Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.309, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Isoform-specific induction of PKC-epsilon by high glucose protects heart-derived H9c2 cells against hypoxic injury
Kim MH, Jung YS, Moon CH, Jeong EM, Lee SH, Baik EJ, Moon CK
7 - 11 Sulfonation of environmental estrogens by zebrafish cytosolic sulfotransferases
Ohkimoto K, Sugahara T, Sakakibara Y, Suiko M, Liu MY, Carter G, Liu MC
12 - 17 Role of ascorbate in the regulation of nitric oxide generation by polymorphonuclear leukocytes
Sharma P, Raghavan SAV, Dikshit M
18 - 25 Rapid discovery and identification of a tissue-specific tumor biomarker from 39 human cancer cell lines using the SELDI ProteinChip platform
Shiwa M, Nishimura Y, Wakatabe R, Fukawa A, Arikuni H, Ota H, Kato Y, Yamori T
26 - 31 Changing expression of IL-3 and IL-5 receptors in cultured human eosinophils
Yoshimura-Uchiyama C, Yamaguchi M, Nagase H, Matsushima K, Igarashi T, Iwata T, Yamamoto K, Hirai K
32 - 35 The role of protein phosphorylation in alpha 2,6(N)-sialyltransferase activity
Breen KC, Georgopoulou N
36 - 43 Metabolism of butyl benzyl phthalate by Gordonia sp strain MTCC 4818
Chatterjee S, Dutta TK
44 - 51 Different isoforms of PRIP-interacting protein with methyltransferase domain/trimethylguanosine synthase localizes to the cytoplasm and nucleus
Enunlu I, Papai G, Cserpan I, Udvardy A, Jeang KT, Boros I
52 - 57 Identification and characterization of Xenopus NDRG1
Kyuno J, Fukui A, Michiue T, Asashima M
58 - 65 GABAergic and serotonergic modulation of calcium currents in rat trigeminal motoneurons
Oh SB, Piao ZG, Shin SS, Ren DJ, Park KP, Kim JS
66 - 70 Bright stable luminescent yeast using bacterial luciferase as a sensor
Szittner R, Jansen G, Thomas DY, Meighen E
71 - 78 Partial reconstitution of human interstrand cross-link repair in vitro: characterization of the roles of RPA and PCNA
Zhang NX, Lu XY, Legerski RJ
79 - 83 Thermodynamic study of hybridization properties of heterochiral nucleic acids
Urata H, Shimizu H, Hiroaki H, Kohda D, Akagi M
84 - 90 Role of the adaptor protein CIKS in the activation of the IKK complex
Mauro C, Vito P, Mellone S, Pacifico F, Chariot A, Formisano S, Leonardi A
91 - 95 Early neuronal progenitor cell line expressing solely non-catalytic isoform of TrkC
Matuszyk J, Ziolo E, Plawiak D, Strzadala L
96 - 103 A missense mutation (G1506E) in the adhesion G domain of laminin-5 causes mild junctional epidermolysis bullosa
Scaturro M, Posteraro P, Mastrogiacomo A, Zaccaria ML, De Luca N, Mazzanti C, Zambruno G, Castiglia D
104 - 113 Generation of cloned calves and transgenic chimeric embryos from bovine embryonic stem-like cells
Saito S, Sawai K, Ugai H, Moriyasu S, Minamihashi A, Yamamoto Y, Hirayama H, Kageyama S, Pan JZ, Murata T, Kobayashi Y, Obata Y, Yokoyama KK
114 - 119 Glucocorticoids up-regulate leukotriene B-4 receptor-1 expression during neutrophilic differentiation of HL-60 cells
Obinata H, Yokomizo T, Shimizu T, Izumi T
120 - 125 Osteopontin inhibits expression of cytochrome c oxidase in RAW 264.7 murine macrophages
Gao CJ, Guo HT, Wei JP, Kuo PC
126 - 134 Inhibition of glycogen phosphorylase (GP) by CP-91,149 induces growth inhibition correlating with brain GP expression
Schnier JB, Nishi K, Monks A, Gorin FA, Bradbury EM
135 - 142 A newly identified AMSH-family protein is specifically expressed in haploid stages of testicular germ cells
Kitajima K, Matsumoto K, Tahara M, Takahashi H, Nakamura T, Nakamura T
143 - 154 A novel giant gene CSMD3 encoding a protein with CUB and sushi multiple domains: a candidate gene for benign adult familial myoclonic epilepsy on human chromosome 8q23.3-q24.1
Shimizu A, Asakawa S, Sasaki T, Yamazaki S, Yamagata H, Kudoh J, Minoshima S, Kondo I, Shimizu N
155 - 160 Distribution of sphingosine kinase activity in mouse tissues: contribution of SPHK1
Fukuda Y, Kihara A, Igarashi Y
161 - 165 The genetic background as a determinant of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 proviral load
Nitta T, Tanaka M, Sun BL, Hanai S, Miwa M
166 - 174 A novel human glycosyltransferase: primary structure and characterization of the gene and transcripts
Heinonen TYK, Pasternack L, Lindfors K, Breton C, Gastinel LN, Maki M, Kainulainen H
175 - 182 Identification of secreted CD155 isoforms
Baury W, Masson D, McDermott BM, Jarry A, Blottiere HM, Blanchardie P, Laboisse CL, Lustenberger P, Racaniello VR, Denis MG
183 - 188 A novel type of single-stranded nucleic acid binding protein recognizing a highly frequent motif in the intergenic regions of Trypanosoma cruzi
Duhagon MA, Dallagiovanna B, Ciganda M, Ruyechan W, Williams N, Garat B
189 - 195 Identification of EloA-BP1, a novel Elongin A binding protein with an exonuclease homology domain
Tamura K, Miyata K, Sugahara K, Onishi S, Shuin T, Aso T
196 - 200 Protein disregulation in red blood cell membranes of type 2 diabetic patients
Jiang M, Jia LZ, Jiang WH, Hu XJ, Zhou HQ, Gao X, Lu ZQ, Zhang ZH
201 - 208 A mutation at the start codon defines the differential requirement of dpy-11 in Caenorhahditis elegans body hypodermis and male tail
Ko FCF, Chow KL
209 - 216 The STC-1 cells express functional orexin-A receptors coupled to CCK release
Larsson KP, Akerman KE, Magga J, Uotila S, Kukkonen JP, Nasman J, Herzig KH
217 - 221 Ecm10p localizes in yeast mitochondrial nucleoids and its overexpression induces extensive mitochondrial DNA aggregations
Sakasegawa Y, Hachiya NS, Tsukita S, Kaneko K
222 - 231 Hypoxia induces apoptosis in SV40-immortalized rat proximal tubular cells through the mitochondrial pathways, devoid of HIFI-mediated upregulation of Bax
Tanaka T, Hanafusa N, Ingelfinger JR, Ohse T, Fujita T, Nangaku M
232 - 240 Bone-marrow-derived myofibroblasts contribute to the cancer-induced stromal reaction
Ishii G, Sangai T, Oda T, Aoyagi Y, Hasebe T, Kanomata N, Endoh Y, Okumura C, Okuhara Y, Magae J, Emura M, Ochiya T, Ochiai A
241 - 246 Expression of ErbB receptors in ES cell-derived cardiomyocytes
Kima HS, Hidaka K, Morisaki T
247 - 252 Cooperative regulation for Okazaki fragment processing by RNase HII and FEN-1 purified from a hyperthermophilic archaeon, Pyrococcus furiosus
Sato A, Kanai A, Itaya M, Tomita M
253 - 260 Comparative proteomics analysis of human lung squamous carcinoma
Li C, Chen ZC, Xiao ZQ, Wu XY, Zhan XQ, Zhang XP, Li MY, Li JL, Feng XP, Liang SP, Chen P, Xie JY
261 - 265 Phenotypic linkage between single-nucleotide polymorphisms of beta(3)-adrenergic receptor gene and NADH dehydrogenase subunit-2 gene, with special reference to eating behavior
Aoyama M, Shidoji Y, Saimei M, Tsunawake N, Ichinose M