Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.306, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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799 - 804 Role of Smad4 (DPC4) inactivation in human cancer
Miyaki M, Kuroki T
805 - 811 Expression of proinflammatory cytokines via HIF-1 alpha and NF-kappa B activation on desferrioxamine-stimulated HMC-1 cells
Jeong HJ, Chung HS, Lee BR, Kim SJ, Yoo SJ, Hong SH, Kim HM
812 - 818 Involvement of activin/BMP system in development of human pituitary gonadotropinomas and nonfunctioning adenomas
Takeda M, Otsuka F, Suzuki J, Kishida M, Ogura T, Tamiya T, Makino H
819 - 825 Characterization of murine TWEAK and its receptor (Fn14) by monoclonal antibodies
Nakayama M, Harada N, Okumura K, Yagita H
826 - 831 Study of pharmacological effects of nilvadipine on RCS rat retinal degeneration by microarray analysis
Sato M, Ohguro H, Ohguro I, Mamiya K, Takano Y, Yamazaki H, Metoki T, Miyagawa Y, Ishikawa F, Nakazawa M
832 - 836 PPAR-gamma overexpression suppresses glucose-induced proinsulin biosynthesis and insulin release synergistically with pioglitazone in MIN6 cells
Nakamichi Y, Kikuta T, Ito E, Imaizumi-Ohara M, Nishiwaki C, Ishida H, Nagamatsu S
837 - 842 Caspase-mediated cleavage of JNK during stress-induced apoptosis
Enomoto A, Suzuki N, Morita A, Ito M, Liu CQ, Matsumoto Y, Yoshioka K, Shiba T, Hosoi Y
843 - 850 Transcriptional regulation of phosphate-responsive genes in low-affinity phosphate-transporter-defective mutants in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Auesukaree C, Homma T, Kaneko Y, Harashima S
851 - 859 Regulation of the localization and stability of Cdc6 in living yeast cells
Luo KQ, Elsasser S, Chang DC, Campbell JL
860 - 866 Essential role of IRF-3 in lipopolysaccharide-induced interferon-beta gene expression and endotoxin shock
Sakaguchi S, Negishi H, Asagiri M, Nakajima C, Mizutani T, Takaoka A, Honda K, Taniguchi T
867 - 871 Macrophage inflammatory protein-3 alpha and beta-defensin-2 stimulate dentin sialophosphoprotein gene expression in human pulp cells
Shiba H, Mouri Y, Komatsuzawa H, Ouhara K, Takeda K, Sugai M, Kinane DF, Kurihara H
872 - 879 Light plays a key role in the modulation of heat shock response in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803
Asadulghani, Suzuki Y, Nakamoto H
880 - 886 M-phase regulation of the recruitment of mRNAs onto polysomes using the CDK1/cyclin B inhibitor aminopurvalanol
Le Breton M, Belle R, Cormier P, Mulner-Lorillon O, Morales J
887 - 897 PGE(2) is generated by specific COX-2 activity and increases VEGF production in COX-2-expressing human pancreatic cancer cells
Eibl G, Bruemmer D, Okada Y, Duffy JP, Law RE, Reber HA, Hines OJ
898 - 904 Nuclear matrix association of insulin receptor and IRS-1 by insulin in osteoblast-like UMR-106 cells
Seol KC, Kim SJ
905 - 911 Identification of functional nuclear export sequences in human topoisomerase II alpha and beta
Mirski SEL, Bielawski JC, Cole SPC
912 - 917 Truncated Bcl-2, a potential pre-metastatic marker in prostate cancer
Huang JM, Lin TY, Chang D, Lin SL, Ying SY
918 - 923 Stage-specific translational efficiency and protein stability regulate the developmental expression of p37, an RNA binding protein from Trypanosoma brucei
Li JL, Ruyechan WT, Williams N
924 - 929 Ras/Raf1-dependent signal in sphingosine-1-phosphate-induced tube formation in human coronary artery endothelial cells
Miura S, Tanigawa H, Matsuo Y, Fujino M, Kawamura A, Saku K
930 - 936 A novel flavin-containing monooxygenase from Methylophaga sp strain SK1 and its indigo synthesis in Escherichia coli
Choi HS, Kim JK, Cho EH, Kim YC, Kim JI, Kim SW
937 - 942 Regulation of GTP cyclohydrolase I by alternative splicing in mononuclear cells
Hwu WL, Yeh HY, Fang SW, Chiang HS, Chiou YW, Lee YM
943 - 947 Phosphatidic acid production, required for cholecystokinin octapeptide-stimulated amylase acinar AR42J cells, is regulated by secretion from pancreatic a wortmannin-sensitive process
Ikeda Y, Fukuoka SI
948 - 953 Secondary structures in CpG oligonucleotides affect immunostimulatory activity
Kandimalla ER, Bhagat L, Cong YP, Pandey RK, Yu D, Zhao QY, Agrawal S
954 - 958 Dephosphorylation of p53 during cell death by N-alpha-tosyl-L-phenylalanyl chloromethyl ketone
Kim K, Choi KH, Fu YM, Meadows GG, Joe CO
959 - 965 Constitutive precoupling to G(i) and increased agonist potency in the alpha(2B)-adrenoceptor
Ge HF, Scheinin M, Kallio J
966 - 972 Initiation of RNA replication of cloned Taiwan-3 isolate of hepatitis delta virus genotype II in cultured cells
Lin FM, Lee CM, Wang TC, Chao M
973 - 980 Identification of novel proteolytic forms of osteocalcin in human urine
Ivaska KK, Hellman J, Likojarvi J, Kakonen SM, Gerdhem P, Akesson K, Obrant KJ, Pettersson K, Vaananen HK
981 - 987 Rapid increase in endothelial nitric oxide production by bradykinin is mediated by protein kinase A signaling pathway
Bae SW, Kim HS, Cha YN, Park YS, Jo SA, Jo I
988 - 994 A mammalian peptidoglycan recognition protein with N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase activity
Gelius E, Persson C, Karlsson J, Steiner H
995 - 1001 Human malaria parasites display a receptor for activated C kinase ortholog
Madeira L, DeMarco R, Gazarini ML, Veriovski-Almeida S, Garcia CRS
1002 - 1007 Inhibition of Azotobacter vinelandii rhodanese by NO-donors
Spallarossa A, Forlani F, Pagani S, Salvati L, Visca P, Ascenzi P, Bolognesi M, Bordo D
1008 - 1013 Yin Yang 1, a vertebrate Polycomb group gene, regulates antero-posterior neural patterning
Kwon HJ, Chung HM
1014 - 1018 Proteolytic susceptibility of creatine kinase isozymes and arginine kinase
Ercan A, Grossman SH
1019 - 1025 PKC isozyme selective regulation of cloned human cardiac delayed slow rectifier K current
Xiao GQ, Mochly-Rosen D, Boutjdir M
1026 - 1036 Biomarkers of human cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma from tissues and cell lines identified by DNA microarrays and qRT-PCR
Dooley TP, Reddy SP, Wilborn TW, Davis RL
1037 - 1041 Rsp5-Bul1/2 complex is necessary for the HSE-mediated gene expression in budding yeast
Kaida D, Toh-e A, Kikuchi Y
1042 - 1049 Role of timer and sizer in regulation of Chlamydomonas cell cycle
Matsumura K, Yagi T, Yasuda K
1050 - 1055 Evaluation of individual protein errors in silver-stained two-dimensional gels
Smales CM, Birch JR, Racher AJ, Marshall CT, James DC
1056 - 1063 The role of c-Fes in vascular endothelial growth factor-A-mediated signaling by endothelial cells
Kanda S, Mochizuki Y, Miyata Y, Kanetake H
1064 - 1069 Role of acetyl-L-carnitine in the brain: revealed by Bioradiography
Tanaka M, Nakamura F, Mizokawa S, Matsumura A, Matsumura K, Watanabe Y
1070 - 1074 Activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 is involved in production of CXC-chemokine by macrophages during phagocytosis of late apoptotic cells
Kurosaka K, Takahashi M, Kobayashi Y
1075 - 1082 Roles of conserved methionine residues in tobacco acetolactate synthase
Le DT, Yoon MY, Kim YT, Choi JD
1083 - 1088 Characterization of recombinant diaminopropionate ammonia-lyase from Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium
Khan F, Jala VR, Rao NA, Savithri HS
1089 - 1098 ABCA10, a novel cholesterol-regulated ABCA6-like ABC transporter
Wenzel JJ, Kaminski WE, Piehler A, Heimerl S, Langmann T, Schmitz G
1099 - 1105 The first intron of the murine beta-casein gene contains a functional promoter
Kolb A
1106 - 1111 A novel TBP-interacting zinc finger protein functions in early development of Xenopus laevis
Kim M, Choi J, Carlson BA, Han JK, Rhee K, Sargent T, Hatfield DL, Lee BJ