Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.308, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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409 - 413 Autocrine growth factor revisited: PC-cell-derived growth factor (progranulin), a critical player in breast cancer tumorigenesis
Serrero G
414 - 421 Identification and characterization of Clorf36, a transcript highly expressed in photoreceptor cells, and mutation analysis in retinitis pigmentosa
Lavorgna G, Lestingi M, Ziviello C, Testa F, Simonelli F, Manitto MP, Brancato R, Ferrari M, Rinaldi E, Ciccodicola A, Banfi S
422 - 426 Glucose transporter GLUT12-functional characterization in Xenopus laevis oocytes
Rogers S, Chandler JD, Clarke AL, Petrou S, Best JD
427 - 432 Evidence that increased 12-lipoxygenase expression impairs pancreatic beta cell function and viability
Prasad KMR, Thimmalapura PRR, Woode EAA, Nadler JL
433 - 438 Drosophila Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase gene confers resistance to paraquat in Escherichia coli
Goulielmos GN, Arhontaki K, Eliopoulos E, Tserpistali K, Tsakas S, Loukas M
439 - 444 Thyroid hormone regulates mRNA expression and currents of ion channels in rat atrium
Watanabe H, Ma ML, Washizuka T, Komura S, Yoshida T, Hosaka Y, Hatada K, Chinushi M, Yamamoto T, Watanabe K, Aizawa Y
445 - 451 Identification of second and third calcitonin receptor-stimulating peptides in porcine brain
Katafuchi T, Hamano K, Kikumoto K, Minamino N
452 - 457 Maillard reaction-like lysine modification by a lipid peroxidation product: immunochemical detection of protein-bound 2-hydroxyheptanal in vivo
Itakura K, Furuhata A, Shibata N, Kobayashi M, Uchida K
458 - 462 Simvastatin induces osteoblastic differentiation and inhibits adipocytic differentiation in mouse bone marrow stromal cells
Song CL, Guo ZQ, Ma QJ, Chen ZQ, Liu ZJ, Jia HT, Dang GT
463 - 468 Alterations in surface activity of pulmonary surfactant in Gould's wattled bat during rapid arousal from torpor
Codd JR, Orgeig S, Daniels CB, Schurch S
469 - 473 Precise quantitation of 5 alpha-reductase type 1 mRNA by RT-PCR in rat liver and its positive regulation by testosterone and dihydrotestosterone
Torres JM, Ortega E
474 - 479 Inflammatory mediators expressed in human Islets of Langerhans: implications for Islet transplantation
Johansson U, Olsson A, Gabrielsson S, Nilsson B, Korsgren O
480 - 485 Circulating and cardiac levels of apelin, the novel ligand of the orphan receptor APJ, in patients with heart failure
Foldes G, Horkay F, Szokodi I, Vuolteenaho O, Ilves M, Lindstedt A, Mayranpaa M, Sarman B, Seres L, Skoumal R, Lako-Futo Z, deChatel R, Ruskoaho H, Toth M
486 - 491 UVA-mediated downregulation of MMP-2 and MMP-9 in human epidermal keratinocytes
Steinbrenner H, Ramos MC, Stuhlmann D, Sies H, Brenneisen P
492 - 496 Ascorbate-induced oxidation of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
Schmalhausen EV, Pleten' AP, Muronetz VI
497 - 504 Molecular mechanism of apoptosis: prediction of three-dimensional structure of caspase-6 and its interactions by homology modeling
Sattar R, Ali SA, Abbasi A
505 - 510 Microarray analysis of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma-induced changes in gene expression in macrophages
Hodgkinson CP, Ye S
511 - 517 Generation of 2,3,7,8-TCDD-metabolizing enzyme by modifying rat CYP1A1 through site-directed mutagenesis
Shinkyo R, Sakaki T, Takita T, Ohta M, Inouye K
518 - 522 Activation of CFTR by genistein in human airway epithelial cell lines
Andersson C, Servetnyk Z, Roomans GM
523 - 528 Inhibition of apoptosis by recombinant 30K protein originating from silkworm hemolymph
Kim EJ, Park HJ, Park TH
529 - 534 Vanadate-based transition-state analog inhibitors of Cre-LoxP recombination
Martin SS, Wachi S, Baldwin EP
535 - 544 Neuropeptidomic analysis of the brain and thoracic ganglion from the Jonah crab, Cancer borealis
Huybrechts J, Nusbaum MP, Vanden Bosch L, Baggerman G, De Loof A, Schoofs L
545 - 552 Crystal structure of human purine nucleoside phosphorylase at 2.3 angstrom resolution
de Azevedo WF, Canduri F, dos Santos DM, Silva RG, de Oliveira JS, de Carvalho LPS, Basso LA, Mendes MA, Palma MS, Santos DS
553 - 559 Crystal structure of human purine nucleoside phosphorylase complexed with acyclovir
dos Santos DM, Canduri F, Pereira JH, Dias MVB, Silva RG, Mendes MA, Palma MS, Basso LA, de Azevedo WF, Santos DS
560 - 565 Oxidized quercetin reacts with thiols rather than with ascorbate: implication for quercetin supplementation
Boots AW, Kubben N, Haenen GRMM, Bast A
566 - 572 The isolation and characterization of XC3H-3b: a CCCH zinc-finger protein required for pronephros development
Kaneko T, Chan TC, Satow R, Fujita T, Asashima M
573 - 580 Decrease of intracellular ATP content downregulated UCP2 expression in mouse hepatocytes
Cheng G, Polito CC, Haines JK, Shafizadeh SF, Florini RN, Zhou X, Schmidt MG, Chavin KD
581 - 585 Aberrant T cell activation and heightened apoptotic turnover in end-stage renal failure patients: a comparative evaluation between non-dialysis, haemodialysis, and peritoneal dialysis
Moser B, Roth G, Brunner M, Lilaj T, Deicher R, Wolner E, Kovarik J, Boltz-Nitulescu G, Vychytil A, Ankersmit HJ
586 - 595 Molecular identification of Rab7 (ApRab7) in Aiptasia pulchella and its exclusion from phagosomes harboring zooxanthellae
Chen MC, Cheng YM, Sung PJ, Kuo CE, Fang LS
596 - 601 HRT1 modulates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and apoptosis
Wang WL, Prince CYZ, Hu X, Pollman MJ
602 - 607 Characterization of mapacalcine-sensitive Ca2+ channels in rat kidney
Mourre C, Lazou B, Cambar J, Neuilly G, Hugues M
608 - 613 Regulation of macrophage inflammatory protein-2 gene expression in response to oligodeoxynucleotide containing CpG motifs in RAW 264.7 cells
Kwon HJ, Kim DS
614 - 618 Lycopene attenuates alcoholic apoptosis in HepG2 cells expressing CYP2E1
Xu YQ, Leo MA, Lieber CS
619 - 626 The fusion site of envelope fragments from each serotype of Dengue virus in the P64k protein, influence some parameters of the resulting chimeric constructs
Zulueta A, Hermida L, Lazo L, Valdes I, Rodriguez R, Lopez C, Silva R, Rosario D, Martin J, Guzman MG, Guillen G
627 - 635 Disulfide bonds convert small heat shock protein Hsp16.3 from a chaperone to a non-chaperone: implications for the evolution of cysteine in molecular chaperones
Fu XM, Li W, Mao QL, Chang ZY
636 - 645 Adeno-associated virus-mediated bone morphogenetic protein-4 gene therapy for in vivo bone formation
Luk KDK, Chen Y, Cheung KMC, Kung HF, Lu WW, Leong JCY
646 - 654 An N-terminal fragment of ProSAAS (a granin-like neuroendocrine peptide precursor) is associated with tau inclusions in Pick's disease
Kikuchi K, Arawaka S, Koyama S, Kimura H, Ren CH, Wada M, Kawanami T, Kurita K, Daimon M, Kawakatsu S, Kadoya T, Goto K, Kato T
655 - 659 The number of accessible SH-groups in Escherichia coli membrane vesicles is increased by ATP or by formate
Mnatsakanyan N, Poladian A, Bagramyan K, Trchounian A
660 - 667 Impairment of superoxide dismutase activation by N-terminally truncated prion protein (PrP) in PrP-deficient neuronal cell line
Sakudo A, Lee DC, Saeki K, Nakamura Y, Inoue K, Matsumoto Y, Itohara S, Onodera T
668 - 672 5-Lipoxygenase is involved in the angiotensin II-induced NAD(P)H-oxidase activation
Luchtefeld M, Drexler H, Schieffer B