Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.305, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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211 - 214 Signal transduction by receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B in osteoclasts
Lee ZH, Kim HH
215 - 222 Antidyslipidemic action of fenofibrate in dyslipidemic-diabetic hamster model
Rizvi F, Puri A, Bhatia G, Khanna AK, Wulff EM, Rastogi AK, Chander R
223 - 228 Functional diversity between Rho-kinase- and MLCK-mediated cytoskeletal actions in a myofibroblast-like hepatic stellate cell line
Yanase M, Ikeda H, Ogata I, Matsui A, Noiri E, Tomiya T, Arai M, Inoue Y, Tejima K, Nagashima K, Nishikawa T, Shibata M, Ikebe M, Rojkind M, Fujiwara K
229 - 234 Naringenin inhibits phosphoinositide 3-kinase activity and glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Harmon AW, Patel YM
235 - 243 Molecular characterisation of six alternatively spliced variants and a novel promoter in human peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha
Chew CH, Samian MR, Najimudin N, Tengku-Muhammad TS
244 - 249 Muscle type difference in the regulation of UCP3 under cold conditions
Wang ZC, Kontani Y, Sato Y, Mizuno T, Mori N, Yamashita H
250 - 256 Tyrosinase protects human melanocytes from ROS-generating compounds
Perluigi M, De Marco F, Foppoli C, Coccia R, Blarzino C, Marcante ML, Cini C
257 - 265 Transcribed short tandem repeats occur in couples with strongly preferred registers
Riley DE, Krieger JN
266 - 270 Permeability of C2C12 myotube membranes is influenced by stretch velocity
Burkholder TJ
271 - 277 Activation of Nrf2 and accumulation of ubiquitinated A170 by arsenic in osteoblasts
Aono J, Yanagawa T, Itoh K, Li BJ, Yoshida H, Kumagai Y, Yamamoto M, Ishii T
278 - 286 Early embryonic lethality caused by targeted disruption of the mouse PHGPx gene
Imai H, Hirao F, Sakamoto T, Sekine K, Mizukura Y, Saito M, Kitamoto T, Hayasaka M, Hanaoka K, Nakagawa Y
287 - 291 Increase in IP3 and intracellular Ca2+ induced by phosphate depletion in LLC-PK1 cells
Taketani Y, Nomoto M, Yamamoto H, Isshiki M, Morita K, Arai H, Miyamoto K, Kato S, Takeda E
292 - 298 Increased methylation of endogenous 20-kDa protein in HIT beta-cell during insulin secretion
Lim Y, Shin JS, Paik WK, Kim S
299 - 304 Teleost fish spermatozoa contain a cytosolic protein factor that induces calcium release in sea urchin egg homogenates and triggers calcium oscillations when injected into mouse oocytes
Coward K, Campos-Mendoza A, Larman M, Hibbitt O, McAndrew B, Bromage N, Parrington J
305 - 310 Fungicidal effect of indolicidin and its interaction with phospholipid membranes
Lee DG, Kim HK, Kim SA, Park Y, Park SC, Jang SH, Hahm KS
311 - 314 Abolishment of the interaction between cyclin-dependent kinase 2 and Cdk-associated protein phosphatase by a truncated KAP mutant
Yeh CT, Lu SC, Chao CH, Chao ML
315 - 321 Identification and characterization of the Cdc42-binding site of IQGAP1
Mataraza JM, Briggs MW, Li ZG, Frank R, Sacks DB
322 - 326 Comprehensive mutagenesis of HIV-1 protease: a computational geometry approach
Masso M, Vaisman II
327 - 332 Genomic organization and characterization of the mouse ELYS gene
Okita K, Nobuhisa I, Takizawa M, Ueno M, Kimura N, Taga T
333 - 338 Increase of human MTH1 and decrease of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosme in leukocyte DNA by acute and chronic exercise in healthy male subjects
Sato Y, Nanri H, Ohta M, Kasai H, Ikeda M
339 - 344 Deactivation of ROCK-II by Y-27632 enhances basolateral pancreatic enzyme secretion and acute pancreatitis induced by CCK analogues
Kusama K, Nozu F, Awai T, Tanaka S, Honma I, Tsunoda Y, Mitamura K
345 - 352 Interaction of the deafness-dystonia protein DDP/TIMM8a with the signal transduction adaptor molecule STAM1
Blackstone C, Roberts RG, Seeburg DP, Sheng M
353 - 358 A novel cytomedical vehicle capable of protecting cells against complement
Yoshioka Y, Suzuki R, Oka H, Okada N, Okamoto T, Yoshioka T, Mukai Y, Shibata H, Tsutsumi Y, Nakagawa S, Miyazaki J, Mayumi T
359 - 364 The viral death protein Apoptin interacts with Hippi, the protein interactor of Huntingtin-interacting protein 1
Cheng CM, Huang SP, Chang YF, Chung WY, Yuo CY
365 - 373 Inhibition of DNA polymerases and DNA topoisomerase II by triterpenes produced by plant callus
Mizushina Y, Ikuta A, Endoh K, Oshige M, Kasai N, Kamiya K, Satake T, Takazawa H, Morita H, Tomiyasu H, Yoshida H, Sugawara F, Sakaguchi K
374 - 379 Survivin expression in the stomach: implications for mucosal integrity and protection
Chiou SK, Moon WS, Jones MK, Tarnawski AS
380 - 385 Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 induces scavenger receptor expression and monocyte differentiation into foam cells
Tabata T, Mine S, Kawahara C, Okada Y, Tanaka Y
386 - 391 [2-Sulfo-9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl](3)-exendin-4 - a long-acting glucose-lowering prodrug
Shechter Y, Tsubery H, Fridkin M
392 - 399 Subcellular localization of collapsin response mediator proteins to lipid rafts
Rosslenbroich V, Dai LS, Franken S, Gehrke M, Junghans U, Gieselmann V, Kappler J
400 - 406 Rat cerebral endothelial cells express trk C and are regulated by neurotrophin-3
Takeo C, Nakamura S, Tanaka T, Uchida D, Noguchi Y, Nagao T, Saito Y, Tatsuno I
407 - 411 Nearest neighbour algorithm for predicting protein subcellular location by combining functional domain composition and pseudo-amino acid composition
Cai YD, Chou KC
412 - 420 Expression and phosphorylation of the replication regulator protein geminin
Kulartz M, Kreitz S, Hiller E, Damoc EC, Przybylski M, Knippers R
421 - 427 N-terminal extensions of the human AMPD2 polypeptide influence ATP regulation of isoform L
Haas AL, Sabina RL
428 - 433 An absolute role of the PKC-dependent NF-kappa B activation for induction of MMP-9 in hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Hah N, Lee ST
434 - 441 The fragile X mental retardation protein interacts with U-rich RNAs in a yeast three-hybrid system
Dolzhanskaya N, Sung YJ, Conti J, Currie JR, Denman RB