Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.297, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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689 - 699 The systems approach to evolution
Williams RJP, da Silva JJRF
700 - 713 Cytokines and related receptor-mediated signaling pathways
Haddad JJ
714 - 721 Photoaffinity labeling of proteins in bovine testis nuclear extract
Lebedeva NA, Rechkunova NI, Khodyreva SN, Favre A, Lavrik OI
722 - 728 M6a acts as a nerve growth factor-gated Ca2+ channel in neuronal differentiation
Mukobata S, Hibino T, Sugiyama A, Urano Y, Inatomi A, Kanai Y, Endo H, Tashiro F
729 - 736 Altered profile of gene expression in rat hearts induced by chronic nicotine consumption
Hu DH, Cao K, Peterson-Wakeman R, Wang R
737 - 748 Tep22, a novel testicular expressed gene, is involved in the biogenesis of the acrosome and the midpiece of the sperm tail
Neesen J, Hartwich T, Brandhorst G, Aumuller G, Glaser B, Burfeind P, Mendoza-Lujambio I
749 - 755 Three-dimensional electron microscopy of the reverse gyrase from Sulfolobus tokodaii
Matoba K, Mayanagi K, Nakasu S, Kikuchi A, Morikawa K
756 - 759 Gammaherpesviruses encode functional dihydrofolate reductase activity
Gaspar G, De Clercq E, Neyts J
760 - 764 Regulation of myeloma cell growth through Akt/Gsk3/forkhead signaling pathway
G-Amlak M, Uddin S, Mahmud D, Damacela I, Lavelle D, Ahmed M, van Besien K, Wickrema A
765 - 772 Evidence for the role of promoter methylation in the regulation of MMP-9 gene expression
Chicoine E, Esteve PO, Robledo O, Van Themsche C, Potworowski EF, St-Pierre Y
773 - 778 Phosphorylation of CPI17 and myosin binding subunit of type 1 protein phosphatase by p21-activated kinase
Takizawa N, Koga Y, Ikebe M
779 - 786 Enhancement of phage-mediated gene transfer by nuclear localization signal
Akuta T, Eguchi A, Okuyama H, Senda T, Inokuchi H, Suzuki Y, Nagoshi E, Mizuguchi H, Hayakawa T, Takeda K, Hasegawa M, Nakanishi M
787 - 793 Interaction of STOP with neuronal tubulin is independent of polyglutamylation
Bonnet C, Denarier E, Bosc C, Lazereg S, Denoulet P, Larcher JC
794 - 799 TGF-beta(1) induces peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma 1 and gamma 2 expression in human THP-1 monocytes
Kintscher U, Wakino S, Bruemmer D, Goetze S, Graf K, Hsueh WA, Law RE
800 - 805 Dephosphorylation of Tctex2-related dynein light chain by type 2A protein phosphatase
Inaba K
806 - 810 Sphingosine kinase-dependent directional migration of leukocytes in response to phorbol ester
Kaneider NC, Djanani A, Fischer-Colbrie R, Wiedermann CJ
811 - 817 The nuclear isoform of protein-tyrosine phosphatase TC-PTP regulates interleukin-6-mediated signaling pathway through STAT3 dephosphorylation
Yamamoto T, Sekine Y, Kashima K, Kubota A, Sato N, Aoki N, Matsuda T
818 - 827 Cloning of human, murine, and marsupial keratin 7 and a survey of K7 expression in the mouse
Smith FJD, Porter RM, Corden LD, Lunny DP, Lane EB, McLean WHI
828 - 834 Somatostatin receptor subtype 1-selective activation reduces cell growth and calcitonin secretion in a human medullary thyroid carcinoma cell line
Zatelli MC, Tagliati F, Piccin D, Taylor JE, Culler MD, Bondanelli M, degli Uberti EC
835 - 840 Identification of a novel human nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase
Raffaelli N, Sorci L, Amici A, Emanuelli M, Mazzola F, Magni G
841 - 846 Expression of a green fluorescence protein-carrier protein into mouse spermatozoa
Mogas T, Fernandez-Novell JM, Palomo MJ, Otaegui PJ, Gomis RR, Ballester J, Izquierdo D, Guinovart JJ, Ferrer JC, Rigau T, Rodriguez-Gil JE
847 - 853 Retinitis pigmentosa-associated rhodopsin mutations in three membrane-located cysteine residues present three different biochemical phenotypes
Breikers G, Portier-VandeLuytgaarden MJM, Bovee-Geurts PHM, DeGrip WJ
854 - 862 Regulation and the role of Cu,Zn-containing superoxide dismutase in cell cycle progression of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Lee J, Kwon ES, Kim DW, Cha JS, Roe JH
863 - 869 Semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase in aortic smooth muscle cells mediates synthesis of a methylglyoxal-AGE: implications for vascular complications in diabetes
Mathys KC, Ponnampalam SN, Padival S, Nagaraj RH
870 - 875 HAND1 and HAND2 are expressed in the adult-rodent heart and are modulated during cardiac hypertrophy
Thattaliyath BD, Livi CB, Steinhelper ME, Toney GM, Firulli AB
876 - 879 The death-inducing signalling complex is recruited to lipid rafts in Fas-induced apoptosis
Scheel-Toellner D, Wang K, Singh R, Majeed S, Raza K, Curnow SJ, Salmon M, Lord JM
880 - 884 TRAIL-induced apoptosis is independent of the mitochondrial apoptosis mediator DAP3
Berger T, Kretzler M
885 - 889 Influence on the plasma membrane of Candida albicans by HP (2-9)-magainin 2 (1-12) hybrid peptide
Lee DG, Park Y, Kim PI, Jeong HG, Woo ER, Hahm KS
890 - 897 Expression of PTHrP and its cognate receptor in the rheumatoid synovial microcirculation
Funk JL, Wei H, Downey KJ, Yocum D, Benjamin JB, Carley W
898 - 905 Modulation of G(i alpha 2) signaling by the axonal guidance molecule UNC5H2
Komatsuzaki K, Dalvin S, Kinane TB
906 - 911 Leptin enhances the effect of transforming growth factor in increasing type I collagen formation
Tang M, Potter JJ, Mezey E
912 - 917 Characterization of the novel human transmembrane protein 9 (TMEM9) that localizes to lysosomes and late endosomes
Kveine M, Tenstad E, Dosen G, Funderud S, Rian E
918 - 923 A selective lignin-degrading fungus, Ceriporiopsis subvermispora, produces alkylitaconates that inhibit the production of a cellulolytic active oxygen species, hydroxyl radical in the presence of iron and H2O2
Watanabe T, Teranishi H, Honda Y, Kuwahara M
924 - 930 Acute arsenite-induced 8-hydroxyguanine is associated with inhibition of repair activity in cultured human cells
Mei N, Kunugita N, Hirano T, Kasai H
931 - 933 Angiotensins II and IV stimulate the activity of tyrosine kinases in estrogen-induced rat pituitary tumors
Ochedalska AL, Rebas E, Kunert-Radek J, Fournie-Zaluski MC, Pawlikowski M
934 - 942 Molecular mechanisms of anti-angiogenic effect of curcumin
Gururaj AE, Belakavadi M, Venkatesh DA, Marme D, Salimath BP
943 - 949 Relationship of Mcl-1 isoforms, ratio p2lWAF1/cyclin A, and Jun kinase phosphorylation to apoptosis in human breast carcinomas
Rieber M, Medina JD, Strasberg-Rieber M
950 - 955 The beta subunit of Aquifex aeolicus leucyl-tRNA synthetase is responsible for cognate tRNA recognition
Gouda M, Yokogawa T, Nishikawa K
956 - 961 Mouse methionine sulfoxide reductase B: effect of selenocysteine incorporation on its activity and expression of the seleno-containing enzyme in bacterial and mammalian cells
Bar-Noy S, Moskovitz J
962 - 967 Folding, stability, and secondary structure of a new dimeric cysteine proteinase inhibitor
Kidric M, Fabian H, Brzin J, Popovic T, Pain RH
968 - 973 Transaldolase exhibits a protective role against menadione toxicity in Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli
Vatanaviboon P, Varaluksit T, Seeanukun C, Mongkolsuk S
974 - 979 The ABCA1 transporter functions on the basolateral surface of hepatocytes
Neufeld EB, Demosky SJ, Stonik JA, Combs C, Remaley AT, Duverger N, Santamarina-Fojo S, Brewer HB
980 - 986 Palmitoylation-defective asialoglycoprotein receptors are normal in their cellular distribution and ability to bind ligand, but are defective in ligand uptake and degradation
Yik JHN, Saxena A, Weigel JA, Weigel PH
987 - 996 Aquaporin 4 expression in the mammalian inner ear and its role in hearing
Mhatre AN, Stern RE, Li J, Lalwani AK
997 - 1002 Dynamics of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II following acute myocardial ischemia - translocation and autophosphorylation
Uemura A, Naito Y, Matsubara T
1003 - 1007 Oxidative stress induced by ciprofloxacin in Staphylococcus aureus
Becerra MC, Albesa I
1008 - 1010 Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of cobra venom beta-nerve growth factor
Gu LC, Shen YQ, Xu SJ, Shu YY, Jiang T, Lin ZJ
1011 - 1015 NMR and CD studies on the interaction of Alzheimer beta-amyloid peptide (12-28) with beta-cyclodextrin
Qin XR, Abe H, Nakanishi H
1016 - 1020 Site-directed mutagenesis of Aspergillus niger NRRL 3135 phytase at residue 300 to enhance catalysis at pH 4.0
Mullaney EJ, Daly CB, Kim T, Porres JM, Lei XG, Sethumadhavan K, Ullah AHJ
1021 - 1026 Differential inhibition of 30S and 70S translation initiation complexes on leaderless mRNA by kasugamycin
Moll I, Blasi U
1027 - 1032 The role of metal on imide hydrolysis: metal content and pH profiles of metal ion-replaced mammalian imidase
Huang CY, Yang YS
1033 - 1042 Cloning and functional characterization of ACAD-9, a novel member of human acyl-CoA dehydrogenase family
Zhang J, Zhang WP, Zou DJ, Chen GY, Wan T, Zhang MH, Cao XT
1043 - 1048 Differential expression of cholinephosphotransferase in normal and cancerous human mammary epithelial cells
Ghosh A, Akech J, Mukherjee S, Das SK
1049 - 1057 The Caenorhabditis elegans ortholog of human PHF5a shows a muscle-specific expression domain and is essential for C-elegans morphogenetic development
Trappe R, Schulze E, Rzymski T, Frode S, Engel W
1058 - 1061 G-CSF stimulates angiogenesis and promotes tumor growth: potential contribution of bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells
Natori T, Sata M, Washida M, Hirata Y, Nagai R, Makuuchi M
1062 - 1070 Involvement of redox events in caspase activation in zinc-depleted airway epithelial cells
Carter JE, Truong-Tran AQ, Grosser D, Ho L, Ruffin RE, Zalewski PD