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261 - 266 Adiponutrin mRNA expression in white adipose tissue is rapidly induced by meal-feeding a high-sucrose diet
Polson DA, Thompson MP
267 - 274 Inhibition of the TEF/TEAD transcription factor activity by nuclear calcium and distinct kinase pathways
Thompson M, Andrade VA, Andrade SJ, Pusl T, Ortega JM, Goes AM, Leite MF
275 - 279 Anti-cachectic effect of ghrelin in nude mice bearing human melanoma cells
Hanada T, Toshinai K, Kajimura N, Nara-Ashizawa N, Tsukada T, Hayashi Y, Osuye K, Kangawa K, Matsukura S, Nakazato M
280 - 286 Molecular cloning, transcriptional, and expression analysis of the first cellulase gene (cbh2), encoding cellobiohydrolase II, from the moderately thermophilic fungus Talaromyces emersonii and structure prediction of the gene product
Murray PG, Collins CM, Grassick A, Tuohy MG
287 - 292 Self-interaction of heterochromatin protein 1 is required for direct binding to histone methyltransferase, SUV39H1
Yamamoto K, Sonoda M
293 - 297 Changes in N-glycosylation of human stromal cells by telomerase expression
Kuwahara I, Ikebuchi K, Hamada H, Niitsu Y, Miyazawa K, Ohyashiki K, Fujisawa H, Furukawa K
298 - 303 CDNA cloning and characterization of Agkistin, a new metalloproteinase from Agkistrodon halys
Wang SH, Shen XC, Yang GZ, Wu XF
304 - 310 Neurotrophic effect of Semaphorin 4D in PC12 cells
Fujioka S, Masuda K, Toguchi M, Ohoka Y, Sakai T, Furuyama T, Inagaki S
311 - 316 Conformational change of the chloroplast ATP synthase on the enzyme activation process detected by the trypsin sensitivity of the gamma subunit
Sugiyama K, Hisabori T
317 - 323 EXT gene family member rib-2 is essential for embryonic development and heparan sulfate biosynthesis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Morio H, Honda Y, Toyoda H, Nakajima M, Kurosawa H, Shirasawa T
324 - 329 Effect of cisplatin treatment on speckled distribution of a serine/arginine-rich nuclear protein CROP/]Luc7A
Umehara H, Nishii Y, Morishima M, Kakehi Y, Kioka N, Amachi T, Koizumi J, Hagiwara M, Ueda K
330 - 337 Induction of hepatic injury by hepatitis C virus-specific CD8(+) murine cytotoxic T lymphocytes in transgenic mice expressing the viral structural genes
Takaku S, Nakagawa Y, Shimizu M, Norose Y, Maruyama I, Wakita T, Takano T, Kohara M, Takahashi H
338 - 343 Chondrogenesis enhanced by overexpression of sox9 gene in mouse bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Tsuchiya H, Kitoh H, Sugiura F, Ishiguro N
344 - 349 PACAP and NGF cooperatively enhance choline acetyltransferase activity in postnatal basal forebrain neurons by complementary induction of its different mRNA species
Yuhara A, Ishii K, Nishio C, Abiru Y, Yamada M, Nawa H, Hatanaka H, Takei N
350 - 357 Identification of three novel salicylate 1-hydroxylases involved in the phenanthrene degradation of Sphingobium sp strain P2
Pinyakong O, Habe H, Yoshida T, Nojiri H, Omori T
358 - 363 Thymidine phosphorylase inhibits apoptosis induced by cisplatin
Ikeda R, Furukawa T, Mitsuo R, Noguchi T, Kitazono M, Okumura H, Sumizawa T, Haraguchi M, Che XF, Uchimiya H, Nakajima Y, Ren XQ, Oiso S, Inoue I, Yamada K, Akiyama S
364 - 370 Isolation of a large thaumatin-like antifungal protein from seeds of the Kweilin chestnut Castanopsis chinensis
Chu KT, Ng TB
371 - 377 VEGFR-2-specific ligand VEGF-E induces non-edematous hyper-vascularization in mice
Kiba A, Sagara H, Hara T, Shibuya M
378 - 385 PCIF1, a novel human WW domain-containing protein, interacts with the phosphorylated RNA polymerase II
Fan H, Sakuraba K, Komuro A, Kato S, Harada F, Hirose Y
386 - 391 Cloning and characterization of a functional promoter of the human SOCS-3 gene
He B, Hou L, Uematsu K, Matsangou M, Xu ZD, He M, McCormick F, Jablons DM
392 - 398 Nedd8-modification of Cul1 is promoted by Roc1 as a Nedd8-E3 ligase and regulates its stability
Morimoto M, Nishida T, Nagayama Y, Yasuda H
399 - 405 Novel selective melanocortin 4 receptor antagonist induces food intake after peripheral administration
Schioth HB, Kask A, Mutulis F, Muceniece R, Mutule I, Mutule I, Mandrika I, Wikberg JES
406 - 410 A human cell surface receptor activated by free fatty acids and thiazolidinedione drugs
Kotarsky K, Nilsson NE, Flodgren E, Owman C, Olde B
411 - 416 Methylene blue photosensitized oxidation of hypotaurine in the presence of azide generates reactive nitrogen species: formation of nitrotyrosine
Pecci L, Montefoschi G, Antonucci A, Costa M, Cavallini D
417 - 423 Inhibition of amino acid-mTOR signaling by a leucine derivative induces G1 arrest in Jurkat cells
Hidayat S, Yoshino K, Tokunaga C, Hara K, Matsuo M, Yonezawa K
424 - 429 Upregulation of cAMP is a new functional signal pathway of Klotho in endothelial cells
Yang J, Matsukawa N, Rakugi H, Imai M, Kida I, Nagai M, Ohta J, Fukuo K, Nabeshima Y, Ogihara T
430 - 436 Characterization of the Escherichia coli YedU protein as a molecular chaperone
Malki A, Kern R, Abdallah J, Richarme G
437 - 442 Decreased mature adrenomedullin levels in feto-maternal tissues of pregnant women with histologic chorioamnionitis
Makino I, Makino Y, Yoshihara F, Nishikimi T, Kawarabayashi T, Kangawa K, Shibata K
443 - 449 Molecular cloning, structure, and testis-specific expression of MFSJ1, a member of the DNAJ protein family, in the Japanese monkey (Macaca fuscata)
Yu SS, Takenaka O
450 - 455 Rescue of molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis in gephyrin-deficient mice by a Cnx1 transgene
Grosskreutz Y, Betz H, Kneussel M
456 - 459 AF2 interaction with Ascaris suum body wall muscle membranes involves G-protein activation
Kubiak TM, Larsen MJ, Davis JP, Zantello MR, Bowman JW
460 - 464 Novel calcitonin-(8-32)-sensitive adrenomedullin receptors derived from co-expression of calcitonin receptor with receptor activity-modifying proteins
Kuwasako K, Kitamura K, Nagoshi Y, Eto T
465 - 471 Stable monomerie intermediate with exposed Cys-119 is formed during heat denaturation of beta-lactoglobulin
Croguennec T, Bouhallab S, Molle D, O'Kennedy BT, Mehra R
472 - 479 An intronic alternative promoter of the human lactoferrin gene is activated by Ets
Liu DX, Wang X, Zhang ZP, Teng CT
480 - 487 Flavonoid glycoside: a new inhibitor of eukaryotic DNA polymerase alpha and a new carrier for inhibitor-affinity chromatography
Mizushina Y, Ishidoh T, Kamisuki S, Nakazawa S, Takemura M, Sugawara F, Yoshida H, Sakaguchi K
488 - 494 Mutational analysis of the Menkes copper P-type ATPase (ATP7A)
Voskoboinik I, Mar J, Camakaris J
495 - 501 Essential roles for NF-kappa B and a Toll/IL-1 receptor domain-specific signal(s) in the induction of I kappa B-zeta
Eto A, Muta T, Yamazaki S, Takeshige K
502 - 508 Centaurin-alpha(1) associates in vitro and in vivo with nucleolin
Dubois T, Zemlickova E, Howell S, Aitken A
509 - 515 Identification of new human coding steroid receptor RNA activator isoforms
Emberley E, Huang GJ, Hamedani MK, Czosnek A, Ali D, Grolla A, Lu B, Watson PH, Murphy LC, Leygue E
516 - 520 Functional characterization of two variant human GSTO 1-1s (Ala140Asp and Thr217Asn)
Tanaka-Kagawa T, Jinno H, Hasegawa T, Makino Y, Seko Y, Hanioka N, Ando M
521 - 528 The brain-specific actin-related protein ArpN alpha interacts with the transcriptional co-repressor CtBP
Oma Y, Nishimori K, Harata M
529 - 534 The signal peptide NPFSD fused to ricin A chain enhances cell uptake and cytotoxicity in Candida albicans
Rajarao GK, Nekhotiaeva N, Good L
535 - 539 A novel single-stranded DNA enzyme expression system using HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
Kusunoki A, Miyano-Kurosaki N, Takaku H
540 - 544 Homocysteine inhibits the proliferation and invasive potential of HT-1080 human fibrosarcoma cells
Chavarria T, Sanchez-Jimenez F, Quesada AR, Medina MA
545 - 550 Purification of a trypsin-stable lectin with antiproliferative and HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity
Wong JH, Ng TB
551 - 557 Redox properties of the couples compound I/compound II and compound II/native enzyme of human myeloperoxidase
Furtmuller PG, Arnhold J, Jantschko W, Pichler H, Obinger C
558 - 563 Conservation and cloning of CYP51: a sterol 14 alpha-demethylase from Mycobacterium smegmatis
Jackson CJ, Lamb DC, Marczylo TH, Parker JE, Manning NL, Kelly DE, Kelly SL
564 - 571 Insulin or bFGF and C2 ceramide increase newborn rat retinal ganglion cell survival rate
Ito M
572 - 577 The effect of oxidative stress on histone acetylation and IL-8 release
Tomita K, Barnes PJ, Adcock IM
578 - 582 Reduced expression of PGC-1 and insulin-signaling molecules in adipose tissue is associated with insulin resistance
Hammarstedt A, Jansson PA, Wesslau C, Yang X, Smith U
583 - 590 NF-kappa B p65 transactivation domain is involved in the NF-kappa B-inducing kinase pathway
Jiang X, Takahashi N, Ando K, Otsuka T, Tetsuka T, Okamoto T
591 - 597 Chemical modification of arginine alleviates the decline in activity during catalysis of spinach Rubisco
Mizohata E, Anwaruzzaman M, Okuno H, Tomizawa KI, Shigeoka S, Kai Y, Yokota A
598 - 603 Homozygous deletions and point mutations of the Rit1/Bcl11b gene in gamma-ray induced mouse thymic lymphomas
Wakabayashi Y, Inoue J, Takahashi Y, Matsuki A, Kosugi-Okano H, Shinbo T, Mishima Y, Niwa O, Kominami R
604 - 609 Angiopoietin-like protein 3, a hepatic secretory factor, activates lipolysis in adipocytes
Shimamura M, Matsuda M, Kobayashi S, Ando Y, Ono M, Koishi R, Furukawa H, Makishima M, Shimomura I
610 - 616 In situ and in vitro evidence for DCoH/HNF-1 alpha transcription of tyrosinase in human skin melanocytes
Schallreuter KU, Kothari S, Hasse S, Kauser S, Lindsey NJ, Gibbons NCJ, Hibberts N, Wood JM
617 - 622 Bone morphogenetic protein signaling in articular chondrocyte differentiation
Nishihara A, Fujii M, Sampath TK, Miyazono K, Reddi AH
623 - 623 Nuclear Factor-kappa B-independent regulation of lipopolysaccharide-mediated interleukin-6 biosynthesis (vol 291, pg 1045, 2002)
Haddad JJ, Fahlman CS
624 - 624 Nuclear factor (NF)-kappa B blockade attenuates but does not abrogate LPS-mediated interleukin (IL)-1 beta biosynthesis in alveolar epithelial cells (vol 293, pg 252, 2002)
Haddad JJ
625 - 625 Redox regulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and I kappa B-alpha/NF-kappa B nuclear translocation and activation (vol 296, pg 847, 2002)
Haddad JJ