Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.292, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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293 - 299 The involvement of molybdenum in life
Williams RJP, da Silva JJRF
300 - 307 DOC-2/DAB2 is the binding partner of myosin VI
Inoue A, Sato O, Homma K, Ikebe M
308 - 311 Glucose transport by osmotic shock and vanadate is impaired by glucosamine
Heart E, Sung CK
312 - 317 Phenobarbitone-mediated translocation of the cytosolic proteins interacting with the 5'-proximal region of rat liver CYP2B1/B2 gene into the nucleus
Samudre KR, Mani SA, Vathsala PG, Rangarajan PN, Padmanaban G
318 - 324 Motor discoordination in mutant mice lacking junctophilin type 3
Nishi M, Hashimoto K, Kuriyama K, Komazaki S, Kano M, Shibata S, Takeshima H
325 - 332 Phospholipase D regulates calcium oscillation frequency and nuclear factor-kappa B activity in histamine-stimulated human endothelial cells
Hu QH, Natarajan V, Ziegelstein RC
333 - 338 A role for the common GTP-binding protein in coupling of chromosome replication to cell growth and cell division
Sikora-Borgula A, Slominska M, Trzonkowski P, Zielke R, Mysliwski A, Wegrzyn G, Czyz A
339 - 346 Molecular basis of the voltage-dependent gating of TREK-1, a mechano-sensitive K+ channel
Maingret F, Honore E, Lazdunski M, Patel AJ
347 - 354 Caspase-8 gene transduction augments radiation-induced apoptosis in DLD-1 cells
Uchida H, Shinoura N, Kitayama J, Watanabe T, Nagawa H, Hamada H
355 - 361 Exposure to power frequency magnetic fields suppresses X-ray-induced apoptosis transiently in Ku80-deficient xrs5 cells
Tian FR, Nakahara T, Yoshida M, Honda N, Hirose H, Miyakoshi J
362 - 367 Role of the conserved DRY motif on G protein activation of rat angiotensin II receptor type 1A
Ohyama K, Yamano Y, Sano T, Nakagomi Y, Wada M, Inagami T
368 - 377 Identification of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-responsive genes in mouse liver by serial analysis of gene expression
Kurachi M, Hashimoto S, Obata A, Nagai S, Nagahata T, Inadera H, Sone H, Tohyama C, Kaneko S, Kobayashi K, Matsushima K
378 - 382 Identification and characterization of soluble isoform of fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 in human SaOS-2 osteosarcoma cells
Jang JH
383 - 389 Attenuation of transforming growth factor beta-induced growth inhibition in human hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines by cyclin D1 overexpression
Jong HS, Lee HS, Kim TY, Im YH, Park JW, Kim NK, Bang YJ
390 - 395 Biliary anionic peptide fraction and ApoA-I regulate intestinal cholesterol uptake
Jourdheuil-Rahmani D, Charbonnier M, Domingo N, Luccioni F, Lafont H, Lairon D
396 - 401 The function of OmpA in Escherichia coli
Wang Y
402 - 408 Catecholestrogen sulfation: Possible role in carcinogenesis
Adjei AA, Weinshilboum RM
409 - 414 Exercise-induced transcription of the muscle glucose transporter (GLUT 4) gene
MacLean PS, Zheng DH, Jones JP, Olson AL, Dohm GL
415 - 421 Revised structure of the active form of human deoxyribonuclease II alpha
MacLea KS, Krieser RJ, Eastman A
422 - 426 Promoter analysis of tumor suppressor gene PTEN: Identification of minimum promoter region
Sheng XY, Koul D, Liu JL, Liu TJ, Yung WKA
427 - 433 Dominant-negative HMGA1 blocks mu enhancer activation through a novel mechanism
Andreucci A, Reeves R, McCarthy KM, Nikolajczyk BS
434 - 440 Spontaneous nicking in the nontoxic-nonhemagglutinin component of the Clostridium botulinum toxin complex
Sagane Y, Watanabe T, Kouguchi H, Sunagawa H, Obata S, Oguma K, Ohyama T
441 - 448 Production of antiviral and antitumor proteins MAP30 and GAP31 in cucurbits using the plant virus vector ZYMV-AGII
Arazi T, Huang PL, Huang PL, Zhang L, Shiboleth YM, Gal-On A, Lee-Huang S
449 - 455 Role of CD4 hinge region in GP120 utilization by immunoglobulin domain 1
Murray JL, Hu QX, Navenot JM, Peiper SC
456 - 462 Bisphenol A induces apoptosis and G2-to-M arrest of ovarian granulosa cells
Xu JP, Osuga Y, Yano T, Morita Y, Tang XH, Fujiwara T, Takai Y, Matsumi H, Koga K, Taketani Y, Tsutsumi O
463 - 467 Purification and characterization of two active derivatives of recombinant YpIA, a secreted phospholipase from Yersinia entercolitica
Hatic SO, Picking WL, Young BM, Young GM, Picking WD
468 - 473 The mechanism of salivary amylase hydrolysis: Role of residues at subsite S2'
Mishra PJ, Ragunath C, Ramasubbu N
474 - 481 Inhibited activities in CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein, activating protein-1 and Cyclins after hepatectomy in rats with thioacetamide-induced liver cirrhosis
Zhao G, Nakano K, Chijiiwa K, Ueda J, Tanaka M
482 - 491 Effects of aging on growth factors gene and protein expression in the dorsal and ventral lobes of rat prostate
Zhao H, Patra A, Yeh CC, Tanaka Y, Oh BR, Dahiya R
492 - 497 Identification of a defect in the UGT1A1 gene promoter and its association with hyperbilirubinemia
Sugatani J, Yamakawa K, Yoshinari K, Machida T, Takagi H, Mori M, Kakizaki S, Sueyoshi T, Negishi M, Miwa M
498 - 512 Expression profile analysis of colon cancer cells in response to sulindac or aspirin
Iizaka M, Furukawa Y, Tsunoda T, Akashi H, Ogawa M, Nakamura Y
513 - 518 Secondary-site mutation restores the transport defect caused by the transmembrane domain mutation of the xenobiotic transporter MexB in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Yoneyama H, Maseda H, Yamabayashi T, Izumi S, Nakae T
519 - 529 Mechanistic studies on AMD6221: A ruthenium-based nitric oxide scavenger
Mosi R, Seguin B, Cameron B, Amankwa L, Darkes MC, Fricker SP
530 - 537 Saccharomyces cerevisiae resistance to chlorinated phenoxyacetic acid herbicides involves Pdr1p-mediated transcriptional activation of TPO1 and PDR5 genes
Teixeira MC, Sa-Correia I
538 - 541 TNF alpha production in whole blood cultures from healthy individuals
Ojeda MO, Silva CV, Rosainz MDA, Fernandez-Ortega C
542 - 549 Cellular defense against UVB-induced phototoxicity by cytosolic NADP(+)-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase
Jo SH, Lee SH, Chun HS, Lee SM, Koh HJ, Lee SE, Chun JS, Park JW, Huh TL
550 - 557 Annexin-V binds to the intracellular part of the beta(5) integrin receptor subunit
Andersen MH, Berglund L, Petersen TE, Rasmussen JT
558 - 563 The FMO2 gene of laboratory rats, as in most humans, encodes a truncated protein
Lattard V, Longin-Sauvageon C, Krueger SK, Williams DE, Benoit E
564 - 570 Early developing embryos affect the gene expression patterns in the mouse oviduct
Lee KF, Yao YQ, Kwok KL, Xu JS, Yeung WSB
571 - 578 Generation of amyloid beta protein from a presenilin-1 and beta APP complex
Shizuka-Ikeda M, Matsubara E, Ikeda M, Kanai M, Tomidokoro Y, Ikeda Y, Watanabe M, Kawarabayashi T, Harigaya Y, Okamoto K, Maruyama K, Castano EM, St George-Hyslop P, Shoji M
579 - 585 Melittin-GM1 interaction: A model for a side-by-side complex
Chatterjee C, Mukhopadhyay C