Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.291, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1113 - 1118 beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase and lactose synthase: Molecular mechanical devices
Ramakrishnan B, Boeggeman E, Qasba PK
1119 - 1122 Analysis of the role of RecQ helicases in RNAi in mammals
Stein P, Svoboda P, Stumpo DJ, Blackshear PJ, Lombard DB, Johnson B, Schultz RM
1123 - 1127 Osmotic resistance of high-density erythrocytes in transglutaminase 2-deficient mice
Bernassola F, Boumis G, Corazzari M, Bertini G, Citro G, Knight RA, Amiconi G, Melino G
1128 - 1133 Ubiquinone biosynthesis in rat liver peroxisomes
Tekle M, Bentinger M, Nordman T, Appelkvist EL, Chojnacki T, Olsson JM
1134 - 1137 Alternative splicing modulates subcellular localization of laforin
Ganesh S, Suzuki T, Yamakawa K
1138 - 1145 Transcriptional regulation of the human tumor suppressor p14(ARF) by E2F1, E2F2, E2F3, and Sp1-like factors
Parisi T, Pollice A, Di Cristofano A, Calabro V, La Mantia G
1146 - 1150 Nuclear receptor and apoptosis initiator NGFI-B is a substrate for kinase ERK2
Slagsvold HH, Ostvold AC, Fallgren AB, Paulsen RE
1151 - 1159 A novel negative regulatory element in the human collagenase-3 proximal promoter region
Benderdour M, Tardif G, Pelletier JP, Dupuis M, Geng C, Martel-Pelletier J
1160 - 1165 Genomic organization and regulation of a human 7-helix transmembrane receptor which is expressed in pulmonary epithelial cells and induced in hypoxia
Hanze J, Groneberg DA, Rose F, Hanisch A, Dotsch J, Peiser C, Seeger W, Rascher W, Fischer A, Grimminger F
1166 - 1172 ALG-2 interacts with the amino-terminal domain of annexin XI in a Ca2+-dependent manner
Satoh H, Shibata H, Nakano Y, Kitaura Y, Maki M
1173 - 1179 Expression of normal and mutant GFP-tagged y(+)L amino acid transporter-1 in mammalian cells
Toivonen M, Mykkanen J, Aula P, Simell O, Savontaus ML, Huoponen K
1180 - 1186 Two splice variants of human PEX19 exhibit distinct functions in peroxisomal assembly
Mayerhofer PU, Kattenfeld T, Roscher AA, Muntau AC
1187 - 1193 Isolation and characterization of a GnRH-like peptide from Octopus vulgaris
Iwakoshi E, Takuwa-Kuroda K, Fujisawa Y, Hisada M, Ukena K, Tsutsui K, Minakata H
1194 - 1200 Dioxin-induced adseverin expression in the mouse thymus is strictly regulated and dependent on the aryl hydrocarbon receptor
Svensson C, Silverstone AE, Lai ZW, Lundberg K
1201 - 1207 Effects of a beta 3-adrenergic agonist on glucose uptake and leptin expression and secretion in cultured adipocytes from lean and overweight (cafeteria) rats
Moreno-Aliaga MJ, Lamas O, Marti A, Martinez JA
1208 - 1212 The effects of centrally administered apelin-13 on food intake, water intake and pituitary hormone release in rats
Taheri S, Murphy K, Cohen M, Sujkovic E, Kennedy A, Dhillo W, Dakin C, Sajedi A, Ghatei M, Bloom S
1213 - 1217 A bisubstrate analog inhibitor of the carboxyltransferase component of acetyl-CoA carboxylase
Levert KL, Waldrop GL
1218 - 1224 Resveratrol activates membrane-bound guanylyl cyclase in coronary arterial smooth muscle: A novel signaling mechanism in support of coronary protection
El-Mowafy AM
1225 - 1231 Relationship between the self-splicing activity and the solidity of the master domain of the Tetrahymena Group I ribozyme
Oe Y, Ikawa Y, Shiraishi H, Inoue T
1232 - 1238 ATP dependence of the SNARE/caveolin 1 interaction in the hippocampus
Magga JM, Kay JG, Davy A, Poulton NP, Robbins SM, Braun JEA
1239 - 1244 Leucine zipper domain of HIV-1 gp41 interacted specifically with alpha-catenin
Kim JT, Kim EM, Lee KH, Choi JE, Jhun BH, Kim JW
1245 - 1251 Nucleotide-induced conformational changes of PMP70, an ATP binding cassette transporter on rat liver peroxisomal membranes
Kashiwayama Y, Morita M, Kamijo K, Imanaka T
1252 - 1257 Major adenine products from 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone-sensitized photoirradiation at 365 nm
Wang YS, Liu ZJ, Dixon C
1258 - 1264 Bcl-X-L and calyculin A prevent translocation of Bax to mitochondria during apoptosis
Ganju N, Eastman A
1265 - 1271 Potassium channel mRNAs with AU-rich elements and brain-specific expression
Suda S, Nibuya M, Suda H, Takamatsu K, Miyazaki T, Nomura S, Kawai N
1272 - 1275 High-order photobleaching of green fluorescent protein inside live cells in two-photon excitation microscopy
Chen TS, Zeng SQ, Luo QM, Zhang ZH, Zhou W
1276 - 1282 Probing the binding states of GDP to Cdc42 using urea interaction
Zhao J, Cheng Y, Wang ZX, Wang JF
1283 - 1286 Deficiency of alpha-dystroglycan in muscle-eye-brain disease
Kano H, Kobayashi K, Herrmann R, Tachikawa M, Manya H, Nishino I, Nonaka I, Straub V, Talim B, Voit T, Topaloglu H, Endo T, Yoshikawa H, Toda T
1287 - 1292 Inactivation of I-A channels of frog skeletal muscle is modulated by ATP
Camacho J, Sanchez JA
1293 - 1296 Identification of the alternative splice products encoded by the human protein phosphatase inhibitor-1 gene
Liu HT, Lin TH, Kuo HC, Chen YC, Tsay HJ, Jeng HH, Tsai PC, Shie FK, Chen JH, Huang HB
1297 - 1301 Solution structure of intracellular signal-transducing peptide derived from human beta(2)-adrenergic receptor
Okuda A, Matsumoto O, Akaji M, Taga T, Ohkubo T, Kobayashi Y
1302 - 1308 Metformin effects on dipeptidylpeptidase IV degradation of glucagon-like peptide-1
Hinke SA, Kuhn-Wache K, Hoffmann T, Pederson RA, McIntosh CHS, Demuth HU