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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.293, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Farnesol as an inhibitor and substrate for rabbit liver microsomal P450 enzymes
Raner GM, Muir AQ, Lowry CW, Davis BA
7 - 12 Decreased subunit exchange of heat-treated lens alpha A-crystallin
Liang JJN, Fu L
13 - 17 A single nucleotide polymorphism in the promoter region of the human gene for osteoprotegerin is related to vascular morphology and function
Brandstrom H, Stiger F, Lind L, Kahan T, Melhus H, Kindmark A
18 - 22 A two step model aimed at delivering antisense oligonucleotides in targeted cells
Toth J, Boszormenyi I, Majer ZS, Laczko I, Malvy C, Hollosi M, Bertrand JR
23 - 29 Evolution of placentally expressed cathepsins
Sol-Church K, Picerno GN, Stabley DL, Frenck J, Xing SX, Bertenshaw GP, Mason RW
30 - 37 Splice variants of the beta-site APP-cleaving enzyme BACE1 in human brain and pancreas
Ehehalt R, Michel B, Tonelli DD, Zacchetti D, Simons K, Keller P
38 - 44 Osteoprotegerin differentially regulates protease expression in osteoclast cultures
Wittrant Y, Couillaud S, Theoleyre S, Dunstan C, Heymann D, Redini F
45 - 49 Role of the second immunoglobulin-like loop of nectin in cell-cell adhesion
Momose Y, Honda T, Inagaki M, Shimizu K, Irie K, Nakanishi H, Takai Y
50 - 54 Binding properties of a locust's chemosensory protein
Ban LP, Zhang L, Yan YH, Pelosi P
55 - 60 The amino-terminal region of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3, (1-95)IGFBP-3, induces apoptosis of MCF-7 breast carcinoma cells
Bernard L, Babajko S, Binoux M, Ricort JM
61 - 71 Lack of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-1 and-3 expression in Ewing sarcoma may be due to loss of accessibility of the MMP regulatory element to the specific fusion protein in vivo
Yabe H, Fukuma M, Urano F, Yoshida K, Kato S, Toyama Y, Hata J, Umezawa A
72 - 78 Inhibitors of the tyrosine kinase signaling cascade attenuated thrombin-induced guinea pig airway smooth muscle cell proliferation
Tsang F, Choo HH, Dawe GS, Wong WSF
79 - 85 GDH1 expression is regulated by GLN3, GCN4, and HAP4 under respiratory growth
Riego L, Avendano A, DeLuna A, Rodriguez E, Gonzalez A
86 - 92 Adhesion of osteosarcoma cells to the 70-kDa core region of thrombospondin-1 is mediated by the alpha 4 beta 1 integrin
Decker S, van Valen F, Vischer P
93 - 99 WAVE2 serves a functional partner of IRSp53 by regulating its interaction with Rac
Miki H, Takenawa T
100 - 105 In vitro and in vivo hepatic transport of the magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent B22956/1: role of MRP proteins
Lorusso V, Pascolo L, Fernetti C, Visigalli M, Anelli P, Tiribelli C
106 - 111 The preovulatory rise of ovarian ornithine decarboxylase is required for progesterone secretion by the corpus luteum
Bastida CM, Tejada F, Cremades A, Penafiel R
112 - 119 Increased MAPK signaling during in vitro muscle wounding
Yeow K, Cabane C, Turchi L, Ponzio G, Derijard B
120 - 125 Identification of the regulatory region required for ubiquitination of the cyclin kinase inhibitor, p21
Fukuchi K, Hagiwara T, Nakamura K, Ichimura S, Tatsumi K, Gomi K
126 - 131 Epigenetic control of mouse receptor activator of NF-kappa B ligand gene expression
Kitazawa S, Kitazawa R
132 - 138 Mechanisms of up-regulation of single calcium channels by serotonin in Helix pomatia neurons
Lukyanetz EA, Sotkis AV, Kostyuk PG
139 - 144 Degradation of ornithine decarboxylase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is ubiquitin independent
Gandre S, Kahana C
145 - 149 Reduction in cytochrome P-450 enzyme expression is associated with repression of CAR (constitutive androstane receptor) and PXR (pregnane X receptor) in mouse liver during the acute phase response
Beigneux AP, Moser AH, Shigenaga JK, Grunfeld C, Feingold KR
150 - 154 Expression of the Musashi1 gene encoding the RNA-binding protein in human hepatoma cell lines
Shu HJ, Saito T, Watanabe H, Ito JI, Takeda H, Okano H, Kawata S
155 - 162 Characterization of the Mycoplasma hominis ftsZ gene and its sequence variability in mycoplasma clinical isolates
Momynaliev KT, Smirnova OV, Lazyrev VN, Akopian TA, Chelysheva VV, Ayala JA, Simankova AN, Borchsenius SN, Govorun VM
163 - 166 Characterization of nuclear localization signal in mouse ING1 homolog protein
Ha S, Park S, Yun CH, Choi Y
167 - 173 Wnt-1 promotes neuronal differentiation and inhibits gliogenesis in P19 cells
Tang K, Yang J, Gao X, Wang C, Liu L, Kitani H, Atsumi T, Jing N
174 - 181 Mutated focal adhesion kinase induces apoptosis in a human glioma cell line, T98G
Sakurai S, Sonoda Y, Koguchi E, Shinoura N, Hamada H, Kasahara T
182 - 191 Chromosomal organization and localization of the human histone deacetylase 9 gene (HDAC9)
Mahlknecht U, Schnittger S, Will J, Cicek N, Hoelzer D
192 - 200 Tumor autocrine motility factor induces hyperpermeability of endothelial and mesothelial cells leading to accumulation of ascites fluid
Funasaka T, Haga A, Raz A, Nagase H
201 - 206 Phospholipase D2 stimulates cell protrusion in v-Src-transformed cells
Shen YJ, Zheng Y, Foster DA
207 - 212 Alloxan is an inhibitor of the enzyme O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase
Konrad RJ, Zhang FX, Hale JE, Knierman MD, Becker GW, Kudlow JE
213 - 219 Structural analysis of N-glycans from human neutrophil azurocidin
Olczak M, Watorek W
220 - 224 Carriers for enzymatic attachment of glycosaminoglycan chains to peptide
Takagaki K, Ishido K, Kakizaki I, Iwafune M, Endo M
225 - 230 Isolation of Chinese hamster ovary cell pex mutants: two PEX7-defective mutants
Yanago E, Hiromasa T, Matsumura T, Kinoshita N, Fujiki Y
231 - 238 Design of novel peptide analogs with potent fungicidal activity, based on PMAP-23 antimicrobial peptide isolated from porcine myeloid
Lee DG, Kim PI, Park YK, Woo ER, Choi JS, Choi CH, Hahm KS
239 - 246 Specific packaging of spliced retroviral vector transcripts lacking the Psi-region
Pambalk K, Hohenadl C, Salmons B, Gunzburg WH, Renner M
247 - 251 A missense mutant myostatin causes hyperplasia without hypertrophy in the mouse muscle
Nishi M, Yasue A, Nishimatu S, Nohno T, Yamaoka T, Itakura M, Moriyama K, Ohuchi H, Noji S
252 - 257 Nuclear factor (NF)-kappa 3 blockade attenuates but does not abrogate LPS-mediated interleukin (IL)-1 beta biosynthesis in alveolar epithelial cells
Haddad JJ
258 - 263 5'-nucleotidases: specific assays for five different enzymes in cell extracts
Rampazzo C, Mazzon C, Reichard P, Bianchi V
264 - 268 Unique capping activity of the recombinant RNA polymerase (L) of vesicular stomatitis virus: association of cellular capping enzyme with the L protein
Gupta AK, Mathur M, Banerjee AK
269 - 273 Identification of the peroxisomal beta-oxidation enzymes involved in the degradation of leukotrienes
Ferdinandusse S, Meissner T, Wanders RJA, Mayatepek E
274 - 283 Genetic analysis of four novel peroxisome proliferator activated receptor-gamma splice variants in monkey macrophages
Zhou JM, Wilson KM, Medh JD
284 - 292 Molecular analysis of expansion, differentiation, and growth factor treatment of human chondrocytes identifies differentiation markers and growth-related genes
Benz K, Breit S, Lukoschek M, Mau H, Richter W
293 - 297 Overexpression of VDUP1 mRNA sensitizes HeLa cells to paraquat
Joguchi A, Otsuka I, Minagawa S, Suzuki T, Fujii M, Ayusawa D
298 - 306 Restoration of p53 tumor suppressor pathway in human cervical carcinoma cells by sodium arsenite
Chou RH, Huang HM
307 - 313 Enhanced SUMOylation in polyglutamine diseases
Ueda H, Goto J, Hashida H, Lin X, Oyanagi K, Kawano H, Zoghbi HY, Kanazawa I, Okazawa H
314 - 320 Lipid kinases and Ca2+ signaling in Trypanosoma cruzi stimulated by a synthetic peptide
Santander V, Bollo M, Machado-Domenech E
321 - 326 Probing the membrane topology of a subunit of the mitochondrial protein translocase, Tim44, with biotin maleimide
Pavlov PF, Glaser E
327 - 331 Conserved physical linkage of GnRH-R and RBM8 in the medaka and human genomes
Okubo K, Mitani H, Naruse K, Kondo M, Shima A, Tanaka M, Aida K
332 - 337 Regulation of angiogenesis by the aging suppressor gene klotho
Fukino K, Suzuki T, Saito Y, Shindo T, Amaki T, Kurabayashi M, Nagai R
338 - 343 LXR alpha is the dominant regulator of CYP7A1 transcription
Gupta S, Pandak WM, Hylemon PB
344 - 348 Plasmid DNA activates murine macrophages to induce inflammatory cytokines in a CpG motif-independent manner by complex formation with cationic liposomes
Yasuda K, Ogawa Y, Kishimoto M, Takagi T, Hashida M, Takakura Y
349 - 355 Lethal toxin of Bacillus anthracis causes apoptosis of macrophages
Popov SG, Villasmil R, Bernardi J, Grene E, Cardwell J, Wu A, Alibek D, Bailey C, Alibek K
356 - 365 Identification and characterization of C6orf37, a novel candidate human retinal disease gene on chromosome 6q14
Lagali PS, Kakuk LE, Griesinger IB, Wong PW, Ayyagari R
366 - 374 Autoinduction of the trefoil factor 2 (TFF2) promoter requires an upstream cis-acting element
Bulitta CJ, Fleming JV, Raychowdhury R, Taupin D, Rosenberg I, Wang TC
375 - 382 Rab7 gene is up-regulated by cholesterol-rich diet in the liver and artery
Kim JY, Jang MK, Lee SS, Choi MS, Bok SH, Oh GT, Park YB
383 - 390 Modulation of intracellular Ca2+ via alpha(1B)-adrenoreceptor signaling molecules, G alpha(h) (transglutaminase II) and phospholipase C-delta 1
Kang SK, Kim DK, Damron DS, Baek KJ, Im MJ
391 - 395 Differential display of expressed genes in pancreatic cancer cells
Gardner-Thorpe J, Ito H, Ashley SW, Whang EE
396 - 402 Isolation and identification of EG-VEGF/prokineticins as cognate ligands for two orphan G-protein-coupled receptors
Masuda Y, Takatsu Y, Terao Y, Kumano S, Ishibashi Y, Suenaga M, Abe M, Fukusumi S, Watanabe T, Shintani Y, Yamada T, Hinuma S, Inatomi N, Ohtaki T, Onda H, Fujino M
403 - 411 Evidence of two forms of poly(A) polymerase in germinated wheat embryos and their regulation by a novel protein kinase
Sharma N, Dey M, Satpathy M, Sachar RC
412 - 415 Induction of pro-renin converting enzyme mk9 by thyroid hormone in the guinea-pig liver
Das SK, Chatterjee D, Uddin M
416 - 420 Effects of polyhydroxy compounds on the structure and activity of alpha-chymotrypsin
Simon LM, Kotorman M, Garab G, Laczko I
421 - 426 Molecular isolation and characterization of novel four subisoforms of ECE-2
Ikeda S, Emoto N, Alimsardjono H, Yokoyama M, Matsuo M
427 - 432 A novel protocol based on HN(C)N for rapid resonance assignment in (N-15,C-13) labeled proteins: implications to structural genomics
Chatterjee A, Bhavesh NS, Panchal SC, Hosur RV
433 - 439 Roles of lysine 219 and 255 residues in tobacco acetolactate synthase
Yoon TY, Chung SM, Chang SI, Yoon MY, Hahn TR, Choi JD
440 - 445 zeta-Crystallin displays strong selectivity for salicylic acid over aspirin
Bazzi MD
446 - 450 The dietary flavonoid quercetin modulates HIF-1 alpha activity in endothelial cells
Wilson WJ, Poellinger L
451 - 455 Osteoprotegerin secretion from prostate cancer is stimulated by cytokines, in vitro
Penno H, Silfversward CJ, Frost A, Brandstrom H, Nilsson O, Ljunggren O
456 - 462 Cloning, sequencing, and functional studies of the rpoS gene from Vibrio harveyi
Lin YH, Miyamoto C, Meighen EA
463 - 469 Molecular crosstalk between p70S6k and MAPK cell signaling pathways
Lehman JA, Gomez-Cambronero J
470 - 477 OASIS is a transcriptional activator of CREB/ATF family with a transmembrane domain
Omori Y, Imai JI, Suzuki Y, Watanabe S, Tanigami A, Sugano S
478 - 488 Protein engineering and properties of human metalloproteinase and thrombospondin 1
Wei P, Zhao YG, Zhuang L, Hurst DR, Ruben S, Sang QXA
489 - 496 Crystal structure of the liganded anti-gibberellin A(4) antibody 4-B8(8)/E9 Fab fragment
Murata T, Fushinobu S, Nakajima M, Asami O, Sassa T, Wakagi T, Yamaguchi I
497 - 500 Anti-angiogenic effects of homocysteine on cultured endothelial cells
Rodriguez-Nieto S, Chavarria T, Martinez-Poveda B, Sanchez-Jimenez F, Quesada AR, Medina MA
501 - 508 ADAMTS1 cleaves aggrecan at multiple sites and is differentially inhibited by metalloproteinase inhibitors
Rodriguez-Manzaneque JC, Westling J, Thai SNM, Luque A, Knauper V, Murphy G, Sandy JD, Iruela-Arispe M
509 - 516 Multiplex standardized RT-PCR for expression analysis of many genes in small samples
Crawford EL, Warner KA, Khuder SA, Zahorchak RJ, Willey JC
517 - 520 Psychological stress increases bilirubin metabolites in human urine
Yamaguchi T, Shioji I, Sugimoto A, Yamaoka M
521 - 529 Pathogenesis of the deafness-associated A1555G mitochondrial DNA mutation
Giordano C, Pallotti F, Walker WF, Checcarelli N, Musumeci O, Santorelli F, d'Amati G, Schon EA, DiMauro S, Hirano M, Davidson MM
530 - 536 Structural and functional significance of disulfide bonds in saxatilin, a 7.7 kDa disintegrin
Hong SY, Sohn YD, Chung KH, Kim DS
537 - 541 Silent mutations affect in vivo protein folding in Escherichia coli
Cortazzo P, Cervenansky C, Marin M, Reiss C, Ehrlich R, Deana A
542 - 548 Affinity improvement of the high-affinity immunoglobulin E receptor by phage display
Iwasaki A, Doi T, Umetani M, Watanabe M, Suda M, Hattori Y, Nagoya T
549 - 553 Effect of a peroxisome proliferator on 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Wong JS, Ye XQ, Muhlenkamp CR, Gill SS
554 - 559 Thyroid hormonal activity of the flame retardants tetrabromobisphenol A and tetrachlorobisphenol A
Kitamura S, Jinno N, Ohta S, Kuroki H, Fujimoto N
560 - 565 Intracerebroventricular interleukin-6 treatment decreases body fat in rats
Wallenius K, Wallenius V, Sunter D, Dickson SL, Jansson JO
566 - 571 Structural basis for inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase 9 by flavopiridol
de Azevedo WF, Canduri F, da Silveira NJF
572 - 577 Use of a hydrophobic dye to indirectly probe the structural organization and conformational plasticity of molecules in amorphous aggregates of carbonic anhydrase
Kundu B, Guptasarma P
578 - 585 EST-based identification of genes expressed in the liver of adult Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Martin SA, Caplice NC, Davey GC, Powell R
586 - 592 Structural and functional characterization of hBD-1(Ser35), a peptide deduced from a DEFB1 polymorphism
Circo R, Skerlavaj B, Gennaro R, Amoroso A, Zanetti M
593 - 597 A rare protein fluorescence behavior where the emission is dominated by tyrosine: case of the 33-kDa protein from spinach photosystem II
Ruan KC, Li J, Liang RQ, Xu CH, Yu Y, Lange R, Balny C
598 - 601 Increased levels of tyrosinated alpha-, beta(III)-, and beta(IV)-tubulin isotypes in paclitaxel-resistant MCF-7 breast cancer cells
Banerjee A
602 - 609 Analysis of the migration behaviour of single microtubules in electric fields
Stracke R, Bohm KJ, Wollweber L, Tuszynski JA, Unger E
610 - 616 Regulation of protein phosphatase 2A by hydrogen peroxide and glutathionylation
Rao RK, Clayton LW
617 - 621 Up-regulation of PDCD4 in senescent human diploid fibroblasts
Kang MJ, Ahn HS, Lee JY, Matsuhashi S, Park WY
622 - 628 Leptin mediates a proliferative response in human MCF7 breast cancer cells
Dieudonne MN, Machinal-Quelin F, Serazin-Leroy V, Leneveu MC, Pecquery R, Giudicelli Y
629 - 632 Polymorphism in exon 4 of the human 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type I gene (HSD3B1) and blood pressure
Rosmond R, Chagnon M, Bouchard C, Bjorntorp P
633 - 639 Probing the specificity of a trypanosomal aromatic alpha-hydroxy acid dehydrogenase by site-directed mutagenesis
Vernal J, Fiser A, Sali A, Muller M, Cazzulo JJ, Nowicki C
640 - 646 Translocation of pleekstrin requires its phosphorylation and newly formed ligands
Sloan DC, Wang P, Bao XK, Haslam RJ
647 - 652 Phospholipase C-beta 2 interacts with mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3
Barr AJ, Marjoram R, Xu J, Snyderman R
653 - 659 Enhancement of tolerance to heavy metals and oxidative stress in Dunaliella tertiolecta by Zn-induced phytochelatin synthesis
Tsuji N, Hirayanagi N, Okada M, Miyasaka H, Hirata K, Zenk MH, Miyamoto K
660 - 664 KC1 activates mitogen-activated protein kinase in rabbit bailar artery
Zubkov AY, Rollins KS, Zhang JH