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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.293, No.5 Entire volume, number list
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1309 - 1313 alpha-tocopheryl succinate epitomizes a compound with a shift in biological activity due to pro-vitamin-to-vitamin conversion
Neuzil H
1314 - 1318 ASC, which is composed of a PYD and a CARD, is up-regulated by inflammation and apoptosis in human neutrophils
Shiohara M, Taniguchi S, Masumoto J, Yasui K, Koike K, Komiyama A, Sagara J
1319 - 1326 Interaction of Btk and Akt in B cell signaling
Lindvall J, Islam TC
1327 - 1332 Oxidized low density lipoprotein induces the cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p21(waf1) and the tumor suppressor Rb
Maziere C, Marcheux V, Louandre C, Maziere JC
1333 - 1340 Different regulation of the LXR alpha promoter activity by isoforms of CCAAT/enhancer-binding proteins
Steffensen KR, Schuster GU, Parini P, Holter E, Sadek CM, Cassel T, Eskild W, Gustafsson JA
1341 - 1347 Selective binding of trisamine-modified phosphorothioate antisense DNA to target mRNA improves antisense activity and reduces toxicity
Matsukura M, Okamoto T, Miike T, Sawai H, Shinozuka K
1348 - 1353 Some human B and T cell epitopes of bovine serum albumin, the major beef allergen
Tanabe S, Kobayashi Y, Takahata Y, Morimatsu F, Shibata R, Nishimura T
1354 - 1357 Esterification of the propionate groups promotes alpha/beta hemoglobin chain homogeneity of CN-hemin binding
Jennings TM, McDonald MJ
1358 - 1363 Platelet-activating factor (PAF) activates casein kinase 2 in the protozoan parasite Herpetomonas muscarum muscarum
Silva-Neto MAC, Carneiro AB, Vieira DP, Mesquita RD, Lopes AHCS
1364 - 1369 Establishment of a monoclonal antibody against human Toll-like receptor 3 that blocks double-stranded RNA-mediated signaling
Matsumoto M, Kikkawa S, Kohase M, Miyake K, Seya T
1370 - 1373 Inhibitors of antibiotic efflux pump in resistant Enterobacter aerogenes strains
Mallea M, Chevalier J, Eyraud A, Pages JM
1374 - 1376 Characterization of the chondroitin sulfates in wild type Caenorhabditis elegans
Beeber C, Kieras FJ
1377 - 1382 Cardiac ankyrin repeat protein, a negative regulator of cardiac gene expression, is augmented in human heart failure
Zolk O, Frohme M, Maurer A, Kluxen FW, Hentsch B, Zubakov D, Hoheisel JD, Zucker IH, Pepe S, Eschenhagen T
1383 - 1388 Activation of Ras cascade increases the mitochondrial enzyme content of respiratory competent yeast
Dejean L, Beauvoit B, Bunoust O, Guerin B, Rigoulet M
1389 - 1395 Hsc62, Hsc56, and GrpE, the third Hsp70 chaperone system of Escherichia coli
Yoshimune K, Yoshimura T, Nakayama T, Nishino T, Esaki N
1396 - 1404 CARP is a novel caspase recruitment domain containing pro-apoptotic protein
Liu BH, Liu YQ, Chen JZ, Wei Z, Yu H, Zhen YS, Lu LH, Hui RT
1405 - 1411 Mice with cardiac-specific sequestration of the beta-subunit of the L-type calcium channel
Serikov V, Bodi I, Koch SE, Muth JN, Mikala G, Martinov SG, Haase H, Schwartz A
1412 - 1419 Dissection of promoter control modules that direct Bmp4 expression in the epithelium-derived components of hair follicles
Zhang JH, Tan XY, Contag CH, Lu YB, Guo DY, Harris SE, Feng JQ
1420 - 1425 Differentiation of liver epithelial (stem-like) cells into hepatocytes induced by coculture with hepatic stellate cells
Nagai H, Terada K, Watanabe G, Ueno Y, Aiba N, Shibuya T, Kawagoe M, Kameda T, Sato M, Senoo H, Sugiyama T
1426 - 1430 Identification and genetic analysis of human and mouse activated Cdc42 interacting protein-4 isoforms
Wang L, Rudert WA, Grishin A, Dombrosky-Ferlan P, Sullivan K, Deng XY, Whitcomb D, Corey S
1431 - 1437 PPAR activators inhibit endothelial cell migration by targeting Akt
Goetze S, Eilers F, Bungenstock A, Kintscher U, Stawowy P, Blaschke F, Graf K, Law RE, Fleck E, Grafe M
1438 - 1444 Inhibition of cGMP-dependent protein kinase II by its own splice isoform
Gambaryan S, Palmetshofer A, Glazova M, Smolenski A, Kristjansson GI, Zimmer M, Lohmann SM
1445 - 1452 Functional GABA(B) receptors expressed in cultured calvarial osteoblasts
Fujimori S, Hinoi E, Yoneda Y
1453 - 1457 Histone cross-linking by transglutaminase
Kim JH, Nam KH, Kwon OS, Kim IG, Bustin M, Choy HE, Park SC
1458 - 1465 Quercetin glucuronide prevents VSMC hypertrophy by angiotensin II via the inhibition of JNK and AP-1 signaling pathway
Yoshizumi M, Tsuchiya K, Suzaki Y, Kirima K, Kyaw M, Moon JH, Terao J, Tamaki T
1466 - 1471 Oscillatory shear alters endothelial hydraulic conductivity and nitric oxide levels
Hillsley MV, Tarbell JM
1472 - 1477 Identification and characterization of murine IRAK-M
Rosati O, Martin MU
1478 - 1484 Cytotoxic activity of 2',2'-difluorodeoxycytidine, 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine and cytosine arabinoside in cells transduced with deoxycytidine kinase gene
Beausejour CM, Gagnon J, Primeau M, Momparler RL
1485 - 1488 Brain hydrogen sulfide is severely decreased in Alzheimer's disease
Eto K, Asada T, Arima K, Makifuchi T, Kimura H
1489 - 1496 Low level of mitochondrial deoxyguanosine kinase is the dominant factor in acquired resistance to 9-beta-D-arabinofuranosylguanine cytotoxicity
Lotfi K, Mansson E, Peterson C, Eriksson S, Albertioni F
1497 - 1501 The proteolytic release of genotoxins from cooked beef
Martin FL, Cole KJ, Phillips DH, Grover PL
1502 - 1507 Cytotoxic and cytostatic effects induced by 4-hydroxynonenal in human osteosarcoma cells
Calonghi N, Boga C, Cappadone C, Pagnotta E, Bertucci C, Fiori J, Masotti L
1508 - 1513 The catalytic subunits Of I kappa B kinase, IKK-1 and IKK-2, contain non-equivalent active sites when expressed as homodimers
Burke JR, Strnad J
1514 - 1522 Purification, structure-function analysis, and molecular characterization of novel linear peptides from scorpion Opisthacanthus madagascariensis
Dai L, Corzo G, Naoki H, Andriantsiferana M, Nakajima T
1523 - 1529 A novel pex2 mutant: catalase-deficient but temperature-sensitive PTS1 and PTS2 import
Akiyama N, Ghaedi K, Fujiki Y
1530 - 1535 Successful genetic transduction in vivo into synovium by means of electroporation
Ohashi S, Kubo T, Kishida T, Ikeda T, Takahashi K, Arai Y, Terauchi R, Asada H, Imanishi J, Mazda O
1536 - 1543 NMDA receptor stimulation induces temporary alpha-tubulin degradation signaled by nitric oxide-mediated tyrosine nitration in the nervous system of Sepia officinalis
Palumbo A, Fiore G, Di Cristo C, Di Cosmo A, d'Ischia M
1544 - 1549 RCAS1 is associated with ductal breast cancer progression
Rousseau J, Tetu B, Caron D, Malenfant P, Cattaruzzi P, Audette M, Doillon C, Tremblay JP, Guerette B
1550 - 1555 Visualization and force measurement of branching by Arp2/3 complex and N-WASP in actin filament
Fujiwara I, Suetsugu S, Uemura S, Takenawa T, Ishiwata S
1556 - 1565 The novel type I serine-threonine kinase receptor Alk8 binds TGF-beta in the presence of TGF-beta RII
de Caestecker MP, Bottomley M, Bhattacharyya S, Payne TL, Roberts AB, Yelick PC
1566 - 1570 Identification of oxidized plasma proteins in Alzheimer's disease
Choi JG, Malakowsky CA, Talent JM, Conrad CC, Gracy RW
1571 - 1578 Relationship between p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and small GTPase Rac for the activation of NADPH oxidase in bovine neutrophils
Yamamori T, Inanami O, Sumimoto H, Akasaki T, Nagahata H, Kuwabara M
1579 - 1579 Deficiency of alpha-dystroglycan in muscle-eye-brain disease (vol 291, pg 1283, 2002)
Kano H, Kobayashi K, Herrmann R, Tachikawa M, Manya H, Nishino I, Nonaka I, Straub V, Talim B, Voit T, Topaloglu H, Endo T, Yoshikawa H, Toda T
1580 - 1580 Identification of G-proteins coupling to the vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor VPAC(1) using immunoaffinity chromatography: evidence for precoupling (vol 290, pg 1300, 2002)
Shreeve SM