Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.313, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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825 - 833 Mathematical modelling of skeletal repair
MacArthur BD, Please CP, Taylor M, Oreffo ROC
834 - 840 Isomerization and apparent DNA bending by pi, the replication protein of plasmid R6K
Kruger R, Rakowski SA, Filutowicz M
841 - 844 Activation of beta-catenin-TCF-mediated transcription by non-receptor tyrosine kinase v-Src
Haraguchi K, Nishida A, Ishidate T, Akiyama T
845 - 849 Interaction of peptide substrate outside the active site influences catalysis by CaMKII
Praseeda M, Mayadevi M, Omkumar RV
850 - 855 Prion protein suppresses perturbation of cellular copper homeostasis under oxidative conditions
Sakudo A, Lee DC, Yoshimura E, Nagasaka S, Nitta K, Saeki K, Matsumoto Y, Lehmann S, Itohara S, Sakaguchi S, Onodera T
856 - 862 Guideline to reference gene selection for quantitative real-time PCR
Radonic A, Thulke S, Mackay IM, Landt O, Siegert W, Nitsche A
863 - 870 Indomethacin and ibuprofen induce Hsc70 nuclear localization and activation of the heat shock response in HeLa cells
Lagunas L, Bradbury CM, Laszlo A, Hunt CR, Gius D
871 - 877 Osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation by adipose-derived stem cells harvested from GFP transgenic mice
Ogawa R, Mizuno H, Watanabe A, Migita M, Shimada T, Hyakusoku H
878 - 887 Assembly of fluorescent chimeric virus-like particles of canine parvovirus in insect cells
Gilbert L, Toivola J, Lehtomaki E, Donaldson L, Kapyla P, Vuento M, Oker-Blom C
888 - 893 Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel gene, EMILIN-5, and its possible involvement in skeletal development
Doi M, Nagano A, Nakamura Y
894 - 901 Cloning of a novel phospholipase C-delta isoform from Pacific purple sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) gametes and its expression during early embryonic development
Coward K, Owen H, Poustka AJ, Hibbitt O, Tunwell R, Kubota H, Swann K, Parrington J
902 - 906 Induction of gicerin/CD146 in the rat carotid artery after balloon injury
Okumura S, Kohama K, Kim S, Iwao H, Miki N, Taira E
907 - 914 Structures of human purine nucleoside phosphorylase complexed with inosine and ddI
Canduri F, dos Santos DM, Silva RG, Mendes MA, Basso LA, Palma MS, de Azevedo WF, Santos DS
915 - 921 Wnt proteins promote neuronal differentiation in neural stem cell culture
Muroyama Y, Kondoh H, Takada S
922 - 925 A yeast one-hybrid system to detect methylation-dependent DNA-protein interactions
Feng SY, Ota K, Yamada Y, Sawabu N, Ito T
926 - 930 Leukaemia inhibitory factor or Oncostatin M induction of Swiss 3T3 cells does not require mevalonic acid synthesis nor protein isoprenylation to initiate DNA replication
Sauane M, Coso OA, Giulianelli S, Giraldez AN, Rudland PS, de Asua LJ
931 - 937 Highly specific marker genes for detecting minimal gastric cancer cells in cytology negative peritoneal washings
Mori K, Aoyagi K, Ueda T, Danjoh I, Tsubosa Y, Yanagihara K, Matsuno Y, Sasako M, Sakamoto H, Mafune K, Kaminishi M, Yoshida T, Terada M, Sasaki H
938 - 947 Antigenicity and receptor-binding ability of recombinant SARS coronavirus spike protein
Ho TY, Wu SL, Cheng SE, Wei YC, Huang SP, Hsiang CY
948 - 953 (-)-3,5-dicaffeoyl-muco-quinic acid isolated from Aster scaber contributes to the differentiation of PC12 cells: through tyrosine kinase cascade signaling
Hur JY, Lee P, Kim H, Kang I, Lee KR, Kim SY
954 - 961 Cynaropicrin, a sesquiterpene lactone, as a new strong regulator of CD29 and CD98 functions
Cho JY, Kim AR, Joo HG, Kim BH, Rhee MH, Yoo ES, Katz DR, Chain BM, Jung JH
962 - 968 Human extravillous trophoblasts express laeverin, a novel protein that belongs to membrane-bound gluzincin metallopeptidases
Fujiwara H, Higuchi T, Yarnada S, Hirano T, Sato Y, Nishloka Y, Yoshioka S, Tatsumi K, Ueda M, Maeda M, Fujii S
969 - 976 Human zinc finger protein 161, a novel transcriptional activator of the dopamine transporter
Lee KH, Kwak YD, Kim DH, Chang MY, Lee YS, Lee YS
977 - 983 Anisomycin superinduces annexin V mRNA expression through the ERK1/2 but not the p38 MAP kinase pathway
Konishi Y, Sato H, Tanaka T
984 - 991 Modification of glycolysis affects cell sensitivity to apoptosis induced by oxidative stress and mediated by mitochondria
Jeong DW, Kim TS, Cho IT, Kim IY
992 - 997 Inhibition of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cellular invasiveness by blebbistatin: a novel myosin II inhibitor
Duxbury MS, Ashley SW, Whang EE
998 - 1003 Stimulation of renal Na+ dicarboxylate cotransporter 1 by Na+/H+ exchanger regulating factor 2, serum and glucocorticoid inducible kinase isoforms, and protein kinase B
Boehmer C, Embark HM, Bauer A, Palmada M, Yun CH, Weinman EJ, Endou H, Cohen P, Lahme S, Bichler KH, Lang F
1004 - 1008 In vitro evolution of RNA aptamers recognizing carcinogenic aromatic amines
Brockstedt U, Uzarowska A, Montpetit A, Pfau W, Labuda D
1009 - 1014 An autocrine function of nerve growth factor for cell cycle regulation of vascular endothelial cells
Tanaka A, Wakita U, Kambe N, Iwasaki T, Matsuda H
1015 - 1022 Study of drug effects of calcium channel blockers on retinal degeneration of rd mouse
Takano Y, Ohguro H, Dezawa M, Ishikawa H, Yamazaki H, Ohguro I, Mamiya K, Metoki T, Ishikawa F, Nakazawa M
1023 - 1029 Targeted degradation of beta-catenin by chimeric F-box fusion proteins
Liu J, Stevens J, Matsunami N, White RL
1030 - 1036 Impact of embryonic expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein on early mouse development
Devgan V, Rao MRS, Seshagiri PB
1037 - 1043 Involvement of telomere dysfunction in the induction of genomic instability by radiation in scid mouse cells
Urushibara A, Kodama S, Suzuki K, Desa MBM, Suzuki F, Tsutsui T, Watanabe M
1044 - 1052 Direct evidence for cyanide-insensitive quinol oxidase (alternative oxidase) in apicomplexan parasite Cryptosporidium parvum: phylogenetic and therapeutic implications
Suzuki T, Hashimoto T, Yabu Y, Kido Y, Sakamoto K, Nihei C, Hato M, Suzuki S, Amano Y, Nagai K, Hosokawa T, Minagawa N, Ohta N, Kita K
1053 - 1057 A trans-Golgi network retention signal YQRL fused to ricin A chain significantly enhances its cytotoxicity
Zhan JB, Ge LP, Shen JG, Wang K, Zheng S
1058 - 1064 Identification of novel initiation sites for human DNA replication around ARSH1, a previously characterized yeast replicator
Hu L, Xu X, Valenzuela MS
1065 - 1072 Structural studies of oligonucleotides containing G-quadruplex motifs using AFM
Costa LT, Kerkmann M, Hartmann G, Endres S, Bisch PM, Heckl WM, Thalhammer S
1073 - 1078 Topoisomerase I dissociates human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase from genomic RNAs
Takahashi H, Sawa H, Hasegawa H, Nagashima K, Sata T, Kurata T
1079 - 1085 Genetic polymorphims in promoter region of osteopontin gene may be a marker reflecting hepatitis activity in chronic hepatitis C patients
Mochida S, Hashimoto M, Matsui A, Naito M, Inao M, Nagoshi S, Nagano M, Egashira T, Mishiro S, Fujiwara K
1086 - 1091 FLRT3, a cell surface molecule containing LRR repeats and a FNIII domain, promotes neurite outgrowth
Tsuji L, Yamashita T, Kubo T, Madura T, Tanaka H, Hosokawa K, Tohyama M
1092 - 1100 A novel smoothelin-like, actin-binding protein required for choroidal fissure closure in zebrafish
Kurita R, Tabata Y, Sagara H, Arai K, Watanabe S
1101 - 1109 The carbohydrate-binding domain of Lafora disease protein targets Lafora polyglucosan bodies
Ganesh S, Tsurutani N, Suzuki T, Hoshii Y, Ishihara T, Delgado-Escueta AV, Yamakawa K
1110 - 1118 A subpopulation of bone marrow cells depleted by a novel antibody, anti-Liv8, is useful for cell therapy to repair damaged liver
Yamamoto N, Terai S, Ohata S, Watanabe T, Omori K, Shinoda K, Miyamoto K, Katada T, Sakaida I, Nishina H, Okita K