Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.307, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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759 - 764 Insulation from viral transcriptional regulatory elements enables improvement to hepatoma-specific gene expression from adenovirus vectors
Ye X, Liang M, Meng X, Ren XW, Chen HZ, Li ZY, Ni SH, Lieber A, Hu F
765 - 770 Adenoviral transfection of hepatocytes with the thioredoxin gene confers protection against apoptosis and necrosis
Tsutsui T, Koide H, Fukahori H, Isoda K, Higashiyama S, Maeda I, Tashiro F, Yamato E, Miyazaki J, Yodoi J, Kawase M, Yagi K
771 - 777 DNA microarray analysis of in vivo progression mechanism of heart failure
Ueno S, Ohki R, Hashimoto T, Takizawa T, Takeuchi K, Yamashita Y, Ota J, Choi YL, Wada T, Koinuma K, Yamamoto K, Ikeda U, Shimada K, Mano H
778 - 781 The design, synthesis, and in vitro biochemical evaluation of a series of esters of 4-[(aminosulfonyl)oxy]benzoate as novel and highly potent inhibitors of estrone sulfatase
Patel CK, Owen CP, Ahmed S
782 - 790 Identification of novel genes expressed during spermatogenesis in stage-synchronized rat testes by differential display
Luk JM, Mok BW, Shum CK, Yeung WS, Tam PC, Tse JY, Chow JF, Woo J, Kam K, Lee KF
791 - 796 Use of cyclic peptide phage display library for the identification of a CD45RC epitope expressed on murine B cells and their precursors
Czompoly T, Labadi A, Balazs M, Nemeth P, Balogh P
797 - 802 Gene structure and functional properties of mouse CRTH2, a prostaglandin D-2 receptor
Hirai H, Abe H, Tanaka K, Takatsu K, Sugamura K, Nakamura M, Nagata K
803 - 809 Identification, expression, and tissue distribution of the three rat lysyl hydroxylase isoforms
Mercer DK, Nicol PF, Kimbembe C, Robins SP
810 - 813 Expression of normal cellular prion protein (PrPc) on T lymphocytes and the effect of copper ion: analysis by wild-type and prion protein gene-deficient mice
Kubosaki A, Nishimura-Nasu Y, Nishimura T, Yusa S, Sakudo A, Saeki K, Matsumoto Y, Itohara S, Onodera T
814 - 819 Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of interferon alpha inhibits hepatitis C virus replication in hepatocytes
Suzuki K, Aoki K, Ohnami S, Yoshida K, Kazui T, Kato N, Inoue K, Kohara M, Yoshida T
820 - 825 The pore size of the autotransporter domain is critical for the active translocation of the passenger domain
Lee HW, Byun SM
826 - 830 An HSV amplicon-based helper system for helper-dependent adenoviral vectors
Kubo SJ, Saeki Y, Chiocca EA, Mitani K
831 - 838 Molecular characterization and immunolocalization of Schistosoma mansoni ATP-diphosphohydrolase
DeMarco R, Kowaltowski AT, Mortara RA, Verjovski-Almeida S
839 - 846 Protein kinase C alpha negatively regulates cell spreading and motility in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells downstream of epidermal growth factor receptor
Gauthier ML, Torretto C, Ly J, Francescutti V, O'Day DH
847 - 854 Analysis of a repressor region in the human neuropeptide Y gene that binds Oct-1 and Pbx-1 in GT1-7 neurons
Mayer CM, Cai F, Cui H, Gillespie JMA, MacMillan M, Belsham DD
855 - 860 SP600125, an inhibitor of c-jun N-terminal kinase, activates CREB by a p38 MAPK-mediated pathway
Vaishnav D, Jambal P, Reusch JEB, Pugazhenthi S
861 - 863 Effects of hydroxystilbene derivatives on tyrosinase activity
Ohguchi K, Tanaka T, Kido T, Baba K, Iinuma M, Matsumoto K, Akao Y, Nozawa Y
864 - 869 An investigation of cysteine mutants on the cytoplasmic loop X/XI in the melibiose transporter of Escherichia coli by using thiol reagents: implication of structural conservation of charged residues
Ding PZ
870 - 876 ASK1 regulates influenza virus infection-induced apoptotic cell death
Maruoka S, Hashimoto S, Gon Y, Nishitoh H, Takeshita I, Asai Y, Mizumura K, Shimizu K, Ichijo H, Horie T
877 - 882 Identification of the carboxyl termini of porcine zona pellucida glycoproteins ZPB and ZPC
Yonezawa N, Nakano M
883 - 890 Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cells by micropatterning
Thakar RG, Ho F, Huang NF, Liepmann D, Li S
891 - 899 The Lim-only protein LMO4 modulates the transcriptional activity of HEN1
Manetopoulos C, Hansson A, Karlsson J, Jonsson JI, Axelson H
900 - 906 Novel role of cytoplasmic dynein motor in maintenance of the nuclear number in conidia through organized conidiation in Aspergillus oryzae
Maruyama J, Nakajima H, Kitamoto K
907 - 914 Effects of inhibiting transcription and protein synthesis on basal and insulin-stimulated leptin gene expression and leptin secretion in cultured rat adipocytes
Moreno-Aliaga MJ, Stanhope KL, Gregoire FM, Warden CH, Havel PJ
915 - 921 Subcellular localization of poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase in mammalian cells
Ohashi S, Kanai M, Hanai S, Uchiumi F, Maruta H, Tanuma S, Miwa M
922 - 927 Interferon gamma stimulates beta-secretase expression and sAPP beta production in astrocytes
Hong HS, Hwang EM, Sim HJ, Cho HJ, Boo JH, Oh SS, Kim SU, Mook-Jung I
928 - 934 High-throughput expression, purification, and characterization of recombinant Caenorhabditis elegans proteins
Huang RY, Boulton SJ, Vidal M, Almo SC, Bresnick AR, Chance MR
935 - 941 Evidence for the expression of both the hydrolase and translocase components of hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase in murine pancreatic islets
Goh BH, Efendic S, Khan A, Portwood N
942 - 947 Effects of 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosylguanine on mitochondria in CEM T-lymphoblast leukemia cells
Curbo S, Zhivotovsky B, Johansson M, Karlsson A
948 - 955 Characterization of the enzymatic activity of human kallikrein 6: autoactivation, substrate specificity, and regulation by inhibitors
Magklara A, Mellati AA, Wasney GA, Little SP, Sotiropoulou G, Becker GW, Diamandis EP
956 - 961 Characterization of chicken TNFR superfamily decoy receptors, DcR3 and osteoprotegerin
Bridgham JT, Johnson AL
962 - 966 Modulation of the antioxidant activity of HO center dot scavengers by albumin binding: a F-19-NMR study
Aime S, Digilio G, Bruno E, Mainero V, Baroni S, Fasano M
967 - 972 Negative charge at the consensus sequence for the serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase, SGK1, determines pH sensitivity of the renal outer medullary K+ channel, ROMK1
Palmada M, Embark HM, Wyatt AW, Bohmer C, Lang F
973 - 979 Nitric oxide stimulates Nrf2 nuclear translocation in vascular endothelium
Buckley BJ, Marshall ZM, Whorton AR
980 - 986 P/CAF and GCN5 acetylate the AML1/MDS1/EVI1 fusion oncoprotein
Senyuk V, Sinha KK, Chakraborty S, Buonamici S, Nucifora G
987 - 990 Expression of leukotriene C-4 synthase mRNA by the choroid plexus in mouse brain suggests novel neurohormone functions of cysteinyl leukotrienes
Soderstrom M, Engblom D, Blomqvist A, Hammarstrom S
991 - 998 Activation mechanism of HSP16.5 from Methanococcus jannaschii
Kim DR, Lee I, Ha SC, Kim KK
999 - 1007 Expression of erythropoietin receptor splice variants in human cancer
Arcasoy MO, Jiang XH, Haroon ZA
1008 - 1012 Oxidized LDL through LOX-1 modulates LDL-receptor expression in human coronary artery endothelial cells
Hu B, Li DY, Sawamura T, Mehta JL
1013 - 1020 Gene expression in human cells with mutant insulin receptors
Melis R, Pruett PB, Wang YH, Longo N
1021 - 1028 ABCG5 and ABCG8 are expressed in gallbladder epithelial cells
Tauscher A, Kuver R
1029 - 1037 Anti-HIV activity of olive leaf extract (OLE) and modulation of host cell gene expression by HIV-1 infection and OLE treatment
Lee-Huang S, Zhang L, Huang PL, Chang YT, Huang PL
1038 - 1044 Structural basis for a non-phosphorus-containing cyclic peptide binding to Grb2-SH2 domain with high affinity
Li P, Zhang MC, Peach ML, Zhang XD, Liu HP, Nicklaus M, Yang DJ, Roller PP
1045 - 1050 The role of tryptophan 1072 in human PDE3B inhibitor binding
Chung C, Varnerin JP, Morin NR, MacNeil DJ, Singh SB, Patel S, Scapin G, Van der Ploeg LHT, Tota MR
1051 - 1058 A role for alpha V integrin subunit in TGF-beta-stimulated osteoclastogenesis
Chin SL, Johnson SA, Quinn J, Mirosavljevic D, Price JT, Dudley AC, Thomas DM
1059 - 1065 Reversible inhibition of the human xenobiotic-metabolizing enzyme arylamine N-acetyltransferase 1 by S-nitrosothiols
Dairou J, Atmane N, Dupret JM, Rodrigues-Lima F
1066 - 1069 Interaction of soluble CD4 with the chemokine receptor CCR5
Wang XH, Staudinger R
1070 - 1074 Transcriptional regulation of human beta-galactoside alpha 2,6-sialyltransferase (hST6Gal I) gene in colon adenocarcinoma cell line
Xu LM, Kurusu Y, Takizawa K, Tanaka J, Matsumoto K, Taniguchi A