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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.295, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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207 - 222 Single nucleotide polymorphisms of thrifty genes for energy metabolism: evolutionary origins and prospects for intervention to prevent obesity-related diseases
Kagawa Y, Yanagisawa Y, Hasegawa K, Suzuki H, Yasuda K, Kudo H, Abe M, Matsuda S, Ishikawa Y, Tsuchiya N, Sato A, Umetsu K, Kagawa Y
223 - 229 Kinetic properties of Kv4.3 and their modulation by KChIP2b
Wang SM, Patel SP, Qu YJ, Hua P, Strauss HC, Morales MJ
230 - 235 Novel glycosyltransferase genes involved in the acetan biosynthesis of Acetobacter xylinum
Ishida T, Sugano Y, Shoda M
236 - 242 Possible mechanisms by which adipocyte lipolysis is enhanced in exercise-trained rats
Nomura S, Kawanami H, Ueda H, Kizaki T, Ohno H, Izawa T
243 - 248 PDX-1 mediates glucose responsiveness of GAD(67), but not GAD(65), gene transcription in islets of Langerhans
Pedersen AA, Petersen HV, Videbaek N, Skak K, Michelsen BK
249 - 254 Altered gene expressions involved in energy expenditure in 5-HT2C receptor mutant mice
Nonogaki K, Memon RA, Grunfeld C, Feingold KR, Tecott LH
255 - 260 A transient ghrelin surge occurs just before feeding in a scheduled meal-fed sheep
Sugino T, Hasegawa Y, Kikkawa Y, Yamaura J, Yamagishi M, Kurose Y, Kojima M, Kangawa K, Terashima Y
261 - 266 Estrogen regulates a tissue-specific calpain in the anterior pituitary
Duan WR, Ito M, Lee EJ, Chien PY, Jameson JL
267 - 275 4-hydroxynonenal affects pRb/E2F pathway in HL-60 human leukemic cells
Barrera G, Pizzimenti S, Laurora S, Moroni E, Giglioni B, Dianzani MU
276 - 282 Comparative genome analysis of potential regulatory elements in the ABCG5-ABCG8 gene cluster
Remaley AT, Bark S, Walts AD, Freeman L, Shulenin S, Annilo T, Elgin E, Rhodes HE, Joyce C, Dean M, Santamarina-Fojo S, Brewer HB
283 - 288 Arginine antimetabolite L-canavanine induces apoptotic cell death in human Jurkat T cells via caspase-3 activation regulated by Bcl-2 or Bcl-xL
Jang MH, Jun DY, Rue SW, Han KH, Park W, Kim YH
289 - 294 Expanded CTG repeats inhibit neuronal differentiation of the PC12 cell line
Quintero-Mora ML, Depardon F, Waring J, Korneluk RG, Cisneros B
295 - 299 Formation of nuclear matrix filaments by p27(BBP)/eIF6
Ceci M, Offenhauser N, Marchisio PC, Biffo S
300 - 305 Thymidine phosphorylase suppresses Fas-induced apoptotic signal transduction independent of its enzymatic activity
Mori S, Takao S, Ikeda R, Noma H, Mataki Y, Wang X, Akiyama S, Aikou T
306 - 311 Aggregation and neurotoxicity of mutant amyloid beta (A beta) peptides with proline replacement: importance of turn formation at positions 22 and 23
Morimoto A, Irie K, Murakami K, Ohigashi H, Shindo M, Nagao M, Shimizu T, Shirasawa T
312 - 318 Cloning, characterization, and embryonic expression analysis of the Drosophila melanogaster gene encoding insulin/relaxin-like peptide
Nasonkin IO, Alikasifoglu A, Barrette T, Cheng MM, Thomas PM, Nikitin AG
319 - 323 Adipocytes recognize and degrade oxidized low density lipoprotein through CD36
Kuniyasu A, Hayashi S, Nakayama H
324 - 329 Evidence for a role of the nerve growth factor receptor TrkA in tyrosine phosphorylation and processing of beta-APP
Tarr PE, Contursi C, Roncarati R, Noviello C, Ghersi E, Scheinfeld MH, Zambrano N, Russo T, D'Adamio L
330 - 335 Quantitative monitoring of the mRNA expression pattern of the TGF-beta-isoforms (beta 1, beta 2, beta 3) during transdifferentiation of hepatic stellate cells using a newly developed real-time SYBR Green PCR
Wickert L, Steinkruger S, Abiaka M, Bolkenius U, Purps O, Schnabel C, Gressner AM
336 - 341 Down-regulation of NOSII gene expression by iontophoresis of anti-sense oligonucleotide in endotoxin-induced uveitis
Voigt M, de Kozak Y, Halhal M, Courtois Y, Behar-Cohen F
342 - 347 Sequence analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome in patients with Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy lacking the three most common pathogenic DNA mutations
Fauser S, Luberichs J, Besch D, Leo-Kottler B
348 - 353 Structural analysis of chick ephrin-A2 by function-blocking and non-blocking monoclonal antibodies
Ahsan M, Yin YZ, Ueno T, Takiguchi M, Tanaka H
354 - 361 Clonal heterogeneity in differentiation potential of immortalized human mesenchymal stem cells
Okamoto T, Aoyama T, Nakayama T, Nakamata T, Hosaka T, Nishijo K, Nakamura T, Kiyono T, Toguchida J
362 - 369 Human epidermis is a novel site of phospholipase B expression
Maury E, Prevost MC, Nauze M, Redoules D, Tarroux R, Charveron M, Salles JP, Perret B, Chap H, Gassama-Diagne A
370 - 375 Targeted substrate degradation by an engineered double RING ubiquitin ligase
Oyake D, Nishikawa H, Koizuka I, Fukuda M, Ohta T
376 - 381 L-trans-PDC enhances hippocampal neuronal activity by stimulating glial glutamate release independently of blocking transporters
Ohta K, Nomura T, Kanno T, Nagai K, Yamamoto S, Yajima Y, Kondoh T, Kohmura E, Saito N, Nishizaki T
382 - 386 Direct quantification of the flexibility of type I collagen monomer
Sun YL, Luo ZP, Fertala A, An KN
387 - 393 Molecular cloning and domain structure of chicken pyruvate carboxylase
Jitrapakdee S, Nezic MG, Cassady AI, Khew-Goodall Y, Wallace JC
394 - 400 Partial characterization of murine intestinal maltase-glucoamylase
Quezada-Calvillo R, Rodriguez-Zuniga F, Underdown BJ
401 - 407 Differential expression of type IV collagen isoforms in rat glomerular endothelial and mesangial cells
Zeisberg M, Ericksen MB, Hamano Y, Neilson EG, Ziyadeh F, Kalluri R
408 - 416 Molecular structure of a novel cholesterol-responsive A subclass ABC transporter, ABCA9
Piehler A, Kaminski WE, Wenzel JJ, Langmann T, Schmitz G
417 - 422 Isoflavones regulate interleukin-6 and osteoprotegerin synthesis during osteoblast cell differentiation via an estrogen-receptor-dependent pathway
Chen XW, Garner SC, Anderson JJB
423 - 427 Two C-terminal cysteines are necessary for proper folding of the peptidase neprilysin/CD10
Santos AN, Wulfanger J, Helbing G, Blosz T, Langner J, Riemann D
428 - 434 Loss of placental growth factor protects mice against vascular permeability in pathological conditions
Luttun A, Brusselmans K, Fukao H, Tjwa M, Ueshima S, Herbert JM, Matsuo O, Collen D, Carmeliet P, Moons L
435 - 444 Chk1 signaling pathways that mediated G(2)M checkpoint in relation to the cellular resistance to the novel topoisomerase I poison BNP1350
Yin MB, Hapke G, Wu JX, Azrak RG, Frank C, Wrzosek C, Rustum YM
445 - 451 A novel cis-element that enhances connective tissue growth factor gene expression in chondrocytic cells
Eguchi T, Kubota S, Kondo S, Kuboki T, Yatani H, Takigawa M
452 - 457 Structural determinants for the action of grayanotoxin in D1 S4-S5 and D4 S4-S5 intracellular linkers of sodium channel alpha-subunits
Maejima H, Kinoshita E, Yuki T, Yakehiro M, Seyama I, Yamaoka K
458 - 462 ORF2 gene involves in the construction of high-order structure of bacterial cellulose
Nakai T, Nishiyama Y, Kuga S, Sugano Y, Shoda M
463 - 468 Identification and characterization of a novel mitochondrial tricarboxylate carrier
Miyake S, Yamashita T, Taniguchi M, Tamatani M, Sato K, Tohyama M
469 - 474 Coactivation of an endogenous progesterone receptor by TIF2 in COS-7 cells
Hofman K, Swinnen JV, Verhoeven G, Heyns W
475 - 481 Leptin prevents the fall in plasma osteocalcin during starvation in male mice
Goldstone AP, Howard JK, Lord GM, Ghatei MA, Gardiner JV, Wang ZL, Wang RM, Girgis SI, Bailey CJ, Bloom SR
482 - 488 Neurotensin counteracts apoptosis in breast cancer cells
Somai S, Gompel A, Rostene W, Forgez P
489 - 494 Staurosporine enhances the expression of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in human prostate cancer cells
Tachibana K, Shimizu T, Tonami K, Takeda K
495 - 500 Modification of Daxx by small ubiquitin-related modifier-1
Jang MS, Ryu SW, Kim E
501 - 507 p73-dependent expression of DAN during cisplatin-induced cell death and osteoblast differentiation
Shinbo J, Ozaki T, Nakagawa T, Watanabe K, Nakamura Y, Yamazaki M, Moriya H, Nakagawara A, Sakiyama S
508 - 514 Tk-PTP, protein tyrosine/serine phosphatase from hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermoeoeeus kodakaraensis KOD1: enzymatic characteristics and identification of its substrate proteins
Jeon SJ, Fujiwara S, Takagi M, Tanaka T, Imanaka T
515 - 518 Regulation of Akt by EGF-R inhibitors, a possible mechanism of EGF-R inhibitor-enhanced TRAIL-induced apoptosis
Park SY, Seol DW
519 - 525 Identification of the enhancer binding protein MBF-1 of the sea urchin modulator alpha-H2A histone gene
Alessandro C, Di Simone P, Buscaino A, Anello L, Palla F, Spinelli G
526 - 531 Actinomycin D-induced apoptosis involves the potassium channel Kv1.3
Bock J, Szabo I, Jekle A, Gulbins E
532 - 539 The effect of gp130 stimulation on glutamate-induced excitotoxicity in primary hippocampal neurons
Sun Y, Marz P, Otten U, Ge JG, Rose-John S
540 - 546 Calpain II colocalizes with detergent-insoluble rafts on human and Jurkat T-cells
Morford LA, Forrest K, Logan B, Overstreet LK, Goebel J, Brooks WH, Roszman TL
547 - 552 Inhibitory effect of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma ligands on the expression of IgE heavy chain germline transcripts in the human B cell line DND39
Miyazaki Y, Tachibana H, Yamada K
553 - 560 Inhibition of LPS-induced activation of alveolar macrophages by high concentrations of LPS-binding protein
Hamann L, Stamme C, Ulmer AJ, Schumann RR
561 - 569 G(q/11) is involved in insulin-stimulated inositol phosphoglycan putative mediator generation in rat liver membranes: co-localization of G(q/11) with the insulin receptor in membrane vesicles
Sleight S, Wilson BA, Heimark DB, Larner J
570 - 570 Fatty acid synthase inhibition in human breast cancer cells leads to malonyl-CoA-induced inhibition of fatty acid oxidation and cytotoxicity (vol 285, pg 217, 2001)
Thupari JN, Pinn ML, Kuhajda FP
571 - 571 Increased plasma HB-EGF associated with obesity and coronary artery disease (vol 292, pg 781, 2002)
Matsumoto S, Kishida K, Shimomura I, Yamada A, Maeda N, Nagaretani H, Matsuda M, Nishizawa H, Kihara S, Yamashita S, Tamura S, Kawata S, Funahashi T, Matsuzawa Y
572 - 572 The road to squalene synthase (vol 292, pg 1261, 2002)
Shechter I
573 - 574 Lack of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-1 and -3 expression in Ewing sarcoma may be due to loss of accessibility of the MMP regulatory element to the specific fusion protein in vivo (vol 293, pg 61, 2002)
Yabe H, Fukuma M, Urano F, Yoshida K, Kato S, Toyama Y, Hata J, Umezawa A