanobacterial clock proteins KaiA and KaiC
Hayashi F, Ito H, Fujita M, Iwase R, Uzumaki T, Ishiura M
203 - 210 Actinohivin, a novel anti-human immunodeficiency virus protein from an actinomycete, inhibits viral entry to cells by binding high-mannose type sugar chains of gp120
Chiba H, Inokoshi J, Nakashima H, Omura S, Tanaka H
211 - 217 Substrate evokes translocation of both domains in the mitochondrial processing peptidase alpha-subunit during which the C-terminus acts as a stabilizing element
Janata J, Hola K, Kubala M, Gakh O, Parkhomenko N, Matuskova A, Kutejova E, Amler E
218 - 225 Identification and characterization of Noc2 as a potential Rab3B effector protein-in epithelial cells
Manabe S, Nishimura N, Yamamoto Y, Kitamura H, Morimoto S, Imai M, Nagahiro S, Seino S, Sasaki T
226 - 232 Nuclear export signal in CDC25B
Uchida S, Ohtsubo M, Shimura M, Hirata M, Nakagama H, Matsunaga T, Yoshida M, Ishizaka Y, Yamashita K
233 - 239 Osteogenic potential of rat mesenchymal stem cells after several passages
Sugiura F, Kitoh H, Ishiguro N
240 - 243 IGF-I regulates caveolin 1 and IRS1 interaction in caveolae
Panetta D, Biedi C, Repetto S, Cordera R, Maggi D
244 - 251 Cell-cycle-dependent expression of the large Ca2+-activated K+ channels in breast cancer cells
Ouadid-Ahidouch H, Roudbaraki M, Ahidouch A, Delcourt P, Prevarskaya N
252 - 255 Cdk-mediated phosphorylation of pRB regulates HDAC binding in vitro
Takaki T, Fukasawa K, Suzuki-Takahashi I, Hirai H
256 - 262 Impact of brief oxidant stress on primary adult cardiac fibroblasts
Colston JT, de la Rosa SD, Freeman GL
263 - 271 A novel apoptotic pathway as defined by lectin cellular initiation
Gastman B, Wang K, Han J, Zhu ZY, Huang XJ, Wang GQ, Rabinowich H, Gorelik E
272 - 279 cDNA representational difference analysis of ileal Peyer's patches in lambs after oral inoculation with scrapie
Skretting G, Espenes A, Ulvund MJ, Olsaker I
280 - 289 Defective phosphatidic acid-phospholipase C signaling in diabetic cardiomyopathy
Tappia PS, Maddaford TG, Hurtado C, Dibrov E, Austria JA, Sahi N, Panagia V, Pierce GN