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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.314, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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661 - 666 Role of phenytoin in wound healing: microarray analysis of early transcriptional responses in human dermal fibroblasts
Swamy SMK, Tan P, Zhu YZ, Lu J, Achuth HN, Moochhala S
667 - 674 Removal of clustered positive charge from dihydropyridine receptor II-III loop peptide augments activation of ryanodine receptors
Bannister ML, Williams AJ, Sitsapesan R
675 - 680 Selective in vitro antioxidant properties of bisphosphonates
Dombrecht EJ, Cos P, Vanden Berghe D, Van Offel JF, Schuerwegh AJ, Bridts CH, Stevens WJ, De Clerck LS
681 - 687 A single WAP domain-containing protein from Litopenaeus vannamei hemocytes
Jimenez-Vega F, Yepiz-Plascencia G, Soderhall K, Vargas-Albores F
688 - 694 Protein kinase PKN1 associates with TRAF2 and is involved in TRAF2-NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Gotoh Y, Oishi K, Shibata H, Yamagiwa A, Isagawa T, Nishimura T, Goyama E, Takahashi M, Mukai H, Ono Y
695 - 703 Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase calcineurin mediates the expression of iNOS through IKK and NF-kappa B activity in LPS-stimulated mouse peritoneal macrophages and RAW 264.7 cells
Kim Y, Moon JS, Lee KS, Park SY, Cheong JH, Kang HS, Lee HY, Kim HD
704 - 710 Pravastatin up-regulates transforming growth factor-beta 1 in THP-1 human macrophages: effect on scavenger receptor class A expression
Baccante G, Mincione G, Di Marcantonio MC, Piccirelli A, Cuccurullo F, Porreca E
711 - 716 Green fluorescent protein causes mitochondria to aggregate in the presence of the Bcl-2 family proteins
Aokage T, Ohsawa I, Ohta S
717 - 723 Quantification of cell hybridoma yields with confocal microscopy and flow cytometry
Gabrijel M, Repnik UK, Kreft M, Grilc S, Jeras M, Zorec R
724 - 729 Drought acclimation reduces O-2(-center dot) accumulation and lipid peroxidation in wheat seedlings
Selote DS, Bharti S, Khanna-Chopra R
730 - 736 Mammalian D-aspartyl endopeptidase: a scavenger for noxious racemized proteins in aging
Kinouchi T, Ishiura S, Mabuchi Y, Urakami-Manaka Y, Nishio H, Nishiuchi Y, Tsunemi M, Takada K, Watanabe M, Ikeda M, Matsui H, Tomioka S, Kawahara H, Hamamoto T, Suzuki K, Kagawa Y
737 - 744 Replacement of (198)MQMDII(203) of mouse IRF-1 by (IPVEVV202)-I-197 of human IRF-1 abrogates induction of IFN-beta, iNOS, and COX-2 gene expression by IRF-1
Upreti M, Kumar S, Rath PC
745 - 748 Secreted brevican mRNA is expressed in the adult rat pituitary
Dong Y, Han X, Xue YJ, Dong B, Guo XH, Hu GH, Zhu C, Lu YC
749 - 754 beta- and alpha-adrenergic cross-signaling for L-type Ca current is impaired in transgenic mice with constitutive activation of epsilon PKC
Yue YK, Qu YX, Boutjdir M
755 - 765 Molecular mechanism of enzyme inhibition: prediction of the three-dimensional structure of the dimeric trypsin inhibitor from Leucaena leucocephala by homology modelling
Sattar R, Ali SA, Kamal M, Khan AA, Abbasi A
766 - 772 Genomic organization, alternative splicing, and promoter analysis of human dynamin-like protein gene
Howng SL, Sy WD, Cheng TS, Lieu AS, Wang CH, Tzou WS, Cho CL, Hong YR
773 - 780 Neuropeptide Y promotes beta-cell replication via extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation
Cho YR, Kim CW
781 - 786 HCV core protein-expressing DNA vaccine induces a strong class I-binding peptide DTH response in mice
Acosta-Rivero N, Duenas-Carrera S, Alvarez-Lajonchere L, Morales-Grillo J
787 - 792 In situ surface electrochemical characterizations of Ti and Ti-6Al-4V alloy cultured with osteoblast-like cells
Huang HH
793 - 797 PQQ glucose dehydrogenase with novel electron transfer ability
Okuda J, Sode K
798 - 804 The time-course of cyclic AMP signaling is critical for leukemia U-937 cell differentiation
Shayo C, Legnazzi BL, Monczor F, Fernandez N, Riveiro ME, Baldi A, Davio C
805 - 809 Existence of GPR40 functioning in a human breast cancer cell line, MCF-7
Yonezawa T, Katoh K, Obara Y
810 - 816 Spectroelectrochemistry of cytochrome P450cam
Bistolas N, Christenson A, Ruzgas T, Jung C, Scheller FW, Wollenberger U
817 - 823 15d-PGJ(2) inhibits oxidized LDL-induced macrophage proliferation by inhibition of GM-CSF production via inactivation of NF-kappa B
Matsuo T, Matsumura T, Sakai M, Senokuchi T, Yano M, Kiritoshi S, Sonoda K, Kukidome D, Pestell RG, Brownlee M, Nishikawa T, Araki E
824 - 829 Biotin enhances ATP synthesis in pancreatic islets of the rat, resulting in reinforcement of glucose-induced insulin secretion
Sone H, Sasaki Y, Komai M, Toyomizu M, Kagawa Y, Furukawa Y
830 - 837 Pervanadate-induced reverse translocation and tyrosine phosphorylation of phorbol ester-stimulated protein kinase C beta II are mediated by Src-family tyrosine kinases in porcine neutrophils
Takahashi H, Suzuki K, Namiki H
838 - 843 Identification and characteristic analysis of the ampC gene encoding beta-lactamase from Vibrio fischeri
Weng SF, Chao YF, Lin JW
844 - 848 Overexpression of Ssl2p confers resistance to adriamycin and actinomycin D in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Furuchi T, Nitta K, Takahashi T, Naganuma A
849 - 853 Role of Na+-Ca2+ exchanger in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury: evaluation using a heterozygous Na+-Ca2+ exchanger knockout mouse model
Ohtsuka M, Takano H, Suzuki M, Zou Y, Akazawa H, Tamagawa M, Wakimoto K, Nakaya H, Komuro I
854 - 860 Profiling the allosteric response of an engineered beta-galactosidase to its effector, anti-HIV antibody
Ferraz RM, Aris A, Villaverde A
861 - 869 Structure-activity function for binding and signaling in CHO-K1 and COS-7 cells expressing the cholecystokinin A receptor
Tsunoda Y, Song I, Taylor LP, Owyang C
870 - 877 Chronological characterization of diabetes development in male Spontaneously Diabetic Torii rats
Masuyama T, Komeda K, Hara A, Noda M, Shinohara M, Oikawa T, Kanazawa Y, Taniguchi K
878 - 884 Single-channel gating and regulation of human L-type calcium channels in cardiomyocytes of transgenic mice
Groner F, Rubio M, Schulte-Euler P, Matthes J, Khan IFY, Bodi I, Koch SE, Schwartz A, Herzig S
885 - 890 A mechanism of induction of the mouse zinc-fingers and homeoboxes 1 (ZHX1) gene expression by interleukin-2
Shou ZF, Yamada K, Kawata H, Yokoyama O, Miyamoto K
891 - 896 Transformation of NIH 3T3 cells by enhanced PAR expression
Platica M, Ivan E, Ionescu A, Holland JF, Mora G, Tindall DJ, Mandeli J, Unger PD, Platica O
897 - 901 Bacteriocin of Enterococcus from lactoserum able to cause oxidative stress in Staphylococcus aureus
Eraso AJ, Ines A
902 - 907 Identification of a novel splice variant of the human anti-apoptosis gene survivin
Badran A, Yoshida A, Ishikawa K, Goi T, Yamaguchi A, Ueda T, Inuzuka M
908 - 915 Copper binding to plant ozone-inducible proteins (OI2-2 and OI14-3)
Kamiya M, Kumaki Y, Nitta K, Ueno T, Watanabe Y, Yamada K, Matsumoto T, Hikichi K, Matsushima N
916 - 924 Receptor-operated Ca2+ influx and its association with the Src family in secretagogue-stimulated pancreatic acini
Tsunoda Y, Yoshida H, Nozu F