Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.302, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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435 - 441 O-GlcNAc: a regulatory post-translational modification
Wells L, Whalen SA, Hart GW
442 - 447 Predicted molecular structure of the mammalian cell entry protein Mce1A of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Das AK, Mitra D, Harboe M, Nandi B, Harkness RE, Das D, Wiker HG
448 - 453 Neuroleukin inhibition sensitises neuronal cells to caspase-dependent apoptosis
Romagnoli A, Oliverio S, Evangelisti C, Iannicola C, Ippolito G, Piacentini M
454 - 461 C-terminal phosphorylation of MRP2 modulates its interaction with PDZ proteins
Hegedus T, Sessler T, Scott R, Thelin W, Bakos E, Varadi A, Szabo K, Homolya L, Milgram SL, Sarkadi B
462 - 468 Combined RAR alpha- and RXR-specific ligands overcome N-myc-associated retinoid resistance in neuroblastoma cells
Nguyen T, Hocker JE, Thomas W, Smith SA, Norris MD, Haber M, Cheung B, Marshall GM
469 - 475 Both heptad repeats of human respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein are potent inhibitors of viral fusion
Wang EX, Sun X, Qian Y, Zhao LQ, Tien P, Gao GF
476 - 479 Exposure to the fern Onychium contiguum causes increase in lipid peroxidation and alters antioxidant status in urinary bladder
Sood S, Dawra RK, Sharma OP, Kurade NP
480 - 483 Chitosan enhances platelet adhesion and aggregation
Chou TC, Fu E, Wu CJ, Yeh JH
484 - 488 Two forms of RNA polymerase II holoenzyme display different abundance during the cell cycle
Holland L, Yankulov K
489 - 495 Inhibitory and enhancing effects of insertion of central polypurine tract sequence on gene expression with vectors derived from human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Sakuma R, Kobayashi N, Ae K, Kitamura Y
496 - 501 Semiconductor quantum dot/albumin complex is a long-life and highly photostable endosome marker
Hanaki K, Momo A, Oku T, Komoto A, Maenosono S, Yamaguchi Y, Yamamoto K
502 - 508 The snake venom disintegrin salmosin induces apoptosis by disassembly of focal adhesions in bovine capillary endothelial cells
Hong SY, Lee H, You WK, Chung KH, Kim DS, Song K
509 - 514 Differential gene expression in primary and recurrent carotid stenosis
Woodside KJ, Hernandez A, Smith FW, Xue XY, Hu MD, Daller JA, Hunter GC
515 - 519 Effect of nitric oxide on the transport and release of oxygen in fetal blood
Clementi ME, Orsini F, Schinina ME, Noia G, Giardina B
520 - 525 Somatostatin suppresses ghrelin secretion from the rat stomach
Shimada M, Date Y, Mondal MS, Toshinai K, Shimbara T, Fukunaga K, Murakami N, Miyazato M, Kangawa K, Yoshimatsu H, Matsuo H, Nakazato M
526 - 533 Characterization of zetin 1/rBSPRY, a novel binding partner of 14-3-3 proteins
Birkenfeld J, Kartmann B, Anliker B, Ono K, Schlotcke B, Betz H, Roth D
534 - 538 The yeast model for Batten disease: a role for Btn2p in the trafficking of the Golgi-associated vesicular targeting protein, Yif1p
Chattopadhyay S, Roberts PM, Pearce DA
539 - 544 Dykellic acid inhibits drug-induced caspase-3-like protease activation
Lee SH, Youk ES, Lee HJ, Kho YH, Kim HM, Kim SU
545 - 553 Nuclear localization of Galectin-3 in transformed thyroid cells: a role in transcriptional regulation
Paron I, Scaloni A, Pines A, Bachi A, Liu FT, Puppin C, Pandolfi M, Ledda L, Di Loreto C, Damante G, Tell G
554 - 561 Expression and characterization of the olfactomedin domain of human myocilin
Nagy I, Trexler M, Patthy L
562 - 567 Fibroblast growth factor 10 is required for proper development of the mouse whiskers
Ohuchi H, Tao H, Ohata K, Itoh N, Kato S, Noji S, Ono K
568 - 574 Crystal structure of a NO-forming nitrite reductase mutant: an analog of a transition state in enzymatic reaction
Liu SQ, Chang T, Liu MY, LeGall J, Chang WC, Zhang JP, Liang DC, Chang WR
575 - 580 Regulation of cryopyrin/Pypaf1 signaling by pyrin, the familial Mediterranean fever gene product
Dowds TA, Masumoto J, Chen FF, Ogura Y, Inohara N, Nunez G
581 - 586 The embryonic Octamer factor 3/4 displays distinct DNA binding specificity from those of other Octamer factors
Nishimoto M, Miyagi S, Katayanagi T, Tomioka M, Muramatsu M, Okuda A
587 - 592 Isolation of chromosaponin I-specific antibody by affinity chromatography
Ahamed A, Rahman A, Hayashi F, Ueji S, Amakawa T, Tsurumi S
593 - 600 A phase II detoxification enzyme inducer from lemongrass: identification of citral and involvement of electrophilic reaction in the enzyme induction
Nakamura Y, Miyamoto M, Murakami A, Ohigashi H, Osawa T, Uchida K
601 - 609 Concurrent transcriptional activation of ppa and ppx genes by phosphate deprivation in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp strain PCC 6803
Gomez-Garcia MR, Losada M, Serrano A
610 - 614 Oxidant stress enhances Lyso-PAF-AcT activity by modifying phospholipase D and phosphatidic acid in aortic endothelial cells
Corl CM, Cao YZ, Cohen ZS, Sordillo LM
615 - 619 Phospholipase D prevents apoptosis in v-Src-transformed rat fibroblasts and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
Zhong MG, Shen YJ, Zheng Y, Joseph T, Jackson D, Foster DA
620 - 624 Production of recombinant xenotransplantation antigen in Escherichia coli
Bettler E, Imberty A, Priem B, Chazalet V, Heyraud A, Joziasse DH, Geremia RA
625 - 634 Antioxidant activity of melatonin in Chinese hamster ovarian cells: changes in cellular proliferation and differentiation
Sainz RM, Mayo JC, Tan DX, Lopez-Burillo S, Natarajan M, Reiter RJ