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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.315, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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781 - 781 Rho GTPase activating protein cDNA on chromosome 13q12 is the deleted in liver cancer (DLC2) gene
Popescu NC, Durkin ME
782 - 787 Endothelin-1 peptides and IL-5 synergistically increase the expression of IL-13 in eosinophils
Cui P, Sharmin S, Okumura Y, Yamada H, Yano M, Mizuno D, Kido H
788 - 795 Hepatitis C virus core protein interacts with p53-binding protein, 53BP2/Bbp/ASPP2, and inhibits p53-mediated apoptosis
Cao YH, Hamada T, Matsui T, Date T, Iwabuchi K
796 - 801 Some properties of human small heat shock protein Hsp22 (H11 or HspB8)
Kim MV, Seit-Nebi AS, Marston SB, Gusev NB
802 - 807 Anterograde and retrograde intracellular trafficking of fluorescent cellular prion protein
Hachiya NS, Watanabe K, Yamada M, Sakasegawa Y, Kaneko K
808 - 814 Optimal site-specific PEGylation of mutant TNF-alpha improves its antitumor potency
Yoshioka Y, Tsutsumi Y, Ikemizu S, Yamamoto Y, Shibata H, Nishibata T, Mukai Y, Okamoto T, Taniai M, Kawamura M, Abe Y, Nakagawa S, Nagata S, Yamagata Y, Mayumi T
815 - 822 A novel microperoxidase activity: methyl viologen-linked nitrite reducing activity of microperoxidase
Suruga K, Murakami K, Taniyama Y, Hama T, Chida H, Satoh T, Yamada S, Hakamata W, Kawachi R, Isogai Y, Nishio T, Oku T
823 - 829 Nitric oxide production by bone cells is fluid shear stress rate dependent
Bacabac RG, Smit TH, Mullender MG, Dijcks SJ, Van Loon JJWA, Klein-Nulend J
830 - 835 Effect of bismuth subgallate on nitric oxide and prostaglandin E2 production by macrophages
Lin CY, Shen YH, Wu SH, Lin CH, Hwang SM, Tsai YC
836 - 844 Single-channel properties and pH sensitivity of two-pore domain K+ channels of the TALK family
Kang DW, Kim D
845 - 849 Amplification of nuclear aldolase A in mouse cell mutants resistant to Hoechst 33342
Satou W, Tanimoto H, Ukekawa R, Fujii M, Ayusawa D
850 - 856 Promoter methylation regulates cadherin switching in squamous cell carcinoma
Chen QM, Lipkina G, Song Q, Kramer RH
857 - 865 Light adaptation of bacteriorhodopsin correlates with dielectric spectral kinetics in purple membrane
Mostafa HIA
866 - 871 Conformational alteration of bradykinin in presence of GM1 micelle
Chatterjee C, Mukhopadhyay C
872 - 876 Effects of muscarinic receptor type 3 knockout on mouse islet secretory responses
Zawalich WS, Zawalich KC, Tesz GJ, Taketo MM, Sterpka J, Philbrick W, Matsui M
877 - 883 Inactivity of the bicyclic pyrimidine nucleoside analogues against simian varicella virus (SVV) does not correlate with their substrate activity for SVV-encoded thymidine kinase
Sienaert R, Andrei G, Snoeck R, De Clercq E, McGuigan C, Balzarini J
884 - 891 Stromelysin-1 (MMP-3) is inducible in T lymphoma cells and accelerates the growth of lymphoid tumors in vivo
Van Themsche C, Potworowski EF, St-Pierre Y
892 - 896 Flavonoid-induced reduction of ENaC expression in the kidney of Dahl salt-sensitive hypertensive rat
Aoi W, Niisato N, Miyazaki H, Marunaka Y
897 - 904 The oyster vasa-like gene: a specific marker of the germline in Crassostrea gigas
Fabioux C, Pouvreau S, Le Roux F, Huvet A
905 - 911 Angiotensin II stimulates DNA synthesis of rat pancreatic stellate cells by activating ERK through EGF receptor transactivation
Hama K, Ohnishi H, Yasuda H, Ueda N, Mashima H, Satoh Y, Hanatsuka K, Kita H, Ohashi A, Tamada K, Sugano K
912 - 918 A bivalent single-chain Fv fragment against CD47 induces apoptosis for leukemic cells
Kikuchi Y, Uno S, Yoshimura Y, Otabe K, Iida S, Oheda M, Fukushima N, Tsuchiya M
919 - 927 Selective LXXLL peptides antagonize transcriptional activation by the retinoid-related orphan receptor ROR gamma
Kurebayashi S, Nakajima T, Kim SC, Chang CY, McDonnell DP, Renaud JP, Jetten AM
928 - 934 Thrombospondin-1 accelerates wound healing of corneal epithelia
Uno K, Hayashi H, Kuroki M, Uchida H, Yamauchi Y, Kuroki M, Oshima K
935 - 941 Identification of a novel isoform of ZAP-70, truncated ZAP kinase
Kuroyama H, Ikeda T, Kasai M, Yamasaki S, Tatsumi M, Utsuyama M, Saito T, Hirokawa K
942 - 949 Distinct groups of multidrug resistance modulating agents are distinguished by competition of P-glycoprotein-specific antibodies
Nagy H, Goda K, Fenyvesi F, Bacso Z, Szilasi M, Kappelmayer J, Lustyik G, Cianfriglia M, Szabo G
950 - 958 Diverse cellular transformation capability of overexpressed genes in human hepatocellular carcinoma
Huang JS, Chao CC, Su TL, Yeh SH, Chen DS, Chen CT, Chen PJ, Jou YS
959 - 963 Trichostatin A activates the osteopontin gene promoter through AP1 site
Sakata R, Minami S, Sowa Y, Yoshida M, Tamaki T
964 - 970 Apicidin is a histone deacetylase inhibitor with anti-invasive and anti-angiogenic potentials
Kim SH, Ahn S, Han JW, Lee HW, Lee HY, Lee YW, Kim MR, Kim KW, Kim WB, Hong S
971 - 975 The exon 4 variations of Tim-1 gene are associated with rheumatoid arthritis in a Korean population
Chae SC, Song JH, Shim SC, Yoon KS, Chung HT
976 - 983 Glycosylation of onconase increases its conformational stability and toxicity for cancer cells
Kim BM, Kim H, Raines RT, Lee Y
984 - 990 Cdk inhibitor ste9p/srw1p is involved in response to protein synthesis inhibition in fission yeast
Sakai T
991 - 997 Effects of tributyltin on barrier functions in human intestinal Caco-2 cells
Tsukazaki M, Satsu H, Mori A, Sugita-Konishi Y, Shimizu M
998 - 1003 Interaction of the CDK2-associated protein-1, p12(DOC-1/CDK2AP1), with its homolog, p14(DOC-1R)
Buajeeb W, Zhang X, Ohyama H, Han D, Surarit R, Kim Y, Wong DTW
1004 - 1010 A novel small peptide as a targeting ligand for receptor tyrosine kinase Tie2
Wu XH, Zhao RJ, Li ZH, Yao M, Wang HM, Han JS, Qu SM, Chen XL, Qian LF, Sun Y, Xu YH, Gu JR
1011 - 1017 Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates the cell cycle regulatory protein Geminin
Kulartz M, Hiller E, Kappes F, Pinna LA, Knippers R
1018 - 1024 Role of hydration in the conformational transitions between unliganded and liganded forms of loop 13 of the Na+/glucose cotransporter 1
Xia XB, Wang G, Fang HQ
1025 - 1032 Physical association of uPAR with the alpha(v) integrin on the surface of human NK cells
Gellert GC, Goldfarb RH, Kitson RP
1033 - 1038 Bone morphogenetic protein receptor-II mutation Arg491Trp causes malignant phenotype of familial primary pulmonary hypertension
Jing ZC, Lu LH, Han ZY, Cheng XS, Zou YB, Yang YJ, Hui RT
1039 - 1044 Functional identification of the SecB homologue in Methanococcus jannaschii and direct interaction of SecB with trigger factor
Ha SC, Lee TH, Cha SS, Kim KK
1045 - 1050 Identification of cellular target proteins for signaling cyclic phosphates
Pelah A, Shinitzky M
1051 - 1057 Escherichia coli proton-translocating F0F1-ATP synthase and its association with solute secondary transporters and/or enzymes of anaerobic oxidation-reduction under fermentation
Trchounian A
1058 - 1063 Angiogenic effects of dual gene transfer of bFGF and PDGF-BB after myocardial infarction
Hao X, Mansson-Broberg A, Gustafsson T, Grinnemo KH, Blomberg P, Siddiqui AJ, Wardell E, Sylven C
1064 - 1069 Amine donor protein substrates for transglutaminase activity in Caenorhabditis elegans
Madi A, Hoffrogge R, Blasko B, Glocker MO, Fesus L
1070 - 1076 Ski-interacting protein, a bifunctional nuclear receptor coregulator that interacts with N-CoR/SMRT and p300
Leong GM, Subramaniam N, Issa LL, Barry JB, Kino T, Driggers PH, Hayman MJ, Eisman JA, Gardiner EM
1077 - 1081 Protease inhibitors prevent the protein kinase A-dependent loss of Rap1 GTPase from the particulate fraction of COS1 cells
Rundell CJ, Repellin CE, Yarwood SJ
1082 - 1087 Uptake of GABA and putrescine by UGA4 on the vacuolar membrane in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Uemura T, Tomonari Y, Kashiwagi K, Igarashi K
1088 - 1096 A low-density cDNA microarray with a unique reference RNA: pattern recognition analysis for IFN efficacy prediction to HCV as a model
Daiba A, Inaba N, Ando S, Kajiyama N, Yatsuhashi H, Terasaki H, Ito A, Ogasawara M, Abe A, Yoshioka J, Hayashida K, Kaneko S, Kohara M, Ito S
1097 - 1103 Correlations between nucleotide frequencies and amino acid composition in 115 bacterial species
Bharanidharan D, Bhargavi GR, Uthanumallian K, Gautham N
1104 - 1109 P311 binds to the latency associated protein and downregulates the expression of TGF-beta 1 and TGF-beta 2
Paliwal S, Shi JH, Dhru U, Zhou YX, Schuger L
1110 - 1119 Paracentrotus lividus eggs contain different RNAs at the animal and vegetal poles
Di Carlo M, Montana G, Romancino DP
1120 - 1125 Vmac: a novel protein associated with vimentin-type intermediate filament in podocytes of rat kidney
Yamamoto Y, Irie K, Kurihara H, Sakai T, Takai Y
1126 - 1133 Transfection of "naked" siRNA results in endosomal uptake and metabolic impairment in cultured neurons
Lingor P, Michel U, Scholl U, Bahr M, Kugler S
1134 - 1139 Characterization of humoral responses in mice immunized with plasmid DNAs encoding SARS-CoV spike gene fragments
Zeng FY, Chow KYC, Hon CC, Law KM, Yip CW, Chan KH, Peiris JSM, Leung FCC
1140 - 1146 Prion proteins and ECTO-NOX proteins exhibit similar oscillating redox activities
Kim C, Morre DJ
1147 - 1153 Regulation of geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthase in the proliferation of rat FRTL-5 cells: involvement of both cAMP-PKA and PI3-AKT pathways
Fuse M, Tanaka T, Shibata T, Yoshida T, Noguchi Y, Misawa N, Yasuda T, Saito Y, Kohn LD, Tatsuno I
1154 - 1164 Modifying RESA protein peptide 6671 to fit into HLA-DR beta(1) pockets induces protection against malaria
Alba MP, Salazar LM, Vargas LE, Trujillo M, Lopez Y, Patarroyo ME
1165 - 1165 Multiple domains of the mouse p19(ARF) tumor suppressor are involved in p53-independent apoptosis (vol 301, pg 1000, 2003)
Matsuoka M, Kurita M, Sudo H, Mizumoto K, Nishimoto I, Ogata E
1166 - 1166 Induction of cytochrome CYP4F3A in all-trans-retinoic acid-treated HL60 cells (vol 314, pg 104, 2004)
Mizukami Y, Sumimoto H, Takeshige K