Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.292, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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789 - 793 Amino acids activated by fengycin synthetase FenE
Shu HY, Lin GH, Wu YC, Tschen JSM, Liu ST
794 - 798 L-delta-(alpha-Aminoadipoyl)-L-cysteine-D-valine synthetase: Production of dipeptides containing valine residue at its C-terminus
Shiau CY, Liu YT
799 - 804 beta-endorphin-like peptide SLTCLVKGFY is a selective agonist of nonopioid beta-endorphin receptor
Navolotskaya EV, Zargarova TA, Malkova NV, Krasnova SB, Zav'yalov VP, Lipkin VM
805 - 811 Oxidative stress in vitiligo: Photo-oxidation of pterins produces H2O2 and pterin-6-carboxylic acid
Rokos H, Beazley WD, Schallreuter KU
812 - 818 Kinetics of nitric oxide binding to R-state hemoglobin
Huang Z, Ucer KB, Murphy T, Williams RT, King SB, Kim-Shapiro DB
819 - 825 Hyaluronidases and CD44 undergo differential modulation during chondrogenesis
Nicoll SB, Barak O, Csoka AB, Bhatnagar RS, Stern R
826 - 831 Evidence of both extra- and intracellular cysteine targets of protein modification for activation of RET kinase
Akhand AA, Ikeyama T, Akazawa S, Kato M, Hossain K, Takeda K, Suzuki H, Takahashi M, Nakashima I
832 - 840 HIV-1 vif-derived peptide inhibits drug-resistant HIV proteases
Blumenzweig I, Baraz L, Friedler A, Danielson UH, Gilon C, Steinitz M, Kotler M
841 - 847 Phytochemical inhibition of interleukin-4-activated Stat6 and expression of VCAM-1
Schnyder B, Schnyder-Candrian S, Panski A, Bommel H, Heim M, Duschl A, Moser R
848 - 854 OC-3, a novel mammalian member of the ONECUT class of transcription factors
Vanhorenbeeck V, Jacquemin P, Lemaigre FP, Rousseau GG
855 - 859 Chemical synthesis and kinetic study of the smallest naturally occurring trypsin inhibitor SFTI-1 isolated from sunflower seeds and its analogues
Zablotna E, Kazmierezak K, Jaskiewicz A, Stawikowski M, Kupryszewski G, Rolka K
860 - 868 Different effects of glucose starvation on expression and stability of VEGF mRNA Isoforms in murine ovarian cancer cells
Zhang L, Conejo-Garcia JR, Yang N, Huang W, Mohamed-Hadley A, Yao WJ, Benencia F, Coukos G
869 - 873 Macrophage activation includes high intracellular myeloperoxidase activity
Rodrigues MR, Rodriguez D, Russo M, Campa A
874 - 879 An infrared study of the thermal and pH stabilities of the GPI-alkaline phosphatase from bovine intestine
Bortolato M, Besson F, Roux B
880 - 885 Identification of LPS-binding peptide fragment of MD-2, a toll-receptor accessory protein
Mancek M, Pristovsek P, Jerala R
886 - 891 The role of angiostatin in the spontaneous bone and prostate cancers of pet dogs
Pirie-Shepherd SR, Coffman KT, Resnick D, Chan R, Kisker O, Folkman J, Waters DJ
892 - 899 Role of cbl in shear-activation of PI 3-kinase and JNK in endothelial cells
Miao H, Yuan SL, Wang YX, Tsygankov A, Chien S
900 - 903 Hormone-sensitive lipase is not required for cholesteryl ester hydrolysis in macrophages
Contreras JA
904 - 908 Tributyltin causes cytochrome c release from isolated mitochondria by two discrete mechanisms
Gogvadze V, Stridh H, Orrenius S, Cotgreave I
909 - 915 The novel Rab11-FIP/Rip/RCP family of proteins displays extensive homo-and hetero-interacting abilities
Wallace DM, Lindsay AJ, Hendrick AG, McCaffrey MW
916 - 921 The roles of LAT in platelet signaling induced by collagen, TxA2, or ADP
Cho MJ, Pestina TI, Steward SA, Jackson CW, Gartner TK
922 - 930 Mechanism of specific recognition of the aidB promoter by sigma(S)-RNA polymerase
Lacour S, Kolb A, Zehnder AJB, Landini P
931 - 936 Pentapeptide amides interfere with the aggregation of beta-amyloid peptide of Alzheimer's disease
Hetenyi C, Szabo Z, Klement T, Datki Z, Kortvelyesi T, Zarandi M, Penke B
937 - 943 Differential effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors on interleukin-18 gene expression in myeloid cells
Koyama N, Koschmieder S, Tyagi S, Nurnberger H, Wagner S, Bocker U, Hoelzer D, Ottmann OG, Kalina U
944 - 950 Effects of platelet-activating factor, tumor necrosis factor, and interleukin-1 alpha on the expression of apolipoprotein M in HepG2 cells
Xu N, Zhang XY, Dong X, Ekstrom U, Ye Q, Nilsson-Ehle P
951 - 956 Differential regulation of neutrophil phospholipase D activity and degranulation
Tou J
957 - 963 Cytoplasmic TSC-22 (transforming growth factor-beta-stimulated clone-22) markedly enhances the radiation sensitivity of salivary gland cancer cells
Hino S, Kawamata H, Omotehara F, Uchida D, Miwa Y, Begum NM, Yoshida H, Sato M, Fujimori T
964 - 968 L-methionine-gamma-lyase, as a target to inhibit malodorous bacterial growth by trifluoromethionine
Yoshimura M, Nakano Y, Koga T
969 - 979 Transcriptional regulation of mouse MARCKS promoter in immortalized hippocampal cells
Wang L, Liu XG, Lenox RH
980 - 986 Visualization of sequential exocytosis in rat pancreatic islet beta cells
Leung YM, Sheu L, Kwan E, Wang GT, Tsushima R, Gaisano H
987 - 991 Thrombopoietin induces P-selectin expression on platelets and subsequent platelet/leukocyte interactions
Tibbles HE, Navara CS, Hupke MA, Vassilev AO, Uckun FM
992 - 998 Identification of a novel protein p59(scr), which is expressed at specific stages of mouse spermatogenesis
Senoo M, Hoshino S, Mochida N, Matsumura Y, Habu S
999 - 1009 Transgenic expression of the EXT2 gene in developing chondrocytes enhances the synthesis of heparan sulfate and bone formation in mice
Morimoto K, Shimizu T, Furukawa K, Morio H, Kurosawa H, Shirasawa T
1010 - 1016 The effect of antioxidants on glycated albumin-induced cytotoxicity in bovine retinal pericytes
Kim J, Kim KS, Shinn JW, Oh YS, Kim HT, Jo I, Shinn SH
1017 - 1022 Human retinal pigment epithelial cells express scavenger receptors BI and BII
Duncan KG, Bailey KR, Kane JP, Schwartz DM
1023 - 1030 Interaction of S100 proteins with the antiallergic drugs, olopatadine, amlexanox, and cromolyn: Identification of putative drug binding sites on S100A1 protein
Okada M, Tokumitsu H, Kubota Y, Kobayashi R
1031 - 1035 Ghrelin, macronutrient intake and dietary preferences in Long-Evans rats
Beck B, Musse N, Stricker-Krongrad A
1036 - 1043 Discovery of a stable dimeric mutant of cyanovirin-N (CV-N) from a T7 phage-displayed CV-N mutant library
Han ZZ, Xiong CY, Mori T, Boyd MR
1044 - 1047 Detection of a novel variant human hemoglobin by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry
Troxler H, Neuheiser F, Kleinert P, Kuster T, Heizmann CW, Sack R, Hunziker P, Neuhaus TJ, Schmid M, Frischknecht H
1048 - 1056 The human monocarboxylate transporter, MCT1: Genomic organization and promoter analysis
Cuff MA, Shirazi-Beechey SP
1057 - 1062 BAY 41-2272 activates two isoforms of nitric oxide-sensitive guanylyl cyclase
Koglin M, Stasch JP, Behrends S
1063 - 1069 Species-specific and isoform-specific RNA binding of human and mouse fragile X mental retardation proteins
Denman RB, Sung YJ
1070 - 1074 Identification and fine mapping of IgG and IgE epitopes in ovomucoid
Mine Y, Zhang JW
1075 - 1080 Design and synthesis of highly potent and selective melanotropin analogues of SHU9119 modified at position 6
Grieco P, Han GX, Weinberg D, MacNeil T, Van der Ploeg LHT, Hruby VJ
1081 - 1086 Antimorphic PV.1 causes secondary axis by inducing ectopic organizer
Hwang YS, Seo JJ, Cha SW, Lee HS, Lee SY, Roh DH, Kung HF, Kim J, Park MJ
1087 - 1091 Potent and selective partial ecdysone agonist activity of chromafenozide in Sf9 cells
Toya T, Fukasawa H, Masui A, Endo Y
1092 - 1097 The adhesion receptor CD-31 can be primed to rapidly adjust the neutrophil cytoskeleton
Dimitrijevic I, Axelsson L, Andersson T
1098 - 1103 p85 binds to G-actin in a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent manner, thus regulating the initiation of cytokinesis in Tetrahymena
Gonda K, Numata O
1104 - 1110 Synthesis and characterization of N-coumaroyltyramine as a potent phytochemical which arrests human transformed cells via inhibiting protein tyrosine kinases
Park JB, Schoene N
1111 - 1115 A circular RNA-DNA enzyme obtained by in vitro selection
Kong XD, Zhu SZ, Gou XJ, Wang XP, Zhang HY, Zhang J