Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.291, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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193 - 204 The EGF-like homeotic protein dlk affects cell growth and interacts with growth-modulating molecules in the yeast two-hybrid system
Baladron V, Ruiz-Hidalgo MJ, Bonvini E, Gubina E, Notario V, Laborda J
205 - 209 DNA chain unwinding and annealing reactions of lipocortin (annexin) I heterotetramer: Regulation by Ca2+ and Mg2+
Hirata A, Hirata F
210 - 214 Interchromosomal telomere length variation
Suda T, Fujiyama A, Takimoto M, Igarashi M, Kuroiwa T, Waguri N, Kawai H, Mita Y, Aoyagi Y
215 - 219 Inhibition of the mitochondrial permeability transition by aldehydes
Irwin WA, Gaspers LD, Thomas JA
220 - 225 Characterization of a cytochrome b(558) ferric/cupric reductase from rabbit duodenal brush border membranes
Knopfel M, Solioz M
226 - 232 Avian TVB (DR5-like) death receptor expression in hen ovarian follicles
Bridgham JT, Johnson AL
233 - 236 IFN-gamma inhibition of TRAIL-induced IAP-2 upregulation, a possible mechanism of IFN-gamma-enhanced TRAIL-induced apoptosis
Park SY, Billiar TR, Seol DW
237 - 244 Mechanisms of L-selectin-induced activation of the nuclear factor of activated T lymphocytes (NFAT)
Brenner BC, Kadel S, Grigorovich S, Linderkamp O
245 - 254 Alternative transcripts of a polyhomeotic gene homolog are expressed in distinct regions of somites during segmentation of zebrafish embryos
Kawamura A, Yamada K, Fujimori K, Higashinakagawa T
255 - 260 Abnormal expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase triggers limbic seizures and hippocampal damage in rat
Bagetta G, Paoletti AM, Leta A, Del Duca C, Nistico R, Rotiroti D, Corasaniti MT
261 - 269 Paracrine repercussions of preconditioning on angiogenesis and apoptosis of endothelial cells
Raymond MA, Vigneault N, Luyckx V, Hebert MJ
270 - 277 Transcriptional regulation of the rat Mrp3 promoter in intestine cells
Tzeng SJ, Huang JD
278 - 285 A single amino acid mutation results in a rapid inactivation of epithelial calcium channels
Suzuki M, Ohki G, Ishibashi K, Imai M
286 - 290 Characterization of a novel testicular form of human hormone-sensitive lipase
Mairal A, Melaine N, Laurell H, Grober J, Holst LS, Guillaudeux T, Holm C, Jegou B, Langin D
291 - 295 Transport of D-serine via the amino acid transporter ATB(0,+) expressed in the colon
Hatanaka T, Huang W, Nakanishi T, Bridges CC, Smith SB, Prasad PD, Ganapathy ME, Ganapathy V
296 - 304 DAP12 ITAM motif regulates differentiation and apoptosis in M1 leukemia cells
Aoki N, Kimura S, Oikawa K, Nochi H, Atsuta Y, Kobayashi H, Sato K, Katagiri M
305 - 312 Functional redundancy in the myotubularin family
Laporte J, Liaubet L, Blondeau F, Tronchere H, Mandel JL, Payrastre B
313 - 320 Cloning and functional expression of the first Drosophila melanogaster sulfakinin receptor DSK-R1
Kubiak TM, Larsen MJ, Burton KJ, Bannow CA, Martin RA, Zantello MR, Lowery DE
321 - 331 Calpain activation after mitochondrial permeability transition in microcystin-induced cell death in rat hepatocytes
Ding WX, Shen HM, Ong CN
332 - 337 Lack of contribution of mitochondrial electron transport to acute O-2 sensing in model airway chemoreceptors
Searle GJ, Hartness ME, Hoareau R, Peers C, Kemp PJ
338 - 343 Mutation in the Xanthomonas campestris xanA gene required for synthesis of xanthan and lipopolysaccharide drastically reduces the efficiency of bacteriophage phi L7 adsorption
Hung CH, Wu HC, Tseng YH
344 - 348 Simultaneous detection of thiamine and its phosphate esters from microalgae by HPLC
Pinto E, Pedersen M, Snoeijs P, Van Nieuwerburgh L, Colepicolo P
349 - 353 Mixed tocopherol preparation is superior to alpha-tocopherol alone against hypoxia-reoxygenation injury
Chen HJ, Li DY, Saldeen T, Romeo F, Mehta JL
354 - 360 Terpenoids found in the Umbelliferae family act as agonists/antagonists for ERa and ERP: Differential transcription activity between ferutinine-liganded ER alpha and ER beta
Ikeda K, Arao Y, Otsuka H, Nomoto S, Horiguchi H, Kato S, Kayama F
361 - 366 Direct atomic force microscopy visualization of integration host factor-induced DNA bending structure of the promoter regulatory region on the Pseudomonas TOL plasmid
Seong GH, Kobatake E, Miura K, Nakazawa A, Aizawa M
367 - 371 Positively charged DNA-binding proteins cause apparent cell membrane translocation
Lundberg M, Johansson M
372 - 377 Ablation of cellular prion protein expression affects mitochondrial numbers and morphology
Miele G, Jeffrey M, Turnbull D, Manson J, Clinton M
378 - 384 A link between cholesterol levels and phenobarbital induction of cytochromes P450
Ourlin JC, Handschin C, Kaufmann M, Meyer UA
385 - 393 Titin mutations as the molecular basis for dilated cardiomyopathy
Itoh-Satoh M, Hayashi T, Nishi H, Koga Y, Arimura T, Koyanagi T, Takahashi M, Hohda S, Ueda K, Nouchi T, Hiroe M, Marumo F, Imaizumi T, Yasunami M, Kimura A
394 - 399 Insulin stimulates nitric oxide production in rat adipocytes
Ribiere C, Jaubert AM, Sabourault D, Lacasa D, Giudicelli Y
400 - 405 Cloning and expression of a full-length cDNA encoding human inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase B
Dewaste V, Roymans D, Moreau C, Erneux C
406 - 413 Molecular cloning, gene localization, and structure of human cyclin B3
Lozano JC, Perret E, Schatt P, Arnould C, Peaucellier G, Picard A
414 - 420 Cloning, characterization, and expression of calcyphosine 2, a novel human gene encoding an EF-hand Ca2+-binding protein
Wang S, Chen JZ, Zhang Z, Huang QS, Gu SH, Ying K, Xie Y, Mao YM
421 - 424 Activation by acidic pH of CLC-7 expressed in oocytes from Xenopus laevis
Diewald L, Rupp J, Dreger M, Hucho F, Gillen C, Nawrath H
425 - 430 Activity enhancement of Cel5Z from Pectobacterium chrysanthemi PY35 by removing C-terminal region
Park SR, Cho SJ, Kim MK, Ryu SK, Lim WJ, An CL, Hong SY, Kim JH, Kim H, Yun HD
431 - 431 Alteration of stringent response of the Escherichia coli rnpB promoter by mutations in the -35 region (vol 290, pg 1183, 2002)
Park JW, Jung Y, Lee SJ, Jin DJ, Lee Y