Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.296, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1037 - 1038 Serendipitous discoveries from sudden inspirations and the joy of being a scientist
Sugimura T
1039 - 1043 Regeneration therapy of pancreatic beta cells: towards a cure for diabetes?
Yamaoka T
1044 - 1050 Conformation-dependent antibiotic activity of tritrpticin, a cathelicidin-derived antimicrobial peptide
Yang ST, Shin SY, Kim YC, Kim YM, Hahm KS, Kim JI
1051 - 1057 Testosterone up-regulates scavenger receptor B1 and stimulates cholesterol efflux from macrophages
Langer C, Gansz B, Goepfert C, Engel T, Uehara Y, von Dehn G, Jansen H, Assmann G, von Eckardstein A
1058 - 1062 Gln277 and Phe554 residues are involved in thermal inactivation of protective antigen of Bacillus anthracis
Singh S, Ahuja N, Chauhan V, Rajasekaran E, Waheed SM, Bhat R, Bhatnagar R
1063 - 1068 Salinity- and ABA-induced up-regulation and light-mediated modulation of mRNA encoding glycine-rich RNA-binding protein from Sorghum bicolor
Aneeta, Sanan-Mishra N, Tuteja N, Sopory SK
1069 - 1071 Novel optical solid-state glucose sensor using immobilized glucose oxidase
White BJ, Harmon HJ
1072 - 1076 Generation of thermostable monomeric luciferases from Photorhabdus luminescens
Westerlund-Karlsson A, Saviranta P, Karp M
1077 - 1082 Differential effect of heme oxygenase-1 in endothelial and smooth muscle cell cycle progression
Volti GL, Wang J, Traganos F, Kappas A, Abraham NG
1083 - 1090 Identification of nuclear type II[H-3]estradiol binding sites as histone H4
Shoulars K, Brown T, Alejandro MA, Crowley J, Markaverich BM
1091 - 1096 Casein kinase II stimulates rat liver mitochondrial glycerophosphate acyltransferase activity
Onorato TM, Haldar D
1097 - 1103 TBP-interacting protein 120B, which is induced in relation to myogenesis, binds to NOT3
Aoki T, Okada N, Wakamatsu T, Tamura TA
1104 - 1111 VCY2 protein interacts with the HECT domain of ubiquitin-protein ligase E3A
Wong EYM, Tse JYM, Yao KM, Tam PC, Yeung WSB
1112 - 1117 Isolation and identification of the AKH III precursor-related peptide from Locusta migratoria
Huybrechts J, Clynen E, Baggerman G, De Loof A, Schoofs L
1118 - 1124 Phylogeny of New World arenaviruses based on the complete coding sequences of the small genomic segment identified an evolutionary lineage produced by intrasegmental recombination
Charrel RN, Feldmann H, Fulhorst CF, Khelifa R, de Chesse R, de Lamballerie X
1125 - 1133 Differential gene expression in retinoic acid-induced differentiation of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells, NB4 and HL-60 cells
Lee KH, Chang MY, Ahn JK, Yu DH, Jung SS, Choi JH, Noh YH, Lee YS, Ahn MJ
1134 - 1142 Construction of a zebrafish cDNA microarray: gene expression profiling of the zebrafish during development
Ton C, Stamatiou D, Dzau VJ, Liew CC
1143 - 1147 Genetic and physical maps of jerker (Espn(je)) on mouse chromosome 4
Jackson T, Thomas J, Green ED, Noben-Trauth K
1148 - 1151 The antioxidant cocktail effective microorganism X (EM-X) inhibits oxidant-induced interleukin-8 release and the peroxidation of phospholipids in vitro
Deiana M, Dessi MA, Ke B, Liang YF, Higa T, Gilmour PS, Jen LS, Rahman I, Aruoma OI
1152 - 1156 GSH-dependent peroxidase activity of the rice (Oryza sativa) glutaredoxin, a thioltransferase
Lee KO, Lee JR, Yoo JY, Jang HH, Moon JC, Jung BG, Chi YH, Park SK, Lee SS, Lim CO, Yun DJ, Cho MJ, Lee SY
1157 - 1163 Expression of hepatitis B virus X (HBx) gene is up-regulated by adriamycin at the post-transcriptional level
Yun CW, Lee JH, Seong JK, Oh SH, Yu DY, Cho HY
1164 - 1170 Mammalian Apg12p, but not the Apg12p center dot Apg5p conjugate, facilitates LC3 processing
Tanida I, Nishitani T, Nemoto T, Ueno T, Kominami E
1171 - 1179 Nitration of PECAM-1 ITIM tyrosines abrogates phosphorylation and SHP-2 binding
Newman DK, Hoffman S, Kotamraju S, Zhao TM, Wakim B, Kalyanaraman B, Newman PJ
1180 - 1185 Uptake and intracellular fate of gelonin, a ribosome-inactivating protein, in rat liver
Colaco M, Bapat MM, Misquith S, Jadot M, Wattiaux-De Coninck S, Wattiaux R
1186 - 1193 Fertilization in Sepia officinalis: the first mollusk sperm-attracting peptide
Zatylny C, Marvin L, Gagnon J, Henry JL
1194 - 1199 A sugarcane cystatin: recombinant expression, purification, and antifungal activity
Soares-Costa A, Beltramini LM, Thiemann OH, Henrique-Silva F
1200 - 1206 Single nucleotide polymorphisms of estrogen receptor alpha in human renal cell carcinoma
Tanaka Y, Sasaki M, Kaneuchi M, Fujimoto S, Dahiya R
1207 - 1214 Binding patterns of vanadium ions with different valence states to human serum transferrin studied by HPLC/high-resolution ICP-MS
Nagaoka MH, Yamazaki T, Maitani T
1215 - 1221 Molecular cloning of a novel immunoglobulin superfamily gene preferentially expressed by brain and testis
Suzu S, Hayashi Y, Harumi T, Nomaguchi K, Yamada M, Hayasawa H, Motoyoshi K
1222 - 1227 A ubiquitin-interacting motif from Hrs binds to and occludes the ubiquitin surface necessary for polyubiquitination in monoubiquitinated proteins
Shekhtman A, Cowburn D
1228 - 1237 Identification of HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein: nucleic acid antagonists with cellular anti-HIV activity
Stephen AG, Worthy KM, Towler E, Mikovits JA, Sei S, Roberts P, Yang QE, Akee RK, Klausmeyer P, McCloud TG, Henderson L, Rein A, Covell DG, Currens M, Shoemaker RH, Fisher RJ
1238 - 1244 Hemolytic activity and developmental expression of pore-forming peptide, clonorin
Lee JY, Cho PY, Kim TY, Kang SY, Song KY, Hong SJ
1245 - 1250 A beta-tubulin-like cDNA expressed specifically in elongating cotton fibers induces longitudinal growth of fission yeast
Ji SJ, Lu YC, Li J, Wei G, Liang XJ, Zhu YX
1251 - 1256 The conformational alteration of the mutated extracellular domain of Fas in an adult T cell leukemia cell line
Maeda T, Nakayama S, Yamada Y, Sugahara K, Isomoto H, Tawara M, Yamasaki R, Onimaru Y, Matsushita T, Ohzono Y, Kamihira S
1257 - 1263 Proteasome inhibitors regulate tyrosine phosphorylation of IRS-1 and insulin signaling in adipocytes
Rondinone CM, Kramer D
1264 - 1266 IL-6 activates HSP72 gene expression in human skeletal muscle
Febbraio MA, Steensberg A, Fischer CP, Keller C, Hiscock N, Pedersen BK
1267 - 1271 ADP-ribose stimulates the calcium release channel RyR1 in skeletal muscle of rat
Bastide B, Snoeckx K, Mounier Y
1272 - 1278 Cytochrome bo(3) from Escherichia coli: the binding and turnover of nitric oxide
Butler CS, Forte E, Scandurra FM, Arese M, Giuffre A, Greenwood C, Sarti P
1279 - 1285 TEF-1 transcription factors regulate activity of the mouse mammary tumor virus LTR
Maeda T, Maeda M, Stewart AFR
1286 - 1294 Quantitative analysis for human glucocorticoid receptor alpha/beta mRNA in IBD
Orii F, Ashida T, Nomura M, Maemoto A, Fujiki T, Ayabe T, Imai S, Saitoh Y, Kohgo Y
1295 - 1302 Inhibition of NF-kappa B activation by merlin
Kim JY, Kim H, Jeun SS, Rha SJ, Kim YH, Ko YJ, Won J, Lee KH, Rha HK, Wang YP
1303 - 1309 Improvement of human interferon HUIFN alpha 2 and HCV core protein expression levels in Escherichia coli but not of HUIFN alpha 8 by using the tRNA(AGA/AGG)
Acosta-Rivero N, Sanchez JC, Morales J
1310 - 1316 Inhibition of yeast ribosomal stalk phosphorylation by Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase
Zielinski R, Pilecki M, Kubinski K, Zien P, Hellman U, Szyszka R
1317 - 1321 A beta(25-35) and A beta(1-40) act on different calcium channels in CA1 hippocampal neurons
Rovira C, Arbez N, Mariani J
1322 - 1328 Expression of a p67(phox) homolog in Caco-2 cells giving O-2(-)-reconstituting ability to cytochrome b(558) together with recombinant p47(phox)
Yoshida LS, Nishida S, Shimoyama T, Kawahara T, Rokutan K, Tsunawaki S
1329 - 1333 A novel, anchorless streptococcal surface protein that binds to human immunoglobulins
Kawabata S, Tamura Y, Murakami J, Terao Y, Nakagawa I, Hamada S
1334 - 1339 Mayaro virus infection cycle relies on casein kinase 2 activity
Barroso MMS, Lima CS, Silva-Neto MAC, Da Poian AT
1340 - 1345 p130/p107 expression distinguishes adipogenic potential in primary myoblasts based on age
Guan Y, Taylor-Jones JM, Peterson CA, McGehee RE
1346 - 1351 Homology modeling of the cellulose-binding domain of a pollen allergen from rye grass: structural basis for the cellulose recognition and associated allergenic properties
Barre A, Rouge P
1352 - 1355 Preparation and analysis of small unilamellar phospholipid vesicles of a uniform size
Pitcher WH, Huestis WH
1356 - 1365 Smad pathway is activated in the diabetic mouse kidney and Smad3 mediates TGF-beta-induced fibronectin in mesangial cells
Isono M, Chen S, Hong SW, Iglesias-de la Cruz MC, Ziyadeh FN
1366 - 1371 Acidophilic character of yeast PID261/BUD32, a putative ancestor of eukaryotic protein kinases
Facchin S, Sarno S, Marin O, Lopreiato R, Sartori G, Pinna LA
1372 - 1377 Successful inactivation of endogenous Oct-3/4 and c-mos genes in mouse preimplantation embryos and oocytes using short interfering RNAs
Kim MH, Yuan XM, Okumura S, Ishikawa F