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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.294, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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923 - 925 Neuritogenesis: polarization of constitutive exocytosis by effectors of Rho-family GTPases?
Teng FYH, Tang BL
926 - 933 Membrane association of estrogen receptor alpha mediates estrogen effect on MAPK activation
Zhang ZG, Maier B, Santen RJ, Song RXD
934 - 939 Necrosis has orderly DNA fragmentations
Kok YJ, Swe M, Sit KH
940 - 948 beta ig-h3 supports keratinocyte adhesion, migration, and proliferation through alpha 3 beta 1 integrin
Bae JS, Lee SH, Kim JE, Choi JY, Park RW, Park JY, Park HS, Sohn YS, Lee DS, Lee EB, Kim IS
949 - 955 The P1' specificity of tobacco etch virus protease
Kapust RB, Tozser J, Copeland TD, Waugh DS
956 - 961 Involvement of CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha in haptoglobin gene expression by all-trans-retinoic acid
Lee IH, Lee JH, Lee MJ, Lee SY, Kim IS
962 - 967 Amino acids control ammonia pulses in yeast colonies
Zikanova B, Kuthan M, Ricicova M, Forstova J, Palkova Z
968 - 975 Dimerization is required for phosphorylation and DNA binding of TonEBP/NFAT5
Lee SD, Woo SK, Kwon HM
976 - 980 Cell adhesion protects c-Raf-1 against ubiquitin-dependent degradation by the proteasome
Manenti S, Delmas C, Darbon JM
981 - 987 Inhibition of Rho-kinase induces alpha B-crystallin expression in lens epithelial cells
Khurana RN, Maddala RL, Shimokawa H, Zigler JS, Epstein DL, Rao PV
988 - 994 A non-IGF binding mutant of IGFBP-3 modulates cell function in breast epithelial cells
Perks CM, McCaig C, Clarke JB, Clemmons DR, Holly JMP
995 - 1000 Effects of a non-IGF binding mutant of IGFBP-5 on cell death in human breast cancer cells
Perks CM, McCaig C, Clarke JB, Clemmons DR, Holly JMP
1001 - 1008 Thrombin-stimnlated Pyk2 phosphorylation in human endothelium is dependent on intracellular calcium and independent of protein kinase C and Src kinases
Keogh RJ, Houliston RA, Wheeler-Jones CPD
1009 - 1016 Isolation of novel rice (Oryza sativa L.) multiple stress responsive MAP kinase gene, OsMSRMK2, whose mRNA accumulates rapidly in response to environmental cues
Agrawal GK, Rakwal R, Iwahashi H
1017 - 1022 PDGF-BB enhances expression of, and reduces adhesion to, laminin-5 in vascular smooth muscle cells
Kingsley K, Rust WL, Huff JL, Smith RC, Plopper GE
1023 - 1029 Metalloprotease inhibitor blocks angiotensin II-induced migration through inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor transactivation
Saito S, Frank GD, Motley ED, Dempsey PJ, Utsunomiya H, Inagami T, Eguchi S
1030 - 1035 Lack of nitric oxide synthase depresses ion transporting enzyme function in cardiac muscle
Zhou L, Burnett AL, Huang PL, Becker LC, Kuppusamy P, Kass DA, Donahue JK, Proud D, Sham JSK, Dawson TM, Xu KY
1036 - 1039 Nurr1 affects pRL-TK but not phRG-B internal control plasmid in genetic reporter system
Matuszyk J, Ziolo E, Cebrat M, Kochel I, Strzadala L
1040 - 1046 Solution structure of betacellulin, a new member of EGF-family ligands
Miura K, Doura H, Aizawa T, Tada H, Seno M, Yamada H, Kawano K
1047 - 1051 The presence of D-beta-aspartic acid-containing peptides in elastic fibers of sun-damaged skin: a potent marker for ultraviolet-induced skin aging
Fujii N, Tajima S, Tanaka N, Fujimoto N, Takata T, Shimo-Oka T
1052 - 1063 Downregulation of beta 2-microglobulin in human cord blood somatic stem cells after transplantation into livers of SCID-mice: an escape mechanism of stem cells?
Beerheide W, von Mach MA, Ringel M, Fleckenstein C, Schumann S, Renzing N, Hildebrandt A, Brenner W, Jensen O, Gebhard S, Reifenberg K, Bender J, Oesch F, Hengstler JG
1064 - 1070 The truncated hemoglobin from Mycobacterium leprae
Visca P, Fabozzi G, Petrucca A, Ciaccio C, Coletta M, De Sanctis G, Bolognesi M, Milani M, Ascenzi P
1071 - 1078 YlALK1 encoding the cytochrome P450ALK1 in Yarrowia lipolytica is transcriptionally induced by n-alkane through two distinct cis-elements on its promoter
Sumita T, Iida T, Yamagami S, Horiuchi H, Takagi M, Ohta A
1079 - 1086 Restoration of TGF-beta regulation of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in Smad3-restituted human choriocarcinoma cells
Xu GX, Chakraborty C, Lala PK
1087 - 1092 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor promotes interaction of the Nck2 adaptor protein with the TrkB tyrosine kinase receptor
Suzuki S, Mizutani M, Suzuki K, Yamada M, Kojima M, Hatanaka H, Koizumi S
1093 - 1100 Specificity of antioxidant enzyme inhibition in skeletal muscle to reactive nitrogen species donors
Lawler JM, Song W
1101 - 1108 Role of CXC chemokines in the enhancement of LPS-induced neutrophil accumulation in the lung of mice by dexamethasone
Aoki K, Ishida Y, Kikuta N, Kawai H, Kuroiwa M, Sato H
1109 - 1113 Dual regulation of phospholipase D1 by protein kinase C alpha in vivo
Oka M, Hitomi T, Okada T, Nakamura S, Nagai H, Ohba M, Kuroki T, Kikkawa U, Ichihashi M
1114 - 1120 Mutation of macrophage colony stimulating factor (Csf1) causes osteopetrosis in the tl rat
Dobbins DE, Sood R, Hashiramoto A, Hansen CT, Wilder RL, Remmers EF
1121 - 1129 Gene expression profile analysis of rheumatoid synovial fibroblast cultures revealing the overexpression of genes responsible for tumor-like growth of rheumatoid synovium
Watanabe N, Ando K, Yoshida S, Inuzuka S, Kobayashi M, Matsui N, Okamoto T
1130 - 1137 Dysfunction of rat liver mitochondria by selenite: induction of mitochondrial permeability transition through thiol-oxidation
Kim TS, Jeong DW, Yun BY, Kim IY
1138 - 1143 Keratin degradation: a cooperative action of two enzymes from Stenotrophomonas sp.
Yamamura S, Morita Y, Hasan Q, Yokoyama K, Tamiya E
1144 - 1150 The Gef1 protein of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is associated with chloride channel activity
Flis K, Bednarczyk P, Hordejuk R, Szewczyk A, Berest V, Dolowy K, Edelman A, Kurlandzka A
1151 - 1154 Binding of the mammalian homolog of the Drosophila discs large tumor suppressor protein to the ribosome receptor
Kim M, Ogawa H, Kohu K, Ichikawa M, Satoh K, Ishidao T, Nada S, Akiyama T
1155 - 1160 PAI-1 promotes extracellular matrix deposition in the airways of a murine asthma model
Oh CK, Ariue B, Alban RF, Shaw B, Cho SH
1161 - 1168 Effects of oral vitamin C on monocyte: endothelial cell adhesion in healthy subjects
Woollard KJ, Loryman CJ, Meredith E, Bevan R, Shaw JA, Lunec J, Griffiths HR
1169 - 1176 Cloning and characterization of a novel human gene RNF38 encoding a conserved putative protein with a RING finger domain
Eisenberg I, Hochner H, Levi T, Yelin R, Kahan T, Mitrani-Rosenbaum S
1177 - 1183 Cell death by pyruvate deficiency in proliferative cultured calvarial osteoblasts
Hinoi E, Fujimori S, Takemori A, Yoneda Y
1184 - 1190 Fibrillarin binds to a 3' cis-regulatory element in pre-mRNA of uvi15(+) in fission yeast
Jang YK, Kim M, Park SD
1191 - 1191 Evidence for'Pre-recruitment' as a new mechanism of transcription activation in Escherichia coli: The Large Excess of SoxS Binding Sites per Cell Relative to the Number of SoxS Molecules Per Cell (vol 291, pg 979, 2002)
Griffith KL, Shah IM, Myers TE, O'Neill MC, Wolf RE
1192 - 1192 Chemical induction of cellular antioxidants affords marked protection against oxidative injury in vascular smooth muscle cells (vol 292, pg 50, 2002)
Cao ZX, Li YB
1193 - 1193 Multiple liver-specific factors bind to a 64-bp element and activate Apo(a) gene (vol 292, pg 243, 2002)
Handa V, Mahboob-ul-hussain, Pati N, Pati U