Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.303, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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985 - 993 Molecular network and functional implications of macromolecular tRNA synthetase complex
Han JM, Kim JY, Kim S
994 - 1001 Embryo culture-based generation of enhanced green fluorescent protein-transgenic mice
Devgan V, Thomas M, Ullas KS, Rao MRS, Seshagiri PB
1002 - 1007 Saturated free fatty acids, palmitic acid and stearic acid, induce apoptosis by stimulation of ceramide generation in rat testicular Leydig cell
Lu ZH, Mu YM, Wang BA, Li XL, Lu JM, Li JY, Pan CY, Yanase T, Nawata H
1008 - 1011 Organ-related distribution of phospholemman in the spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias
Stekhoven FMAHS, Grell E, Atsma W, Flik G, Bonga SEW
1012 - 1017 Matrix metalloproteinases process the laminin-5 gamma 2-chain and regulate epithelial cell migration
Pirila E, Sharabi A, Salo T, Quaranta V, Tu HM, Heljasvaara R, Koshikawa N, Sorsa T, Maisi P
1018 - 1023 Regulation of cytosolic prostaglandin E-2 synthase by 90-kDa heat shock protein
Tanioka T, Nakatani Y, Kobayashi T, Tsujimoto M, Oh-ishi S, Murakami M, Kudo I
1024 - 1027 Hypoxia-induced switches of myosin heavy chain iso-gene expression in rat heart
Razeghi P, Essop MF, Huss JM, Abbasi S, Manga N, Taegtmeyer H
1028 - 1033 Identification of a variant form of PZR lacking immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motifs
Zhao RX, Zhao ZZJ
1034 - 1041 The a-chain of the nascent polypeptide-associated complex binds to and regulates FADD function
Stilo R, Liguoro D, di Jeso B, Leonardi A, Vito P
1042 - 1046 Gaf-1b is an alternative splice variant of Gaf-1/Rip11
Kawase K, Shibata M, Kawashima H, Hatsuzawa K, Nagahama M, Tagaya M, Tani K
1047 - 1052 Identification of a free fatty acid receptor, FFA(2)R, expressed on leukocytes and activated by short-chain fatty acids
Nilsson NE, Kotarsky K, Owman C, Olde B
1053 - 1057 Resistance to IP leptin-induced adipose apoptosis caused by high-fat diet in mice
Della-Fera MA, Li CL, Baile CA
1058 - 1064 Lithium chloride inactivates the 20S proteasome from WEHI-3B D+ leukemia cells
Holtz KM, Rice AM, Sartorelli AC
1065 - 1072 Macrophage-stimulating peptides VKGFY and cyclo(VKGFY) act through nonoploid b-endorphin receptors
Navolotskaya EV, Zargarova TA, Malkova NV, Zharmukhamedova TY, Kolobov AA, Kampe-Nemm EA, Yurovsky VV, Lipkin VM
1073 - 1079 Ruthenium red, inhibitor of mitochondrial Ca2+ uniporter, inhibits curcumin-induced apoptosis via the prevention of intracellular Ca2+ depletion and cytochrome c release
Bae JH, Park JW, Kwon TK
1080 - 1085 Determination of leptin signaling pathways in human and murine keratinocytes
Goren I, Pfeilschifter J, Frank S
1086 - 1094 Expression cloning of a periodontitis-associated apoptotic effector, cagE homologue, in Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans
Teng YTA, Hu WQ
1095 - 1100 Identification of novel splice variants of ARNT and ARNT2 in the rat
Korkalainen M, Tuomisto J, Pahjanvirta R
1101 - 1105 Endothelin-1 stimulates glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor expression in cultured rat astrocytes
Koyama Y, Tsujikawa K, Matsuda T, Baba A
1106 - 1113 Hypothalamic gene expression in long-term fasted rats: relationship with body fat
Bertile F, Oudart H, Criscuolo F, Le Maho Y, Raclot T
1114 - 1120 Rab39, a novel Golgi-associated Rab GTPase from human dendritic cells involved in cellular endocytosis
Chen TY, Han YM, Yang MJ, Zhang WP, Li N, Wan T, Guo J, Cao XT
1121 - 1128 The pro-opiomelanocortin gene of the zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Hansen IA, To TT, Wortmann S, Burmester T, Winkler C, Meyer SR, Neuner C, Fassnacht M, Allolio B
1129 - 1134 17 beta-Estradiol increases inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in macrophages
You HJ, Kim JY, Jeong HG
1135 - 1141 The multidrug resistance protein ABCC1 drug-binding domains show selective sensitivity to mild detergents
Alqawi O, Georges E
1142 - 1147 Thioredoxin motif of Caenorhabditis elegans PDI-3 provides Cys and His catalytic residues for transglutaminase activity
Blasko B, Madi A, Fesus L
1148 - 1151 Imidazoline NNC77-0074 stimulates Ca2+-evoked exocytosis in INS-1E cells by a phospholipase A(2)-dependent mechanism
Olsen HL, Norby PL, Hoy M, Spee P, Thams P, Capito K, Petersen JS, Gromada J
1152 - 1158 TNF-alpha and H2O2 induce IL-18 and IL-18R beta expression in cardiomyocytes via NF-kappa B activation
Chandrasekar B, Colston JT, de la Rosa SD, Rao PP, Freeman GL
1159 - 1168 Expression of alpha-ENaC2 is dependent on an upstream Sp1 binding motif and is modulated by protein phosphatase 1 in lung epithelial cells
Chu SJ, Cockrell CA, Ferro TJ
1169 - 1178 Vector-based RNAi, a novel tool for isoform-specific knock-down of VEGF and anti-angiogenesis gene therapy of cancer
Zhang L, Yang N, Mohamed-Hadley A, Rubin SC, Coukos G
1179 - 1185 Expression of connexin 43 mRNA in microisolated murine osteoclasts and regulation of bone resorption in vitro by gap junction inhibitors
Ransjo M, Sahli J, Lie A
1186 - 1192 Calbindin D-28K interacts with Ran-binding protein M: identification of interacting domains by NMR spectroscopy
Lutz W, Frank EM, Craig TA, Thompson R, Venters RA, Kojetin D, Cavanagh J, Kumar R
1193 - 1198 Chronic lithium enhances hippocampal long-term potentiation, but not neurogenesis, in the aged rat dentate gyrus
Yu IT, Kim JS, Lee SH, Lee YS, Son H
1199 - 1208 Induction of Mad expression leads to augmentation of insulin gene transcription
Patane G, Kaneto H, Toschi E, Sharma A, Gupta S, Weir GC
1209 - 1216 Preferential interaction of TIP120A with Cul1 that is not modified by NEDD8 and not associated with Skp1
Oshikawa K, Matsumoto M, Yada M, Kamura T, Hatakeyama S, Nakayama KI
1217 - 1224 Inhibition of hypochlorous acid-induced oxidative reactions by nitrite: is nitrite an antioxidant?
Whiteman M, Rose P, Halliwell B
1225 - 1228 In vivo nuclear Ca2+-ATPase phosphorylation triggers intermediate size molecular transport to the nucleus
Gensburger C, Freyermuth S, Klein C, Malviya AN