Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.303, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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393 - 398 Glucosaminylglycan biosynthesis: what we can learn from the X-ray crystal structures of glycosyltransferases GlcAT1 and EXTL2
Negishi M, Dong J, Darden TA, Pedersen LG, Pedersen LC
399 - 405 Identification of CGI-121, a novel PRPK (p53-related protein kinase)-binding protein
Miyoshi A, Kito K, Aramoto T, Abe Y, Kobayashi N, Ueda N
406 - 412 Transcriptional activation of alpha 1(III) procollagen gene in Tsk2/+ dermal fibroblasts
Christner PJ, Yufit T, Peters J, McGrath R, Conway RF, Jimenez SA
413 - 418 Prevalence of HSP47 antigen and autoantibodies to HSP47 in the sera of patients with mixed connective tissue disease
Yokota SI, Kubota H, Matsuoka Y, Naitoh M, Hirata D, Minota S, Hiroki TID, Fujii N, Nagata K
419 - 426 Estrogenic activity of an environmental pollutant, 2-nitrofluorene, after metabolic activation by rat liver microsomes
Fujimoto T, Kitamura S, Sanoh S, Sugihara K, Yoshihara S, Fujimoto N, Ohta S
427 - 432 The influence of glycosylation on secretion, stability, and immunogenicity of recombinant HBV pre-S antigen synthesized in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Lee J, Park JS, Moon JY, Kim KY, Moon HM
433 - 439 Fluorescence analysis of aldolase dissociation from the N-terminal of the cytoplasmic domain of band 3 induced by lanthanide
Zheng YJ, Lu J, Liu LY, Zhao DQ, Ni JZ
440 - 445 A plant genetically modified that accumulates Pb is especially promising for phytoremediation
Gisbert C, Ros R, De Haro A, Walker DJ, Bernal MP, Serrano R, Navarro-Avino J
446 - 451 On the same cell type GPI-anchored normal cellular prion and DAF protein exhibit different biological properties
Li RL, Liu T, Yoshihiro F, Tary-Lehmann M, Obrenovich M, Kuekrek H, Kang SC, Pan T, Wong BS, Medof ME, Sy MS
452 - 457 Molecular cloning and expression of Sox17 in gonads during sex reversal in the rice field eel, a teleost fish with a characteristic of natural sex transformation
Wang R, Cheng HH, Xia LX, Guo YQ, Huang X, Zhou RJ
458 - 462 Chemical modification of microcin J25 with diethylpyrocarbonate and carbodiimide: evidence for essential histidyl and carboxyl residues
Bellomio A, Rintoul MR, Morero RD
463 - 468 PhyA gene product of Aspergillus ficuum and Peniophora lycii produces dissimilar phytases
Ullah AHJ, Sethumadhavan K
469 - 474 Caspase inhibition shifts neuroepithelioma cell response to okadaic acid from apoptosis to an apoptotic-like form of death
Romano E, Cannata S, Di Bartolomeo S, Spinedi A
475 - 482 One-step on-column affinity refolding purification and functional analysis of recombinant human VDACI
Shi Y, Jiang CS, Chen Q, Tang H
483 - 487 Decreased plasma and tissue levels of vitamin C in a rat model of aging: implications for antioxidative defense
van der Loo B, Bachschmid M, Spitzer V, Brey L, Ullrich V, Luscher TF
488 - 495 Sarcoglycans of the zebrafish: orthology and localization to the sarcolemma and myosepta of muscle
Chambers SP, Anderson LVB, Maguire GM, Dodd A, Love DR
496 - 503 Mutant SOD1 linked to familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but not wild-type SOD1, induces ER stress in COS7 cells and transgenic mice
Tobisawa S, Hozumi Y, Arawaka S, Koyama S, Wada M, Nagai M, Aoki M, Itoyama Y, Goto K, Kato T
504 - 507 Anthracycline cardiotoxicity in transgenic mice overexpressing SR Ca2+-ATPase
Burke BE, Olson RD, Cusack BJ, Gambliel HA, Dillmann WH
508 - 513 Investigations into the polymorphism of rat tail tendon fibrils using atomic force microscopy
Venturoni M, Gutsmann T, Fantner GE, Kindt JH, Hansma PK
514 - 518 Formation of a membrane-active form of amyloid beta-protein in raft-like model membranes
Kakio A, Nishimoto SI, Kozutsumi Y, Matsuzaki K
519 - 524 Characterization and function of Met150Gln mutant of copper-containing nitrite reductase from Achromobacter cycloclastes IAM1013
Kataoka K, Yamaguchi K, Sakai S, Takagi K, Suzuki S
525 - 531 Characterization of a cascade of protein interactions initiated at the IL-1 receptor
Boch JA, Yoshida Y, Koyama Y, Wara-Aswapati N, Peng HB, Unlu S, Auron PE
532 - 540 Mutations in protein kinase subdomain X differentially affect MEKK2 and MEKK1 activity
Huang JH, Tu Z, Lee FS
541 - 547 Overexpression and characterization of hydantoin racemase from Agrobacterium tumefaciens C58
Heras-Vazquez FJL, Martinez-Rodriguez S, Mingorance-Cazorla L, Clemente-Jimenez JM, Rodriguez-Vico F
548 - 555 Shear stress-induced c-fos activation is mediated by Rho in a calcium-dependent manner
Shiu YT, Li S, Yuan SL, Wang YX, Nguyen P, Chien S
556 - 561 Isomer-dependent daunomycin release and in vitro antitumour effect of cis-aconityl-daunomycin
Remenyi J, Balazs B, Toth S, Falus A, Toth G, Hudecz F
562 - 566 Protein interaction with hydrated C-60 fullerene in aqueous solutions
Rozhkov SP, Goryunov AS, Sukhanova GA, Borisova AG, Rozhkova NN, Andrievsky GV
567 - 571 One electron oxidation of benzyltrialkylsilanes catalysed by lignin peroxidase: comparison with the oxidation induced by chemical oxidants
Gerini MF, Lanzalunga O
572 - 575 Homocysteine is a potent inhibitor of human tumor cell gelatinases
Chavarria T, Rodriguez-Nieto S, Sanchez-Jimenez F, Quesada AR, Medina MA
576 - 579 Fullerene inhibits beta-amyloid peptide aggregation
Kim JE, Lee M
580 - 585 Genes up- or down-regulated by expression of keratinocyte-specific POU transcription factor hSkn-1a
Enomoto K, Enomoto Y, Ishii Y, Araie M, Kanda T
586 - 593 Regulation of toll-like receptor 4 signalling by A20 zinc finger protein
O'Reilly SM, Moynagh PN
594 - 599 Snapin interacts with the N-terminus of regulator of G protein signaling 7
Hunt RA, Edris W, Chanda PK, Nieuwenhuijsen B, Young KH
600 - 608 Bcl6-dependent transcriptional repression by BAZF
Takenaga M, Hatano M, Takamori M, Yamashita Y, Okada S, Kuroda Y, Tokuhisa T
609 - 618 The regulation of catalase gene expression in mouse muscle cells is dependent on the CCAAT-binding factor NF-Y
Luo D, Rando TA
619 - 623 Crystallization and preliminary X-ray structural studies of hemoglobin A(2) and hemoglobin E, isolated from the blood samples of beta-thalassemic patients
Dasgupta J, Sen U, Choudhury D, Datta P, Chakrabarti A, Chakrabarty SB, Chakrabarty A, Dattagupta JK
624 - 630 3C8 antigen is a novel protein expressed by human follicular dendritic cells
Lee IY, Ha KS, Choe J
631 - 639 Crystal structure of a histidine-tagged serine hydrolase involved in the carbazole degradation (CarC enzyme)
Habe H, Morii K, Fushinobu S, Nam JW, Ayabe Y, Yoshida T, Wakagi T, Yamane H, Nojiri H, Omori T
640 - 644 Binding and internalization of Helicobacter pylori VacA via cellular lipid rafts in epithelial cells
Kuo CH, Wang WC
645 - 652 Development of genetically engineered human intestinal cells for regulated insulin secretion using rAAV-mediated gene transfer
Tang SC, Sambanis A
653 - 659 Polymer-stabilized phospholipid vesicles formed on polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules
Ge LQ, Mohwald H, Li JB
660 - 668 Determinants contributing to estrogen-regulated expression of SK3
Jacobson D, Pribnow D, Herson PS, Maylie J, Adelman JP
669 - 675 Human skeletal muscle triadin: gene organization and cloning of the major isoform, Trisk 51
Thevenon D, Smida-Rezgui S, Chevessier F, Groh S, Henry-Berger J, Romero NB, Villaz M, DeWaard M, Marty I
676 - 684 Identification of a new SERCA2 splice variant regulated during monocytic differentiation
Gelebart P, Martin V, Enouf J, Papp B
685 - 692 The acid-induced state of glucose oxidase exists as a compact folded intermediate
Haq SK, Ahmad MF, Khan RH
693 - 699 Troglitazone stimulates IGF-binding protein-1 by a PPAR gamma-independent mechanism
Hilding A, Hall K, Skogsberg J, Ehrenborg E, Lewitt MS
700 - 706 Transcriptional activity and DNA binding of heat shock factor-1 involve phosphorylation on threonine 142 by CK2
Soncin F, Zhang XF, Chu BY, Wang XZ, Asea A, Stevenson MA, Sacks DB, Calderwood SK
707 - 712 Synergistic effects of hypoxia and insulin are regulated by different transcriptional elements of the human leptin promoter
Meissner U, Ostreicher I, Allabauer I, Rascher W, Dotsch J
713 - 720 Stimulation of a mitochondrial endo-exonuclease from Podospora anserina by PCNA
Laquel-Robert P, Castroviejo M
721 - 725 EPR spectroscopic analysis of TAR RNA-metal ion interactions
Edwards TE, Sigurdsson ST
726 - 731 DHEA administration increases brown fat uncoupling protein 1 levels in obese OLETF rats
Ryu JW, Kim MS, Kim CH, Song KH, Park JY, Lee JD, Kim JB, Lee KU
732 - 732 Hypothesis: a glycoprotein-degradation complex formed by protein-protein interaction involves cytoplasmic peptide: N-glycanase (vol 302, pg 1, 2003)
Suzuki T, Lennarz WJ