Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.297, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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161 - 162 Greed takes over "our" yeast genome sequence
Goffeau A
163 - 176 Redox- and oxidant-mediated regulation of interleukin-10: an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant cytokine?
Haddad JJ, Fahlman CS
177 - 184 Differentiation of embryonic stem cells into retinal neurons
Zhao X, Liu JN, Ahmad I
185 - 192 Induction of apoptosis and inhibition of cell growth by developmental regulator hTBX5
He ML, Chen Y, Peng Y, Jin DD, Du D, Wu J, Lu P, Lin MC, Kung HF
193 - 201 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor ligands negatively regulate the expression of the high-affinity IgE receptor Fc epsilon RI in human basophilic KU812 cells
Fujimura Y, Tachibana H, Yamada K
202 - 205 Stereoselective hydroxylation of 4-methyl-2-cyclohexenone in rats: its relevance to R-(+)-pulegone-mediated hepatotoxicity
Madyastha KM, Raj CP
206 - 213 Thiol-bearing synthetic peptides retain the antioxidant activity of apolipoproteinA-I-Milano
Jia Z, Natarajan P, Forte TM, Bielicki JK
214 - 219 Two verprolin homology domains increase the Arp2/3 complex-mediated actin polymerization activities of N-WASP and WAVE1 C-terminal regions
Yamaguchi H, Miki H, Takenawa T
220 - 223 Visible region MCD and MLD spectra of nitrosylferrohemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin
Pearce LL, Bominaar EL, Peterson J
224 - 231 Continuous heat shock enhances translational initiation directed by internal ribosomal entry site
Kim YK, Jang SK
232 - 236 A novel beta-diketone-cleaving enzyme from Acinetobacter johnsonii: acetylacetone 2,3-oxygenase
Straganz G, Brecker L, Weber HJ, Steiner W, Ribbons DW
237 - 241 Malignant reversion of a human osteosarcoma cell line, Saos-2, by inhibition of NF kappa B
Andela VB, Sheu TJ, Puzas EJ, Schwarz EM, O'Keefe RJ, Rosier RN
242 - 248 Isolation and characterization of Sphingomonas sp GTIN11 capable of carbazole metabolism in petroleum
Kilbane JJ, Daram A, Abbasian J, Kayser KJ
249 - 254 Serum increases CYP1A1 induction by 3-methylcholanthrene
N'Guyen QB, Fallone F, Seree E, Fina F, Villard PH, Guigal N, De Meo M, Lacarelle B, Martin PM, Barra Y
255 - 260 TGF-beta 1 and HGF coordinately facilitate collagen turnover in subepithelial mesenchyme
Inoue T, Okada H, Kobayashi T, Watanabe Y, Kikuta T, Kanno Y, Takigawa M, Suzuki H
261 - 266 Phosphoinositide 3-kinase C2 alpha is activated upon smooth muscle cell migration and regulated by alpha(v)beta(3) integrin engagrement
Paulhe F, Perret B, Chap H, Iberg N, Morand O, Racaud-Sultan C
267 - 274 A method to detect major serotypes of foot-and-mouth disease virus
Collins RA, Ko LS, Fung KY, Lau LT, Xing J, Yu ACH
275 - 281 Characteristics of the end-joining of DNA double-strand breaks by the ataxia-telangiectasia nuclear extract
Tachibana A, Sasaki MS
282 - 287 Enhancing oxidative resistance of Agrobacterium radiobacter N-carbamoyl D-amino acid amidohydrolase by engineering solvent-accessible methionine residues
Chien HCR, Hsu CL, Hu HY, Wang WC, Hsu WH
288 - 293 Oxidoreductive modification of two cysteine residues in paired domain by Ref-1 regulates DNA-binding activity of Pax-8
Cao X, Kambe F, Ohmori S, Seo H
294 - 301 Calpain is required for MMP-2 and u-PA expression in SV40 large T-antigen-immortalized cells
Postovit LM, Dutt P, Dourdin N, Park M, Greer PA, Graham CH, Elce JS
302 - 308 Comparison of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger current and of its response to isoproterenol between acutely isolated and short-term cultured adult ventricular myocytes
Pabbathi VK, Zhang YH, Mitcheson JS, Hinde AK, Perchenet L, Arberry LA, Levi AJ, Hancox JC
309 - 316 C-terminal lysine truncation increases thermostability and enhances chaperone-like function of porcine alpha B-crystallin
Liao JH, Lee JS, Chiou SH
317 - 322 Overexpressed chloride intracellular channel protein CLIC4 (p64H1) is an essential component of novel plasma membrane anion channels
Proutski I, Karoulias N, Ashley RH
323 - 328 IF3, a novel cell-differentiation factor, highly expressed in murine liver and ovary
Mano H, Nakatani S, Aoyagi R, Ishii R, Iwai Y, Shimoda N, Jincho Y, Hiura H, Hirose M, Mochizuki C, Yuri M, Im RH, Funada-Wada U, Wada M
329 - 334 IL-15 up-regulates iNOS expression and NO production by gingival epithelial cells
Yanagita M, Shimabukuro Y, Nozaki T, Yoshimura N, Watanabe J, Koide H, Terakura M, Saho T, Takedachi M, Jang MH, Kiyono H, Murakami S
335 - 340 Rat parietal cells express CCK2 receptor mRNA: gene expression analysis of single cells isolated by laser-assisted microdissection
Tommeras K, Bakke I, Sandvik AK, Larsson E, Waldum HL
341 - 345 The specific mitochondrial DNA polymorphism found in Klinefelter's syndrome
Oikawa H, Tun Z, Young DR, Ozawa H, Yamazaki K, Tanaka E, Honda K
346 - 352 Hypoxic induction of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha and oxygen-regulated gene expression in mitochondrial DNA-depleted HeLa cells
Enomoto N, Koshikawa N, Gassmann M, Hayashi JI, Takenaga K
353 - 360 Tyrosine phosphorylation of clathrin heavy chain under oxidative stress
Ihara Y, Yasuoka C, Kageyama K, Wada Y, Kondo T
361 - 367 Antimicrobial peptide defenses of the Tarahumara frog, Rana tarahumarae
Rollins-Smith LA, Reinert LK, Miera V, Conlon JM
368 - 374 Functional analysis and the molecular dissection of zinc-fingers and homeoboxes 1 (ZHX1)
Yamada K, Kawata H, Matsuura K, Shou ZF, Hirano S, Mizutani T, Yazawa T, Yoshino M, Sekiguchi T, Kajitani T, Miyamoto K
375 - 381 A role of heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor in cardiac remodeling after myocardial infarction
Tanaka N, Masamura K, Yoshida M, Kato M, Kawai Y, Miyamori I
382 - 389 Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of oligosaccharides structurally related to the repeating unit of Pullulan
Campa C, Vetere A, Gamini A, Donati I, Paoletti S
390 - 395 Glycine 38 is crucial for the ribonucleolytic activity of human pancreatic ribonuclease on double-stranded RNA
Gaur D, Seth D, Batra JK
396 - 400 Single replication origin of the archaeon Methanosarcina mazei revealed by the Z curve method
Zhang R, Zhang CT
401 - 405 Comparative phenotypic analyses of human plasma and urinary retinol binding protein using mass spectrometric immunoassay
Kiernan UA, Tubbs KA, Nedelkov D, Niederkofler EE, Nelson RW
406 - 411 Spectrophotometric investigations with hexa-coordinate ferric lignin peroxidase: does water retention at the active site influence catalysis?
Bruck TB, Harvey PJ
412 - 418 Elevation of P-glycoprotein function by a catechin in green tea
Wang EJ, Barecki-Roach M, Johnson WW
419 - 424 Incadronate disodium inhibits advanced glycation end products-induced angiogenesis in vitro
Okamoto T, Yamagishi S, Inagaki Y, Amano S, Takeuchi M, Kikuchi S, Ohno S, Yoshimura A
425 - 425 HTF: A B-ZIP transcription factor that is closely related to the human XBP/TREB5 and is activated by hepatocellular carcinoma in rats (vol 223, pg 746, 1996)
Kishimoto T, Kokura K, Kumagai Y, Makino Y, Tamura T