Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.304, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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593 - 598 Expression of Na+/HCO3- cotransporter and its role in pH regulation in mouse parotid acinar cells
Kim YB, Yang BH, Piao ZG, Oh SB, Kim JS, Park K
599 - 604 The cargo receptor ERGIC-53 is a target of the unfolded protein response
Nyfeler B, Nufer O, Matsui T, Mori K, Hauri HP
605 - 611 Properties of purified recombinant human polyamine oxidase, PAOh1/SMO
Wang YL, Murray-Stewart T, Devereux W, Hacker A, Frydman B, Woster PM, Casero RA
612 - 618 Read-through histone transcripts containing 3' adenylate tails are zygotically expressed in Xenopus embryos and undergo processing to mature transcripts when introduced into oocyte nuclei
Masi T, Johnson AD
619 - 624 Method to overcome photoreaction, a serious drawback to the use of dichlorofluorescin in evaluation of reactive oxygen species
Afzal M, Matsugo S, Sasai M, Xu BH, Aoyama K, Takeuchi T
625 - 631 Engineering nuclear localization signals in modular protein vehicles for gene therapy
Aris A, Villaverde A
632 - 637 Vitamin D-dependent recruitment of DNA-PK to the chromatinized negative vitamin D response element in the PTHrP gene is required for gene repression by vitamin D
Okazaki T, Nishimori S, Ogata E, Fujita T
638 - 642 DNA damage by ethylbenzenehydroperoxide formed from carcinogenic ethylbenzene by sunlight irradiation
Toda C, Uchida T, Midorikawa K, Murata M, Hiraku Y, Okamoto Y, Ueda K, Kojima N, Kawanishi S
643 - 649 Effect of transforming growth factor-beta on calcium homeostasis in prostate carcinoma cells
Gizatullina ZZ, Grapengiesser E, Shabalina IG, Nedergaard J, Heldin CH, Aspenstrom P
650 - 654 Contribution of hydrogen peroxide to the cytotoxicity of green tea and red wines
Chai PC, Long LH, Halliwell B
655 - 660 Ca2+/calmodulin binds and dissociates K-RasB from membrane
Sidhu RS, Clough RR, Bhullar RP
661 - 666 Compromised calnexin function in calreticulin-deficient cells
Knee R, Ahsan I, Mesaeli N, Kaufman RJ, Michalak M
667 - 675 Cloning of zebrafish BAD, a BH3-only proapoptotic protein, whose overexpression leads to apoptosis in COS-1 cells and zebrafish embryos
Hsieh YC, Chang MS, Chen JY, Yen JJY, Lu IC, Chou CM, Huang CJ
676 - 683 Nuclear translocation of Xenopus laevis paxillin
Ogawa M, Hiraoka Y, Aiso S
684 - 690 Altering the substrate chain-length specificity of an alpha-glucosidase
Noguchi A, Nakayama T, Hemmi H, Nishino T
691 - 695 Differentiation of bone marrow cells into cells that express liver-specific genes in vitro: implication of the Notch signals in differentiation
Okumoto K, Saito T, Hattori E, Ito J, Adachi T, Takeda T, Sugahara K, Watanabe H, Saito K, Togashi H, Kawata S
696 - 700 TPA activates p21(WAF-1) promoter in human T-cells through its second most upstream Sp1 site
Schavinsky-Khrapunsky Y, Huleihel M, Aboud M, Torgeman A
701 - 707 Human follicular dendritic cells and fibroblasts share the 3C8 antigen
Lee IY, Choe J
708 - 713 In vivo processed fragments of IGF binding protein-2 copurified with bioactive IGF-II
Standker L, Kubler B, Obendorf M, Braulke T, Forssmann WG, Mark S
714 - 719 PKC is required for activation of ROCK by RhoA in human endothelial cells
Barandier C, Ming XF, Rusconi S, Yang ZH
720 - 723 Chronic glucocorticoid receptor activation impairs CREB transcriptional activity in clonal neurons
Focking M, Holker I, Trapp T
724 - 728 Kallikrein-like prorenin-converting enzymes in inbred hypertensive mice
Uddin M, Polley-Mandal M, Beg OU
729 - 735 p44/42 MAPK activation is necessary for receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa B ligand induction by high extracellular calcium
Kim YH, Jin JM, Kim SN, Kim GS, Baek JH
736 - 739 Mechanism of pH regulation of connexin 43 expression in MC3T3-E1 cells
Yamaguchi DT, Ma DF
740 - 746 Inhibition of endothelial cell proliferation by the recombinant kringle domain of tissue-type plasminogen activator
Kim HK, Lee SY, Oh HK, Kang BH, Ku HJ, Lee Y, Shin JY, Hong YK, Joe YA
747 - 754 Structure, tissue expression pattern, and function of the amino acid transporter rat PAT2
Chen Z, Kennedy DJ, Wake KA, Zhuang L, Ganapathy V, Thwaites DT
755 - 757 Copper-induced oxidation of epinephrine: protective effect of D-DAHK, a synthetic analogue of the high affinity copper binding site of human albumin
Roberts A, Bar-Or D, Winkler JV, Rael LT
758 - 765 Cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase A and CREB are involved in neuregulin-induced synapse-specific expression of acetylcholine receptor gene
Kang BH, Jo I, Eun SY, Jo SA
766 - 771 Overexpression of oxidized protein hydrolase protects COS-7 cells from oxidative stress-induced inhibition of cell growth and survival
Shimizu K, Fujino T, Ando K, Hayakawa M, Yasuda H, Kikugawa K
772 - 776 A high-throughput screen for single gene activities: isolation of apoptosis inducers
Albayrak T, Grimm S
777 - 782 Cloning of rat ABCA7 and its preferential expression in platelets
Sasaki M, Shoji A, Kubo Y, Nada S, Yamaguchi A
783 - 787 Synthetic propeptide inhibits mosquito midgut chitinase and blocks sporogonic development of malaria parasite
Bhatnagar RK, Arora N, Sachidanand S, Shahabuddin M, Keister D, Chauhan VS
788 - 794 Highly potent propargylamine and allylamine inhibitors of bovine plasma amine oxidase
Jeon HB, Sayre LM
795 - 800 Induction of neurite outgrowth in PC12 cells by the bacterial nucleoside N-6-methyldeoxyadenosine is mediated adenosine A(2a) receptors via cAMP and MAPK signaling pathways
Charles MP, Adamski D, Kholler B, Pelletier L, Berger F, Wion D
801 - 806 Specific blockade of the ERK pathway inhibits the invasiveness of tumor cells: down-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-3/-9/-14 and CD44
Tanimura S, Asato K, Fujishiro S, Kohno M
807 - 811 Effects of iron and oxygen species scavengers on Listeria spp. chemiluminescence
Andre P, Bilger S, Remy P, Bettinger S, Vidon DJM
812 - 817 Diet-dependent obesity and hypercholesterolemia in the New Zealand obese mouse: identification of a quantitative trait locus for elevated serum cholesterol on the distal mouse chromosome 5
Giesen K, Plum L, Kluge R, Ortlepp J, Joost HG
818 - 824 Lysozyme conjugate immune complex formation and the effects on substrate hydrolysis
Smales CM, Blackwell LF
825 - 830 Identification of a copper chaperone from tomato fruits infected with Botrytis cinerea by differential display
Company P, Gonzalez-Bosch C
831 - 838 Proteomics in Drosophila melanogaster: first 2D database of larval hemolymph proteins
Vierstraete E, Cerstiaens A, Baggerman G, Van den Bergh G, De Loof A, Schoofs L