Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.308, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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207 - 213 Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide analogues and their therapeutic potential for the treatment of obesity-diabetes
Gault VA, Flatt PR, O'Harte FPM
214 - 218 Selection of aptamers against KMP-11 using colloidal gold during the SELEX process
Moreno M, Rincon E, Pineiro D, Fernandez G, Domingo A, Jimenez-Ruiz A, Salinas M, Gonzalez VM
219 - 226 Structural basis of the lisinopril-binding specificity in N- and C-domains of human somatic ACE
Fernandez JH, Hayashi MAF, Camargo ACM, Neshich G
227 - 233 Nemo-like kinase induces apoptosis in DLD-1 human colon cancer cells
Yasuda J, Tsuchiya A, Yamada T, Sakamoto M, Sekiya T, Hirohashi S
234 - 239 Characterisation of CadR from Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a Cd(II)-responsive MerR homologue
Brocklehurst KR, Megit SJ, Morby AP
240 - 250 A real-time immuno-PCR assay for routine ultrasensitive quantification of proteins
Adler M, Wacker R, Niemeyer CM
251 - 256 Downregulation and growth inhibitory effect of epithelial-type Kruppel-like transcription factor KLF4, but not KLF5, in bladder cancer
Ohnishi S, Ohnami S, Laub F, Aoki K, Suzuki K, Kanai Y, Haga K, Asaka M, Ramirez F, Yoshida T
257 - 262 Inhibition of 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 by dithiocarbamates
Atanasov AG, Tam S, Rocken JM, Baker ME, Odermatt A
263 - 269 Subcellular localization and N-glycosylation of human ABCC6, expressed in MDCKII cells
Sinko E, Ilias A, Ujhelly O, Homolya L, Scheffer GL, Bergen AAB, Sarkadi B, Varadi A
270 - 275 Distinct roles of Rab3B and Rab13 in the polarized transport of apical, basolateral, and tight junctional membrane proteins to the plasma membrane
Yamamoto Y, Nishimura N, Morimoto S, Kitamura H, Manabe S, Kanayama H, Kagawa S, Sasaki T
276 - 283 Cells lacking Pcp1p/Ugo2p, a rhomboid-like protease required for Mgm1p processing, lose mtDNA and mitochondrial structure in a Dnm1p-dependent manner, but remain competent for mitochondrial fusion
Sesaki H, Southard SM, Hobbs AEA, Jensen RE
284 - 292 Norepinephrine induces hepatic fibrogenesis in leptin deficient ob/ob mice
Oben JA, Roskams T, Yang SQ, Lin HZ, Sinelli N, Li ZP, Torbenson M, Thomas SA, Diehl AM
293 - 299 Toxicity of melanin-free ink of Sepia officinalis to transformed cell lines: identification of the active factor as tyrosinase
Russo GL, De Nisco E, Fiore G, Di Donato P, d'Ischia M, Palumbo A
300 - 305 The conserved P1' Ser of Bowman-Birk-type proteinase inhibitors is not essential for the integrity of the reactive site loop
Brauer ABE, Leatherbarrow RJ
306 - 312 Stretch-induced IL-6 secretion from endothelial cells requires NF-kappa B activation
Kobayashi S, Nagino M, Komatsu S, Naruse K, Nimura Y, Nakanishi M, Sokabe M
313 - 319 Myelin basic protein has multiple calmodulin-binding sites
Libich DS, Hill CMD, Haines JD, Harauz G
320 - 324 Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5B circulates in human serum in complex with alpha(2)-macroglobulin and calcium
Ylipahkala H, Halleen JM, Kaija H, Vihko P, Vaananen HK
325 - 330 Role of Stat5 in Type I interferon-signaling and transcriptional regulation
Uddin S, Lekmine F, Sassano A, Rui H, Fish EN, Platanias LC
331 - 338 TACE/ADAM-17 enzymatic activity is increased in response to cellular stimulation
Doedens JR, Mahimkar RM, Black RA
339 - 345 Vitamin C supplementation in normal subjects reduces constitutive ICAM-1 expression
Rayment SJ, Shaw J, Woollard KJ, Lunec J, Griffiths HR
346 - 352 Proteasome inhibition by chronic oxidative stress in human trabecular meshwork cells
Caballero M, Liton PB, Epstein DL, Gonzalez P
353 - 360 Raf1 plays a pivotal role in lipopolysaccharide-induced activation of dendritic cells
Nakayama K, Ota Y, Okugawa S, Ise N, Kitazawa T, Tsukada K, Kawada M, Yanagimoto S, Kimura S
361 - 368 PPAR delta activation induces COX-2 gene expression and cell proliferation in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Glinghammar B, Skogsberg J, Hamsten A, Ehrenborg E
369 - 374 Cystatin-B is expressed by neural stem cells and by differentiated neurons and astrocytes
Brannvall K, Hjelm H, Korhonen L, Lahtinen U, Lehesjoki AE, Lindholm D
375 - 378 A simple and rapid method to determine the zygosity of uPA-transgenic SCID mice
Meuleman P, Vanlandschoot P, Leroux-Roels G
379 - 385 BNIPL-2, a novel homologue of BNIP-2, interacts with Bcl-2 and Cdc42GAP in apoptosis
Qin WX, Hu J, Guo ML, Xu J, Li JJ, Yao GF, Zhou XM, Jiang HQ, Zhang PP, Shen L, Wan DF, Gu JR
386 - 395 Pro-MMP-9 activation by the MT1-MMP/MMP-2 axis and MMP-3: role of TIMP-2 and plasma membranes
Toth M, Chvyrkova I, Bernardo MM, Hernandez-Barrantes S, Fridman R
396 - 402 Structural and functional characterization of the GalNAc/Gal-specific lectin from the phytopathogenic ascomycete Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary
Candy L, Van Damme EJM, Peumans WJ, Menu-Bouaouiche L, Erard M, Rouge P
403 - 407 Chitosan inhibits prostaglandin E-2 formation and cyclooxygenase-2 induction in lipopolysaccharide-treated RAW 264.7 macrophages
Chou TC, Fu E, Shen EC
408 - 408 Binding to intracellular targets of the metastasis-inducing protein, S100A4 (p9Ka) (vol 286, pg 1212, 2001)
Chen HL, Fernig DG, Rudland PS, Sparks A, Wilkinson MC, Barraclough R