Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.310, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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677 - 680 Endothelial nitric oxide synthase: a determinant of TNF alpha production by human monocytes/macrophages
Muhl H, Pfeilschifter J
681 - 684 Cholecystokinin synthesizes and secretes leptin in isolated canine gastric chief cells
Tsunoda Y, Yao HR, Park J, Owyang C
685 - 690 A Rho GTPase controls the rate of protein synthesis in the sea urchin egg
Manzo S, Martinez-Cadena G, Lopez-Godinez J, Pedraza-Reyes M, Garcia-Soto J
691 - 702 PI3-kinase and MAP-kinase signaling cascades in AILIM/ICOS- and CD28-costimulated T-cells have distinct functions between cell proliferation and IL-10 production
Okamoto N, Tezuka K, Kato M, Abe R, Tsuji T
703 - 709 The effect of temperature on adrenergic receptors of alveolar type II cells of a heterothermic marsupial
Ormond CJ, Orgeig S, Daniels CB
710 - 714 Modulation of delayed rectifier potassium current by angiotensin II in CATH.a cells
Sun CW, Du JQ, Raizada MK, Sumners C
715 - 719 Suppression of Helicobacter pylori-induced gastritis by green tea extract in Mongolian gerbils
Matsubara S, Shibata H, Ishikawa F, Yokokura T, Takahashi M, Sugimura T, Wakabayashi K
720 - 724 Identification of a nuclear protein that promotes NF-kappa B activation
Chen DY, Li ZQ, Yang Q, Zhang JB, Zhai ZH, Shu HB
725 - 729 Tumor necrosis factor attenuates prion protein-deficient neuronal cell death by increases in anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins
Sakudo A, Lee DC, Saeki K, Matsumoto Y, Itohara S, Onodera T
730 - 734 Intracellular delivery of antibodies using TAT fusion protein A
Mie M, Takahashi F, Funabashi H, Yanagida Y, Aizawa M, Kobatake E
735 - 741 Rapid proteasomal degradation of translocation-deficient UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 proteins in patients with Crigler-Najjar type II
Ohnishi A, Emi Y
742 - 747 Hepatitis B surface antigen immunopurification using a plant-derived specific antibody produced in large scale
Valdes R, Reyes B, Alvarez T, Garcia J, Montero JA, Figueroa A, Gomez L, Padilla S, Geada D, Abrahantes MC, Dorta L, Fernandez D, Mendoza O, Ramirez N, Rodriguez M, Pujol M, Borroto C, Brito J
748 - 753 Localization of HSP70, Cdc2, and cyclin B in sea urchin oocytes in non-stressed conditions
Geraci F, Agueli C, Giudice G, Sconzo G
754 - 760 A novel RNA splicing-mediated gene silencing mechanism potential for genome evolution
Lin SL, Chang D, Wu DY, Ying SY
761 - 766 Splice variant in TCR zeta links T cell receptor signaling to a G-protein-related signaling pathway
Atkinson TP, Hall CG, Goldsmith J, Kirkham PM
767 - 773 The ITIM-bearing CLECSF6 (DUR) is down-modulated in neutrophils by neutrophil activating agents
Richard M, Thibault N, Veilleux P, Breton R, Beaulieu AD
774 - 778 Regulation of osteoclast protease expression by RANKL
Wittrant Y, Theoleyre S, Couillaud S, Dunstan C, Heymann D, Redini F
779 - 784 PGC-1-related coactivator and targets are upregulated in thyroid oncocytoma
Savagner F, Mirebeau D, Jacques C, Guyetant S, Morgan C, Franc B, Reynier P, Malthiery Y
785 - 790 Binding characteristics of SSR180575, a potent and selective peripheral benzodiazepine ligand
Vin V, Leducq N, Bono F, Herbert JM
791 - 795 Analysis of T-cell receptor V beta gene from infiltrating T cells in insulitis and myocarditis in encephalomyocarditis virus-infected BALB/C mice
Kawagishi A, Kubosaki A, Takeyama N, Sakudo A, Saeki K, Matsumoto Y, Hayashi T, Onodera T
796 - 803 Integrin-linked kinase is a positive mediator of L6 myoblast differentiation
Miller MG, Naruszewicz I, Kumar AS, Ramlal T, Hannigan GE
804 - 810 Angiostatin antagonizes the action of VEGF-A in human endothelial cells via two distinct pathways
Chen YH, Wu HL, Chen CK, Huang YH, Yang BC, Wu LW
811 - 815 Selection of low-molecular-mass trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibitors based on the binding loop of CMTI-III using combinatorial chemistry methods
Kazmierczak K, Zablotna E, Jaskiewicz A, Miecznikowska H, Rolka K
816 - 823 A novel non-containing-nitrogen bisphosphonate inhibits both in vitro and in vivo angiogenesis
Hamma-Kourbali Y, Di Benedetto M, Ledoux D, Oudar O, Leroux Y, Lecouvey M, Kraemer M
824 - 829 Transcription factor Nrf2 is required for the constitutive and inducible expression of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 in mouse embryo fibroblasts
Hayashi A, Suzuki H, Itoh K, Yamamoto M, Sugiyama Y
830 - 835 Ghrelin improves endothelial dysfunction through growth hormone-independent mechanisms in rats
Shimizu Y, Nagaya N, Teranishi Y, Imazu M, Yamamoto H, Shokawa T, Kangawa K, Kohno N, Yoshizumi M
836 - 843 Common genetic variation in a basal promoter element alters DDAH2 expression in endothelial cells
Jones LC, Tran CTL, Leiper JM, Hingorani AD, Vallance P
844 - 851 Aberrant methylation of the specific CpG island portion regulates cyclooxygenase-2 gene expression in human gastric carcinomas
Hur K, Song SH, Lee HS, Kim WH, Bang YJ, Yang HK
852 - 859 [LysB3, GluB29] insulin: a novel insulin analog with enhanced beta-cell protective action
Rakatzi I, Seipke G, Eckel E
860 - 868 Identification of urotensin II-related peptide as the urotensin II-immunoreactive molecule in the rat brain
Sugo T, Murakami Y, Shimomura Y, Haradam M, Abe M, Ishibashi Y, Kitada C, Miyajima N, Suzuki N, Mori M, Fujino M
869 - 875 Covalent modification of cysteine 193 impairs ATPase function of nucleotide-binding domain of a Candida drug efflux pump
Jha S, Karnani N, Lynn AM, Prasad R
876 - 877 Vitamin D-3-dependent pathway regulates TACO gene transcription
Anand PK, Kaul D
878 - 883 Stimulation of PAI-1 and adipokines by glucose in human adipose tissue in vitro
He G, Bruun JM, Lihn AS, Pedersen SB, Richelsen B
884 - 888 Sphingosine 1-phosphate and cell migration: resistance to angiogenesis inhibitors
Morii T, Weissbach L
889 - 896 Carboxyterminal cleavage of the chemokines MIG and IP-10 by gelatinase B and neutrophil collagenase
Van den Steen PE, Husson SJ, Proost P, Van Damme J, Opdenakker G
897 - 903 Intravascular insulin gene delivery as potential therapeutic intervention in diabetes mellitus
Yasutomi K, Itokawa Y, Asada H, Kishida T, Cui FD, Ohashi S, Gojo S, Ueda Y, Kubo T, Yamagishi H, Imanishi J, Takeuchi T, Mazda O
904 - 909 Amyloid beta peptide (A beta 42) activates PLC-delta 1 promoter through the NF-kappa B binding site
Kim JY, Kim H, Lee SG, Choi BH, Kim YH, Huh PW, Lee KH, Han H, Rha HK
910 - 918 Rapid response of cardiac obscurin gene cluster to aortic stenosis: differential activation of Rho-GEF and MLCK and involvement in hypertrophic growth
Borisov AB, Raekera MO, Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos A, Yang K, Kurnit DM, Bloch RJ, Russell MW
919 - 926 Independent signals determine the subcellular localization of NEP in prostate cancer cells
Gomes L, Aumuller G, Wennemuth G, Bette M, Albrecht M
927 - 935 Comparative studies of resistin expression and phylogenomics in human and mouse
Yang RZ, Huang Q, Xu AH, McLenithan JC, Eison JA, Shuldiner AR, Alkan S, Gong DW
936 - 942 MCP-1 deficiency is associated with reduced intimal hyperplasia after arterial injury
Kim WJH, Chereshnev I, Gazdoiua M, Fallon JT, Rollins BJ, Taubman MB
943 - 948 Improved methods for the acquisition and interpretation of NMR metabolomic data
Viant MR
949 - 955 Recombinant leptin in the hypothalamic response to late fasting
Bertile F, Oudart H, Le Maho Y, Raclot T
956 - 962 Bax conformational change is a crucial step for PUMA-mediated apoptosis in human leukemia
Liu FT, Newland AC, Jia L
963 - 966 Mitochondrial deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate pools in thymidine kinase 2 deficiency
Saada A, Ben-Shalom E, Zyslin R, Miller C, Mandel H, Elpeleg O
967 - 971 The neural cell adhesion molecule is associated with major components of the cytoskeleton
Buttner B, Kannicht C, Reutter W, Horstkorte R
972 - 978 Molecular and physiological characterization of an invertebrate homologue of a calcitonin-related receptor
Dubos MP, Badariotti F, Rodet F, Lelong C, Favrel P
979 - 985 Induction of endogenous antioxidants and phase 2 enzymes by alpha-lipoic acid in rat cardiac H9C2 cells: protection against oxidative injury
Cao ZX, Tsang M, Zhao H, Li YB
986 - 991 Iron toxicity protection by truncated Ras2 GTPase in yeast strain lacking frataxin
Kucej M, Foury F
992 - 1001 Identification of a hexapeptide binding region in the nociceptin (ORL1) receptor by photo-affinity labelling with Ac-Arg-Bpa-Tyr-Arg-Trp-Arg-NH2
Bes B, Meunier JC
1002 - 1009 Combination of angiopoietin-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy enhances arteriogenesis in the ischemic myocardium
Siddiqui AJ, Blomberg P, Wardell E, Hellgren I, Eskandarpour M, Islam KB, Sylven C
1010 - 1016 Galectin-1 interacts with beta-1 subunit of integrin
Moiseeva EP, Williams B, Goodall AH, Samani NJ
1017 - 1025 Ectopically expressed PDX-1 in liver initiates endocrine and exocrine pancreas differentiation but causes dysmorphogenesis
Miyatsuka T, Kaneto H, Kajimoto Y, Hirota S, Arakawa Y, Fujitani Y, Umayahara Y, Watada H, Yamasaki Y, Magnuson MA, Miyazaki J, Hori M
1026 - 1031 SU9516: biochemical analysis of cdk inhibition and crystal structure in complex with cdk2
Moshinsky DJ, Bellamacina CR, Boisvert DC, Huang P, Hui T, Jancarik J, Kim SH, Rice AG
1032 - 1038 Metallothionein 2A interacts with the kinase domain of PKC mu in prostate cancer
Rao PS, Jaggi M, Smith DJ, Hemstreet GP, Balaji KC