Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.305, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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785 - 788 Hidden intermediates and levinthal paradox in the folding of small proteins
Bai YW
789 - 796 TNF-related weak inducer of apoptosis receptor, a TNF receptor superfamily member, activates NF-kappa B through TNF receptor-associated factors
Han SY, Yoon K, Lee K, Kim K, Jang H, Lee NK, Hwang K, Lee SY
797 - 805 Inhibition of interferon-7-activated nuclear factor-kappa B by cyclosporin A: a possible mechanism for synergistic induction of apoptosis by interferon-gamma and cyclosporin A in gastric carcinoma cells
Beppu K, Morisaki T, Matsunaga H, Uchiyama A, Ihara E, Hirano K, Kanaide H, Tanaka M, Katano M
806 - 810 Cdc42 plays a critical role in assembly of sarcomere units in series of cardiac myocytes
Nagai T, Tanaka-Ishikawa M, Aikawa R, Ishihara H, Zhu WD, Yazaki Y, Nagai R, Komuro I
811 - 814 C-chain-bound glycogenin is released from proteoglycogen by isoamylase and is able to autoglucosylate
Romero JM, Curtino JA
815 - 819 Blocking of alpha 5 integrin stimulates production of TGF-beta and PAI-1 by human mesangial cells
Matsumoto N, Ishimura E, Koyama H, Tanaka S, Imanishi Y, Shioi A, Inaba M, Nishizawa Y
820 - 825 Synthesis and secretion of transferrin by isolated ciliary epithelium of rabbit
Bertazolli R, Laicine EM, Haddad A
826 - 830 Overexpression of glycogen synthase in mouse muscle results in less branched glycogen
Pederson BA, Csitkovits AG, Simon R, Schroeder JM, Wang W, Skurat AV, Roach PJ
831 - 839 Insulin-like growth factor-1 downregulates nuclear factor kappa B activation and upregulates interleukin-8 gene expression induced by tumor necrosis factor alpha
Vallee S, Fouchier F, Bremond P, Briand C, Marvaldi J, Champion S
840 - 845 House fly cytochrome b(5) exhibits kinetically trapped hemin and selectivity in hemin binding
Wang LJ, Urbauer RJB, Urbauer JL, Benson DR
846 - 854 Posttranscriptional regulation of TSC-22 (TGF-beta-stimulated clone-22) gene by TGF-beta 1
Uchida D, Omotehara F, Nakashiro K, Tateishi Y, Hino S, Begum NM, Fujimori T, Kawamata H
855 - 861 Characterization of a cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit from rainbow trout spermatozoa
Itoh A, Inaba K, Ohtake H, Fujinoki M, Morisawa M
862 - 868 Oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 2 is phosphorylated by glycine-rich protein 3/wall-associated kinase 1 in Arabidopsis
Yang EJ, Oh YA, Lee ES, Park AR, Cho SK, Yoo YJ, Park OK
869 - 875 Cloning of a salivary gland metalloprotease and characterization of gelatinase and fibrin(ogen)lytic activities in the saliva of the Lyme disease tick vector Ixodes scapularis
Francischetti IMB, Mather TN, Ribeiro JMC
876 - 881 Heme oxygenase-1 fused to a TAT peptide transduces and protects pancreatic beta-cells
Ribeiro MM, Klein D, Pileggi A, Molano RD, Fraker C, Ricordi C, Inverardi L, Pastori RL
882 - 889 In vitro bone formation using muscle-derived cells: a new paradigm for bone tissue engineering using polymer-bone morphogenetic protein matrices
Lu HH, Kofron MD, El-Amin SF, Attawia MA, Laurencin CT
890 - 897 Ceramide inhibits the potassium channel Kv1.3 by the formation of membrane platforms
Bock J, Szabo I, Gamper N, Adams C, Gulbins E
898 - 903 Effects of endothelin-1 on mitochondrial function during the protection against myocardial cell apoptosis
Iwai-Kanai E, Hasegawa K, Adachi S, Fujita M, Akao M, Kawamura T, Kita T
904 - 908 Establishment of lacZ-transgenic rats: a tool for regenerative research in myocardium
Takahashi M, Hakamata Y, Murakami T, Takeda S, Kaneko T, Takeuchi K, Takahashi R, Ueda M, Kobayashi E
909 - 914 Inhibition of carbonic anhydrase II by steroidal and non-steroidal sulphamates
Ho YT, Purohit A, Vicker N, Newman SP, Robinson JJ, Leese MP, Ganeshapillai D, Woo LWL, Potter BVL, Reed MJ
915 - 924 The differentially expressed C21orf5 gene in the medial temporal-lobe system could play a role in mental retardation in Down syndrome and transgenic mice
Lopes C, Chettouh Z, Delabar JM, Rachidi M
925 - 933 A novel murine long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase expressed in brain participates in neuronal cell proliferation
Kee HJ, Koh JT, Yang SY, Lee ZH, Baik YH, Kim KK
934 - 940 The ras-binding domain of ral GDS-like protein-2 as a ras inhibitor in smooth muscle cells
Fischer TH, Brittain J, Trabalzini L, Banes AJ, White GC, Smith CJ, Nichols TC
941 - 949 Direct observation of substrate induction of resistance mechanism in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using single live cell imaging
Xu XHN, Wan Q, Kyriacou SV, Brownlow WJ, Nowak ME
950 - 956 p21 response to DNA damage induced by genistein and etoposide in human lung cancer cells
Ding H, Duan WR, Zhu WG, Ju R, Srinivasan K, Otterson GA, Villalona-Calero MA
957 - 963 An apparent decrease in cholesterol biosynthesis in peroxisomal-defective Chinese hamster ovary cells is related to impaired mitochondrial oxidation
Oettl K, Hofler G, Ness GC, Sattler W, Malle E
964 - 969 Odorant response assays for a heterologously expressed olfactory receptor
Katada S, Nakagawa T, Kataoka H, Touhara K
970 - 973 DNA microarray analysis of human gingival fibroblasts from healthy and inflammatory gingival tissues
Wang PL, Ohura K, Fujii T, Oido-Mori M, Kowashi Y, Kikuchi M, Suetsugu Y, Tanaka J
974 - 980 Cdk2 activity is associated with depolarization of mitochondrial membrane potential during apoptosis
Jin YH, Yim H, Park JH, Lee SK
981 - 988 Synleurin, a novel leucine-rich repeat protein that increases the intensity of pleiotropic cytokine responses
Wei W, Yan Y, Lei L, Shi YG
989 - 996 Identification of the protein-protein contact site and interaction mode of human VDAC1 with Bcl-2 family proteins
Shi Y, Chen JJ, Weng CJ, Chen R, Zheng YH, Chen Q, Tang H
997 - 1001 Crystallization and characterization of polyphosphate kinase from Escherichia coli
Zhu Y, Lee SSK, Xu WQ
1002 - 1007 Mice lacking Smad3 are protected against streptozotocin-induced diabetic glomerulopathy
Fujimoto M, Maezawa Y, Yokote K, Joh K, Kobayashi K, Kawamura H, Nishimura M, Roberts AB, Saito Y, Mori S
1008 - 1016 BRCA1 associates with human papillomavirus type 18 E2 and stimulates E2-dependent transcription
Kim J, Lee D, Hwang SG, Hwang ES, Choe J
1017 - 1023 Hyaluronan content in experimental carcinoma is not correlated to interstitial fluid pressure
Jacobson A, Salnikov A, Lammerts E, Roswall P, Sundberg C, Heldin P, Rubin K, Heldin NE
1024 - 1033 Permeability and gating properties of human connexins 26 and 30 expressed in HeLa cells
Beltramello M, Bicego M, Piazza V, Ciubotaru CD, Mammano F, D'Andrea P
1034 - 1039 Stimulation of cellular prion protein expression by TSH in human thyrocytes
Yamazaki K, Yamada E, Kanaji Y, Yanagisawa T, Kato Y, Sato K, Takano K, Sakasegawa Y, Kaneko K
1040 - 1048 Sonic hedgehog and FGF8 collaborate to induce dopaminergic phenotypes in the Nurr1-overexpressing neural stem cell
Kim TE, Lee HS, Lee YB, Hong SH, Lee YS, Ichinose H, Kim SU, Lee MA
1049 - 1056 Association of hepatitis B virus polymerase with promyelocytic leukemia nuclear bodies mediated by the S100 family protein p11
Choi J, Chang JS, Song MS, Ahn BY, Park YI, Lim DS, Han YS
1057 - 1060 Role of Shiga toxin 2 (Stx2)-binding protein, human serum amyloid P component (HuSAP), in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli infections: assumption from in vitro and in vivo study using HuSAP and anti-Stx2 humanized monoclonal antibody TMA-15
Kimura T, Tani S, Motoki M, Matsumoto Y
1061 - 1066 Selection of peptides with affinity for the N-terminal domain of GATA-1: identification of a potential interacting protein
Secco P, Cotella D, Santoro C
1067 - 1072 Mutational and sequence analysis of transmembrane segment 6 orientation in TetA proteins
Lewis GS, Jewell JE, Phang T, Miller KW
1073 - 1077 Mouse MTH2 protein which prevents mutations caused by 8-oxoguanine nucleotides
Cai JP, Ishibashi T, Takagi Y, Hayakawa H, Sekiguchi M
1078 - 1084 Role of context in the relationship between form and function: structural plasticity of some PROSITE patterns
Mondal S, Jaishankar SP, Ramakumar S
1085 - 1090 Ultrastructural evidences of HCV infection in hepatocytes of chronically HCV-infected patients
Falcon V, Acosta-Rivero N, Chinea G, Gavilondo J, de la Rosa MC, Menendez V, Duenas-Carrera S, Vina A, Garcia W, Gra B, Noa M, Reytor E, Barcelo MT, Alvarez F, Morales-Grillo J
1091 - 1093 Citraconylation - a simple method for high protein sequence coverage in MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Kadlcik V, Strohalm M, Kodicek M
1094 - 1098 Phosphorylation of NF-kappa B by calmodulin-dependent kinase IV activates anti-apoptotic gene expression
Bae JS, Jang MK, Hong SH, An WG, Choi YH, Do Kim H, Cheong JH
1099 - 1104 The adenoviral E1A induces p21(WAF1/CIP1) expression in cancer cells
Mahmoud S, Najafi A, Li Z, Makino K, Shao R, Hung MC
1105 - 1108 The CAG repeats in exon 1 of the androgen receptor gene are significantly longer in endometrial cancer patients
Sasaki M, Sakuragi N, Dahiya R
1109 - 1115 Differential UVC-induced gadd45 gene expression in xeroderma pigmentosum cells
Chang HC, Tsai JH, Guo YL, Huang YH, Tsai HN, Tsai PC, Huang WY