Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.308, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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673 - 678 Simultaneous imaging of phosphatidyl inositol metabolism and Ca2+ levels in PC12h cells
Morita M, Yoshiki F, Kudo Y
679 - 683 Proline(365) is a critical residue for the activity of XMI-ER1 in Xenopus embryonic development
Teplitsky Y, Paterno GD, Gillespie LL
684 - 688 Preparation and X-ray crystallographic analysis of rubredoxin crystals from Desulfovibrio gigas to beyond ultra-high 0.68 angstrom resolution
Chen CJ, Liu MY, Chen YT, LeGall J
689 - 697 Inhibitory effects of novel E2F decoy oligodeoxynucleotides on mesangial cell proliferation by coexpression of E2F/DP
Park KK, Ahn JD, Lee IK, Magae J, Heintz NH, Kwak JY, Lee YC, Cho YS, Kim HC, Chae YM, Kim YH, Kim CH, Chang YC
698 - 705 Structure-based design of aliskiren, a novel orally effective renin inhibitor
Wood JM, Maibaum J, Rahuel J, Grutter MG, Cohen NC, Rasetti V, Ruger H, Goschke R, Stutz S, Fuhrer W, Schilling W, Rigollier P, Yamaguchi Y, Cumin F, Baum HP, Schnell CR, Herold P, Mah R, Jensen C, O'Brien E, Stanton A, Bedigian MP
706 - 712 A new blood coagulation inhibitor from the snake Bothrops jararaca plasma: isolation and characterization
Tanaka-Azevedo AM, Tanaka AS, Sano-Martins IS
713 - 718 Enhanced cell-mediated IFN-gamma-secreting activity against the HIV-1(IIIB)V3 peptide of the TAB9 multiepitope after DNA vaccine backbone engineering
Rodriguez EG, Vazquez DM, Herrera AM, Duarte CA
719 - 725 Characterization of nucleotide pyrophosphatase-5 as an oligomannosidic glycoprotein in rat brain
Ohe Y, Ohnishi H, Okazawa H, Tomizawa K, Kobayashi H, Okawa K, Matozaki T
726 - 735 Bioinformatics of granzymes: sequence comparison and structural studies on granzyme family by homology modeling
Sattar R, Ali SA, Abbasi A
736 - 743 Hemozoin formation in malaria: a two-step process involving histidine-rich proteins and lipids
Pandey AV, Babbarwal VK, Okoyeh JN, Joshi RM, Puri SK, Singh RL, Chauhan VS
744 - 749 Identification and characterization of p100HB, a new mutant form of p100/NF-kappa B2
Derudder E, Laferte A, Ferreira V, Mishal Z, Baud V, Tarantino N, Korner M
750 - 758 Both raft- and non-raft proteins associate with CHAPS-insoluble complexes: some APP in large complexes
Rouvinski A, Gahali-Sassa I, Stav I, Metzer E, Atlan H, Taraboulos A
759 - 763 Calcium-dependent, swelling-activated K+ conductance in human neuroblastoma cells
Basavappa S, Mangel AW, Boulpaep EL
764 - 769 Selective role of PI3K delta in neutrophil inflammatory responses
Sadhu C, Dick K, Tino WT, Staunton DE
770 - 776 Immunodominance of conformation-dependent B-cell epitopes of protein antigens
Ito HO, Nakashima T, So T, Hirata M, Inoue M
777 - 783 Estrogen receptor alpha and vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and bone mineral density: association study of healthy pre- and postmenopausal Chinese women
Zhang YY, Long JR, Liu PY, Liu YJ, Shen H, Zhao LJ, Deng HW
784 - 792 NKIAMRE, a novel conserved CDC2-related kinase with features of both mitogen-activated protein kinases and cyclin-dependent kinases
Yee KWL, Moore SJ, Midmer M, Zanke BW, Tong F, Hedley D, Minden MD
793 - 801 hLodestar/HuF2 interacts with CDC5L and is involved in pre-mRNA splicing
Leonard D, Ajuh P, Lamond AI, Legerski RJ
802 - 808 Morphine suppresses lymphocyte apoptosis by blocking p53-mediated death signaling
Suzuki S, Chuang LF, Doi RH, Chuang RY
809 - 813 NAD(+) repletion prevents PARP-1-induced glycolytic blockade and cell death in cultured mouse astrocytes
Ying WH, Garnier P, Swanson RA
814 - 819 Specific alpha v integrin receptors modulate K1735 murine melanoma cell behavior
Yang YJ, Dang DM, Atakilit A, Schmidt B, Regezi J, Li XW, Eisele D, Ellis D, Ramos DM
820 - 825 Protein PknE, a novel transmembrane eukaryotic-like serine/threonine kinase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Molle V, Girard-Blanc C, Kremer L, Doublet P, Cozzone AJ, Prost JF
826 - 833 The nucleus of HeLa cells contains tubular structures for Ca2+ signaling with the involvement of mitochondria
Lui PPY, Chan FL, Suen YK, Kwok TT, Kong SK
834 - 839 Establishment and characterization of a spontaneously immortalized mouse ameloblast-lineage cell line
Nakata A, Kameda T, Nagai H, Ikegami K, Duan YQ, Terada K, Sugiyama T
840 - 846 Susceptibility to programmed cell death in T-lymphocytes from septic patients: a mechanism for lymphopenia and Th2 predominance
Roth G, Moser B, Krenn C, Brunner M, Haisjackl M, Almer G, Gerlitz S, Wolner E, Boltz-Nitulescu G, Ankersmit HJ
847 - 851 The targeted disruption of the CD98 gene results in embryonic lethality
Tsumura H, Suzuki N, Saito H, Kawano M, Otake S, Kozuka Y, Komada H, Tsurudome M, Ito Y
852 - 857 Plasminogen activator/plasmin system regulates formation of the hepatocyte spheroids
Hasebe Y, Akao M, Okumura N, Izumi T, Koh T, Seki T, Ariga T
858 - 865 Heparan sulfate is required for bone morphogenetic protein-7 signaling
Irie A, Habuchi H, Kimata K, Sanai Y
866 - 871 Aminoglycoside antibiotics reduce glucose reabsorption in kidney through down-regulation of SGLT1
Takamoto K, Kawada M, Usui T, Ishizuka M, Ikeda D
872 - 877 A novel marker for terminal Schwann cells, homocysteine-responsive ER-resident protein, as isolated by a single cell PCR-differential display
Oda R, Yaoi T, Okajima S, Kobashi H, Kubo T, Fushiki S
878 - 884 Induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest by polyvinylpyrrolidone K-30 and protective effect of alpha-tocopherol
Wang YB, Lou Y, Luo ZF, Zhang DF, Wang YZ
885 - 891 Heterodimer formation is essential for heparanase enzymatic activity
Levy-Adam F, Miao HQ, Heinrikson RL, Vlodavsky I, Ilan N
892 - 898 Epigenetically mediated loss of UDP-GlcNAc 2-epimerase/ManNAc kinase expression in hyposialylated cell lines
Oetke C, Hinderlich S, Reutter W, Pawlita M
899 - 905 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase gene sequence from foot-and-mouth disease virus in Hong Kong
Chen X, Feng Q, Wu ZY, Liu YY, Huang K, Shi R, Chen SD, Lu W, Ding MX, Collins RA, Fung YWW, Lau LT, Yu ACH, Chen JG
906 - 913 Enhanced infectivity of HIV-1 by X4 HIV-1 coinfection
Maeda Y, Yusa K, Harada S
914 - 921 Karyotype instability and anchorage-independent growth in telomerase-immortalized fibroblasts from two centenarian individuals
Mondello C, Chiesa M, Rebuzzini P, Zongaro S, Verri A, Colombo T, Giulotto E, D'Incalci M, Franceschi C, Nuzzo F
922 - 926 Linkage of the efflux-pump expression level with substrate extrusion rate in the MexAB-OprM efflux pump of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Narita S, Eda S, Yoshihara E, Nakae T
927 - 932 Enhanced degradation of MDM2 by a nuclear envelope component, mouse germ cell-less
Masuhara M, Nagao K, Nishikawa M, Kimura T, Nakano T
933 - 939 Adiponectin gene activation by thiazolidinediones requires PPAR gamma 2, but not C/EBP alpha - evidence for differential regulation of the aP2 and adiponectin genes
Gustafson B, Jack MM, Cushman SW, Smith U
940 - 949 Structure of the murine tenascin-R gene and functional characterisation of the promoter
Putthoff P, Akyuz N, Kutsche M, Zardi L, Borgmeyer U, Schachner M
950 - 955 Changes in temperature modulate heme oxygenase-1 induction by curcumin in renal epithelial cells
Balogun E, Foresti R, Green CJ, Motterlini R
956 - 960 Heme oxygenase-1 induction may explain the antioxidant profile of aspirin
Grosser N, Abate A, Oberle S, Vreman HJ, Dennery PA, Becker JC, Pohle T, Seidman DS, Schroder H
961 - 965 Alternative splicing of the muscarinic acetylcholine receptor GAR-3 in Caenorhabditis elegans
Park YS, Kim S, Shin Y, Choi B, Cho NJ
966 - 974 Nitric oxide prevents UV-induced phosphorylation of the p53 tumor-suppressor protein at serine 46: a possible role in inhibition of apoptosis
Fukunaga-Takenaka R, Fukunaga K, Tatemichi M, Ohshima H
975 - 983 Molecular characterization of human ninein protein: two distinct subdomains required for centrosomal targeting and regulating signals in cell cycle
Chen CH, Howng SL, Cheng TS, Chou MH, Huang CY, Hong YR
984 - 989 Dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase activity modulates ADMA levels, VEGF expression, and cell phenotype
Smith CL, Birdsey GM, Anthony S, Arrigoni FI, Leiper JM, Vallance P
990 - 994 Erythropoietin protects cardiac myocytes from hypoxia-induced apoptosis through an Akt-dependent pathway
Tramontano AF, Muniyappa R, Black AD, Blendea MC, Cohen I, Deng LL, Sowers JR, Cutaia MV, El-Sherif N
995 - 1000 Surface film pressure of actin: interactions with lipids in mixed monolayers
Gicquaud C, Chauvet JP, Tancrede P
1001 - 1008 Heme oxygenase-1 expression levels are cell cycle dependent
Colombrita C, Lombardo G, Scapagnini G, Abraham NG